Thursday, August 9, 2007

Electroballs (part 3)

By Kneeme2

It was a week later. Jack had tested everything Mary had said. He had tried escaping from the house twice more, both times ending up in a useless crippled state on the grass, his "new" balls dispensing the most agonizing pain imaginable. He was helpless, unable to think or even move. There was nothing in his world but the pain, the sickening, horrific, agonizing pain pulsing from his groin. Mary pulled him back after a minute or so the first time, but the second time he had tried to escape while she was asleep, and it had been almost fifteen minutes before his screams had woken Mary. After that, he was badly shaken, and didn’t try escaping again.

He had tried taking the remote from Mary, but as she said, touching it dropped him to the floor in agony almost instantly. He also learnt about the eight-hour limit one morning. He was woken by the now familiar testicular pain and double up at once in bed. Mary had overslept and not reset the device.

Occasionally Mary would issue an order, and if Jack did not respond quickly enough she pressed the remote and administered the cruel punishment. At this stage she was careful to only punish him if he did wrong. She wanted to train him, and the best way to do this was to cause pain only in response to a misdemeanor. It was working. By the end of the week it appeared Jack had given up trying to escape, and was obeying her almost instantly. This first week had been hell for Jack. What dignity, hope and independence he had, had been taken from him. He was beginning to give in to hopelessness and servitude. He had felt the raw testicular pain at least a dozen times, and Mary had been right, with the chemicals the "Electroballs" produced, there was no getting use to them. Each hit was as painful as the first.

On Saturday afternoon Mary decided it was time to take Jack out.

"Jack, come here…" she shouted.

"I’m in the bathroom, " he yelled back from upstairs.

"You will come here!" shouted Mary hitting the key on the remote. She had selected the lowest setting, but still the pain hit Jack like a punch in the nuts. He jerked and almost fell spraying urine onto the bathroom floor. "You have ten seconds to finish," continued Mary and began to count down. It was hard finishing his piss with the pain, but he shoved his dick back into his pants, and with some leakage, ran downstairs.

"If I tell you to come here, you come here honey," said Mary. She noticed the stain. "Oh god Jack, are you incontinent now? Go and clean yourself up. I don’t want a stinking kid in my presence. And if I find any piss on the bathroom floor when I get up there, you will regret it. Now go. You have ten minutes." Jack ran upstairs, cleaned up, and changed. He also had time to finish his piss properly.

When he got back downstairs Mary was sitting on the couch. She looked really hot, her bronze legs crossed, and a revealing top. She looked angry though. "This is for keeping me waiting…" she said quietly and hit the remote. Before Jack could argue he was again on the floor in the fetal position coughing and trying to hold back a scream. The pain stopped after a few seconds.

"Get up!" ordered Mary. Slowly, still shaking Jack rose to his feet. As soon as he was straight Mary again pushed the button. Jack screamed and fell to the floor. Mary let him writhe for a few more seconds then released the button.

"Get up!" she ordered again. Jack was more cautious this time.

"Please… I’m sorry…" he said, his voice thin and weak.

"Ok, listen, I like this game. I could go on all afternoon, but I haven’t really got the time, so how about this. I give you one more minute, and if you can stay standing with your hands by your side during that time, that’s it. If not we carry on for half an hour."

"But…" started Jack but wished he hadn’t as he was cut off by the pain racing again up his body. It took him by surprise and again he dropped to the floor. Through the agony he managed to splutter. "ok, ok, I’ll do it." Mary stopped the pain, and Jack slowly rose.

"Hands by your side, stand straight, and brace yourself," ordered Mary. Jack complied, gritting his teeth in an attempt to bare the coming pain. "Are you ready…3…2…1…" and Mary and hit the button.

Even though he knew it was coming, and even though he had mustered all his strength it was useless. The pain was horrendous. It was all consuming. His whole body was on fire and almost straight away he bent forward. His hands moved, but he used all his effort to bring them back to his sides, fists clenched. His legs were going weak and began to bend, but he managed to stay up. Most of his mind was clouded in pain, but what was left was focused on staying standing.

"Five seconds…" stated Mary. Jack couldn’t believe it. It had felt more like a minute and he grew weaker and felt nauseous. He bent further forward but remained on his feet.

"Ten seconds," said Mary and for a brief moment Jack felt relief but quickly realized the pain was still coursing though his body. His legs were going to give way, and also, holding his hands to his side when they wanted to be comforting the area of pain was almost as much a torture as the pain itself.

"Fifteen seconds," said Mary. A week ago Jack would have argued at the unfairness of it, but he knew better now and continued to grit his teeth.

"Twenty seconds," said Mary. "Only forty to go." That was it. Jack couldn’t stand it any more. Any remaining control was stripped from him. The pain took over and he fell to the floor grunting and coughing. He remained this way until Mary stopped after the minute.

"How weak you are Jack. You couldn’t even stay on your feet for a minute. Well I’ve had enough of this game. You need to get ready. We’re going out and I want you to look smart.

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