Thursday, August 9, 2007

Electroballs (parts 1 & 2)

by KneeMe2

It was the happiest day of Jack's life. He had finally found the woman of his dreams and got married.

He was excited. His wife had insisted on no sex before they were wed, and tonight, finally he would penetrate the most amazing body. He knew his colleagues at work were as jealous as hell. Mary was tall, slim, had long straight jet-black hair, pale skin, long legs with a hint of muscle, and firm breasts. He stripped to his boxers, and a little nervously came out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He looked to the bed, but his "wife" - gee that sounded strange - was not there. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and turned as she came through the door. She was fully dressed, and her business-like blouse and pants were covered by a lab coat.

"What…" Jack started, but Mary grabbed his shoulders and pulled him towards her. She looked deep into his eyes, and Jack licked his lips in anticipation. Suddenly Mary pulled back her leg and kneed Jack with all her strength in his balls. The blow made loud thump and lifted Jack onto tiptoes. Jack exhaled sharply in shock and his hands moved automatically to his groin as he stepped back. The initial pain hit him and he bent double with a groan. He glanced briefly at Mary. She was smiling. He started to say something, to ask her why, but then the real pain; the sickening, nauseating, crippling pain began to surface and work its way up his body. It was agony. He wretched and began to cough. He lost all muscle control and collapsed to the floor, unable to move, or even think. The pain clouded his brain, and he just lay there in the fetal position, rocking every once in a while.

Several minutes passed, and still in incredible pain, Jack managed to look up as his wife. She was still just standing over him smiling.

"Did that hurt Jack?" she asked mockingly. She bent down towards him. "I expect you’re in quite a lot of pain aren’t you?"

"Why did you…" started Jack

"SHUT UP!" yelled Mary and with incredible speed her hand thrust out grabbed at Jack’s balls. He tried to block her, but she knew what she was doing and quickly located a testicle and gripped it hard between her powerful thumb and forefinger. Jack yelled and curled even tighter into a ball. "Don’t speak unless I ask you a question. Right?" Jack just lay there with gritted teeth shaking. "RIGHT?" she asked again crushing the ball even more sending a spasm of pain up Jack’s left side.

"Ok…" he managed to spit between his teeth, and she relaxed the pressure.

"Now you’re going to do everything I say," she said moving her other hand between his buttocks and grasping his right testicle. Jack just groaned. "Stand up!" Mary ordered and took away her first hand. "I said ‘stand up’" she repeated giving a quick hard squeeze to his ball. Jack yelped and began to struggle to his feet.

"Now, we are going to go down to the basement." Jack slowly and painfully turned to the door and shuffled to the top of the stairs with Mary, hand between his legs gripping his testicle. "Down!" she ordered with another painful squeeze. Jack felt sick. He was in a lot of pain, and was frightened. What was happening to Mary? She had not even touched him there before, and had never been aggressive, but now she effectively had him in her power. Another squeeze and the pain halted his thinking. He had no choice but to do what she asked. This was too much pain to think of or plan anything else. He slowly descended, walked across the hall to the basement door, and down the steps.

As Jack reached the bottom of the basement stairs, he was shocked to see Mary’s sister and mother also dressed in medical outfits, but more worrying was the operating table and surgical instruments in the middle of the room. Jack stopped, pressing back on Mary, but she quickly reached her other hand between his legs grabbing his second ball and squeezed. The pain was unbearable. Jack yelled out, lost muscle control in his legs and fell hard on his knees.

Mary’s sister, Jane walked over grabbing Jacks arm. He offered little resistance, and was in too much agonizing pain to notice the hypo she had in her hand. She quickly found a vein and injected a drug into Jack’s bloodstream. Mary let go and Jack fell to the floor holding his balls coughing again. He tried to get to his feet, but the pain was too intense. He fell back into the fetal position, and then the drugs kicked in and he quickly fell unconscious.

Jack slowly came too. As his eyes cleared he realized he was still in the basement, but now he was on the operating table in the middle of the room. The surgical instruments had gone, but he did notice a trash basket with several blood-stained bandages. A flash of fear ran through his body as he realized his groin felt strange, and even though he was groggy, he sat up and pulled back the covers he was under. A sigh of relief - everything was still there. The next thought was that he had to get out of there.

He levered himself out of the bed and after a brief scan of the room, spotted his boxers which he put on. He cautiously made his way to the stairs, and listening all the time for any sounds of voices or movement, he made his way up the stairs to the basement door. To his surprise it was unlocked, and he made his way into the hall.

"So you’re awake then," came Mary’s voice from the living room. She was sitting on the couch. "You’ve been asleep for two weeks. We kept you that way so you would heal."

"That’s stupid… what have you done to me? I’m calling the police."

"I wouldn’t if I were you Jack…" started Mary picking up what looked like a remote control from the cushion next to her. Jack had the receiver in his hand and had hit the 9 key; then the world closed in around him. Incredible ball pain sprang up from between his legs instantly crippling him, dropping him to the floor in waves of agonizing pain. He writhed for about ten seconds then as quickly as it had come on, the pain stopped, leaving a dull ache. He looked up at Mary, and then at the remote.

"Come over and sit in that chair," said Mary indicating an easy chair, "I have got some explaining to do." Half out of fear and half out of curiosity, Jack obeyed and sat down.

"You see, while you were asleep," Mary began, "my mother and sister helped me with a little operation on you…"

"You little bitch, what did you…." But Jack was cut off as the unbearable pain began again. This time Jack noticed it started as Mary hit a button on the remote. She let go; the pain stopped.

"Don’t interrupt again," she said finger poised over the button. "Now, you’re not going to like this, but you see, in our family we love dominating men. We love the control we have. We can attract them physically, like I did with you. We can make them do what we like by making them love us… just think of all the things you bought me, I even made you marry me," Jack looked shocked.

"Oh Jack, I don’t love you. You are a… well… a slave. Nothing but a weak-minded slave to me, and incase you had any problems with that, I needed a guarantee. You see you’re not quite the man you used to be. During the operation we performed on you two weeks ago, we removed your testicles, and we replaced them with what we call "Electroballs." They look the same, they feel the same, but they are better for two reasons. The first being that your body can no longer produce testosterone. This means you’ll become more docile, and will loose your sex-drive…" Jack was sobbing by now and feeling the scar on his balls where they had operated. "Second, we wired the electroballs straight into your scrotal nerves and with this remote, can inflict pain on you whenever we like."

Jack didn’t know what to do. He knew instinctively he needed to get away from all this, and he suddenly darted out of the lounge slamming the door and ran to the front door. Opening it as quickly as he could he ran into the front garden, and began to run down the driveway. Suddenly the pain sprang up again. He fell to the ground in agony. As the pain shot from his groin up his body it felt like some spandex-clad aerobics coach had kicked him as hard as she could with her muscled leg right in the balls. Jack coughed and rolled around on the grass, shaking violently.

Mary caught him up, and he noticed she didn’t have the remote. She grabbed his arms, and began to pull him back to the house. After a few feet the pain stopped, leaving the dull ache.

"If you go further than 20ft from the house, you new balls will activate," stated Mary in a business-like manor. She continued, "If you touch the remote, they will activate. If a timer in your balls is not reset every eight hours by me (for instance, if you tried to tie me up or something), the balls will activate. If you don’t do exactly what I ask, I will punish you by causing your balls to activate. If I feel generous, you will get 10 seconds of moderate pain. If you push me, I have it in my power to leave them on full power for the whole night. If you think you can escape by passing out, you are wrong. When active, the balls produce chemicals to stop you loosing consciousness. The same drugs also block any endorphins your brain might produce to help you manage the pain. In short, they are the perfect control device. You are my slave. I am your master." She began to walk back to the house, the stopped and turned.

"Oh, and if you get to the point where you think cutting them off might help, don’t even try it! The minute they sense the tiniest cut in your scrotum, they activate with so much pain you won’t even be able to think about cutting, let alone hold a knife." She entered the house leaving Jack sobbing on the grass.

To be continued…

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