Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Enforceress

By TxHwk

Episode 1 - "A Reminder"

"These two boys have been rather late with their payment, Brandi, and I think they need a little reminder," Calvin explained to his favorite enforcer. Brandi was the only female enforcer in the city, but Calvin thought she did a great job. Brandi was a tall, lithe black woman. She was 5’ 10", well muscled for a woman, but not over muscled, with medium-brown skin color, decent sized breasts and good looks. Brandi was also an expert in martial arts and could take apart any untrained man with little trouble.

Brandi's smile was sweet but deadly. "No problem, boss. Consider it done."

Calvin smiled back and added, "Make sure not to hurt them too badly, Brandi. At this point they just need a reminder and they will find a way to get the money they owe me!"

Brandi frowned briefly but quickly agreed. "Sure, boss. I'll let them keep their balls," and with that she left.

Calvin had a brief moment of sympathy for the two boys because he knew that Brandi liked to stomp on young guys’ balls. Then again, if they had paid, they would not have needed the reminder. He quickly forgot about them and marked their account taken care of, since Brandi had never failed before.

David was hanging out at Scott's place like he usually did after classes. Scott always had lots of weed to smoke and his mom worked late so they had the house to themselves. David was eighteen and rather on the small side. He was about 5’ 8" tall, thin and not too muscular but he was in pretty good shape. He and Scott played basketball a lot and David was reasonably athletic but only Scott worked out. David had wavy blonde hair, a boyish face and green eyes. Today he wore his usual button shirt and jeans with black Nike tennis shoes.

Scott was also eighteen but was taller at 5’ 10" and more muscular by far. He was a very handsome, blonde-haired and blue-eyed guy that the girls usually drooled over. Scott also had on a tight pair of jeans that showed off his bulge and a T-shirt that showed off his well-developed muscles. Scott wore his favorite white high-top sneakers he had just spent so much money on.

The doorbell rang and David got up to answer it. Scott was sitting on the couch and rolling a doobie but he quickly jammed it under the cushions so no one would see. David yanked the door open and saw this tall black chick standing there. He figured she was probably selling something and he asked her lazily, "Yeah?"

The girl gently, but forcefully, pushed him out of the doorway and entered the house announcing, "You must be David. Calvin sent me to see you and your friend Scott."

David was surprised at the way the girl just pushed him aside and then when he heard about Calvin he got really scared. Scott and he had borrowed money to buy some pot that they were supposed to sell, but then they had ended up smoking it all with their friends and didn't have any money yet. Whenever David asked Scott about it, his friend had told him not to worry about it.

Brandi shut the door behind her and moved into the living room with David trailing behind her. David was a bit confused. If this was about Calvin, what was the deal with the girl? Scott got up from the couch and saw this black girl come into the room. He had heard her say Calvin's name and had gotten scared but then he saw that there was only this one girl and he relaxed.

Brandi strode into the room and demanded, "I think you boys owe Calvin some money, don't you?"

David stood off to the side, unsure of what to say, but Scott said confidently, "Yeah, I know. I just need a few more days and I'll have it no problem." Scott was smiling his most endearing smile and Brandi smiled back. Then she acted so fast Scott had no chance to even see what happened.

Like lightning, she shot a forward kick that struck him precisely in his proud bulge and rammed his well-packed balls up and into his pelvis. Scott only briefly felt the blow as he was thrown bodily back and slightly upwards from the force of the kick but then, as he tried to straighten out, the pain hit and he realized that she had just smashed his balls. Brandi waited a moment to watch Scott flail briefly and then fall to the floor on his knees gasping and clutching his balls. Scott tried to say something but he could hardly catch his breath and he felt sick to his stomach from the pain.

After the first few moments of shock he started to get angry. The last girl that had kicked him in the balls he had punched in the face. It was worth it that he had gotten suspended because it taught that bitch to kick him in the balls! He was going to kill this fucking cunt! First he had to get back up, though. She had caught him by surprise with a low blow but he knew he could take her. David just looked on in shock and then fear as Brandi turned towards him and backed him against the wall.

"Well, now, David. Have you got your share of the money that you owe Calvin?" she demanded.

David had nothing on him and no money at home but he stammered, "Uhhh… Please, I can explain." Normally he was not too afraid of girls but this one looked bigger and meaner than he was, for sure. Brandi smiled again and grabbed his hair with her left hand and lightly slammed his head into the wall. With her right hand, she jabbed hard into David's loose jeans and grabbed hold of his balls. David choked as the pressure hit his nuts and he clutched at her hand and tried to break free.

Brandi increased the pressure and gently said, "Calvin would like his money, you know? Don't you think Calvin should be paid?"

David was making these mewling noises as she squeezed his young balls and he sobbed, "Yes… please (cough) ohhh, my balls…" As she kept squeezing, Brandi glanced over at Scott and saw him starting to stir. She abruptly let go of David's testicles and grabbed his throat instead. David began to double over from the pain in his balls but then she choked off his air supply.

"Calvin wants double his money back now for the inconvenience you have caused him. I suggest you find a way to get it by next week," Brandi demanded from the boy as she continued to choke him. At any time, she could either have killed him or rendered him unconscious but that would not have helped Calvin get paid. By now David was clutching at his throat and turning bright red, as he could not get any air. Then Brandi decided to finish it.

She slammed her knee hard, right between David's legs, crushing his loose balls into his pelvis and grinding them up against the wall. In quick succession she kneed him once, then again, in the balls before he could even react. Each knee brought a squeal of pain from David and then he sunk to his knees. The agony was incredible. David felt like his balls had been crushed flat. The bile leapt into his throat as he choked and gasped on the floor, curling up into a fetal position. He thought he was going to vomit but somehow he couldn't even do that.

He barely heard Brandi as she finished her speech. "If you don't have the money with interest by next week, I'll bring back your balls in a jar to Calvin as payment instead. Find a way to pay." David just lay there gasping and sobbing and Brandi turned to face Scott again, but she had waited too long. Scott had recovered just as she had kneed David in the groin and moved to attack her by the time she was done. His fist caught her unawares but she was fast enough to avoid the full force of the blow as she fell back from Scott's frenzied attack

"You re fucking dead, you bitch!" he spat at her. After punching the bitch in her face, Scott attacked again and tried to punch her in the tits. He knew that would hurt the cunt. Brandi stopped the boy's clumsy punch with an expert block and punched him hard in the nose. As Scott felt her fist smash his face, he stopped dead in surprise and grabbed at his bleeding and possibly broken nose.

Before he could even react, Brandi kicked him again and, with an audible "thwack", her foot slammed into his already sore sack. The tough guy dropped to his knees again with a painful grunt and a choked gasp as the pain shot like lightning from his balls into his gut.

"Scott, you bad boy. Is that any way to treat a lady?" Brandi taunted.

"Ohhh, not my sack again, you fucking whore!" Scott sputtered in anger. That got Brandi pissed again and this time she made sure her kick to his face would break his nose. Scott's blustering was cut off by a spray of blood as he fell on his back from the force of the kick that broke his nose. She kicked again and aimed for his already busted balls. Her foot slammed into his bulging nutsack and smashed them into his pelvis and the floor.

With a broken nose and a third kick to his battered balls, Scott retched and curled up on the floor in abject pain as he began to vomit. Randi grabbed Scott by the hair and lifted his face out of the mixed blood and vomit and told him matter-of-factly, "If you do not have Calvin's money with interest by next week, next time you will beg me to feel pain as easy as this again. Find a way to get it or I’ll find new ways of amusing myself, destroying a guy like you. Understand?"

With that, she dropped his head and left the two boys moaning on the floor. About fifteen minutes later, David lay on his back and felt strong enough to move. He barely noticed his now-unconscious friend as he dragged himself over to the couch. Sobbing now, David quickly stripped off his jeans and then his boxer shorts to see if he was still whole. He felt his swollen testicles, which were much larger than usual, and pain lanced through them as he did. Still sobbing, David at least started to calm down as he realized that he was still whole and the worst of the pain began to leave. Finally David noticed that Scott was lying there in a pool of blood and vomit and he quickly yanked his shorts back on and went to help his friend.

Soon Scott began to come to and, as he did, the pain hit again and he dry-heaved for about a minute as David tried to help him. David took his buddy’s pants off, because he knew his balls had been smashed badly, but left him in his shorts as he tried to stop the bleeding. Scott wore tight jockey shorts and his balls had swelled up and were huge inside the shorts so, as he recovered, he quickly yanked them down. He felt for his precious jewels to see if they were still whole. They seemed to be, although they were a bloated angry red instead of the usual pinkish hue and lances of pain shot through him, as he would feel them.

"Oh God, man, my fucking balls…" Scott moaned as he lay back trying to relieve the pain. The two guys just sat there for a while, trying to recover and figure out what to do. Eventually, they concocted a story to explain Scott's broken nose and they made sure they had the money the next week. They did not want to risk their balls like that again.

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