Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ex-Girlfriend Revenge

By speedycj

Hey everyone,

The following story is a tribute to my ex-girlfriend (who was a real ballbuster but a pain in the ass...although I do miss the constant ballbusting she gave me!) Enjoy!

Jen met CJ at a hotel in the middle of nowhere, arranging this meeting so they could talk. Jen had gotten to the hotel early and changed into an outfit that would have CJ staring all night: a tight, low-cut, red top revealing her DD cup breasts and a short black skirt with black pantyhose and 4" black heels. If she were trying to make CJ jealous it certainly would work. Jen brought along a bottle of wine so she could work up a good buzz. She had about two glasses when CJ finally arrived. He was fresh off work, wearing a black suit with white dress shirt and tie. He was caught be surprise by how good his ex-girlfriend looked as she opened the door. Jen gave a slight smirk and a hello. It was not too intimate considering they were broken up for at least a month already. CJ gave her a respectful kiss on the cheek.

The two sat and drank wine and talked about how life was treating them without each other. The conversation flowed easily as the two reminisced about old times. Since they were both getting buzzed (Jen was on her fourth glass of wine) they seemed to enjoying each other's company again.

They sat across from each other in chairs on the side of the hotel room. A small table was off to the side, which gave Jen ability to flash her sexy legs towards CJ. She knew CJ had a leg fetish and especially loved her strong, sexy legs. She made sure her breasts were in view at all times also to make CJ jealous. Apparently Jen's plan was working so far as she caught CJ staring at her legs more than once.

Jen then asked CJ a serious question. "Will we ever get back together again?"

CJ was at a sudden loss for words but replied, "I really don't know the answer right now"

Jen looked impatient with that answer. "Well what would it take for me to get you back?" asked Jen seductively. With that she brought her left foot up his leg and rubbed it against his pants. CJ stared silently as Jen's foot slowly made its way up his leg and inside his thigh. CJ tried to ignore his growing hard-on but Jen's intense stare made it more difficult.

CJ moved her foot off his crotch and said that fate would decide when and if they got back together again. Jen looked pissed at that answer so she slid her chair closer to him and again placed her heel in his crotch. She was buzzing heavily so CJ was trying to take that into consideration but it seemed like Jen had this all well thought out and planned.

"Stop it," said CJ.

Jen just stared intently and replied, "You broke up with me and you can't stand it," as she twisted her heel seductively into his crotch. "'re getting hard just looking at me," she said as her shoe rubbed his now raging hard-on. CJ tried to fight the urges but it was proving futile. His eyes were fixated on her heels and legs as her heels slowly caressed his groin.

CJ tried to stand up but Jen shot her heel into his balls sending him back to the chair. "I wouldn't do that if I was you," she said as she poked her heel into his balls hard. CJ knew he was in trouble. "You miss my legs, don't you?" said Jen seductively as she placed both feet on his lap. "Go ahead and rub my legs, you know you want to." CJ put his hands to his sides as Jen raised her legs back and forth across his face, her heels coming inches away from scraping his face. After a few seconds she placed her heels back in his crotch.

"You know, if you take me back, I'll dress like this every day." CJ's face turned red in fear and emotion. He still was speechless. She raised her leg against the side of his face and rubbed her silky stockings against them. CJ just stared at her in shock as her legs continued to mesmerize him.

CJ finally pushed her leg aside and said, “Jen I can't do this. Please leave.” CJ stood up but Jen just grabbed his balls tightly.

"Sit down!" she commanded while twisting his balls. After a few seconds CJ slumped into the chair. Jen stood up and slammed her heel into his balls, twisting it violently. CJ screamed in pain. Jen slammed her heel down again, trapping CJ in the chair. Finally CJ tipped the chair over and tried to crawl away. Jen laughed and she kicked him in the ribs, sending him face first onto the carpet. She then kicked him in the head, nearly knocking him out. CJ curled into the fetal position, helpless, while Jen surveyed her damage.

Jen pulled CJ to his feet and backed him into the wall. She grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed her knee into his balls. Then she seductively kissed his neck and massaged her knee against his crotch. CJ didn't know whether he was in hell or heaven. Jen nibbled on his ear and slammed her knee hard again into his balls. CJ started to sink to his knees but Jen would grab his nuts and yank him back up. She continued this torture a few times and finally punched him in the face, knocking him straight to the ground.

Jen laughed at him and said, "Are you sure you don't want me back?”

CJ muttered, "No, you bitch," as blood seeped from his lip.

"Bitch!" screamed Jen. "Wrong answer!" She kicked him hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. She rolled him on his back and sat on his chest. She slapped his face hard with her right hand and reached back and grabbed his balls with the left. The harder she pulled his balls the harder she slapped his face. She dug her fingernails across his face, leaving small red cuts. CJ screamed in pain. Jen released his balls and decided to stop his screaming by sliding up his body and planting her pussy over his face. She grinded his nose against his pantyhose, trying to break it. He struggled to push her off, but she only sat down harder.

"I'll show you ‘bitch’!" she screamed as she continued to suffocate him under her crotch. After CJ stopped struggling she slid back onto his chest and jammed her heels into his mouth.

"Suck on this, bitch!" she said angrily. When CJ would turn his head she would reach back and punch his balls until his mouth engulfed her 4-inch heels. After some heel torture she stood up on his chest. She wasn't fat, but at 5'3" and 140 pounds, she had a lot of weight digging into his flesh. She jumped up and down, drawing groans from CJ. She stepped back and started to trample his crotch. She marched in place as each heel stomp brought tears to CJ's eyes. Finally she tired and sat between his legs. She pulled off his shoes and took off his pants. CJ offered no resistance. She left his boxers on with his pants around his ankles so he couldn't run away. She ran her shoe slowly against his dick, teasing him with her heels. Within seconds he was hard.

"See, can't resist me. You have to have me back. Even when I beat the shit out of you, you still get hard," Jen said while continuing to tease his growing erection with her heels. CJ tried to squirm but Jen simply shot her heels into his balls, stopping any movement.

"Relax, CJ...I'm not going to break them...yet," she laughed. Jen pulled off his boxers with her shoes and kicked his erection with the toe of her shoe. After a few kicks she drew her legs back and slammed her heels violently into his balls. CJ's body jumped as he nearly blacked out. He started coughing as Jen laughed viciously.

"Men. When will they learn?" she laughed as she took off her shoes. She wrapped her pantyhose feet around his throbbing cock and rubbed up and down slowly.

"Hmm... I think someone remembers my great footjobs, don't they?" Jen said as her silky feet tormented his erection. CJ closed his eyes and wished this torture would end.

"I'll make you a deal CJ... If you cum in the next two minutes, you have to take me back. If not, I'll leave, but I'll destroy whatever's left of your pathetic dick."

CJ could barely speak but he muttered, “That's not fair.”

"Life isn't fair," answered Jen. “Two minutes start now.” She rubbed her feet against his dick. CJ tried to squirm away but Jen pounded her feet against his balls, keeping him in place.

“Ninety seconds,” said Jen as she wrapped her feet around his erection and pumped up and down. Jen saw his legs twitching and knew that he was going to cum. She slammed her feet into his balls violently.

“One minute left.” Jen slapped his penis back and forth with her feet.

“Forty-five seconds.” She inched closer to his body and wrapped her silky legs against his crotch. She punched his balls lightly while her legs rubbed back and forth against his penis.

“Thirty seconds. Come on can't resist...especially my legs. I'll do this every night for you".

“Fifteen seconds left.” Jen jerked her legs up and down while grabbing his balls. She quickly pulled her legs back and slammed her feet against his balls.

“Five...four...three…” CJ's body twitched, as he could no longer hold it.

“…” Finally CJ could hold no longer as cum came spewing out of his cock while Jen continued to pound her feet into his balls.

"Perfect timing CJ," said Jen as she squeezed every last drop out of him with her feet.

Jen smiled, as she knew victory was hers. CJ lay there completely drained and exhausted. His ribs and head were pounding and he could taste the blood on his lips. Jen stood up, cum dripping down her pantyhose. She took off her pantyhose and kneeled down besides him.

"Good boy," she whispered as she kissed him on the lips. She rubbed her cum ridden pantyhose against his face. She left her pantyhose draped across his face and stood up and put on her shoes. CJ couldn't move an inch. She straddled his body looking down on her beaten ex-boyfriend.

"I'll see you around," she snickered as she lifted her heel and slammed it down into his balls. CJ's body buckled and quivered as she delivered another kick to his balls.

She stepped back and said, "Good night sweetheart" as she unleashed her most powerful kick to his battered balls. His eyes rolled back and he passed out cold. Jen gathered her belongs, grabbed a note pad and pen and left a note on his chest that said, "Call me". She left her pantyhose on his face and left the room.

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