Sunday, August 12, 2007

Family Defense

by unknown

I slept in Saturday morning thinking that mom was going to her self-defense class with my Aunt Jessica, her sister. Knowing they would be gone for hours because they always go out shopping after their lesson, I was lounging around the house in just a pair of sweatpants and socks, no underwear. Well, to my surprise my Aunt and mother came home hours early. This happened to startle me because my aunt was extremely attractive and I haven’t even showered yet. I picked myself up and quietly headed towards the bathroom when I was intercepted by my mother in the hall.

“Wait!” she said rather excitedly. “You have to help me and Jessica out.”

“What are you doing home so early?” I replied trying to change the subject.

“We were so excited about what we learned today we came home right away. We just learn some new techniques and they are so much fun. You have to help us practice them.” At first I thought I just dug myself into a deeper hole but then I though of the physical contact with my aunt and decided to go along.

“Alright, let me change.”

“No,” she said hastily “You’re fine the way you are. Come on.” She grabbed me by the arm and led me into the living room where my aunt had already moved the furniture in anticipation of our session. However that isn’t where my attention was pointed. What my aunt was wearing wouldn’t let me stop staring. A small black exercise top and black Adidas spandex pants, which cut off above her ankles, no socks and white running sneakers. She stood about 5’11 and had shoulder length dark red hair.

My mother looks about the same but with long blond hair and was wearing something similar but with a small gray unzipped sweatshirt. My aunt began taking off her shoes, and I began to get somewhat aroused. She had a wonderful complexion; she looked like she constantly had a tan. Her feet were sort of a dark brick color, and perfect. Then I realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear and began to think of something else to avoid embarrassment.

Just then my mother stood in front of me and said, “Ok, grab my shoulders like you were going to attack me.”

“Alright, whatever,” I replied in an unenthusiastic way. I reached out and grabbed her shoulders like she requested and she pushed me back a foot and kicked me right in the nuts. She hit me so hard I could feel the laces in her sneaker. Immediately I fell to the ground holding myself, thinking, “My mom just kicked me in the nuts.”

It hurt bad but off in the distance I heard my aunt shout, “Nice shot, I think you crushed his balls.”

“Yea, that’s what I was hoping to do. You’re right, it is much more fun on a live target. Plus he looks so funny.” My aunt and mother were laughing. I couldn’t believe it.

“My turn to get his nuts.” Jessica said with excitement. My mother walked over to me and started to pick me up. I began to stand on my own now that the pain was leaving.

My mom whispered in to my ear, “Go along with this or we’ll chop off your balls while you’re sleeping.” That scared me and because of the pain I listened and did what they told me.

My aunt then said, “Come up behind me and rap your arms around my chest.” I knew what this was leading up to, but I did it any way. As I put my arms around her I used her for support. She turned her head and said very softly, “I can feel your erection, shame I have to kill it.” She then thrust her foot into my balls and I answered with an “oomph!” I felt the bottom of her heel smash my nuts into my pelvis. As soon as I hit the floor she had her foot on my balls, grinding them into my crotch.

“You gotta try this without your shoes on, I can actually feel his balls being crushed.” Jessica yelled to my mom. So my mother removed her shoes and walked over to me. My aunt took her foot off my balls and said, “Go for it.” My mother then placed her foot on my balls and began to move them around very painfully.

“This does feel good, I should massage my foot with your nuts all the time,” my mother said happily.

Then the worst thing happened. My sister Michelle, who was 2 years younger than me, and very attractive in a high-school way, walked in and saw what was going on.

“Mom what are you doing?” she yelled.

“I’m kicking the crap out of your brother’s balls.” As she said that she stomped down on my nuts and returned to grinding them in with the other foot.

“What’s it feel like, Mom?” my sister asked.

“Nice, you should try it.”

“Why not. I’ve kicked him in the nuts hundreds of times. I just never got to do it barefoot. She took off her shoes and walked over. “Stand him up, I want to get a good kick in.” So my mother and Jessica stood me up and my sister got ready to kick me.

“Ready brother dear?” She reared back and kicked me hard in the balls with her bare foot. I screamed in pain. “Stop screaming, it doesn’t hurt that much. It’s only your balls. She then kicked me again, Wham! And again wham! And one more time, wham! My aunt and mother then let go and I fell to the ground. My aunt moved my hands and started repeatedly kicking my nuts. My sister then had an epiphany,

“Mom, lets crush his balls.”

“We already are.” My mom answered as she walked over and began to grind my balls in again. I was in serious pain. I couldn’t speak or move, just lie there.

“No I mean really distort his balls so he has nothing but mush in his sack.”

“Good idea, but you and Jess do it, I kinda like them but I also want to see them smashed.”

“Cool!” my sister replied.

My aunt began to remove my pants and said, “Say goodbye to your nuts.”

“I got dibs on the right one,” my sister shouted. She stood in-between my legs and brushed her foot against my balls. Then she separated my nuts and stood in my right ball and ground it in with all her might. My aunt and mother were cheering her on.

“Get his ball! Destroy his nut!” they chanted. All of a sudden my sister jumped up and landed right on my nut popping it and she quivered as it happened.

Everyone cheered and my sister sat on the couch and said, “Wow I just had an orgasm.” By the time she reached the couch my aunt was already on my left nut, grinding away. She pulled the same move my sister did and when she landed it didn’t pop. So she kept jumping and nothing happened. Now mad, she knelt down and started punching my ball against the floor.

By the third punch it pooped and she lied back and said, “God I love crushed nuts.” And every one laughed.

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