Friday, August 10, 2007


by philco

When I was twelve, there was this hot girl named Jenny. She was one year older that me. For a thirteen-year-old girl, she was something else. She favored wearing extremely tight, pocketless blue jeans and long sleeve white blouses. Instinctively, I sensed that our twenty/thirty something male teachers always had Jenny on their respective radar screens as did I. Jenny was quite flirtatious with guys (aka 'prick tease') and this was always welcome, especially for those like myself hoping to cop a feel when and wherever one might present itself.

I noticed Jenny enjoyed luring boys into close embraces proceeding then to drop them with a sharp knee in the groin. I witnessed her do this many times. That girl is singularly responsible for making me a BB aficionado.

Each time she did it, she played feminine and delicate. Then she dropped the hammer. Always, her soft hands were on the victim's shoulders before he was 'awakened'. Her appeal and reputation grew. She was a sexy brunette, standing 5'5' and tipping about 130 lbs. And she knew she was a revolutionary BBer in our area.

Much to my chagrin, she never felled me with one of her famous knee lifts. I always wanted to ask her what her BB inspiration was? I never did though.

About a year later, recess was drawing to a close. It was a cold winter day and I was covered up in a brown 'bomber jacket'. I was making my way to the door, when I felt a punch right under my ballsack. I was felled like an oak tree. I struggled to regain any semblance of a regular breathing pattern. My balls were literally (to borrow a line from AC/DC) 'THUNDERSTRUCK'. The pain was devastating. I confronted Jenny when I finally did make it back to class. She apologized and said that her target was another boy who wore the same type of coat that I did. My aching cage barked "...small consolation...” Privately, I wished she would replay the episode. But that was not going to happen.

A couple of years passed. I lost track of Jenny for a while. In eleventh grade, she re-emerged at my high school. Her T/A were none the worse for wear. I reacquainted with Jenny, as we were both in the same theatre class. There was one 'stud' in our group that always tried to reprise his version of the casting couch. Near Christmas time, he liked to surprise the attractive girls under the 'mistletoe'. Most of the girls would go along and give him a quick, harmless peck.

'Studly' made the mistake of trying to corral Jenny this way one day. At this point, Jenny had filled out to a shapely 5'7", 140 lbs. 'Studly' made his move and put his hands around the comely Jenny's waist. She smiled at him and played with his clip on tie. She then rocketed her right knee into his groin. 'Studly', from that point on, was known as "...bit player...” Who needs Viagra when Jenny is alive and well.......?

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