Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Female Advantage

By Golfer

Here is a letter written by a female friend of mine:

I am a woman who enjoys the sight of a man getting hit in the balls. However, I found out that it is even more erotic for me to be the one to nail some guy between the legs. To see some muscular guy rendered helpless by one blow to his most private parts sends shock waves of sexual energy through my body. The first time I saw a man get kicked in the balls by a woman was in a movie. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that scene and knew I had to experience it for myself.

At the time was a senior in high school. I was very athletic, playing on several girls’ teams. About that time schools were starting to allow girls to play on boys teams. I figured that getting involved in boys’ sports would give me a chance to realize my fantasy. Several sports offered excellent opportunities to “accidentally” hit some guy in the balls.

My first experience occurred shortly after I joined the boys’ football team. There was a lot of concern that a girl was not strong enough to play boys football and might easily be hurt. There was one guy who was constantly saying that girls were too weak to play with the guys. He would go out of his way to hit me during scrimmages. He’d block me, knocking me to the ground and laugh if I showed any pain at all. One day he came at me and as he hit me, I fell back landing hard. He fell on top of me with his legs spread slightly apart. Before he could react, I rammed my knee squarely into his groin. I could feel the hard plastic cup he was wearing, but my kick was accurate enough and hard enough to flatten his testicles against his body. I heard him grunt loudly and saw his eyes squeeze shut from the pain from my kick. He rolled off of me and lay there with his hands pressed between his legs for several minutes. I claimed it was an accident and everyone believed me. It seems that that particular injury is not uncommon in football. I found it kind of strange that boys had such a vulnerable spot on their body and yet claim girls are more likely to be injured during contact sports. When a football player is lying on the ground and they say he had the wind knocked out of him, they usually mean he got hit in the balls. I had several more opportunities like the one that day. Each time was as erotic to me as the first.

Joining the boys wrestling team that year was the highlight of my sports career. There was initially a lot of resistance to my joining. They kept saying that a girl would just get hurt. There was concern about the potential for contact with intimate parts of the body. They were referring to boys touching girl in a sexual nature. But if that were the case, most boys would have been very much in favor of wrestling girls. What they were really afraid of was a girl touching a boy in the groin area. More specifically, they were afraid of being injured by a girl. Boys are careful about hitting in the groin area simply because they don’t want it to happen to them. However, girls don’t need to worry about “retribution” if they accidentally hit a boy in the nuts.

I will never forget the day I hit a boy between the legs during a wrestling match. We all wore snug fitting wrestling tights and I really enjoyed the way the guys looked in them, especially the obvious bulge in their crotch. The guy I was wrestling that day had a rather large bulge. The outline of his testicles was clearly visible between his legs. He was being a real jerk toward me during our match. At one point he grabbed me between my legs while he was executing a move on me. He was unnecessarily rough and that made me angry. He had me on my back and was trying to pin me. I managed to get my hand between his legs, which was normal for the move I was about to do. I could feel his balls against the back of my hand. It wasn’t unusual to feel a guys balls during certain moves. However, this time I turned my hand so that I was cupping his bulge. I knew my hand was shielded from the crowd so I gave the guy’s nuts a hard squeeze. As my hand tightened around his nut sac, I could feel him go rigid. For the moment that I had that guy by the balls I felt a tremendous feeling of power over him. That feeling of power sent a sexual shock wave through my body. I almost had an orgasm right there. The boy rolled quickly away from my grip and landed on his back. He tried to ignore the pain between his legs but I could tell there was no fight left in him. I rolled on top of him in an effort to pin him. He offered no resistance and I easily won the match.

It was that day I realized that a woman has a natural advantage over men in a fight. If the groin is not off limits a trained woman can generally beat a man of similar size in a fight. Men know how vulnerable they are. They make rules against hitting to the groin and try to keep women out of contact sports. I believe men are more afraid of being hurt themselves than they are of hurting the women.

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