Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fetish Exposed By Family

by unknown

Ever since I first became sexually aware, I have had a really strange fetish. I'm not really sure why, but I love the idea of ball busting. The fact that there are women out there who would destroy a man's pride just for their own personal pleasure completely turns me on. Whenever I'm alone, most of my time is spent going on the Internet and looking up anything that has to do with a female hurting a man’s testicles in some way. My favorite site is a forum dealing with stories of ball busting. People post up stories and I could just sit there and read them all day.

That's exactly what I was doing just last Wednesday. There was a great story about how a mother caught her son looking at her naked then she punished him by making him lie on the floor with his legs spread while she kicked and stomped on his balls. Then, right in the middle of it all, his sister walked and joined in on the fun. This story really made me think what it would be like if something like this ever happened to me. I have two sisters. One is 17 the other is 16. Right now I'm only 15 and other than my sisters, the only other person living in my house is my 37-year-old mother.

Obviously since I was the youngest and the only boy in the household, I was pretty much the slave of the family. I was always forced to do all the chores while my sisters and mother just sat around and laughed at me. They treated me like shit. But, as I read this story, I began getting aroused by the idea of my loved ones doing something like that to me. After all, they were all pretty hot, even my mother who was a knockout for someone as old as her. As I continued reading the story, I dropped my pants and began stroking my dick. It felt great and I quickly became focused on nothing but the computer screen in front of me.

"John, what the fuck are you doing?" I jumped at the sound of my mother’s voice. Quickly I tried to pull up my pants, but it was to late. I turned around to see Lisa, Liz and my mother staring at me. I tried to say something, but I was in too much embarrassment to force out words. My mother walked over and looked at the computer screen.

"So, been looking up stuff you shouldn't be looking up I see." I nodded in response. Then my mom let out a long laugh. "Girls come over here, you've got to read this." I knew right then that I was in big trouble. I began pulling up my pants, but my mom yelled and said to leave them down. I obeyed, not wanting to get in any more trouble.

"Scroll up mom, we want to read the whole story," said Lisa. "This is hilarious." They began reading the story as I sat there with my pants down. After about ten minutes, they finally finished reading the story.

"You are one sick fucking little boy. I could understand if you were looking at pictures of naked woman, but reading stories about women hurting a mans balls? And to make it worse, you read stories about a mother who kicks her son in the balls and then his sister does the same thing?" As my mother humiliated me, all I could do is stare at the ground.

"Hey mom, I just got a really great idea for a way to punish this sick kid. Why don't we see how he'd like getting his balls beat by his mother and sisters?" My dick began to harden when I heard this suggestion. Although I really did not want to get kicked in the balls by them, the idea still managed to arouse me.

"See mom look." Liz pointed at my rising penis. "The little shit actually wants us to hurt his balls. It makes him hard. Please mom, please. Can we?"

"Well girls, I don't see why not. He obviously wants us to. But the only way I will let you is if you promise me one thing. I get the first shot." I could not believe that my mom was actually going to do this to me. My own mother was about to destroy my manhood.

"No problem mom. You can give him as many shots as you want."

"Ok then, lets get started." My mother walked over to me. I began to plead for her not to hurt me.

"Oh John, it won't hurt that bad, they're only your balls. Now get on your knees and spread them a little bit." I did as told, knowing that my cries of mercy were not going to help. "I'm going to enjoy this Johnny." With that, she brought her sexy foot up between my legs slowly to take aim then she brought it back and rammed it forward with all her might. I let out a high-pitched cry and fell to the floor.

The three women started laughing as I rolled around on the floor. "Ha, ha, listen to his voice. I think you turned him into a soprano mom," Lisa remarked.

"Ok, get back up right now!" instructed my mom. I tried to, but the pain was too much and I fell back down. "Johnny, I told you to get up, now get up!" I tried again only to fall back down.

"Well girls, I guess we'll have to help him up." She reached out and grabbed my balls in her hands, then pulled them upwards, totally stretching out my sac and crushing my balls. The pain was devastating, but I managed to get up this time, knowing that if I stayed down, my mom would likely pull my balls right from my body. When I was in a standing position, my mom released my balls and walked around behind me. She pulled my arms behind my back and held me so that I would not be able to fall again.

"Ok girls, who wants to go first."

"Me! I'll go first," Liz jumped at the opportunity. "I want to bust his little balls." She walked up to me and gave me an innocent little kiss on the cheek then, without warning, she drove her knee directly up into my balls, crushing them between her knee and my body. She brought her knee down then brought it up again even harder the second time.

"Wow, this is fun. You should have let us know about your little fetish sooner." I tried to fall, but my mother's grip made sure I couldn't. Liz backed up a little. Then she pulled her leg back and sent it flying into my nutsack. Her open toed platform shoe smashed my balls, causing even more pain then the kick that my mother gave me. After Liz gave me three more kicks, my mother said that it was Lisa's turn to go.

"Mom, can you lay him down on the floor now? I want to try something different," asked Lisa. My mother eased me down to the floor as Lisa requested, as she did so, I got a great look up her skirt, causing my dick to grow even harder. Lisa noticed my gawking. "Mom, the stupid fuck is looking up your skirt. What a sick pervert. I'm going to make it so that you're not going to want these balls anymore John." I wasn't sure of her intentions at first, but then it came clear to me what she was about to do as she raised her bare heel over my balls.

"Look into my eyes Johnny. I want to see the pain which my pretty little foot causes you." As soon as we made eye contact, she stomped her foot down and began grinding both of my balls between her foot and the hard wood floor. I screamed out in pain and that only made them laugh more at me. As my sister continued crushing my balls, I looked over and saw my mother and Liz actually reaching up under their skirts and fingering themselves. I couldn't believe that they could get turned on by my balls getting hurt. Finally Lisa released the pressure and, just as I was getting relieved from the pain, she smashed her foot back down into my balls, causing me to scream again.

Lisa looked over to see what mom and Lisa were doing. "Oh good, I'm not the only one who is getting turned on by busting John's balls. " She then removed her top, while still grinding my balls. Her breasts were amazing. As she started to bounce up and down on my nuts, her tits jumped to the beat. Even through all this pain, I was still able to get even more turned on by her bouncing breasts.

"Ok Lisa, I think that's about it for your turn," stated mom. "It’s my turn again." Lisa frowned and stomped her foot down on my balls one more time to release her disappointment. "Well, if you want to still hurt him, I don't mind, but his balls are mine, you'll have to find another spot to cause him pain." This cheered my sister up a bit. She walked around, stepped on my chest and began jumping up and down; it sure did hurt.

"Very good," said mom. "Now I'll give him some of my own pain." She stepped between my legs and, without warning, she dropped down on one knee directly on my balls with all her weight. She repeated that process about four times, each time hurting more than the previous. Then finally she stopped. She reached down and pulled my balls up giving them a hard squeeze. I rose to my feet in response.

"Ok Johnny, go stand against the wall so we can decide your next punishment. And spread those chicken legs of yours." I walked over to the wall, the humiliation of knowing they were laughing at my naked ass kept me turned on. As I stood there, I heard the three women whispering their plan. Finally they walked over.

"Well Johnny, we decided to only give you a few more kicks today. After all, we wouldn't want to pop them, would we Liz?"

"Oh no," said Liz as she seductively brushed her body against mine. " Then he would never be able to have kids and he'd die a virgin." The three women all laughed at the thought.

"Ok, well let’s finish up our little session for today. Johnny, we're going to play a little game. We'll each take a turn kicking your balls. Whichever one of us gives you the kick that makes you fall gets to ride on your face while the other two of us bust your balls for not letting us win. The only way you can win is if you make it through thirty kicks, ten from each of us. If you fall, the two losers get to stomp your nuts five times each. Ok sweetie, just tell us when you're ready." I saw my mom get ready for her first kick. I was determined to last for the whole thirty kicks, so I took a deep breath and said that I was ready.

My mom unleashed a vicious kick right away, completely devastating my nuts. I stumbled, but didn't fall. "Wow, one kick and you were that close to falling. Looks like you're in for a couple stomps."

Liz stepped up. She pulled her sexy foot way back behind her then brought it forward smashing my balls again. Although this kick hurt even more, I was not going to give up and fall. Lisa walked to the front of the line and delivered her kick with just as much force as my mother and Liz had but, instead of removing her foot, she left it there, crushing my balls against my groin. I felt her toes wiggle through her open toed platform. It made me so hard that I thought I'd blow my load right then and there. Finally she removed her shoe from my crotch. I was able to survive the next 24 kicks they gave me, only because of the pleasure I was experiencing, but now that it was the last round, the three women decided that there was no way I was going to make it standing up. On my mothers kick, the 28th kick I took, she kicked me with so much of her might that she let out a grunt when she swung her foot. I stumbled about a foot back, almost falling down.

"God dammit Johnny, I really wanted to orgasm all over your face. Oh well, your nuts are mine if you fall. Kick him as hard as you can girls; take this little fag son of mine down." Liz walked up for her turn, but instead of kicking me, she launched a side kick into my balls, smashing them into the wall behind me. She kept her foot there, grinding my nuts between her shoe and the wall. The pain was too much and I fell.

"YES, YES,YES. I did it! I made the queer fall. Now lie down on your back John. I'm going to enjoy this. I did as she told me and she lowered her dripping cunt down onto my face, making it very hard to breath. She began rubbing her clit back and forth on my nose and, as she did so, my mother and Lisa began to stomp my balls, each stomp crushing them against the hard floor below.

"Why the fuck am I doing all the work?" asked Liz. She lowered herself down onto mouth and yelled at me to get my tongue going. I didn't need much motivation. With each stomp by my mother or sister, my tongue would twitch inside my sister’s pussy, easily bringing her to orgasm by the tenth stomp. She rolled off.

"Wow that was the most amazing experience of my life. It’s a good thing you won't be moving out for a while Johnny. We’ll be able to play this little game every day. That is, if its okay with you mom?"

"Damn right it is, but tomorrow we'll all get to take our turns riding his face. After all there's plenty to go around."

"Oh, my pussy gets wet just thinking about the fun we're going to have together John."

"Ok, well why don't we all go get cleaned up, after all, this calls for a celebration. We're eating out tonight girls. Oh yeah, you can come along too Johnny; we'll need a good footrest." With that, they left me there lying on the floor, laughing as they walked away.


Carla Peel said...

Best story yet!

Stomped on said...

Next time they should be whearing stilettos and some face stomping