Wednesday, August 8, 2007


by brucelee

Fired. I can't believe it. On my way home I wondered how my wife and mother-in-law were going to take it. You see I lived with my in-laws. It didn't take long to find out.

I awoke that night with my mother-in-law’s hand down my shorts with a tight grip on my balls. She squeezed while she told me I better get a job and soon or my balls will pay the price. As she let go she slapped them, not hard but hard enough to make me roll up in a ball which at the time I realized my wife was awake and watching this. After my mother-in-law left the room I asked her if she was just going to let this happen.

She just smiled and said, “If I was you I'd get a job soon.” Well the next day I was thinking about what the hell I was going to do and remembered an indecent that happened about a week ago. You see I worked in a vet hospital and one day we had this pit bull that gave us a hard time. We finally got the dog knocked out and strapped to the table on his back. It was just me and a female co-worker actually I was the only male that worked there. There were five girls that worked there; the owner was one and there were two out front and the doctor and her helper. It was the helper that was in there with me her name was Pat.

Since the dog gave us just a hard time we were pretending to punch it in the face when she walks down to his balls and pretends to punch them. We both were like ‘oh yea’. Then she said, “I wish just once I could…” She didn't finish because the doctor (Jan) came in. So I thought I would work out a deal with Pat if she could help me get my job back.

I called her outside and told her the whole story about what she said and how I thought she wanted to hit a guy in the nuts. She said that was true that she did want to rack a guy. I told her I would let her rack me if she helped me get my job back. She told me to hold on and went back inside. She came back out and told me Jenny, the owner, wanted to see me in her office.

I didn't know what to expect but as I entered the office she told me to close the door. She starts off saying, “So, Pat told me your plan but I don't like it. Why is she the only one who gets to have fun? I tell you what, you can come back to work but any of us girls can rack your balls when we feel the need to. Oh, and one more thing, when you go to the bathroom you can’t close the door and since you work in the back washing the dogs you need to work in your briefs. Any problem with that?” I was in shock but said no.

She said, “Now come over here and drop your pants I want to see what you’ve got.” I was like in another world but I did as she said. She told me I had a nice size dick and started playing with it. I was thinking ‘how bad can this be?’

When I was nice and hard she said, “Now that your dick is out of the way let me look at your nice big balls.” With that she grabbed them hard and squeezed till I was on the ground begging her to stop.

She finally let go and with a smile said, “Welcome back.” She called for Pat to come in. When she did I was still on the ground holding my aching nuts.

Jenny asked Pat to help me up then Jenny came and grabbed me in a full nelson and told Pat it was her turn. With that she grabbed my balls with one hand and punched them with the other. I saw stars. I don't remember much except pain, lots of pain. I came out of it about an hour later, still sore I pulled my pants up and walked out front. All the girls were out there laughing and smiling at me.

Jenny says, “See you tomorrow baby!” and Pat chimes in, “…and thanks for the fun!”

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