Sunday, August 12, 2007

First attempt at a story

by unknown

Well hell, if Chad can do it...

She stood outside the Vertigo, cigarette held loosely between her lips. The dim streetlight she stood beneath provided perfect illumination for the task at hand, only her well-toned silhouette visible in the blackness of the humid summer night. A smile crossed her lips as, as predicted, a lone man staggered slightly upon exiting the club. She waved to him from across the street and, like a trained dog, he headed towards her, excited just to have been noticed. She tossed the cigarette and ground it beneath the heel of her black open-toed sandals before engaging him in small talk.

He was an all right looking guy, she thought, though not really her type. His hair was too short for her tastes and he was overall too small, a minute 5'5" and not at all built to make up for it... perfect for the occasion, though. She walked on and he walked with her. Tuning him out, she giggled when it seemed appropriate, twirling locks of blonde hair around her head, and tried to promote a general aura of bimbo about herself. He, of course, thought himself to be quite charming and was not very discrete in looking at her tits as they jiggled with her laughter or eying her nipples, clearly outlined against her tight white t-shirt, since she had neglected to wear a bra. In only a couple of minutes they had left the crowded strip behind and she stopped walking and turned to face him, smiling broadly.

After he made some nonsense comment about the color of the sand and her eyes she encircled him with her arms and kissed him passionately. As he moved his hands down to her firm, miniskirt clad ass, she lifted her knee sharply between his legs. At first he just froze in shock, his hands still squeezing her ass, but when the pain hit, he began to fall only to be held up by two more devastating blows from her knee. She seized the back of his green silk, textured shirt with both hands to keep him from hitting the ground too soon and spoke, staring him in his pain filled eyes.

"If you value your balls, you'll cooperate." With that, she let him sink to the coarse sidewalk and curl up in the fetal position. Once he had finished rolling around, she bent over, providing him with an exquisite view of the wetness, unobscured by panties, up her skirt that, at any other time, he truly would have appreciated. Bent over, she snagged his wallet from his back pocket and flipped it open.

"Ok, Mr. Theodore Miller," she said as she slipped his wallet into the waistband of her skirt. "It’s time to go back to your place." Snaking her hand between his legs behind, she seized his nuts through the fabric of his pants and beneath his protecting hands, squeezing and jerking upwards roughly. "Come on, Teddy, stand up!" Once 'Teddy' was on his feet she ordered him to start walking to his house, his testicles still firmly in her grasp. One rather slow and incredibly painful walk later, the pair arrived at his beachfront home. They stepped inside and, after squeezing viciously and letting the hapless Theodore collapse to the floor at her feet, she demanded the location of his money.

A rasping, "Fuck you, bitch," was his only reply. In response, she grabbed his ankles and began stomping his crotch, hands and all, with incredible fervor, causing him to cry out in pain as time and time again, his fingers proved to be insufficient protection to keep her violently swinging and stomping foot from his already tender groin.

"Let's try this again, where do you keep your cash?" Desperate to prevent another assault of that caliber, he told her where he kept his money, his sock drawer, in a high pitched voice. Venturing to his room she quickly found the large roll of twenties in his dresser and came back out only to find him crawling for the phone.

"Oh no you don't," she said sweetly and charged him, punting him in the balls with such incredible force that he let out a shrill scream and fell forward, cradling his aching manhood and sobbing. After yanking the phone cord from the wall she went into the kitchen, leaving him there crying on the floor while she got a bottled strawberry daiquiri from his fridge. Moving into his living room, she sat down on the couch and cracked open the daiquiri, sipping it slowly and then rubbing the chilled base of the glass bottle against her exposed pussy, quivering slightly at the sensation as she rubbed herself and watched Theodore continue his weeping on the carpet before her. At length, she spoke to him.

"Sorry to interrupt, Teddy, but I'm going to need your PIN number. Your ATM card is worthless without it, I'm afraid." His reply was broken by sobs but he managed to respond.

"My bank number? But… but… you'll ruin me!" Enraged, she jumped up from the couch and flung her plaything at him, the bottle shattering and covering him in broken glass and strawberry flavored alcohol.

"You're damn right I'll ruin you!" She began booting him in the stomach and ribs, in the balls when he was so foolish as to try and cover his midsection. Jamming her foot into his crotch with all of her might, she left it there, wiggling her exposed toes about against his battered manhood.

"If you don't tell me that number right now, I will ruin you, Teddy. How much are your balls worth to you, Teddy?" She brought her leg back and fired it once more, full force, into his balls, eliciting a scream from him. "How much?" Yanking his pants, boxers and all, down around his knees she grabbed hold of his swollen, discolored genitals and dug her painted fingernails in.

"Tell me the number, Teddy, or I swear to you I will rip these worthless pieces of meat to shreds..." Fearing for his manhood, Teddy spat out his PIN number and repeated it, three times. With a sweet smile, she tugged his nuts to the end of his scrotum.

"If you're lying to me, Teddy, remember, I know where you live." She proceeded to slam her other fist into his trapped and engorged testicles savagely, the excruciating pain knocking him out cold. Wallet and hundreds in hand, she left Teddy lying broken on the floor, wondering idly if she had caused him much permanent damage as she thought of what she would do with his money...

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