Friday, August 10, 2007

The first time...

by raymond75

Although many guys enjoy the fantasy of getting their nutsack worked over, few ever get to live it out with a woman that understands and is careful enough to act out the game safely. I am fortunate that I have been in that position several times in the past and it is always a thrill.

I had been dating Karen for several months when we finally made the relationship into one that included serious fucking! After the first heady weeks, we relaxed enough to begin to discuss some of our favorite turn-ons.

Any fellow that is into ball busting knows how incredibly difficult it is to talk about our curious fetish. But, if you are like me, eventually the urge becomes so overpowering that the subject must be discussed.

My girlfriend and I began a fuck session one evening and we were really going at the foreplay full steam. Plenty of cock sucking, pussy licking, rolling around, and laughing. Karen finally got to the point where she crawled between my spread legs and feverishly began to suck my throbbing dick. Karen was a great cocksucker and fully capable of deep-throating my 7 1/2 inch rod.

She began to lick my balls and took them into her mouth, gently. I don't know if my ball fetish stems from the fact that I have HUGE balls... easily each the size of a medium egg, but I've always enjoyed having them worked over... as Karen munched my nutsack I fantasized every imaginable torture being applied to my jewels! I was quiet out of my mind and moaning when Karen mistook my groan as a sign that she hurt my balls by sucking too hard (HA!) and she slightly pulled away and said, "I'm SO sorry!!! Did I hurt you?"

I IMMEDIATELY pushed her head back down to my testes and said, "OH NO!!!! That felt so good!" I was beside myself as to what to do or say next when she said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

I knew I had to act fast if I was ever going to get a nut pounding from her so I said, "Oh you can't hurt me, I have really tough balls." Karen kind of laughed as she softly licked my plums. "Oh yeah?" she asked, giggling... at that point I *knew* her interest was peaked and she sucked a ball into her mouth none-too-carefully. I felt it and it tingled quite a bit but I HAD to get more from her while the iron (and my COCK!) was hot.

"Hmmmmmm!" I moaned a little louder, "that's nice!"

"I could bite them,” she teased.

"That would be fine!" I breathlessly whispered.

She took my left ball between her teeth and shook her head a little bit. She was really steaming as she came up to start kissing me hard on the mouth. Karen reached down and grabbed my balls with her right hand squeezing them. Her whole body convulsed as if she were crushing my nuts, but she only was gently cupping them.

As she did this, she said, "Ohhhh... I could just pop them!"

I finally had enough teasing and jumped off the bed pulling my naked girlfriend up along with me. We stood facing each other and I hugged her tightly as we kept passionately kissing. My cock was sticking straight out, think and purple, like some obscene sausage, my big nutsack dangled freely beneath.

"Karen," I began, "this is so difficult for me to say, I'm very excited, but embarrassed too."

She looked at me with her deep brown eyes and cocked her head a little with a shy smile. "I'll do anything for you sweetheart!"

"Well, this is a little weird..."

Karen laughed a little and said, "Ohh???" She kept smiling with I found very encouraging.

I took a deep breath and said it out loud. "I want you to kick me in the balls."

I can almost remember the look on her face. She was astonished, but really turned on. She reached down and grabbed my balls carefully and said, "but that would HURT you, wouldn't it?"

"Not if you are a little cautious, I can take it really! Just knee me and see how it feels."

Karen took a tentative step back and, still holding me by the balls, sized up the task. She removed her hand and gently brought her knee up to just under my sack, giving them a gentle tap. She hugged me again tightly, and then withdrew, holding me by the shoulders for balance. She again brought her knee up and gave me a firm thump to the bottom of my balls.

To my own surprise, I let out a grunt! Karen quickly hugged me again and squealed, "OH I HURT YOU I'm SORRY!!!"

"No no no!" I pleaded, "That didn't hurt at all! It was GREAT! Please do it again."

Karen stepped back again and delivered three knees to my balls. Two with her right knee and then one with the left. As she kneed my testicles, I enjoyed the bounce to her firm 20-year-old tits as the impact made them jiggle.

To my stupification, Karen said, "I like the way your balls bounce!" She then stepped back once more and really nailed me with a good knee shot. That one did hurt and I grabbed her and we both fell to the bed.

I threw her to her back and climbed between her legs, with ball pain urging me on, I slurped away at her cunt until she exploded in an orgasm.

We then lay together on the bed and eventually fell asleep, exhausted. I didn't get to cum until the next morning, and that story will wait until another time.


I hope this TRUE story encourages you to write about your ball busting experiences. Like you, I'm interested in other guys and gals (although too few of them exist!) who enjoy ball busting. Write your stories here, and I always look forward to email from BB fans.


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