Friday, August 10, 2007

Football Star Busted

by MBP

“This is fun,” exclaimed Sara as she drove her shapely, pantyhose-clad foot into her brother’s balls. The older boy, sore from the accumulation of blows to his sensitive area, gurgled softly and slumped to the carpet. “Tell me again why I get to do this.”

Lindsay smiled as she looked down at her prostrate boyfriend. “You know I’ve been dating your brother for about a month. Everyone told me it was pretty cool for me that the senior captain of the football team would date a freshman. I was in heaven. I mean, in school, Steve is like a god. But after a little while, I realized he was kind of arrogant and could get nasty on occasion. I spoke with him about that, and he just laughed. I still liked him, though, so I decided to do something about it.”

“A couple of weeks ago, Steve started unbuttoning my shirt, saying it was time to see my tits. I said no, but he just kept going. So I got in really close, like I was letting him, and then I kneed him hard in his nuts. He released me and got a strange look on his face, and I kneed him again. He slumped to the ground, and I told him that no means no and that he should leave my house. After a couple of minutes, he recovered and left without a word.”

“The next day, Steve talked to me as if nothing happened. We went to class, I watched him during his track practice and then I followed Steve back into the school for him to change. But when he had me alone, Steve wrapped his arm around my neck in a choke hold and told me that he was the boss of the relationship, that I had surprised him, and if he wanted to fuck me, he would, whether I liked it or not. I brought my foot up into his crotch. That surprised him so he let me go and I spun around and kicked him in the balls. Then I followed with what was probably the best punch I ever threw and connected perfectly with his cock. Steve screamed and dropped to the ground in extreme anguish. Then I stomped him with my sneakers. When I was satisfied, I told him that I was the shit, that he would do what I wanted, and that if he didn’t, I would spread it around school that the big football star was being beaten up by a girl.”

Sara laughed at the image. Her 18-year-old brother was about 6’2 and weighed close to 200 pounds. Her friend was not quite 15, 5’4 and as pretty and slim as an actress. The idea that Lindsay was kicking the bigger boy’s ass was fantastic. Sara looked over at her still prostrate brother and wanted him to get up so she could ballbust him again. Lindsay continued with her story.

“For the last couple of weeks, Steve has been really nice to me, even deferential. But I could see the conflict in his face. He knew that he was much bigger, stronger, and more athletic than me. And I’m just a girl, and more than three years younger, to boot. He felt I had surprised him twice and gotten lucky. Even though the second time, he grabbed ME, I still shocked him with my attack. He had a typical boy’s confidence that they’re better than girls at anything physical. Steve would be very ready for my groin attack, and knowing what I would do, he could easily defeat me. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he considered that there still was a chance that I could beat him again, and he didn’t want to be humiliated in front of the entire school. So he was nice to me, as he tried to decide what to do next.”

“Yesterday morning, Steve was at my house and we were alone and having fun. I was just wearing this blue sun dress and knew he thought I looked kind of sexy. I felt good about us, and was sitting on the couch and started suggestively rubbing Steve’s cock through his Bermudas with my bare feet. He looked down at my feet and then over my body and I saw his face change. Steve stood up, and I knew our moment had come. He had deferred to me long enough. I was a girl, nearly a foot shorter, much younger, slim and sexy, and he could no longer let me dominate the relationship. Steve told me that it was time for our fight.”

“Were you scared? Did it end quickly?” Sara asked. She still had trouble believing that her friend would go toe-to-toe with her muscular brother. “I can’t believe you won.”

“Sure, I was scared. I wasn’t sure what he was going to try and to what lengths he would go to win. Actually, your brother was kind of a gentleman. He didn’t want to hit me in the face. I guess Steve also figured that it would be difficult to explain if he gave me two black eyes. But aside from that, it was a ferocious fight.”

“When I got off the couch, Steve tackled me like I was a running back and drove me into the carpet. He captured my arms and tried to immobilize my legs with his. But he had more trouble than he expected. I’m a lot stronger than I appear, and my legs could be stronger than Steve’s. I slithered under him while he tried to control me, and managed to nudge my knee into his balls. I couldn’t get much leverage into it, but he started thinking about it and went more on the defensive. He released my arms and tried to protect his groin, but that just let me get free. So he tackled me again, and attempted to trap both my arms with just one of his, which would leave the other free for wrapping up my legs. But I was easily strong enough to break the one-arm grip and while Steve was trying to control my legs, I punched his balls. It didn’t really hurt him, and he actually punched me back in my stomach. But he didn’t have any leverage either, and we began wrestling a little on the carpet.”

“After a little while, Steve succeeded in trapping my arms again, and he put his body perpendicular to mine, so it was hard for me to use my legs. But I’m flexible, and I kind of somersaulted to a position alongside him and kicked him in the ribs. That surprised him. He tried to protect his side with his legs but couldn’t so he had to release my arms. I pushed him off me, quickly scrambled to my feet, and kicked at his cock with my bare foot, catching him with only a glancing blow. Steve rolled away and got up, and we were facing each other again.”

“I know Steve was a little unsettled, because he had expected to have won the fight already. He approached me, covering his groin area with his left arm, and tried a clumsy punch at my stomach. It is difficult to fight with only one arm, so I managed to sidestep the blow and as Steve came forward, I threw a knee hard at his cock. He took some of it and blocked some of it. I got a couple of more knees into him before Steve bulldozed me into the floor. I hit the ground hard, a little winded, and Steve punched my stomach and my thighs. It hurt some, but again, he didn’t have good leverage. As he slugged at me, I realized that short of hitting me in the face, Steve was going to do ANYTHING to make sure that he wasn’t humiliated by his girlfriend again. The punching didn’t give him a good wrestling position, so I was able to position myself and stuck my foot, my knee, and my hands into his stomach, thighs and crotch. I caught him a couple of good blows, and he blinked first. He stopped hitting me, and started protecting his penis. I continued my attack, and although I didn’t succeed in pounding his balls, I still hurt Steve’s hands with my repeated blows. I was like a whirlwind, swinging and kicking for all I was worth.”

“Finally Steve just jumped on me, and then hopped a bit and drove his knees into my chest. It hurt like hell, but I managed to partially avoid the second attack. This knocked him off balance, and I was all over him, throwing punches at his balls. After a few shots, Steve grabbed my hands, and we started wrestling around again. And this time, I was more than holding my own.”

Sara interjected, “How could you match him at wrestling?”

“Did you ever see a boxing match on TV, and one of the fighters hits the other with a low blow? If necessary the fighter who got hit has five full minutes to recover, and he is wearing a cup! I hadn’t hit Steve perfectly too many times, but he was still weakening from the sum of the shots. I took a good hold of him from behind, reached my hand into his shorts, grabbed his cock and twisted hard. He screamed and shook me off, but I jumped back onto him and wrestled him down, pinning his arms with my knees and holding his hands down with mine in a schoolboy pin. He bucked a bit, but couldn’t get me off and his eyes got wide: the tough football star pinned by the slim, barefoot girl in the sexy sun dress. I could see him quickly lose his confidence, and he slumped back to the ground, not even struggling. But he wasn’t going to get off that easily.”

I turned around on him so my butt was facing his head. Then I rained hard punches into his balls. Steve screamed at the first couple, but then just kind of whimpered the rest of the time. I kept tattooing his cock, occasionally turning around to see if he was still alive. I finally decided he had enough, so I turned back around, sat on his stomach, and kept my bare feet on each biceps. His eyes were glazed, he was in tremendous pain, but due to his excellent physical condition and strength, he was still conscious. I sat there for a little while, posing, but Steve was too far gone to notice. So I got off him, wrapped one of his arms around my neck, placed my arms under his knees and back and barely managed to lift him in my arms, and dropped him quickly onto the couch. He sat there unmoving, and I got into the easy chair and watched a movie, waiting for him to recover.”

“So you actually beat him in a fair fight! That’s incredible. Wait until the guys at school hear about this.”

“I don’t want you to tell anyone. Let me tell you something,” said Lindsay, as she moved Sara out of earshot of her brother. “Look, I really don’t want anyone to know what happened. If they did, Steve would become a laughingstock, and I wouldn’t want that. Plus, it would no longer be cool to go out with him, and I still want him as a boyfriend, now that he is trained. I still want to be thought of as the football captain’s girlfriend. It has many perks.”

“Okay, Lindsay,” said Sara. “You’re the boss. But what kind of a deal did you make with him? I thought that you just threatened to tell everyone.”

“I’m just getting to that part. Let me finish.”

“After about three hours, I saw Steve starting to stir. I got him some Advil for the pain, and some ice for the swelling, sat on the couch with him and asked a few things.”

“First, I asked Steve to say out loud that he was beaten up by a girl. I thought he might have a problem with that, but he said it immediately. Next I asked him if he believed that I could beat him up anytime I wanted to. He hesitated briefly, looking at my petite, female body, but then he agreed. And then I asked him if it was possible that other girls could beat him also, and he had to agree to that too. I saw he was contrite, so I offered him a deal.”

“One possibility is we could go to school on Monday, and you’ll gather your friends and tell them that I beat you up. I could see Steve wasn’t too happy with that one, so I offered the second choice: that he could go home with me, I’d tell you what happened, and you’d get to bust Steve’s balls anytime you wanted for stuff that he’s done to you over the years. He readily agreed to that.”

“So here we are. I know you only kicked him once, but Steve’s cock will be sore a few days from the beating I gave him. After that, you can ballbust him anytime you feel like it, for any reason. If he doesn’t give in to you immediately, just tell me, and everyone will learn about it, and he’ll get another beating.”

Sara giggled. “Cool. I wonder if you’ll show me some techniques, because I’d like to try it on a few guys I know.”

“Anytime,” laughed Lindsay. “Hey, maybe we can double date, and spend the time busting our boyfriends, and then switch off.” The girls giggled again.

Still lying on the carpet, Steve could only groan in anticipation of ballbusting days ahead.

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