Saturday, August 11, 2007

Football with Girls

by Terri Carlisle

This is a story I wrote about something that happened to me a number of years ago. This is the first story I ever wrote of this kind so it maybe kind of rough but I hope you enjoy it. Everyone's names have been changed except for my own. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

The doorbell rang and I found myself getting very excited. I ran downstairs and opened the door and just as I had expected there stood my best friend Lori. Lori is a beautiful blonde girl and every boy at school seems to drool over her. Even in her Walter Payton football jersey and her sweatpants she still looked pretty darn good.

"Are you ready yet?" she asked me.

"Hold on let me get something to tie my hair back," I told her. With that I ran back upstairs and grabbed an old sock and ran out the door to join my friend. We both ran down to the schoolyard because we were a little late. You see this was a Saturday and on Saturday we always spent the afternoon playing football with Lori's friends. Lori's friends were a bunch of boys who were older than us and many of them were real cute. As we approached the yard we saw that the boys were already there and they had already begun playing.

"Hi guys," we yelled.

"Hey" said a voice of a boy named Chris.

"OK, Lori you’re on our team," said another boy.

"You’re with us Terri," said someone who was now my teammate. The boys usually liked us to play against each other so we could guard one another. The reason they like to do this is because both myself and Lori tend to tackle the boys by grabbing in areas where boys would rather not be grabbed so harshly. I usually like to pick a boy to guard who is really cute and is wearing sweatpants. This makes his groin an easier target for me to grab onto.

"Ready, Set, Hike!" the quarterback spat out. I ran my pattern and saw that the quarterback was throwing to me. After several plays of not having anything thrown my way I was excited to have a pass thrown to me. I eagerly leapt into the air and caught the ball. I started to run towards the touchdown marker but before I could get there I felt a hand grab me from behind on my shoulder. Ryan, the boy that had been guarding me, was much faster than me and had caught me. Then, in order to help pull me down, he reached his other hand over and grabbed hold of my tit. He then proceeded to pull me down. Owww, that really hurt! I was at that stage in a girl’s life where my breasts really hurt if they were hit even slightly.

"Hey, watch it!" I told him. I pretended that it didn't hurt me and that I didn't like him touching my breast. In reality it did hurt and I really kind of like him touching it! Ryan was real cute with dark hair and blue eyes; he was also tall and pretty muscular for a boy his age. He was smiling as he got up, no doubt because he had just gotten a hand full of breast! Although I didn't have too much chest yet at that age I felt kind of proud that an older boy would enjoy touching them. I would never let him know that, though! I made a mental note to get him back.

"Ready, Set, Hike!" The next play began. This time the ball was thrown to the guy Lori was covering. Lori ran after him and grabbed his leg. This boy was pretty strong and dragged Lori for a short distance but that all ended when Lori reached around and grabbed at his groin area. My teammate was down almost instantly. Then I saw Lori look up and smile as she walked towards me. She made a tight fist and made a crushing sound with her voice. I started to giggle. The boy who just had his balls smashed then glared at me with an angry look to show his disapproval at my laughing at his pain, so I decided to stop.

Finally it was my turn to be on defense. I was guarding Ryan, the cute guy who was also guarding me. I was waiting to have an opportunity to get him back. Actually I would have grabbed him anyway because I wanted to feel what he had down there. A few plays passed by and the ball was not thrown to him. Then I decided to give him enough room to catch the ball so I could catch his balls! Sure enough, the ball was thrown to him and he caught it. I knew that I had to be fast. If he got away from me he was so quick that I could never catch him. I lunged towards him and put one arm around his waist. Then with my free arm I reached around and grabbed my prize! I could feel his balls and dick though his sweatpants and I gave them a bit of a squeeze. You see usually a little squeeze or tug there is enough to bring most guys down but this boy kept going! So I decided to crush his boyhood with all my strength. I began pull his balls and started to twist them. I could feel his balls being squashed though my fingers. He was tough but finally my female will won out and he fell to the ground.

I was so excited and I couldn't wait to tell Lori about this one! I got up all smiles and saw Lori running towards me smiling too. Then I noticed that the boy whose balls I had just smashed was still on the ground. This wasn't highly unusual since it happens every once in a while when we get too rough with their balls. This time though it seemed a little worse for poor Ryan. He was lying in the fetal position and had his hands on his balls. He was rocking back and forth and looked like he was having trouble breathing. He was emitting a high-pitched squeal and had tears in his eyes. Just then I heard Lori giggling, "Looks like you're having creamy peanut butter tonight, Terri." Then I started laughing, too. I felt a bit sorry for

Ryan, he was in so much pain, but I couldn't help myself.

"Hey, shut up! You girls think it’s so funny to do this, but it’s not! You can kill a guy if you crush them," Chris was screaming at us.

"Really?" I said, pretending to show concern. "Maybe we should take his pants off and check to see if it’s crushed?" I offered innocently.

"Maybe you both should go home!" Chris spat out at me.

Then Lori mocked him by saying "Maybe you shouldn't play with girls then, so you can keep your little balls safe from us mean little girls."

After that comment Chris jumped up, face all red with anger and eyes bulging so much that I thought they were going to pop out and yelled "Fuck you bitch!" right in Lori's face. Then as quick as lighting Lori's leg kicked up right into Chris’ vulnerable little balls. The boy fell to the ground and joined his friend in a chorus of groaning and squealing.

"Looks like I'm having creamy peanut butter too." Lori laughed. "Any more takers?" The rest of the boys stared at us in disbelief.

"Lets go, Terri. See you boys next week." As we walked home we I kept turning around to see the two boys whose balls we had just creamed still lying on the ground. We continued to laugh even when the boys were out of sight. I described how Ryan's balls felt as I crushed them in my hand to Lori and she loved it.

"Do you think they will let us play again?" I asked Lori.

"They will." she nodded.

Then we both looked at each other and together said "peanut butter?" We then laugh so hard and so long our faces hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that guys always claim that girls shouldn't be allowed to play mixed sports with them because the girls are too weak and will get hurt, even though in reality it is the males' bodies that contains the most sensitive and easily injured parts! The real reason guys don't want to play with girls must be because they are afraid of a woman hurting them in their most private parts, just Terri did to Ryan! In a fight between guys, boys never aim for the other’s groin area simply because they don’t want it to happen to them. However, girls don’t need to worry about “retribution” if they hit a boy in the nuts! Girls rule!