Sunday, August 12, 2007

Forbidden Fruit

by unknown

"Mom, I'm home from school," called out Daniel. Dan was sixteen years old and very mature when it came to sex. He had always loved women above all else and everything about their bodies, especially their feet. Dan had an extraordinary fetish for women's feet. Feet were always the first thing he saw when he looked at a woman, no matter the size of her breasts or the beauty of her face.

Denise had the most exquisite feet he had ever seen, not to mention the most succulent body a man could ask for. Tan, smooth legs so muscular, yet so feminine. Breasts perfectly round yet not excessively large. Feet that could make a man orgasm by just taking a whiff. There was one slight problem, however. Denise was Dan's mother.

"Mom?" Dan called out again. Dan went into his mother's room and found that she wasn't there. He stepped out and went down to his own room only to find his mother sitting on his bed looking at something of his. He stepped closer to her and she didn't seem to know he was even there. Dan got far enough to see over Denise's shoulder. Denise was looking at one of Dan's "Leg Show" magazines. Dan looked a little to the left to see that Denise had also found her missing high heel pumps, which he took from her just last night to get a whiff of those delectable feet. Denise spun around, shocked when she heard her son's breath.

"Dan! You scared me!" she said in an excited voice.

"M-mom.... What are you doing?"

"Oh, uh, nothing. I was just cleaning up your room and happened to come along... this... and my shoes. Tell me Dan, do you want to smell Mommy's feet?" Dan was shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Well?"

"Uh..." Denise spun around and threw her son a very sly look. She crossed her legs and began raising the leg crossed over the other up. Dan took in a deep breath as his mother's toes glanced his testicles. He began to moan in awe as his mother rubbed the ball of her foot back and forth on his hardening member.

"If I give you everything you desire, what will you give me, Dan?"

"A-A-anything you want..." Denise quickly pulled her foot down and stood up.

"Come with me Dan," she said. The two went into Denise's room and sat on the bed.

"Now I want you to sit down in this metal chair, Dan." Dan did as he was told and then Denise pulled out some wire rope. "Put your hands behind your back." Dan thought he was about to have the sexual ride of his life and did as he was told once more. Denise tied his hands and legs to the chair very securely. She began to unzip her son’s pants and pull them down. Once she had them around his ankles, she started to pull down his underwear.

"Oh, Dan! I never knew what a nice pair of balls you had!" Dan blushed at his mother's comment and looked down. Denise simply smiled. "Dan, it's obvious you have a foot fetish. I've caught you staring at my feet multiple times and now I've found your magazines and my shoes. Here, have a sniff of the real thing." Denise raised her foot up and cupped her son's nose with her toes.

"I have a fetish of my own Dan. Balls. I love men's balls! Just looking at them turns me on like you wouldn't believe!" Denise then lifted her foot onto Dan's package. "But do you know what I love doing with balls, Dan? I love to crrruuusshhh them!" With that she added extra force on Dan's balls. Dan yelped a little and his eyes bulged out. Denise smiled at him.

"Do you want a footjob, Dan?" Dan nodded his head yes. "It will cost you, you know? One footjob, one testicle. Footjob and foot worship? Two testicles. Which do you want?" Dan was in a real predicament now. He didn't want to lose his balls, but how could he pass up a chance to make the ultimate sacrifice for his mother? Besides, he could get along with one testicle.

"Okay. One testicle, one footjob."

"Ooohh, but Dan! I want you to suck my toes! Come on Dan, what do you say? Footjob, foot worship, and two testicles?" How could Dan resist his mother's sexy coaxing?

"O-Okay," Dan murmured. A huge smile went across Denise's face.

"Okay, hon, how do you want to worship my feet? Stockings, barefoot, what?"


"Black, tan, white?"

"Tan." Denise smiled once again, went over to her dresser, and pulled out a pair of tan nylons. She pulled her dress off to Dan's surprise and was now totally nude. Denise threw a smile over to Dan and started pulling on the nylons. She sat on the end of her bed and began to slip the stockings on to give Dan a good show. Dan immediately began to get hard. Denise finished putting on the stockings and moved to the corner of the bed right next to Dan. She raised her right nyloned foot to his mouth and he immediately began to suck her toes.

"Oh, God, yes! Go on Dan! Suck my toes! Lick my feet!" Dan began to lick Denise's soft soles. They tasted salty and sweaty, yet sweet and delicious at the same time. As Dan continued to suckle at his mother's toes, Denise slowly raised her other foot to her son's crotch. When Dan was in mid lick she started to put pressure on her son's right testicle with the heel of her foot. Dan opened his eyes and stopped for a moment to look at his mother.

She made sure she had his attention and there was a moment of silence. That's when Denise put every ounce of strength she could muster into stretching her leg out. Dan began to scream as his ball was slowly being crushed. Denise immediately shoved her other foot deeper into Dan's mouth to keep him from screaming too loud. His screams became so muffled they were almost like a loud whisper. Right then Denise pulled back. Dan stopped screaming as the pain subsided into a dull ache. He looked at his mother and the two met eye to eye once more. Then, Denise slammed her heel down into his right testicle once more in a very hard kick. A slight "squick" sound came from Dan's groin as his testicle burst from the pressure. Dan's eyes bulged out as he looked down at the pulp that was once one of his testicles and passed out with his mother's foot still in his mouth.

When Dan came to, he found his mother masturbating with her foot in his mouth, still in the same position she was in before she took half of his manhood from him.

"Dan? How are you hon? Mommy busted that ball quite hard! Does it hurt?" Dan simply moaned and clenched his eyes in response. "Oh, don't worry honey! Soon, your manhood will never give you problems again. Mother is going to take it away from you and you'll be so happy she did. And so will she!" A coy smile wrapped itself around Denise's face. She pulled her foot out of Dan's mouth and lifted her other foot into his lap. She placed both of her tan nyloned feet around Dan's flaccid penis and began stroking it. This hurt incredibly bad, the nerve endings still very alive in Dan's nullified testicle. He began to scream in a high-pitched voice.

"Oh, Danny, how do you expect me to give you a footjob if you're going to scream like that? I'll just have to find another way to keep you quiet." Diane took the pillowcase off one of her pillows and shoved it into Dan's mouth. Once again, his screams were little more than mumbles. Denise continued with the footjob she had begun seconds earlier. Dan began to turn red all over his body as the pain sped throughout him. Strangely enough; however, he began to get hard. After all, Dan had dreamed of this moment practically his entire life, and he couldn't deny he was somewhat turned on by his own mother taking his manhood from him. Dan started to relax, even though the pain was still quite powerful.

"Ah! So you're starting to enjoy pain and pleasure?" asked Denise in a very sexy way, emphasizing the "pain" and "pleasure" parts. With her left foot, she stroked Dan's dick up and down in a rhythmic motion while her right foot began to slightly put pressure on the pulp that was once Dan's right ball. Dan tensed up once more as the pain gripped his body.

"Yes, Dan, yes! This is what you need! You need such a sexy woman to take everything from you. Who better to do that than your beautiful mother? Is there any other woman you'd want to take your testicles, Dan?" Dan shook his head no. "Ask me to take your left testicle, Dan. BEG me to destroy you! BEG me to crush your only gonad!"

Dan mumbled through his gag, "Pluuh tah mahh baa..."

"What's that, Dan?"

"Detoy meh. Mae me yoze. I beon tooh youu," Dan managed to mutter.

Denise smiled and let out a sigh, "Dan, I love you. I want you so bad! I want your ball so bad!" She began to stroke faster and harder and, even though Dan had just gone through the most painful experience of his life, he was about to orgasm. Denise could tell he was about to cum and prepared her feet for the last orgasm her son would ever experience with his testicles intact. Just as Dan was about to let loose a load, Denise brought the ball of her left foot down to her son's left teste. Her right foot continued to play with his cock. She brought her left foot up like a dancer, raising it fully into the air very slowly. When it reached its peak Dan peered up at it and then looked at his mother with fear in his eyes. Denise just smiled an excited smile while she peered into her son's eyes and drove her left heel into Dan's remaining testicle, utterly flattening it. Dan screamed and orgasmed at the same moment, sperm mixed with a hint of blood splattering everywhere. Denise let out a scream of pleasure and orgasmed herself. Dan continued screaming through the pillowcase in agony and Denise smiled and moaned. Denise continued stroking Dan's now semi-erect penis until he passed out.

When Dan came to, he felt very woozy. He looked around and realized he was in his room. Dan looked out the window and realized that it was morning. Denise came in with a long skirt and blouse on.

"Morning, hon! How are you?" Denise sat down on a chair that was right next to Dan's bed.

"Morning. I'm okay. I had a weird dream last night."

"Really? What about?"

"Ah, it's nothing mom."

"Oh. Okay," said Denise as she propped her feet up with her soles facing her son on his bed. Dan looked down to catch a glimpse of his mother's feet as he had done many times before. As his eyes focused on her feet, he noticed she had on tan nylons. Tan nylons with translucent white stains on them. Tan nylons with white stains and... crimson stains. Blood stains. Dan took in a fast, deep breath and moved his hand down to his crotch. Pain filled his head as he touched the delicate, pulpy mess that was once his testicles.

"Oh JESUS!" yelped Dan. Denise smiled; sexually satisfied with the excellent night her own son had given her. It looked as though she had herself a foot cleaner for the rest of her life now!

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