Sunday, August 12, 2007

A "Friends" Fan Gets More than He Imagined

by unknown

The following story is based on a fictional encounter that a fan of NBC's hit show "Friends" has with the female stars. As he quickly finds out, they behave in ways that he never could have dreamed of. (Humiliation, B/D, Crotch-kicking, Forced sexual contact)

I, like many other people am a big fan of NBC's hit show "Friends". I have watched this show for years, and similarly to most other males in America, I find the three "Friends" gals to be very sexy. I entered a contest and was thrilled to have won the chance to spend an entire day with the 3 actresses from "Friends". I took off work on Wednesday as the Producers and Directors of "Friends" had specified that this day was the day that I would get to spend the entire day with Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston.

The show wasn't filming any new episodes this week, so these ladies were free to meet me and carry out their part of the contest arrangement. I got dressed in a usual outfit: Sweatshirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and set out to meet the three ladies. We were scheduled to meet at a hotel ballroom. The show had rented out this usual place for wedding accommodations, and instead it was to be the site of my meeting with the "Friends" ladies.

I arrived and was immediately welcomed into the large ballroom by a show security guard who had tagged along to protect the ladies from me in case I was a psycho or something. I spotted all three ladies and words can't describe how nervous I was. Within seconds I was face-to-face with these three beautiful television stars. I should stop at this point to describe how each lady was dressed: Lisa Kudrow was wearing blue jeans, black boots, and a white T-Shirt. She had not dressed up much to see me. Next, Courteney Cox was wearing black pumps, and this was the best part... VERY tight black slacks.

Courteney has a great ass and she certainly wanted to show it off by the looks of her outfit. On top she was wearing a white blouse. And last but not least was my very favorite "Friend", Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer was wearing brown high heels, and a tight green dress, and as was her usual habit, you could see her nipples poking prominently outwards underneath the dress. I was very intimidated, but they starting talking to me and I tried to be cool.

Jennifer asked me, "Were you excited when you won the contest?"

I said, "God yes, it was a dream come true."

Courteney smiled at me and asked, "So which one of us is your favorite?"

Lisa Kudrow interrupted before I could answer and she said, "He doesn't have to answer that. He's probably nervous so we shouldn't put him on the spot like that."

I said, "That's okay. I can answer the question. Jennifer is my favorite."

Jennifer laughed and Courteney looked at Jennifer and said to her, "You've got another fanatical fan."

Lisa asked a question to all of us, "We've got a whole day to spend with him, so where does everyone want to go?"

Courteney said, "Why don't we go up to the hotel room? He looks safe." (My heart began throbbing almost out of control... HOTEL ROOM!!!!)

Jennifer waved her hand to the security guard for the show and she directed him to leave. She said, "We don't need a security guard following us all day long. We aren't afraid of our fans."

Courteney asked me, "What is your name again?"

I answered, "Mike."

Jennifer said, "Well Mike, we are yours for the day or vice-versa." (They all laughed). As I followed the ladies up to the 6th floor of the Hotel I couldn't believe what was happening. What were we going to do in the hotel room?

We arrived at the room and Jennifer opened the room with her key. They told me to sit down on the bed, and I did. Jennifer closed the door and we were now all together in the room. Courteney sat down next to me while Jennifer and Lisa sat by the window.

Courteney said, "So Mike, I bet you fantasize about us a lot, right?"

I said, "Of course I do. You ladies are three Goddesses." (They laughed).

Jennifer went further with the questioning and she said, "Do you jerk off thinking about us?"

I said, "Absolutely, all the time."

Lisa said, "That's kind of funny. It's like we have this unusual power that makes this guy play with himself when he looks at us."

Courteney said, "Yes, it is very funny. It's like we are controlling this guy's dick. He just sees us or thinks about us, and then he can't keep his hands off of himself. (They laughed).

Jennifer said, "Do you have a big dick?"

I said, "6 inches."

Courteney said, "That's not bad." This was when it really became surprising. Courteney was sitting next to me and she reached over with her left hand and grabbed my penis.

Then Jennifer said, "Take your clothes off, we wanna see your dick." I was shocked, but the idea of not taking my clothes for the women of "Friends" would not have crossed my mind in a million years, so I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and took them off, then my underwear, shoes, and shirt I also removed. By this time I was completely hard. Wouldn't you be hard if Courteney Cox had grabbed your penis and the three ladies of "Friends" were seeing you naked?

The three ladies gathered in a circle around me and one-by-one each of them began to touch my penis. Jennifer began stroking the underside of my penis. I felt so under her control. Her fingernails brushed against the sides of it. Lisa started touching the base, and Courteney ran one of her hands slowly across the head. Here I was with the women of "Friends" and I thought of how odd it was that the show had hired a security guard to protect them from me when it would be obvious to anyone who saw what they were doing to me, that it was I who was the submissive, and I certainly posed no threat to them.

Jennifer said to Lisa, "Go get that bag that I brought." Lisa went to get it in the bathroom. Suddenly before I realized what was going on, Jennifer had slapped a pair of handcuffs around my wrists and Courteney had placed a large pair of cuffs around my ankles. My legs, arms, and hands were basically immobilized. Lisa walked into the room with a camera and she began to take photos of my nude shackled body. They forcibly pushed me down to the floor and Lisa took dozens of photos of my naked ass from this angle.

Courteney said, "Take a bunch of photos of his dick." After they had finished taking an entire roll of photos of my bound nakedness, Jennifer suggested something.

She said, “Sit him up, I want to tease his dick.” Jennifer began giving me a hand-job, and her technique was very good. She wanted to display her power over me, so right before I was going to begin to orgasm she told Courteney "Grab his dick and squeeze it tight." I was desperately in need of orgasmic relief and Jennifer knew that playing games with my ability to ejaculate would further display my weakness and their superiority. Courteney pinched my penis so tight that there was no way that I could orgasm.

Lisa said, "Make the worm beg." (They laughed).

Jennifer said, "Beg slave, beg. Beg for us to give you the right to have your orgasm."

I was so desperate and I said, "Please... please let me cum... I'll do anything."

Courteney said, "I've never seen a guy so desperate to shoot his load."

Jennifer laughed and said, "You're right. He looks kind of pathetic. Think we should let him cum?"

Lisa said, "He can cum, but only if we get to spank his sorry ass afterwards."

I said, "Please, it hurts. I can't hold it in. You are damaging my penis."

Jennifer said, "Alright, we'll let you cum, but we wanted to experience first-hand the control that we have always had over your penis. We've been controlling your penis from a far for years. Every time you watched us and played with yourself, we were indirectly controlling your penis in a way." Courteney removed her hand from the tight pinch that it had on my penis and I began to ejaculate like crazy. Jennifer watched as my cum sprayed all over the carpet of the room.

Courteney said, "This poor slob is cumming on the carpet like an animal."

Lisa said, "Now we should beat his ass." Jennifer grabbed a giant paddle out of that mysterious bag and began to beat my ass with it. It hurt like you wouldn't believe. Occasionally she would apparently "accidentally" miss striking my butt with the paddle and would hit my balls from behind instead.

Courteney said, "We should all take turns giving his nuts a good kick. There is no better way of humiliating and dominating a guy than striking his balls." Lisa Kudrow was first to kick my balls. Her booted-feet gave my nuts a good kicking and I rolled over on my side as the pain filled my entire body. Next, it was Jennifer Aniston's high-heeled feet that gave my nuts a tremendous jolt. She kicked so hard that it knocked her shoes right off of her feet. She picked her high heels up off the floor and she kept them in her hands as she rubbed my entire penis with her heels. There was something almost life threatening about those giant high heels being caressed across every inch of my penis. I knew that at any moment she could possibly even destroy my penis if she stabbed it with those heels. She threw her high heels aside and then she proceeded to take her stockinged foot and began grabbing the head of my penis with it. Eventually the tip of my penis was repeatedly being squeezed by her gripping toes.

Courteney Cox decided to tell the other ladies that she was bored and all three of them untied me and let me go. I was about to put my clothes back on when Jennifer Aniston made a final statement to me... she said, "Mike, that was your name, right?"

I said, "Yes, my name is Mike."

Jennifer said, "Mike, I don't want you to forget what happened today. I want you to always remember the day that the women of "Friends" stripped you naked, controlled your dick, beat your ass, and kicked your nuts. Welcome to today's new woman. You will meet other women out there who think and behave just like us. You had better get used to it because we are the living example of modern women and modern women like to control men."


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