Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Gatecrasher

By Wizard

The night was cold, dark and wet. I was alone, trudging my way through the city streets, enjoying the walk and cool air, which made the city smell less stale and rotten. I was heading in the direction of home, having nothing better to do, when I heard the sounds of a party. Music and laughter and girls, girls and more girls! Cool. I peaked through the windows, and saw the foxiest bunch of females all dressed up in party splendor. They all seemed to be Asian. I just can’t resist a foxy Asian bitch – they just make me horny as hell you know? All I can think about when a see one is sex. Makes it hell trying to start up a conversation, but sometimes your dick does the talking, know what I mean? Western women will try everything to ignore a big bulge in your pants, but an Asian girl will stare and smile and darn it there goes my concentration again:)

I could stand a party. I wasn’t invited, of course, but hey! Desperate times call for desperate measures! I walked up the steps and confronted the black painted door with its polished brass knocker. Well, try the easy way first. The door was unlocked! I quickly slipped inside. I figured I could slip into the crowd, and indeed I did. I slipped right onto the dance floor and was rewarded with beautiful smiles from some beautiful babes. Someone thrust a drink into my hand and I drained it. My dick responded by springing to attention, which once noticed caused much smiling and giggling, which in turn made me throb with lust. I drained another drink and suddenly realized I was the only guy in the place. Oh my! Had I stumbled into a lesbian orgy? But they were all so young and beautiful! If that was true I might have to kill myself! Maybe it was the female equivalent of a stag party – what do they call those, a hen party? At any event, I realized that I could never lose myself in this crowd.

Suddenly the girls parted and this tall, slim girl covered in skintight shiny black material strode in my direction. Wasn’t shiny black plastic and leather part of the SM scene? I didn’t care and could hardly think. Her face was perfect, if cold, and whatever she was wearing showed off her body magnificently. I swear I could plainly see her slit and her nipples were thrusting out from her almost flat chest. She said nothing, just walked right up to me -- and rammed her knee into my balls with the force of a freight train.

I wasn’t expecting this, and I collapsed to my knees in pain and shock while the room around me turned red and the girls laughed and cheered (and some cried out “Let me try!”). My tormentor smiled at me as I gasped for air but gave me no quarter. At a quick hand signal my arms were seized away from their protective position and she leisurely wrapped her long fingers around my testicles, feeling their weight through my thin pants. My balls still hurt like hell but the pain had spread out. I could feel the gentle probing of her fingers as she slowly massaged me; the sensation of each testicle rolling around in my scrotum was exquisite. I was totally in her power – and was loving it! My dick was sooo hard! I think I would have come from her ball massaging alone if she hadn’t stepped back and let fly with her clunky boot shod foot and smashed right into my testes. She kicked me so hard I slid back a foot on the floor. I would have collapsed in pain too but my arms were held back tight, keeping me upright. Now my black tormentor was really enjoying this. I was helpless before her and she knew it! Her hand started massaging her own crotch as she swung her leg back again. I was in agony already from her two perfect, and very hard, ball shots. She smiled as she saw the look of terror on my face. She kept staring into my eyes as she slammed her foot into my balls again. I couldn’t help it, I squealed like a girl surprised by a spider. I could barely stay conscious but I was very aware that all around me these girls thought this was the most hilarious thing they had seen. I couldn’t believe the cruelty! Didn’t they know how much pain they were causing me? I looked up into the smiling face of black before me and gulped. I guess they DID know, in fact were relying on it.

Another hand signal, and I was on my feet – barely! She came right up to me and rubbed herself against me sensuously. She whispered in my ear “Strip”.

“Oh no…” I started to say but her knee was already buried deep in my body and my testicles were caught between the two. This girl had great technique! I had already suffered three perfect shots from this beautiful bitch and this one made the first three seem like warm-ups. I don’t know how long I was curled up on the floor but everyone was watching me intently, many like they couldn’t believe I was being beaten up so thoroughly and only using a single target. (Well, OK, two of them.) And this was an exclusive male target. Black got right in my face, and in a small almost squeaky voice said a single word: “Now”.

I staggered to my feet and started to undress. I was stopped and had to do a full striptease for them with music and all. If I didn’t do it right one of the girls would make a fist, punch me solidly in the balls and make me dress and strip again. The second time I couldn’t help protecting my balls with my hands since I could see what was coming. That was a mistake. This tiny little girl slapped my face so hard it actually stung more than my balls! But only for a moment as she proceeded to punch and then knee me and knee me and knee me as soon as my hands were out of the way. I could barely stand! I don’t know how she did it, she was so tiny, but I sure felt every bony crunch of her knee into my poor battered balls. I had so resistance left and she loved it, smashing my helpless testicles. She must have felt mighty powerful at this point. I easily weighed in at three times her weight, or more, and yet she targeted my nutsac and rendered me helpless again.

Finally I had stripped to their satisfaction, though not without punishment from half the room. I began to notice that the girls who had attacked my nuts seemed really happy and smiled a lot. Luckily for me my dick and balls are a fairly meaty good size, so at least the girls were happy with what I was showing. Unluckily for me that also meant my balls made good targets, and they sure felt swollen now! A cord was tied around my tender scrotum and pulled snug. One of the girls punched my balls from behind. With no warning I doubled over instantly and she grabbed the cord and pulled sharply, and pushed me the floor on all fours. I risked looking behind me and saw her stripping off herself. My eyes took in her nakedness and trim body. She saw me looking and as punishment pulled up on the cord, restraining and positioning my testicles for her casual kick. Oh God! I really felt that one but she laughed and mounted me like I was her pony. I could feel her hot thighs on my side and her straight pussy hairs were tickling my back. She pulled on the cord again and not wanting any more ball bashing I started to give her a ride. She kept a slight pressure on the cord at all times, so that my balls, usually dangling between my legs and slapping from thigh to thigh were held proudly out in the air. Held out so that any girl I passed who fancied it could slap, punch or otherwise assault my manhood. I should have felt humiliated, but with a naked girl on my back and more stripping any minute – and all cute Asians – all I could think about was sex!

My balls had recovered – or become numbed – so that all thoughts of earlier agony were forgotten in an erotic rush! The nakedness all around me had me hard as a rock. Erect. Engorged. Stiff. I was so swollen it was unbelievable. I would swear my cock had grown at least an inch in length and was so fat it felt like I was swinging a big, fat salami! Tied in the cord my balls felt twice their normal size too. I felt so horny and turned on I wanted to screw every women in the room. Some of them didn’t even look old to screw, but it’s hard to tell with Asians. My brain wasn’t working; I can tell you, except to imagine glorious, fabulous, hot and satisfying sex with beautiful slant-eyed small-breasted, tight-pussied chick after chick. In my mind’s eye I saw the whole roomful lying shagged and exhausted as I stood proud and tall and erect, spraying the slim, supine bodies with cum!

“Enjoying ourselves now, are we?” A voice came from behind me and the room went quiet except for a giggle here and there. I couldn’t see behind me so I finally spread my legs and dropped my head to peer upside down between my legs. There was Black, the only one in the room not stripped naked it would seem. She looked at me and smiled. My back rider started to gently tug and release the cord, making my dick and balls bob and wobble between my legs. The sight of my manly parts being gently wobbled so caused much giggling and merriment among the watching crowd. In my case it just turned me on more, and though I was red with embarrassment at being displayed so blatantly to this crowd of female strangers, I was also quite proud to show off what I had and be the center of attention. Black spoke again.

“Well my gate crashing friend, I see you are enjoying our party. I’m also glad that you are providing my girls with such entertainment. I do so like to see them happy. I think we should give him what he wants; don’t you think so girls? We are fair you see, and want to give you great pleasure as long as we also get our pleasure. What’s it to be girls?” There was a chorus of yells and shouts and Black held up her hand for silence. She smiled at me, though from my position it was a frown.

“You ARE a lucky man,” she purred as my rider jiggled me about more roughly. Whatever the girls want, you get, and my are they horny!” I looked around the room and I had to agree. They looked ready to fuck. I just hoped I get to as many as I could before pooping out. After all, if I was studly enough they might invite me back for more, oh what a thought! But course, I was forgetting one thing.

“You just have to take something from all of us first!” she laughed. I dropped my head to look between my legs again and saw Black’s shiny black legs and boots, and my exposed wobbling testicles. Then I saw Black take a step back and in a fast blur run forward and let fly with her boot-clad foot right into my waiting balls. Even with a girl on my back my knees left the ground and my head banged into the floor as the shock wave of pain shot up my spine from my smashed balls. My head exploded as a great cheer went up from the girls in the room! My eyes could not focus and my body went limp as I collapsed on the floor, incapable of doing anything but feel the awful throbbing pain which was now spreading out from my shattered balls and into my whole body it seemed, but especially my gut, causing me to curl up in a fetal ball. Like all boys and men, I had been hit in the nuts, either deliberately or accidentally, but never in my life had I experienced pain like this. I was shattered, overwhelmed, helpless. I was entirely in their power. I lay there on the floor gasping for air like a stranded fish and a VERY happy Black casually strolled over, kicked me onto my back and gently rested her booted foot on my red nutsac. I gasped again and tears streamed down my face. She smiled deliciously.

Suddenly there was a loud Bam, Bam, Bam! on the front door. Black looked up quickly but did not panic, and kept her foot on my balls, ready at any minute to press down. The door was opened and in walked the biggest policeman I have seen. He opened his mouth to say something but he was in shock even though it was obvious that he was an experienced cop. His concentration was further challenged by naked cuties rubbing their pussies against his leg and purring, “I love a man with a big truncheon” in his ear. Black gave another sign.

In an instant the door was slammed shut, the copper was kicked hard in the balls, one girl knelt while another jumped off her back and landed with her legs wrapped neatly around his neck, her pussy buried in his face. His balls were kicked hard again; his gun was taken; his balls were kicked really hard; his night stick was taken; his balls were kicked with an audible thump; his fly was opened and his male sexual equipment was hauled out into the open; his balls were kicked several more times – they were large and hard to miss and nicely exposed! The neck wrapper slid off him, giving him several quick knees as she slid down his front and his arms and legs were seized. He had great stamina, I’ll give him that, but no man is immune to a testicle beating as our Asian females knew very well, and his had been well pummeled. Even so, I didn’t think they could hold him forever. Without his testicles to target he could have wiped the floor with the entire room.

Suddenly he gasped and looked down. I followed his gaze and gasped as well. This gorgeous, tiny naked cutie who looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly was holding in her hand a very large, very sharp, serrated-edge knife. Resting over that knife was the cop’s scrotum, his big balls dangling dangerously over the wrong side of the knife. Vicious little cutie smiled at him as beads of sweat broke out on his brow.

“Now don’t move, big boy,” she purred as she casually stroked his limp dick. Now, here is this huge guy, one slice away from losing his balls and maybe his dick too and you see he is scared to death of these petite women. But they are also NAKED petite women, who have no qualms about kicking his balls, threatening castration – and stroking his dick. Despite everything he swells up and damn! I’m jealous! This guy is hung like a porn star, though he is large so I guess it is not out of proportion.

“Don’t move or make a sound, you understand me?” she demanded. He started to open his mouth to answer her and her knife arm tensed. He quickly shut his mouth tightly closed and nodded his head. “If you move or make a sound, then zzzziiiuup!” She drew her finger across her throat, but we knew what she really meant. “Then you will lose this, hmmm, very nice package. Now, wouldn’t that be a shame, hmm?” He obediently nodded, looking so uncomfortable with his genitalia so ruthlessly exposed to these cruel women.

Black kicked at me. “Time to get up, my man.” Luckily I had recovered from her kick so that I only felt a dull ache now. Back on my knees it was as I was mounted again and the cord around my scrotum adjusted. “You know, I like that position.” Black explained as she nudged my legs apart and my rider forced my head down to the floor. “It’s such a deliciously inferior, submissive posture. It makes me feel so powerful!” She was not greedy. She called all who were not otherwise engaged over and so here I was presented balls-out in a really exposed posture. My rider pulled up on the testicle-tether and I had to watch as the first girl approached me.

I expected another kick, but apparently that wasn’t her bag. What she did was to grab MY bag, getting a good grip on my sac behind my tender organs so that her small hands could deal with my large balls. She wanted to make sure they did not get away! She pulled up with all her might, twisting them around and clamping down tight. I was sure she had ripped them right off and cried out in agony. She held them and squeezed them until SHE was satisfied, ignoring the fact that I was barely conscious. When she finally let go my balls flopped back down between my legs, sending pain shooting through my body and leaving them hanging about three inches lower than before!

The next girl was a real sweetie; young, shy, beautiful – and scared to really hurt me. She gently punched my danglers making them swing about like a loose, floppy punching bag while she giggled like a schoolgirl. I was so grateful to be able to recover from the pain that watching her swing my balls like that got me hard as a rock again. When she gently caressed my pulsing shaft I was about ready to explode, but she stopped, leaving me with my balls all tightened up in my scrotum. Too bad, as a bare foot smashed right into them! I reflexively tried to curl up but they grabbed me and spread my legs out again as my head spun around. The pain! I was gasping and gulping air as if that would make the pain go away. Some hope! My balls were roughly jerked up again as a closed fist whacked them dead on target, flattening them against my butt. The room seemed to be tilting as my hair was roughly grabbed and my head jerked up. I stared into Black’s masked face.

“I would not advise passing out on us,” she recommended as I felt sharp cold steel against the neck of my jewel bag. I gulped and she smiled at me. “That’s right my stud, disappoint us and you will be gelded like an uncooperative stallion. Once your testicles are removed and the testosterone stops flowing I think you will be much calmer, and you won’t be bothering our little parties anymore either. These little bitches get your juices flowing, eh?” she said as she squeezed pre-cum from the end of my dick. I groaned and shuddered as a wave of pleasure swept over me; a little mini-orgasm as I thought of how a quick cut with the knife would leave my balls on the floor. I almost welcomed the idea as an end the pain and somehow the vulnerability to these females turned me on.

Black roughly pushed my head to the floor and my testes were pulled up ready for more punishment. I was completely helpless, my balls presented for the pleasure of these young naked females. A beautifully manicured and delicate foot rammed into my priced possessions, returning me once more into the realm of pain. With only a moment to recover another girl stepped forward and crushed them flat. I was barely able to breathe as yet another girl giggled and laughed at me as she took her turn, trying hard to outdo the others. I was ready to drag myself under a rock and never emerge. One more devastating kick and I broke down, yelling out with pain as tears swelled from my eyes. Black grabbed me by the hair and laughed in my face.

“I love to see into a man’s eyes as he submits his very essence to our pleasure.” As I was kicked again and my face contorted in agony Black’s body shuddered in pleasure. She fell back, groaning herself as she plunged her hands between her legs and clamped her thighs together. Through my fog I realized that she had orgasmed right in front of me. I’ve never satisfied a woman like that before, I thought as I finally collapsed on the floor myself.

My balls were so beat up that the girls had to give me a rest, though it disappointed them. They turned their attention to the cop, teasing him, unbuttoning his shirt. Suddenly the room went very quite, and I struggled to look as a gorgeous, totally loveable and totally fuckable girl pressed down with her bare foot on my balls, pinning me in place. I could feel her toes wrapping themselves around each testicle in turn, rolling it over and making me groan, then applying pressure to send a blip of pain into my system. My penis was throbbing with a great erection!

Despite these distractions I was able to see what had happened. The cop was wired! I always thought that was for undercover cops, not uniform, but what do I know? What was certain was that everything in the room was being recorded somewhere close by. The cop gulped, only too aware of the sharp knife still held under his scrotum, his large, vulnerable balls hanging dangerously over the edge! The knife-holder narrowed her eyes and she tensed, waiting for a signal from Black that would send him into the land of the eunuchs! The scene held, punctuated only by my cries when the girl stepping on my balls applied her weight. Black glowered at me, all amusement and pleasure gone. I remembered her threat to castrate me too, and got very afraid.

Black started smiling. A cold, wicked smile that sent chills through me. Strangely my erection seemed to get even bigger. Did I have a submissive streak? My ball-stepper apparently noticed the turgid state of my male member also, and apparently it made her horny as hell. Despite the entertainment available in the room she dragged me to the next room and threw my down on a mat. I started to get up but she quickly flicked her foot into my aching balls, knocking me back down again. She waited for my eyes to open and kicked me again! Although the pain was terrible, I was also consumed with lust. Every time she hurt me I wanted her more; every time she smacked my balls with her dainty feet my cock seemed to grow another two inches.

She jumped on me, sliding my great big cock expertly into her hot juicy pussy. I groaned with pleasure and she chastised me – warned me not to come too soon. She punctuated her speech with a hard punch to my balls, trapped under her firm ass. As I gasped and writhed with pain she rode me like a rodeo horse, bucking all around and un-self-consciously yelling in passion at the top of her lungs! I was being tortured and abused – heck she was practically raping me, and every time I seemed to enjoy it too much she would lean back and punch hard right up between my legs, hitting my swollen balls dead on again!

I was vaguely aware that out in the main room the cop was being punished. I guess cutting off his nuts was no fun, or at least a pleasure quickly over. Instead they were practicing their most deadly groin kicks, smacking him so hard in his balls that he yelled out in pain. They were having a hard time holding him up as he kept doubling over on them. I saw Black holding the mike right in the cop’s face, making sure whoever was listening made sure they knew exactly what was happening. Then I was punched in my balls for not paying attention, and punched again and again as my rider shuddered through orgasm after orgasm. She was really having fun, I thought. I could not come, so achy were my balls. So I watched her shudder until finally she fell forward on me. I could feel her hard nipples poking me and the juices from her pussy hot in my groin, but still I couldn’t come, though my dick throbbed.

I was then witness to the most awful thing I have ever seen. These beautiful young naked girls set about destroying the manhood of this poor cop, not by using the sharp castrating knife, but by using their nails! Each girl would grab hold to the cop’s scrotum behind his red, swollen testicles and would then do their best to stab their nails into him and sever the sac containing his nuts! They would grab, squeeze, pull, punch, twist – anything they could think of.

One girl clamped tight on his balls and started swinging – her whole weight hanging on his balls! His screams were ignored as they struggled to hold him in place. Some girls started filing their nails to sharpen them up. I was getting nauseous just watching. Surely the cop’s backup would come bursting in any moment? The females seemed to be lost in their bloodlust. And flow the blood did – I could no longer watch, and was afraid to help out in any way, fearing the same treatment. The cop let out a final scream and I looked up to see his shredded scrotum, dripping blood as his testicles swung free on their cords. I was going to be sick. Finally the gelding job was completed with the sharp knife and they dropped him to the floor. I saw a light flashing outside. Was the cavalry too late? Black turned to stare right through me and I shuddered. Then she smiled and I was truly scared.

Next she was in the room with me. She had a mask on – black and shiny and with holes for eyes and mouth. I felt like a convenience store about to be robbed. I was about to be robbed, actually, but first she was all sympathy for my red nuts and swollen dick.

“We’ll really have to do something about that,” she purred and started sucking me. The horrors of the night faded as she rolled my dick around her mouth and tongue, sucking and slurping. I don’t know about you, but I never seem to get a blowjob, even a mediocre one. This one wasn’t mediocre, so despite all that had happened I really started to get into it. Black started to use her nails to scratch at my balls. Finally I came in an explosion, splattering come onto Black’s shiny face and suit as she popped me out of her mouth. As I flopped back she brought me back to reality with her right hand in front of my face.

“Fun’s over.” She stated flatly as steel razors popped out of her nails. “How do ya’ like this little nail d├ęcor, eh?” I tried to get up as she grabbed a handful of testicles. “Say bye-bye to these babies!” she gloated, her eyes like glowing coals. She dug her nails in and I knew she was for real! She gave a quick rotation of her arm, razors slashing, neatly severing my balls from my body! I heard them hit the mat with a plop! I was in shock! I couldn’t believe she had really castrated me, after such a great blowjob! The banging on the door started then. The cavalry arriving too late, I thought. Black pulled off her mask…


The banging got louder!

“MOM!! It can’t be”


I was panting, wet, and in my own bedroom. Mom called through the door. “Get up already! You’ll be late!” I pulled up the covers. I was intact! I was whole! I was still a man! A rather sticky man, true, but nothing a shower wouldn’t fix. So I shook my head in disbelief and tumbled out of bed. Man, some days just start rougher than others!

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