Sunday, August 12, 2007

Girls Can Play Too!

By unknown

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Tracy and her two friends, Sara and Liza were out playing soccer in the backyard. All of the girls were 15. Tracy was a stunning, long-haired blonde, with blue eyes and had an athletic 5'8” figure from playing competitive soccer. Sara was a mere 5'3” but had long auburn hair, small green eyes and a nice figure. But what drew most guys’ attention was her 36C breasts and well-rounded butt. Liza on the other hand, was a slender, tanned, brunette with hazel eyes and loved to play competitive soccer with her friends Sara and Tracy. All three girls loved the game of soccer! They were kicking the ball around in the backyard in tight, short, blue shorts and tees. Everything was fine, until Tracy's older brother showed up, Anthony.

Anthony, aka Tony, was a tall, well built high school senior that had brown eyes and hair and muscles that would make Arnold Schwartzenegger quiver! He lifted a lot of weights and worked out at the gym. He was probably the most popular senior among girls at his high school because of his impressive physique. Anyways, Tony swaggered into the backyard, "Hey ladies, what's up?"

"We're playing soccer, duh!" said Sara harshly.

"Ha! soccer's for wimps, try playing football, that's a man's game, soccer is for girls. Besides, you girls suck at soccer! I could take all of you on at the same time and still beat your asses!" laughed Tony.

"Oh shut-up Tony," snapped Tracy. "You think you're so tough huh? Well how about a little wagering, us three versus you. Winner gets $20!"

Tony laughed at this and rubbed his chin. "You got yourself a deal!"

"This is gonna be fun." Sara whispered to Tracy

"I know. We'll show him what girls can do." Tracy replied.

The girls took their side of the small backyard, which was only about three-quarters the size of an actual soccer field. The goals were set up using cones and each team took their position. Liza played goalie, while Sara played half back and Tracy was a forward. Tony... well he was everything, except he couldn't use his hands at all!

"Ok, here are the rules," said Tony. "There are none! Except the basic ones. Oh yeah and you can get as physical as you like, unless you girls are afraid to get down and dirty?"

"Hmmm ok, that's fine with me," Tracy said and nodded at the other girls for approval. They had no idea what Tony meant by PHYSICAL!

Anyways, the game started when Tony kicked the ball to himself and tried to get it around his sister Tracy. He couldn't help but admire her long sexy smooth legs that ran down her tight blue shorts. And how her breasts seemed to jiggle in her loose red T-shirt. All the girls were wearing short shorts and tight tees and playing barefoot, since the grass was slippery. While Tony was fantasizing about his sister, she stole the ball from him and dribbled it down the field. Tony, surprised, ran after her and stuck his leg out and tripped her!

"Hey!" cried Tracy as she struggled to get up. "You cheated!" Tony ran off with the ball.

"What's the matter, girlie? Am I gettin' too physical with ya?"

Tracy fumed at this remark, She knew her brother was a macho male chauvinist pig, but he had really teed her off now. Tony continued to dribble down the field towards Sara who managed to kick the ball away from him. She was about to retrieve the ball when she felt someone push her down into the grass. It was Tony, no surprise. He ran after the ball and began moving towards the goal. Sara had bruised her knee as she had hit the ground hard and cursed under her breath. Just as Tony was within 10 feet of the goal, he stuck out his arm like a running back in a football game and drove towards Liza with his palm open and hit her in the head, knocking her down. Tony now had an open goal and kicked the ball in!

"Goooooooooooooaaaaaaal" cried Tony cheerfully. "Aww what's the matter? Cat got yer tongue?" Tony snickered. Tracy had run over to help Liza up who was still lying on the ground in a daze from Tony's hit. Sara limped over to them as Tony did his victory dance around the field.

"Are you ok?" inquired Tracy

"Yeah I'm fine, that dirty bastard!" snapped Liza now sitting on the ground with Tracy and Sara. "That jerk, your brother plays dirty, I think I’m going home now before I really get hurt!" stated Sara who massaged her throbbing knee. Just then, a thought popped into Tracy's head.

"Wait I have an idea! I say we give him a taste of his own medicine! If he wants to get physical, well than we'll get physical!"

"Yeah that's nice, but your brother is ten time bigger than us and stronger!" frowned Sara.

"I know, but listen to me, I watched this movie the other day, where this lady was getting mugged by this guy and she spun around and kicked him in the balls with her heels like 10 times and he passed out! If we can kick Tony in his weak spot, than we can beat him and teach him a lesson!"

The girls all smiled at this idea. "Yeah, let's do it," said Liza as she got off the ground with a sadistic smile. "Looks like we'll have more to kick than just a soccer ball!"

"He's in for it now, if he wants to get physical, than we'll show him how physical girls can get!" snapped Liza.

"Are you girls ready to forfeit or what?" hollered Tony across the field

"Wait a sec!" shouted Tracy. The girls huddled up and made a plan for Tony. Tony kicked the grass not paying attention to what the girls had in store for him!

When the game resumed, Tony had gotten control of the ball and was moving down the field smoothly when Tracy and Sara came out of nowhere from both of his sides and tripped him with their legs and stole the ball away.

"Hey you fucking bitches what do you think you're doing?" screamed Tony.

Tracy turned her head back as she pranced off with the ball. "What's the matter Tony, can't handle us getting physical with ya?" she teased.

Tony's face was bright red as he got up off the ground and chased after the two girls. He managed to catch up and position himself in front of the two girls in front of his goal.

"Ok take yer best shot, nothin' gets past me," Tony said cockily.

"Oh yeah, I'll take this one Sara ok," said Tracy. Tracy moved the ball up to the goal slowly but Tony just stood there ready for her shot. She drew her leg back and aimed and then all of a sudden, Tony felt someone grab his hands from behind him, it was Liza.

"Hey you bitch!" yelled Tony with his legs spread. Just as he felt Liza grab his hands, he heard a loud THWAP as the ball came speeding toward his exposed groin and then CRUNCH! as the ball crushed his balls! Liza let go of his hands and let him fall to the ground clutching his crushed balls.

"Oh my God! You fucking bitches! My balls!" The girls all laughed and pointed fingers at him. Sara quickly moved up and kicked the soccer ball into the goal, "Tie game buster! Goooooooooaaaal for the girls" she teased Tony who had curled up into a ball on the ground still holding his busted balls.

"Aww what's the matter Tony? Can’t handle us wimpy girls, huh?" teased Tracy with her hands on her hips.

"Give up loser?" teased Liza.

"All right you were lucky, next time I'm gonna fuck you girls up!" shouted Tony.

"Ooooo big man is gonna hurt us!" mocked Tracy.

Tony got up off the ground, "Next goal wins you sorry little bitches will wish you were never born when I’m through with you." The girls all laughed and went back to their positions. They began playing again when Tony began dribbling the ball slowly down the field, trying to avoid getting hit in his already sore balls when all of a sudden, Sara came out of nowhere and stepped on his foot with her foot. The ball stood right in front of Tony who couldn't move because Sara grounded her foot down onto his. Then Liza came out of nowhere and cried "I got the ball!" and she raced up to where the ball lie in front of Tony and drew her leg back and let it fly into Tony's unprotected crotch! OOOMPH was the sound as Tony fell to the ground.

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