Sunday, August 12, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

by unknown

Julie was late coming home last night; she finally arrived breathless and excited. She dragged me upstairs and fucked the life out of me before relaying the story below.

Julie, Linda and another young girl, Jill were all working together. The evening was very quiet and whilst talking, Jill admitted that the guy she was seeing, one of the hospital porters, liked rough sex and slapping her around. Linda suggested teaching him a lesson and having some fun into the bargain and she outlined her ideas to which the other two girls agreed.

Jill went to fetch Dave, her boyfriend, who as usual was sat on his ass drinking coffee. She told him that a threesome was on offer with her, Linda and Julie and he jumped at the chance. He told her that he had fancied Julie for a long time and would love to fuck her. "Well, now's your chance, big boy", she told him.

They all retired to one of the private rooms at the quiet end of one of the corridors, the girls stopping off at their lockers to pick up their high-heeled shoes they wore going to and from work.

Linda locked the door behind them and Jill told Dave to get his clothes off, which he did in double time. Linda and Julie meanwhile had taken off their uniforms, leaving only their underwear, Linda wearing a black thong and bra, Julie in her usual white bra and panties. Both girls put their platform sandals on and Julie told Dave to kneel down on the floor. She then removed her panties and sat down in front of him, her back against the wall, legs spread. Reaching underneath, she pulled her shaved cuntlips apart and down slightly so that Dave could see right up her fuck hole.

"Like what you see, Dave," she said, "I bet you'd like to push your big, hard cock in my lovely little hole, wouldn't you, mmm?" Dave was now down on all fours, looking up into my wife's hole. Jill had taken off her uniform but left her hold-ups and stiletto heels on.

"Why don't you put your tongue in her hole, Dave?" she told him. "It's what you've been wanting to do isn't it?" Dave moved his head down; tongue extended towards my wife's cunt hole but before reaching his target his ecstasy was cut short by an acute pain in his groin. Jill had kicked his dangling balls.

"You miserable rat," she spat, "You were prepared to put your tongue in another woman's cunt while you were supposed to be going out with me!" Dave was still on his knees, clutching his abdomen. Linda reached forwards, grabbing his hair and forcing it down, mashing it into Julie's cunt which was stilled pulled wide apart.

"Not so superior now, are you?" she rasped, "Still want to stick your tongue in Julie's cunt?" Dave moaned that he was sorry but Jill told him that he might as well go ahead and do it now that he had got this far. Having recovered slightly, Dave bent his head down towards Julie's cunt again; only to have his testicles kicked again, this time by Linda. He tried to roll over onto his side but Jill stopped him, telling him to stay put.

She moved around behind him. Linda squatted down beside her. The two girls glanced at each other and each took a testicle in their right hand. Both girls then started to squeeze that testicle until Dave let out a groan. Julie knelt down in front of him.

"How is the pain, Dave?" She inquired, "Is it too bad?"

"No, but it damn well hurts" he gasped.

"Well, you been a naughty boy," she said, "Looking up my hole like that. You know what happens to naughty boys, don't you? Yes, they have their balls squeezed". She said this before Dave could answer. As she said this, Linda and Jill increased the pressure on his aching testicles and he let out a squeal. He started breathing in shallow breaths and sweat beaded his forehead.

"Oh dear", said Julie, "Are your tiny little balls hurting?" Dave moaned again. Linda started to push the end of one finger into the tightly squeezed ball she was holding and Jill, watching her, did the same. The pain must have been awful for him. After a minute or so, both girls released their grip on his pain-racked balls and Dave slumped over on his side.

Julie and Linda got hold of his arms and pulled him up, sitting him on the end of the bed. Jill got up on the bed and held his arms up while the other two girls took turns to kick his aching balls with their sandals, trying to hit both of them across the middle to cause as much pain as possible. Julie changed positions with Jill so that she could have a go.

"Seeing as you've got pointed toed shoes, don't try to hit both balls, Jill", said Linda, "Kick one at a time, if you get it right, the pain will be immense." Jill did as she was instructed. Her first kick was a little off target but her second squashed Dave's right testicle completely, which she quickly followed by a hit to his left testicle, also squashing it. Dave was letting out high-pitched mewing sounds by now and the girls realized that their fun was just about over. The final blow was given by Julie. She stood in front of him and told the other girls to stand him up too. Taking hold of his shoulders for extra leverage, she drove her knee up to squash his swollen balls one last time. The girls let him slump to the floor, got dressed and went back to work.

Dave didn't appear for several days after this incident and when he eventually did, stayed well clear of the girls who giggled whenever they saw him. Jill now has a different boyfriend and Julie says that she is trying to persuade him to indulge in a bit of rough sex. Time will tell.

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