Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gym Class Volleyball

By blbstee

Coming from a medium sized high school, we had fairly nice gymnasiums, which were split to segregate the girls from the boys during most gym classes. There were normally different activities between the classes during gym with gender-based activities separated by a floor to ceiling wall that could be fully opened to share the gym on occasion. Boy-type gym activities and girl-type gym activities. Volleyball was deemed one of those sports where it was “okay” for the boys and girls to join in together in intramural type gym class events even though the teams had to be quite large – more than regulation to get everyone to play. The purpose being to, on those occasions, teach us how to “get along together” and be respectful, learn boundaries, etc. This story is a true reported event, but with some of it “detail enhanced” having to be incorporated from the general story.

It got to be a tradition, in a way, for one or two of the boys to get racked pretty good during the mixed volleyball get together events of which there were five classes a day normally due to the several hundred kids in the high school. Usually very innocent seeming and accidental and the perpetrators “oh so sorry” with many of the other girls giggling and the guys which weren’t wincing, knowing the pain from it, laughing and enjoying the pain of the boy who had been racked in the balls instead of them. Of course, the other side of it was many of the guys’ hands were copping feels of some of the better looking girls, or any girls for that matter, rather frequently, so some of them deserved it, although interestingly it wasn’t usually the guys that deserved getting their balls broken that got racked. The instructors took it in stride and made their main goal to make sure things didn’t get out of hand but it was sometimes difficult to watch with six to eight games going on simultaneously.

The classes included the full range of high school students from freshman though seniors and the various maturities and politics of older/younger kids in a class with typically significant difference in certain levels of physical maturity, although all were past puberty with maturing to fully matured bodies.

Melanie was a particularly attractive girl, a senior that, had score been kept, would have been recognized as one of the leaders in the “accidental” racking of boys. This particular day was a Friday afternoon, the last gym class of the day and one of the larger ones. The volleyball game had been pretty exciting, closely scored and was being played to win by both sides. Melanie played hard, but as usual was as much interested in keeping an eye on the boys “baskets” as she called them as she was on the rest of the game. A sophomore boy, Tim, was playing hard and playing to win and she had been watching him closely as he charged the net aggressively, jumped high and blocked and spiked pretty hard. Melanie knew she would help her team and give herself her own special thrills if she could work it out and grinned a bit evilly to herself as she thought she might add another “notch” to her belt. Her friends on the same team recognized her movements, “the signs” that many might miss that didn’t know her well. Slightly suggestive, her breasts thrust out, her top unbuttoned one more button than it should have been, exposing more flesh than a guy could resist watching, nipples tensing a bit and more action with her legs, as though preparing them for quick action.

As she faced off against Tim as the volleyball rotation continued, she used her great smile and attractive body to stir him a bit. She wanted him working very hard. She used the old trick of feminine flattery to charge him up. “Wow Tim, you’re very good! And for a sophomore. You play a lot more like a senior. You’re good!”

Tim smiled shyly, but it was all the boost he needed to really play hard and that is what Melanie wanted. The other girls on both sides smiled. Even the opposing team girls knew what might happen and wanted it even if it did make them lose a match through loss of a good player on their team. It was worth it!

Both teams were only a few points away from winning. After the team with the ball served the current play point, there were several back and forths of the ball and then it was hit high for Tim to spike and Melanie KNEW this was it, as did many of the females on the two teams. Tim faced the net and with a grin of victory and the intent of a viciously hard spike, leapt high, legs spread as he left the ground, thrilling still from Melanie’s words combined with this opportunity for a great point.

Melanie smiled in pleasure and in the split second of good timing, watching Tim reach the apex of his leap and spike, she timed her own rise to the net a second later as though she was going for the ball, but instead she was going for the balls. Among the girls she was known as a “no mercy” ball breaker, ball buster and she liked doing it. She could see the nice outline of Tim’s cock in the too tight gym shorts and knew he also had a nice set of balls as well from the bulge in his gym shorts. As she leapt up, she drove her knee hard up under the net making it look like a natural part of her defense and timed it perfectly with Tim coming down from his tremendous leap on his side of the net on her hard driving knee, his legs still spread. Melanie felt the delicious, shocking pleasure as her own rapidly ascending shapely knee made deep, hard, vicious contact with Tim’s rapidly descending body and unprotected ballsack and cock. As her intentionally hard momentum carried her up and Tim’s fall brought him down onto her knee, she reveled in that wonderful moment of her knee striking his nuts held together and tight and impossible to miss by his jockstrap, smashing them brutally as she had intended. For an instant in time, her eyes locked with Tim’s as her knee punished his balls without mercy as her pretty knee sharply contacted his nuts. His eyes reflected the shock of hard, incredible pain, his mouth an “O” of torture and surprise, her eyes were of nearly orgasmic ecstasy as his eyes looked into them. Her knee jolted into his tender nuts and his cry of anguish all told her she had hit him in the nuts PERFECTLY.

“Nnnnnnggggguuunnnnngghhh!” he cried out as he crashed down on all fours and then rolled into an agonized ball of hard merciless nut busted boy pain, the sickening nausea washing over him instantly and overwhelmingly. A couple of the bleeding heart girls looked genuinely distressed over this, but most of the girls’ eyes shone as they watched him choke in agony beneath them as they surrounded him as he groaned and rocked his body back and forth in special boy agony, coughing and dry retching.

“Nnnggghheuunnhhhh, oh my BALLS!” his agonized voice moaned out over and over, barely intelligible from his tortured pain.

Jennifer, one of Melanie’s friends, whispered into her ear. “Wow Melanie! Beautiful knee to the nuts! REALLY GREAT! It could make me cum to see it again.” she teased Melanie. Several of the other girls winked, nodded and gave little bumps of their knees or kicks of their attractive legs as their signal to Melanie that she had done very well.

Another friend came behind Melanie and whispered, “Oh Mel, that was so FUCKING HOT. You looked BEAUTIFUL driving your knee home – I think I’m going to CUM!” She laughed, giving Mel a squeeze to her waist. A few of the boys grinned and others winced as they watched Tim struggle in groaning boy pain beneath them, and then both the woman and male coaches arrived and asked what had happened.

“We both went for the ball, but he fell on my knee as we came down!” Melanie exclaimed innocently, her pussy wet, watching the boy sob out from the GREAT NUTTER she had given him, her nipples tense beneath her gym blouse.

“She really got him,” one of the male coaches said.

“I’m sorry, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to do it,” Melanie exclaimed as her pussy tingled, as it did for several of the watching girls. The two sympathetic male coaches acknowledged it was all right to Melanie (although one was suspicious), a girl they admired for her body as well. All the boys did and they had many visions of feeling her up, touching her, fucking her but knew she liked to tease far more than let any boy in her pants. The boys looking at her realized there was some real excitement for her from her erect nipples now showing prominently beneath her blouse and her chest heaving some in breathless excitement.

The coaches held and then helped the groaning Tim up, still bent over and choking a bit, his face white from the pain, eyes squinted shut. They eventually took him towards the locker room, all the while groaning hard and bent over, making some of the girls’ pussies no doubt wet with pleasure and surprisingly giving a few of the boys erections which they tried to hide.

The woman coach, a vibrant, attractive slender woman in her late twenties, felt she really knew the score but said nothing. Her cunt was a bit heated now as well, breasts full with excitement. She had seen the poor boy’s bulge herself and knew he must be in true agony, but it stimulated her, excited her but she knew she must maintain a professional image of coaching disinterest. After all, this was a sport and “accidents” do happen. She had seen it all and knew that it looked more planned than innocent but the perfect execution of it, if planned, made her very hot as well but she couldn’t let that be displayed. It was one of the pleasures of male/female sporting events. She briskly brought the teams together to finish their game while the male coaches helped the stumbling groaning boy to the sidelines by the locker room entry. The rest of the games for that class finished uneventfully which lasted only a few minutes longer.

In the locker room for the girls though, it was near pandemonium afterwards as many of them cheered Melanie. And Lori, another close friend of hers whispered, “I almost came. Nice bust!” and they laughed with pleasure. Several of the girls gave Melanie high fives.

“I wish you could have nailed the fucker again Melanie,” said a dark haired attractive girl. “I love to see a boy GET IT more than once! The MORE the BETTER!” she laughed in gleeful pleasure and Melanie smiled her thanks to her.

Lauren, another friend, said to all, “Wow, I want to DO one of them in the EGGS next time. That is SOOOO HOT. IT was SO HOT to watch your knee jam his NUTS Melanie. Did it feel as good to you as it felt to me?” and from Melanie’s responding look she knew it did.

“Show us how you did it!” the girls demanded and, with relish, Melanie repeated without the benefit of the boy (unfortunately), the hard leaping, knee driving NUTTER, she had given the nearly helpless and descending boy. Each of the girls imagined the pleasure of their own knee doing the same as they watched Mel’s shapely knee at its apex, her thigh beautiful and toned, and if there is such a thing, perfectly positioned to nut a boy or man HARD and GOOD.

The female coach, Erin, watched, speculatively while the girls in various states of undress laughed and prepared to close out their day, their breasts firm and in various sizes and states of excitement as they talked bouncing, aching from excitement that they couldn’t even fully admit now. A few of them letting their hands furtively press against their excited pussies, a bit too shy yet to acknowledge their excitement.

The nice thing about gym as the last class was the extra long showers with no class to rush to later and several of the girls enjoyed it, luxuriously taking a longer time in the steaming hot water enjoying their company and their bodies, not really having orgasmed, still coming off a sexual high from what they had witnessed.

One of them, a younger girl, Cheryl, and in many of Tim’s classes, lay down on the floor of the shower wiggling and groaning and shaking in mockery of Tim’s agony as the other girls, especially Melanie, Jennifer and Lori laughed and pretended to kick again.

Cheryl lay on her side on the floor, her pretty blond head a well acted distorted expression of agony as she cried out, “Oh my balllllsssss, oh my precious boy ballllllllssssss. Oh Mel, you have scrambled my precious eggggggsssssss, choke, choke, gasp, choke, unnggghnnnhhhh!” The girls laughed and laughed and they caught Erin, the gym instructor, laughing as well before she could hide her grin behind a more serious expression.

But she said nothing and they resumed their making fun and reliving the event while Erin, the coach, listened, relived the scene in her own mind and wished she had been playing and done that to a young boy, or even one of the coaches she thought with a frown. Thoughts she felt she shouldn’t have, but they gave her too much pleasure not to dwell on them for a while. Some of the boys were her size, masculine, but immature. The thoughts flashed through her mind of how she could position herself as an instructor, teaching innocently and rack one of the adolescents herself behind the guise of instruction. She smiled; it WOULD be instruction for them! And then there were the coaches. There was one who was a real asshole in her opinion. It might be wrong, but it was a lovely way to get off, and she smiled again and enjoyed watching the girls’ pleasure in the shower over that single nutting. She wondered how excited they would be if they have a boy or a few boys at their mercy for some real experimenting. She smiled with a wicked pleasure that she couldn’t deny.

Erin had known that the ballbusting the boys got, just as the groping they did, was rarely accidental and while she couldn’t acknowledge it, she was secretly pleased with the outcomes of a boy or young man crying or groaning in ballbusted agony at her feet or those of another woman, or anyone for that matter. A hard kick. A knee slamming it home or even a squeeze was good. Slapping a guy’s nuts for a while was fun too and could work the pain up a notch at a time, but it was hard to beat a savagely inflicted nutter through a vicious kick or knee or in some circumstances gripping their nuts and squeezing over and over, as they cried in helpless torment. It made her pussy wet and her nipples taut and her stomach have that special flutter of excitement. She had cum watching movie scenes, always too short, of a woman getting a man’s nuts. Listening to the girls in the gym had re-ignited that excitement. She would be encouraging a few more volleyball and mixed intramural activities she knew as a result of what she now knew the girls enjoyed immensely. She thought briefly about the joy of some intramural wrestling as well with another smile.

When the male coach arrived with two boys in tow, one she recognized as the boy who had been nutted real hard, she wasn’t surprised in some ways. This was the asshole coach. The one that turned a blind eye to the boys groping of the girls in the few mixed events they did – which she planned on expanding with a little more training for her girls in “defensive maneuvers”.

“I want those girls to apologize to these two young men. Evan here also got a hit on purpose. One of your girls hit him with her fist earlier.”

“Apologize for what?” she asked, knowing full well what he had in mind.

“For busting these guys in the balls. They owe an apology and we’re here to get it,” he stated aggressively.

Ann, the other woman coach, a woman that was attractive in the way the exercise keeps a woman toned, and attractive, even without much make-up arrived during this discussion. Like Erin, her legs were spectacular from several gym classes daily where they actively participated and she taught some dance classes at night as well. She didn’t like Bob – the male coach - much either and they had talked about his misogynistic ways before.

“What’s going on?” she asked a bit assertively.

“A couple of Bob’s boys let their testicles get in the way of the girls.


Anonymous said...

Great story! Poor Tim. He had just been complimented by a beautiful girl and he went up for a magnificent spike...and then he came down with his legs spread and landed nuts first on Melanie ascending knee. Ouch, that had to hurt! It was awesome the way Melanie used female flattery to get Tim to do exactly what she wanted so that she could bust his balls. I love the way Tim went down moaning over and over again about his precious balls and the way all the girls mocked and laughed at him in the locker room afterwards.

I would love to see a follow-up short where the arrogant chauvinistic male coach Bob gets his nuts busted by Erin or one of the other female coaches.

Anonymous said...

Love the way all the girls were so happy and got so aroused seeing a big cocky guy like Tim get his nuts busted! Really big turn-on! Girls know how lucky they are not to have balls dangling between their legs and that there is no way what happened to Tim can ever happen to them!