Friday, August 10, 2007

HAH! You wish!

By nutcracker sweet

I sit you down on the edge of my big, brass bed and then I drop to my knees between your legs and smile up at you as I slowly swallow the head of your dick, my nimble fingers massaging your tight nut sac!

As my tongue plays around the head of your dick, probing the pee-hole, I gulp down the pre-cum that is oozing out of your cock. My hands pull and rub and massage your scrotum so that it loosens up and your cum-filled balls hang low. I place my hands on your thighs, my black-lacquered nails digging into your flesh as I raise myself up to lick your cheek and breathe into your ear, "Ask me to kick your balls."

"What? Are you crazy? Just keep sucking my cock!" you snarl.

I push you down onto your back. "Just lay back and relax," I coo and return to my knees between your legs.

Suddenly two bodies bound onto the bed and pin your arms down as I quickly secure your ankles to the side-rail of the bed with some cuffs that I had stashed under it!

You thrash from side to side but you calm down when I grab your testicles in a death-grip and squeeze them, digging my nails into the meat of your manhood!

"That's a good boy! You don't want me to rip your scrotum off like a paper towel, do ya?"

"God, No!" you writhe in my grip. "Please Moira, let go of my balls! I'm beggin' you!"

"Oh, you'll be begging me the way I want to hear you beg soon enough!" I rise to my feet and walk to the head of the bed, where I proceed to tie your wrists to the headboard with silk sashes.

You look back and forth between the two women that have you arms and your eyes light up in fear when you recognize Fionna as one of your captors.

"Howdy, Needledick," she drawls laconically. "Ready to have your balls worked over by some horny and sadistic women?"

"Yabbabababababa....", you stutter.

"Oh, I don't think you have met our cousin, Simone," Fionna continues, gesturing to the Amazon that is sitting on your other arm and reaching down to heft your ball-sac as she rubs her wet pussy along your arm.

"Hi," you gulp feebly; in awe at this huge Caledonian who is fondling your balls and, in spite of yourself, your cock twitches and leaks out some more pre-cum.

She bares a faint resemblance to my sister and I in the face only but that's where the resemblance ends, for she is tall enough to eat apples off of my head and her emerald eyes burn with an intensity you've never seen before. And where Fionna and I are dark of hair, Simone has a head of long, fiery red locks that tumble about her pale-white muscular shoulders and pendulous breasts. You also notice her red, tightly curled pubic hair as she rubs her glistening crotch along your arm.

"Eeerp!" you chirp in pain and surprise when Simone squeezes your gonads with one strong hand.

"Quit staring at my crotch or I'll crush your nuts right now!" she orders. You wisely avert your eyes and look imploringly to me. Your eyes follow me as I walk around to the foot of my bed. I stand between your legs and brush Simone's hand away to grab your balls myself. I drop to my knees again and kiss your balls, while Simone strokes your cock with slow, long strokes. I gently nibble on the flesh of your scrotum.

"Simone didn't believe us that guys actually want to get their balls busted by women," Fionna starts. "That they in fact find it a turn on to be subjected to the Woman's Ultimate Control!"

"So we brought Simone here to show her," I mumble around a mouthful of testicles. "Now ask her to kick your balls."

"No way! You're fuckin' crazy, Moira!" you growl, but your voice squeaks in fear. "I'd never ask anyone to kick my balls!!!!"

I lean both elbows on the insides of your thighs while I absently cradle your testicles in my hands. "Ask us to kick your balls," I demand more firmly.

"No way!" you raise your voice.

Fionna and Simone exchange knowing glances when I say, "Last chance to ask us to kick your balls." I run my tongue up the underside of your cock and around your dickhead. "Before I make you BEG us to kick your balls!"

"What part of NO don't you understand, you dumb cunt!" you bark out. "No man asks to be kicked in his balls!"

I stop licking your dick. My blue eyes narrow as I stare coldly into your eyes. I shift my grip on your balls and start to squeeze, slowly. "Now you are going to beg me to kick your balls!" I increase the pressure of my grip on your nuts. Your hips buck and your breath is forcefully expelled from your chest.

"No way!" you gasp weakly through clenched teeth.

"That's it, asshole! BEG FOR A KICK IN YOUR WORTHLESS BALLS!" I shout. Fionna grins and licks her lips but Simone flinches and grimaces when I twist and grind your nuts against each other, like I'm wringing out a dishrag!

"AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!" Your blood-curdling shriek of pain cuts through our laughter.

I let go of your nuts and step back. "Here. You try it, Simone." She looks at your bucking, writhing form and the tears of pain running down your cheeks.

"No, no, Moira, I couldn't...” she stammers.

Through your pain you grin wanly at her. "Thank you, bitch."

Simone's eyes flash. "Mercy my ass!" She steps up to grab your balls in her two large hands!

"Nooooooooooo!" you holler. Simone gets one testicle between each thumb and first couple of fingers and digs her fingertips into your balls, squishing them until she can almost feel her fingers with her thumbs through your tortured manhood!

"Whahahahaha..." you cry until Fionna lowers her own hot snatch onto your face to smother your screams of excruciating agony!

Simone releases your balls and Fionna rises up off of your face. You gasp for air but when you feel Simone grasp your mangled man meat again you shriek, "Kick my balls!"

I place a hand on Simone's arm. "Wait... What did you say, Needledick?"

You are panting for breath and choking back tears. "Kick my balls... please."


Simone starts to crush your testicles again but you quickly blurt out, "Please, I'm begging for you to kick my balls!" Your head swings from side to side looking at each of us as we grin cruelly back at you.

"Beg, louder!" By now Simone is getting into the spirit of things and her thumbs start to work their way into your testes. "Tell us what you want us to do!"

You babble on, "Please, I'm begging, kick my balls! Please, Kick 'em!" Simone continues to work her manual magic on your hapless man-pods.

"Not convincing," Fionna shrugs.

Your eyes popping in fear you swallow and then shout, "PLEASE, I"M BEGGING! KICK MY BALLS! PLEASE QUIT CRUSHING MY NUTS AND KICK 'EM! I"M BEGGING!" And then you barely whisper, "Each of you kick my balls...please." And your tears come in earnest as you know that you have been humiliated and brutalized into making the ultimate submission to women, surrendering your manhood.

We laugh as we untie your hands and help you to stand up with your legs still secured to the bed. You, on the other hand, are crying like a baby. Tears, snot and saliva streaming down your face.

Fionna says, "Grab him, girls, I'm first!" She stands in front of you while Simone and I hold your arms to your sides.

You are trembling and gulping air when Fionna asks, "Knee, or kick?"

"Kick, please, Mistress Fionna," you snivel through quivering lips.

Your body tenses when Fionna puts her hands on your shoulders. "Okay!" But it is her knee that pile-drives your balls, smashing them against your pelvis bone!!!! You double up so hard and fast that we let you go down. With your hands grabbing your balls you sink down to sit on the bed, pulling your knees up as best you can.

"One down, two to go!" I snicker.

Simone's hand shoots into your crotch. "Holy shit! Y'all were right!" She grabs your semi-erect penis in her hand and pulls you back to your feet by your dick. "He IS turned on by this!" Simone bends over to lick the head of your dick, sucking it into her mouth.

"Mmmm," a small moan escapes from your lips. Simone and Fionna grab your arms. There is no fight left in you.

I go to the nightstand and squirt some lotion into my hand and then I grab your cock, stroking it with this fistful of cream. My eyebrows arch as I bite my lower lip and look at the insipid look on your face while I stroke your dick "How soon they forget...” I yank you to me by your dick as with my other arm I swing my balled-up fist in a roundhouse uppercut to smash into the bottom of your rapidly swelling testicles.

"YEEEEEESSSSSSS!" I howl as I feel your manly orbs flatten when I grind my knuckles into your nuts!

You instantly curl into the fetal position, gagging and whimpering, unable to even scream from the pain that rockets through your body! Curled up on the edge of the bed with tears streaming down your face you make a pathetic, though desperate, attempt to protect your balls from any further abuse. "Please... no more..."

Simone's green eyes flash in anger. "Get up, you macho piece of shit!" she rages. "You still need a lesson in manners!" She grabs your face by your chin as Fionna and I haul you to your feet, "I'm goin' teach you to call my li'l cousin a CUNT!" she spits in your face. "Get his hands behind him!"

Fionna and I hop up on the bed behind you and hold your wrists together. Simone is just standing in front of you. Breathing heavy, her large breasts pressed against your bare chest as she fondles your cock. Much to your mortification and her chagrin, your penis rises to the occasion.

"Uh oh," Fionna mutters in my ear.

Simone keeps fondling your growing erection and looks over your shoulder. "Grab him around the neck of his nuts, Moira."

I reach under your quaking ass and wrap one small fist around your scrotum at the top of your testicles, stretching them away from your body. Your balls are swollen and purple and hot against my hand.

"Not far enough," Simone grins wickedly, really jacking your dick now. "Fionna give your sister a hand!" She smiles at you, winks and licks her lips.

Fionna wraps one of her ringed hands around your scrotum and now we have your balls stretched painfully away from your body as far as your scrotum can possibly go!

Simone steps back and raises one bare foot up until it just touches your aching balls. She readjusts her stance and raises her foot again. It lightly touches your balls squarely with the top of her foot.

"Bingo!" she laughs. "Say good night, asshole!"

Simone swings her foot back and you scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Simone's foot connects with your trapped testes in a nut-crunching kick!

You shriek!

You pass out, retching!

You stir, your balls aching. You feel nauseous. With one hand you feel your swollen, tender testicles and sigh in relief that they are still there. You smell lilacs and feel the warmth of other bodies against you. You halfway open one eye to see that you are entwined with the ball-busting Macnutty girls and you cringe.

Fionna presses her lips to yours in a cock-hardening French kiss. Simone and I kiss your cheeks and blow into your ears.

"Good morning, lover," Simone pants into your ear as I slide down to lick and nip your nipples.

Fionna is now nibbling on your throat and I have moved down to gently chew on your inner thighs.

"You certainly held up fairly well... considering. Now we wanna see if your manhood is still functional!" Simone pants between kisses.

You blush, feeling your cock grow rock hard. I start to suck on your testicles while Fionna slides down to swallow your whole cock! Simone positions her own womanhood over your gasping mouth.

"Yeah, Needledick, because if you can't function like a man," she starts to lower her slick pussy to your mouth. "You don't deserve to keep the equipment of a man!"

You flinch and gasp in disbelief when you feel the cold steel of a knife blade press against your scrotum. My chortle is the last thing you hear before you are wearing a pair of Simone-thigh earmuffs.

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