Friday, August 10, 2007

How I Got Started

by nicky jones

True Story: How I Got Started

This is the true story of how I came to love hurting men. Not just hurting their hearts - which is fun - but really making them shake with pain. You know - like that pain of a spiky hair clip clipped onto the end of your cock. The springs on the new clips are well strong and they sometimes draw blood... but not as much blood as dragging my nails across your stomach.

Ok, back to the story.

I was in a club in Manchester (in the UK, wankers!) with my three friends Steph, Victoria and Sally. My name, by the way, is Nic. We were minding our own business when this dork comes along and tries to chat us up. "Ok, wanker - fuck off. We're not interested,” I said

"Come on, pet..." A fucking Jordie! I hate Jordies more than I hate Cockneys "you have a drink with me, won't you?"

"Give me your drink." Taking the drink, I spat into it. Then Sally knocked some ash into the glass and the others snorted really loudly and spat two lovely grollies into the glass. I gave it back to him. "Here you are. Drink this if you want to drink with us." To my amazement the soft shite drank it! I shuddered with delight. To anyone unfamiliar with degrading men you cannot imagine the intense pleasure of having them do *whatever* you want.

"Show us your balls,” I said

"What here?" he replied

"Alright, then, in the Ladies - come on" Al of us walked off to the Ladies with wanker in tow. Inside there were the usual few women crying over lost boyfriends and making themselves up

"Hey everyone" I announced "Wanker is going to show us his balls... Go on then!" Wanker unzipped his fly and carefully managed to poke out just his balls but not his cock. "That's not enough. I want to see it all!" screamed Sally with laughter.

The whole of the toilets started to chant "Get you keks off" (e.g. get your "pants" off - for the Yanks). Too late. He'd taken too long and this was a toilet full of girls choking for cock! We jumped at him and ripped off his trousers and boxers. He had a pathetic little shriveled cock. God I hate the look of those things when they're soft. I couldn't help myself. I drew back my arm and punched him straight on the bollocks. Bullseye! He doubled straight up.

"Let's leave our mark on him!" I said, turning him over to expose his arse. I spread his cheeks to reveal his brown-eye. "Vic, give us your fag". Victoria passed me her cigarette and I touched it onto his exposed ring. Oooh! He fucking wriggled then. "Someone help me hold him down!" I shouted. There was no lack of support. With the others holding him down, I had both hands free to experiment with the lit fag. "What's most sensitive?" I asked "Here on the cheek" *BURN* "...or here on the ring?" *BURN* His screams indicated the obvious.

"Wait, wait" shouted Steph. "I've always wanted to do this. Let me walk on his back". We held him out as Steph climbed on board with her long heels. "He's not making much noise,” Steph said. And then started to stamp hard and drag her heel sharply down his back.

"You know why he's not screaming, Steph?" said Victoria "I've put this fucking bog brush in this mouth to bite on!" We fell about laughing and couldn't hold onto him any longer. Urgh! A toilet brush from a club? I couldn't think of much worse to put into someone's mouth. Anyway, the rest of the evening passed without incident. We finished up about 2am and then left to go home.

Now you'll never guess who was waiting for us outside? Correct - it was wanker! Before he had time to explain why he was lingering around someone shouted, "Get him" and we chased after him.

Now where this twat fell down is that now we'd all had a chance to think about what we'd do if we were to ever see him again. And now we had... and now we were fuelled by even more drink.

We caught him and ripped him trousers off. This time though we tore the fuckers to shreds using our heels. Vic and Sally each grabbed a leg and I sat on his head. His cock and balls we balanced nicely over the curbside. I could see Steph quivering with anticipation.

"Should I kick him in the balls gently at first... or just stomp the fuck out of them straight away"

"Just fucking hurt the bastard. He's going to get away otherwise," someone shouted. Sally needed no encouragement. She brought her leg up and stamped viciously down on his balls. Wow! Did wanker flex his body? "And again" we were shouting. This time she took off a shoe and holding it in her hand for a better shot, swiped it down with a powerful arm shot. The heel scared him nicely.

"What about his cock? I've had a great idea!" shouted Sally. She swapped places with Steph and got her mascara from her handbag. Then, holding his cock she pushed the mascara brush into the jap's-eye.

"Fucking hell,” I said. "He's getting a hard-on"

"Oooo he must love this then" Sally said and started to draw the brush in and out. I got of his face to look at him... and he wasn't enjoying it! "please..." he whispered

"What? I can't hear you!"

"please... please stop. I won't bother you again... Arghhhhhh"

"No hold up Sall. I think we can make progress here"

"Please... I'm really sorry. You'll never see me again"

"Oh yes we will wanker. But next time you're going to pay for us to get in"

"Ok... anything"

Anything........ nice.

"Ok but you have to let us embarrass you once more tonight first"


We stood him up and stripped him completely. Then, taking a lipstick I wrote, "I am a Wanker, kick me, slap me" on his chest. There were too many tears in his eyes for him to see... which was just as well. We walked with him in front, leading the way passed a taxi rank where the clubbers were waiting to catch a cab home. Fuck me - I've never heard so much laughing and screaming. Of course, some people were upset by this but we kept a slight distance so it looked more like we were following him rather than with him. At the back of the taxi rank was another crowd of girls

"Oi, Wanker, come over here and kneel down so that I can kick you" everyone laughed and wanker looked round to see if we were still behind him. I pointed at the ground in front of the girls indicating he should do as told. The girls couldn't believe it. He knelt down and was immediately greeted with a big slap across his face. Then another.

"What's he done?" one girl asked us

"He's a pervert that's been stalking us,” I said, quickly.

"Right, pervert... let's see what you're made of" said the girl. She hitched up her skirt and kicked him right in the face, knocking him to the floor. Then, she pulled aside her knickers and pissed on his head. It was at this point that I came in my knickers! Fucking hell. I couldn't have known I would love this so much.

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