Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'll Bust Your Balls, you weak males!!!

by Suzy

It never ceases to amaze me. You pathetic guys are challenging me to kick you as if I could not hurt you. Listen, guys- if I kick or squeeze your balls you will regret the day you were born with a penis. What is it with you guys that want me to kick you- do you really enjoy the pain? I know the guys I kicked never asked me to kick them again. I don't know who kicked you perverts before, but my victims feel pain for a long time and often end up sore for days. I put one guy in the hospital for two days and I've been told that at least one of my victims have lost a testicle.

As for those that think they can take me in a fight, no way!!!! You can wear a cup if you want- when I get finished with you your balls will be inflamed with the worst pain you ever felt. Yes, you might get a punch in and hurt my tits like one of you threatened; but if you do, you lose a nut- GUARANTEED!! In any event, I have never lost in a fight to male- and I have never missed my target. In every fight that I have had with guys, the guys end up on the floor crying and rolling around holding their balls as if their lives depended on them holding those pitiful nuts. Mercifully, most pass out from the intense pain.

What's most amazing with my kicks is that I can make guys less aggressive with women permanently. My punishment has truly changed certain males' attitudes towards women. After dealing with me, they aren't about to act so typically male with other women.

The first boy that I changed with my kicks was Jason, my older brother. Jason was 19, I was 16, and I changed him through my teasing and kicks during the course of one summer. Jason came home from school and did not have a girlfriend and he was very horny. I was learning about my sexual power over males as I was teasing a lot of boys and teachers with my short dresses, tight shorts, sexy legs and killer ass.

I always counted the hard-ons I created in a day at school and I never had less than three. And yes, that year I never missed a day of school- it was to easy and fun to tease all these horny guys in their sexual peak. This one guy Tommy was good for one hard-on a day in Math. He obviously had a leg and foot fetish- and I had the sexiest legs and feet in the town. He ended up masturbating every day to his mental pictures of me and my sexy legs and feet; he even admitted this to me. Okay, I had him by the balls in one of my best squeezes ever and he was begging for mercy at the time, but he jerked off lots to me just like you perverts are doing as you read this letter.

Back to Jason. Here I was - a hot 16-year-old cockteaser at home all day alone with her older brother while our parents worked. I had a whole summer of this- my best summer ever. When Jason came home for the summer, I was home alone and knew he would be home any minute. I pretended to be asleep as he walked out and saw me by the pool. He just stood there watching me for at least five minutes. You would too if you walked out to your pool and saw a hot gorgeous sixteen year old wearing nothing but high heels and sunglasses. I could see his hard on clearly through his yellow shorts. Then he ran inside, up to his room and watched me from his window over the pool as he undoubtedly jerked off to my sexy body. He even returned to the pool to "wake" me with a different pair of shorts.

Jason was a nice brother to me. He was never mean to me. But he was rude and nasty with girls. My best friend was Sara. Sara's older sister, Leslie, went out with my brother in high school. Leslie is the one who taught us about kicking guys in the nuts when they get aggressive. She always told me that I should practice on Jason because he mistreated girls. Little did I know that one day I would change forever the way he would behave with women because of my many groin kicks during that one summer.

Sorry guys, but while you're at home on a Thursday night jacking off to my story, I'm getting ready to go dancing, or should I say cockteasing. Between 1:00 am when I get there and 3:00 when I leave, some guy that I choose will be cockteased so badly that he'll probably put his hands in the wrong place at some point and, at that time, I will either kick him in the balls or squeeze his balls so hard that he'll roll around on the ground crying. And this guy won't challenge me ever like those assholes out there that challenged me. Don't be at my club or I will bust your balls boy!!!!

I'll tell you about Jason tomorrow. Hey guys, Happy jerking off!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your such a BITCH suzy....but what you think doesn't happen. I can easily take your teasing, busting and all that shit...after all ur just a weak GIRL, you can't do much really

Ethan Stansmore said...

Jason? Oh god it's Ethan Mars XD "JASON!"

screw this crap said...

Fuck you stupid whore.

Aaron Mills said...

u r crazy and need help

Anonymous said...

Just name the time and place and I will beat you in a fight and if im wrong you can add my nuts to the long list you've busted Miss Suzy

Anonymous said...

I would so put you in your grave. Internet ramble makes you a brave one I see.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind you teasing me