Saturday, August 11, 2007


by Xorcyst

If you ever saw any of the Ilsa "She Wolf" movies, this should provide a pleasing mental image. Did I spell Ilsa correctly?


Mistress Ilsa walked adjusted her black leather bustier as her enormous breasts nearly popped out. She adjusted her firm, smooth bosom and then picked up the riding crop and proceeded into the dungeon.

She first saw a male bound and gagged to a large wooden cross. He was only dressed in black briefs. She said to him "I don't want to know your name because it doesn't matter to me" then she reeled back and slapped him across the face. He moaned but the panties crammed into his mouth muffled the sound. Then she slowly traced the riding crop across his stomach, teasing him with the tip then she raised the crop and brought it down hard on his crotch. The slave jerked in pain but the sting made him hard and erect. Ilsa saw his bulge getting bigger and was angered. "How dare you raise that thing in my presence" and she proceeded to whip his cock with the riding crop again and again. Finally she jabbed his aching tool with her 5-inch black leather heel and then used her shiny boot heel to rip his underwear off revealing his sore penis.

She then whipped his dick with the riding crop over and over again and his penis swung as the crack of the leather raised welts on his manhood. Then Ilsa reached over and grabbed his balls. "How do you like this" she demanded and she squeezed unmercifully on his testicles. The slave's muffled screams made Ilsa laughed as she crushed his balls in her hands then she twisted and pulled.

Then she stood right in front of him and thrust her knee into his testicles. He slumped forward but could not fall because he was still bound. Seeing that he was too weak to fight back, Ilsa undid his cuffs and the slave fell to the ground. She made him lie on his stomach so then Ilsa put her boot on his ass and dug her heel into his cheeks. Then she slid the tip of her boot down the crack of his ass until she got to his genitals which were pressed flat against the floor. Then with an evil grin, she brought her shiny black patent leather boot down onto his dick and squashed it with her sole like a cigarette against the cold cement floor. She kept grinding away at his abused penis and gave an occasional kick to his balls. Ilsa would also lean over and wail the slave on his ass with the riding crop. She could hear the slave crying and whimpering as her shoe crushed his cock and balls and she loved every minute of it. She leaned more and more of her weight on his testicles, his screams became more and more intense and she felt the tender flesh of his scrotum spreading beneath her shoes.

Ilsa reaches down and pulls the slave by his hair; he gets up to avoid having his locks yanked. She forces him down again but this time facing her, she makes him sit flat on the floor. She puts a small pedestal beneath him with a flat metal bar, about 6 inches long and two inches wide, with two wing nuts on either end, close to the edge. She takes his balls and runs them beneath the bar then puts it down so the bar pushes his testicles forward as it clamps down at the base of his scrotum. Ilsa tightens the wing nuts on each side of the bar so his scrotum is compressed and his balls are forced into the sack as far out as possible and laying on the cold metal surface of the pedestal.

Ilsa spat into the slaves face and just laughed as he shook his head to try and shake off the saliva. Then, without saying a word, she put her boot down on his balls and pressed hard. He screamed and howled as she increased the pressure, his testicles were bound by the flat bar and were held in place so Ilsa could squash them with her sole with ease.

She carefully placed the point of her heel on his right testicle and then applied her weight to it, the slave tried to jerk away but she increased the pressure, her heel crushing his ball, flattening it under the small area of her stiletto. The man screamed for mercy, begging her to stop, but she wouldn't, instead she balanced herself perfectly and slammed her heel all the way down, piercing his testicle with her heel, tearing and crushing the flesh as blood mixed with semen gush out all over her heel. A high pitched scream filled the room and Ilsa kept grinding her heel into the mangled testicle, she raised her foot, blood dripping from the heel, and smashed it down on his entire scrotum, she could feel the other testicle crunching beneath the sole of her boot, she now stood with alll her weight on his balls as blood poured from his destroyed manhood and the most agonized, tormented, sounds of absolute atrocious pain reverberated as the slave cried in utter shock.

She jumped up slightly to finish flattening his testicles, grinding away, and stomping her foot down repeatedly until his balls looked like chopped meat on the pedestal. She kneeled and examined that mutilated organs and just laughed, she took out a knife and severed his scrotum from behind the bar and thus completing the castration, he just fell over, she wasn’t' sure if he was dead or just passed out. She loosened the clamp and then collected the bloody, tortured, mess that was his balls into a plastic bag.

Nurses came in and carried the man away in a stretcher, stopping the profuse bleeding from the arteries that were once connected to his testicles. Ilsa walked back down the hall carrying her mutilated prize and laughing.

The End

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