Monday, August 13, 2007

Interviewing Mom

by Caligula

Jeff was in love with his mother Patricia's feet. He was 18; she was 38. They were absolutely gorgeous as far as he was concerned. He often fantasized about licking her size 8 soles and sucking on her big toes. Aside from having a foot fetish for his mom's feet, he also kept a much darker secret. He fantasized about having his mother kick him hard in the balls. It was difficult not to get hard around his mother where his ball-busting and foot fetish was concerned. She almost always walked around the house barefoot and because of that her soles tended to develop a sort of shine to them from buffing up against the floor all day and collecting a thin layer of dust over the bottoms. He knew from sniffing and licking the insides of her dozens of pairs of high heels that her feet also smelled and tasted like pure heaven.

Patricia also encouraged her son's hard-ons whenever they watched a movie together and some guy got kicked in the balls. She would laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world and say something like "I bet he's singing soprano now" or "No babies for him". Jeff was always looking for a way to get his mother to hit his nuts but it didn't work. He attempted getting in her way or standing behind her hoping she would swing her hand and hit him and even tickling her and standing astride her feet with his legs spread, but nothing worked. But he thought he had finally hit upon an idea that would work.

He waited for the weekend, when he knew his mother would be lounging around the house barefoot to ask his question. Pat was in her bedroom sitting up on her bed, dangling her soles over the edge, wiggling her toes seductively. Jeff's penis saluted her feet. His tight fitting jeans managed to control the size of his member to a small extent. Pat looked up ate her son and looked at him quizzically. He had a video camera with him that he proceeded to set up.

"What's the camera for, Jeff?" Now was time to see if his made up story would pass muster.

"Well we got this project at school. I have to interview someone for my gym class and put it on videotape. Afterwards we all share our videos with the rest of the class. Each video has to do with an aspect of self-defense. I figured I'd interview you. Everyone always says you look good for your age and sometimes mistake us for boyfriend/girlfriend, so I thought you'd have had to protect yourself at one time or another from some guy." His mother laughed and flexed her soles; Jeff's erection grew a tiny bit.

"Well I have had to hurt a few guys come to think of it. Alright, I'll be your guinea pig." Jeff set the videotape to rolling and made sure he captured the whole room in the view. (After he got a few close-ups of his mother's soft shiny soles, of course.) He took up a position opposite her feet on the bed, making sure his legs were slightly spread and her feet were somewhat positioned in the V his legs made.

"Whenever you're ready," said Patricia. Jeff took a deep breath, swallowed hard and proceeded to ask his first question.

"Have you ever kicked a man in the balls, Mom?" His mother laughed again.

"You better believe I've kicked some balls in my time! There are a lot of guys out there wearing their balls for earrings because of me." Jeff's penis twitched in his pants.

"I guess we should probably start at the beginning with this. Where did you first learn about the sensitivity of a male's testicles?"

"Hmmm... well, one of my friends when I was about 12 had a sister a few years older than us and she told us both about kicking a man where it counts if you want to stay safe. We didn't really understand why kicking a man there would cause him pain but my friend Grace had a pet dog. Her dog, Max, was a big mutt with even bigger balls. Well, Grace put a muzzle on her dog and we took him down to the basement where we knew we'd be alone. Grace distracted Max from the front as she said it was kind of gross to be touching a dog's balls. So I went around behind the poor dog and took his big nuts in my hand. I kind of rolled them around and Max actually seemed to be enjoying that. So I figured 'fuck this, I'm trying to find out why balls hurt, not trying to make this dog feel good'. I got pissed off and squeezed. I don't even think we needed that muzzle as the dog just yelped and went down to the ground." Pat laughed at the memory.

"Well I kept squeezing because I thought this was the funniest thing. Well one of Max's nuts slipped out of my hand and now all my strength was being used on just one ball. Next thing you know, I feel cartilage go 'SQUICK' and Max's big nut just pops right in my hand." Patricia clenched her fist as if Max's ball was still in there. Jeff sighed wistfully.

"Well anyway, Max is lying there whimpering like he just lost his best friend when we remembered that Grace's older sister said to 'kick' guys in the balls. So we waited for Max to feel a little better and then I called him over like I was trying to be all nice after hurting his baby-makers. Well, that stupid fucking dog comes running over wagging his tail and jumps up on me, standing on his two back legs. Well what's a girl to do? I kicked him square in the balls! I apparently did enough damage that Grace's mother had to take Max to the vet so they could finish the castration job that I started."

"You mean they..."

"...cut his balls off? You bet they did!" laughed Pat. "Grace and I never laughed so hard as we did when we found out that they actually cut the dog's nuts right off! SNIP! SNIP!" Patricia made a 'snipping' motion with two of her fingers, imitating a pair of scissors. Jeff 's erection was almost becoming painful. Patsy again wiggled her soft toes and wrinkled her shiny soles. "So that's how your mom learned about balls." She smiled at her son.

"When was the first time you actually used this technique on a human male?"

"It wasn't too long after the incident with Max, actually. I was so fascinated by balls that I just HAD to try kicking a boy at school! I wondered if a boy's balls would pop as easily as a dog's. There was this guy at school that used to tease the shit out of me at recess, so one day I had him chase me around a corner where no one could see what I was going to do. I didn't even wait for him to stop running towards me. I just lifted my leg and... wait, why don't I show you. After all, you're taping this and this will show HOW I kicked that boy."

Jeff couldn't believe his luck! Was he finally going to get his wish? He hadn't expected his mother to volunteer to bust his balls. He thought he'd have to use the plan he originally had intended to use but he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. Jeff and Patsy stood up facing each other.

"Spread your legs a little bit." Jeff did as he was told. "Well, the guy came at me and I lifted my leg, smashing my foot, RIGHT into his balls like this!" Suddenly Patricia DID lift her leg, her foot flying upwards with blinding speed towards her son's nutsack, and... nothing. Patricia's foot stopped not more than half an inch from the bulge of balls in her son's pants. Jeff let out a small squeak, almost as if he really had been kicked, and rose up onto his tiptoes. Patsy laughed.

"What's the matter? Afraid mom might pop a ball? Well anyway, that's what happened. The boy just kind of stood there for a few seconds with his mouth hanging open. Then he started making funny noises and the little baby started crying and holding himself. He fell down real slow and lay there. I just watched and laughed at him, asking how much it hurt. I got into trouble, but it was worth it!"

Pat went back to sitting on the bed, dangling the foot that had just nearly crushed her son's nuts. Jeff stood there, trying to control the urges he was feeling for his mother's feet. After taking a few deep breaths, he too returned to the bed.

"Well mom, I can see why he was making funny noises!" Jeff tried to laugh it off. "So what do you think is the best way to get a guy where it counts?"

"Hmmm... well there's the obvious ways like kneeing the nuts, or kicking in the balls. You can punch or elbow or..." Pat smiled and bared her teeth, "CHEW!"

Jeff swallowed hard.

"I think I like kicking the best, though. There are so many things you can do to a man's nuts with your feet. Here, look at my foot and I'll explain." Pat placed her foot gently in her son's outstretched hands. Jeff was in heaven. He couldn't believe he was actually holding his mother's foot! He had dreamed about this moment for so long, and it was finally coming true! He struggled to hide his excitement as he fondled his mother's foot.

"Take for example my toes. If I were to kick you dead on in the ballsack with the front of my toes, "said Patricia as she wiggled her red painted toes, "I would very probably sever the cords attaching your balls to your body with my sharp toenails. Or look at the top of my foot, or the ball of my foot." Pat shoved her sole to within inches of Jeff's face so he could closely examine the correct areas. His mother's foot was so close he could smell the sweet odor they gave off.

"I could, if done right, kick you with these areas and burst your nuts. Or there is my bare heel. Feel how hard it is." Jeff caressed her heel, lovingly stroking what could potentially be a dangerous weapon. "If I get one of your nuggets trapped between my bare heel and your pelvic bone, I could quite literally POP your nut! The result for all three scenarios is the same... no babies for sonny-boy!" Pat laughed again and pulled her foot away.

"Speaking of popping nuts, have you ever popped a guy's nuts before?"

"Of course, more times than I can remember! Back in high school most of us girls were pretty sadistic, I guess. We actually formed a secret ball-busting club. Most of us members were cheerleaders, which came in handy since we all had powerful legs for kicking. Well in order to be a member of the club you had to perform an 'explosion', as we called it. You had to make some guy into a eunuch. It was really a good time. Mine was with this dork who had a big crush on me. There was a crush all right! This is how I did it." Patsy got off the bed again and laid down on her back on the floor. She directed Jeff to stand over her.

"Spread your legs again, hon. I got him positioned like this and asked him if he wanted me to do something special to him with my feet. I told him he'd never forget it. He said yes. I took hold of his ankles so he couldn't pull away and did THIS to him!" Pat grabbed her son's ankles and then rammed her bare heel up right underneath his sack, stopping just short of making contact. She then twisted her foot from side to side, as if grinding out a cigarette. Jeff looked down to see her sole and toes waving at him as his mother twisted her foot. It was as if she was saying bye-bye to his balls.

"What did the guy do?"

"He started crying and making faces. His eyes got real big and his tongue was kind of sticking out of his mouth. I guess I only had one ball between my heel and his bone, so I only popped one. I had to reload; I guess you might say to destroy the other one. I pulled my foot back and rerammed it between his legs. POW! I got the second one! I accused him of attacking me and I got into no trouble. It was great!" Pat got up off the floor and faked a knee to her son's crotch. Jeff covered up and backed up slightly.

"What's the matter, Jeff?" She chased him around the room playfully, lifting her knee towards his groin or trying to fake him out with a pretend kick. "I'll REALLY show you what busting balls is about!" His mother kept laughing at Jeff's embarrassment with the situation. But Patsy eventually sat down on the bed again, waiting for whatever her son had to say next. Jeff was so turned on at this point that he could no longer wait to make his final statements and see what happened.

"Well Mom, I guess that should do it."

"Over already? I was just getting started!" laughed mom.

"You know, I've always wondered what it's like to get kicked in the balls," said Jeff, waiting for a response.

"You've NEVER been kicked in the balls at school or something? EVER?" said his Mom incredulously.

"Nope. And I don't think it could possibly hurt as much as they show in the movies."

"I think you'd be surprised. I've kicked ALOT of boys in the balls and they ALWAYS cry and make those funny noises, just like in the movies."

"I still don't know. I wouldn't mind taking a kick, at least once, just to know what to watch out for. I should probably know what I'm talking about for my video if nothing else." Jeff took a deep breath and stumbled into his question.

"Mom, do you think maybe YOU could kick me? It's just that I REALLY want to know what it feels like, and I figure it'd be safest if I got kicked here at home. After all, you have a lot of ball-kicking experience and you'd make sure that if I did get hurt bad you could get me to help quickly. So...would you kick me in the balls, Mom... please?" Jeff's mother laughed. It was a musical sound.

"I never thought I'd hear a guy ASK me to kick him in the balls! Well, I guess so. I'm warning you though, it's gonna hurt real bad."

"That's okay, I'll take my chances."

"Well what do you want? Should I knee your nuts? That will hurt less than kicking."

"No, I think I want the kick."

"Brave man... or should I say STUPID man!" laughed Patsy. "Barefoot or with shoes? I could kick you with my high heels... they're VERY pointy though! How about my candies? That would hurt BAD!"

"I think I'd like it barefoot. I don't want to take TOO many chances." Both mother and son laughed.

"Okay, Jeff, spread your legs a little for me. Yes, like that. I want to make sure I get your balls on the first try...BOTH balls! Maybe you want to close your eyes for this."

"No, I want to watch!" said Jeff excitedly. Patricia only smiled. Mother and son stood facing each other. Son stood with his legs spread... mother stood with her right leg cocked back slightly, like a pistol waiting to go off.

"Here goes!!!" Then it happened, Jeff's lifelong fantasy now a reality. His mother swung her gorgeous bare foot forward with great speed and accuracy, up between her son's legs, up between her son's balls. Patsy's foot made a loud firm sounding 'SMACK', and she could actually see her son's balls compress in his tight pants and sort of try to escape her foot by each ball oozing over the sides of her foot. There was no escape though, and his balls erupted in fire by the ferocity of his mother's kick. Patsy lowered her leg and watched her son's reaction closely. She smiled as at first his mouth hung open in a silent scream. Then his eyes started to water and quiet, soft high-pitched wailing emanated from his open mouth.

He slowly started to slump to the ground and as he fell he started to cry in earnest and whisper, "My balls, my balls... ohhhhh my balls!" Jeff curled up in the fetal position as his mother watched. Patsy looked on, feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and pride at how well she had kicked him. Jeff couldn't believe the pain he was in and thought he would die from the pain. He could hear his mother chuckling to herself and he remembered that she thought this sort of thing was funny. Patsy waited by her son's side for half an hour before the pain had gone down enough that he could crawl over to the bed and drag himself up to a sitting position.

"Was it everything you hoped for, son?" asked Patricia with the biggest shit-eating grin he had ever seen.

"Ohhhh," moaned Jeff softly as he rubbed his swollen nutsack, "I can't believe you kicked me so hard. You're my MOM!"

"Hey, don't forget that you asked to be kicked instead of kneed! Now you can tell ME something. What does it feel like?"

"It's like the worst pain I've ever felt. I wished I didn't even have balls they hurt so bad! The pain was like all over and seemed to be mostly in the pit of my stomach. I could hardly breathe and all I could do was cry. It hurt SOOOO bad!!!" Patsy smiled, content with the answer.

"I didn't pop a ball, did I?" She tried but couldn't conceal her smile. The thought of popping a guys balls... even her son's balls was very amusing to her.

"No, I think I'm gonna be alright."

"You'll be walking funny and talking funny for awhile though!" Again mother and son laughed together.

"Thanks Mom!"

"You're welcome, son!" Suddenly they both heard the backdoor open and heard a pair of high heels come click clacking across the wooden floors. Jeff looked up to see his sister, Jenny standing in the doorway smiling. She was looking down at her brother.

"What the fuck happened here? You look like you just been kicked in the balls!" said his sister with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

"Your brother DID just get kicked in the balls. I was showing him what it was like to be kicked."

"All you had to do was ask ME, stupid,” said Jenny. "I would have GLADLY kicked you in the nutsack! What do you say? Are you up for seconds?" His sister kneed an imaginary man in the balls as they all laughed.

"I've got a great idea! Why don't you also interview your sister! Then let her kick you too! This way you'll be sure that it wasn't just mom that can hurt your balls like that, but all women!” Both women smiled down at Jeff and he smiled back. They both stood now in front of him and dangled their feet in his face, slowly lowering their feet down to his vulnerable crotch. Mom rested the ball of her bare foot on one nut, while his sister placed the toe of her high heel on the other ball.

"What do you say, Jeff? Double nut crunch?" asked his sister.

"Do you realize that if we slip, Jeff, we'll completely pop and crush your balls?" said his mother between fits of laughter. "My son won't be having any babies!"

"Well, Jeff, what do we do?"

Jeff looked up at the two smiling faces above him and smiled back, his face flushed in embarrassment. What would he do?

To be continued???????


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When is part 2 comming?

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talk about leaving a guy hanging ..

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Is there a part 2? If so, where???

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There is, but I can't find it anymore :/