Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jason's Mom and Aunt

by unknown

Jason sat in front of the big screen TV watching Monday Night football while pretending to complete his homework. The evenings his mom spent in aerobics class with her sister gave him ample opportunity to screw off and he enjoyed the freedom. Just as halftime began, his revelry was interrupted when they arrived, loud and boisterous as always. What was it about their aerobics class that gave them so much energy?

"Jason, have you finished your homework yet?” his mom Brenda asked.

"No, Brenda, but I'm almost done." He knew it pissed her off when he used her first name, but, hey, he was a grown man, wasn't he? At that time, Brenda and her sister Belinda entered the spacious den in their workout gear. He couldn't help but check them out. In their late thirties, they were both very fit and attractive. Jason's friends had often made visits to appreciate their form - especially during the summer. They both were brunettes with big brown eyes, but their legs and butts were primo. All that aerobic activity paid off big time.

"Move it upstairs, Jason, Belinda and I need to use the TV."

"Aw, I'm almost done, besides halftime just started and I'm all set up here."

"OK, but don't be a pain in the ass, we're doing our homework, too." With that she winked at Belinda with a knowing smile.

Belinda broke in, "Jason, if I were you I think I'd leave. You might find our work to be a little distracting for you." With that she laughed with Brenda. As Jason went back to his homework routine, Belinda and Brenda began talking among themselves while ignoring his presence.

"Well, how do you like our new aerobic kickboxing instructor, Belinda?"

"Julie's the best and she was nice to lend us her instructional tape."

"Yeah, I can't wait to see how all this stuff we've learned can be put to good use." Sitting on the sofa, they removed their shoes and socks, but kept their leotards on. Then they both began to stretch on the den floor. As their supple bodies stretched and bent in many sensuous angles, Jason couldn't help but sneak some discreet glances at their shapely forms.

"OK, let's get this tape underway", announced Brenda. Belinda popped the tape into the VCR and they both stood in the middle of the deeply carpeted room, relaxed and evenly balanced on both feet. Jason was shocked as the commanding tone of a female self-defense instructor filled the room.

"Remember, Ladies", her sharp voice commanded. "You can have no mercy on your male attacker!" The tape began with a quick list of a male's most vulnerable targets: eyes, nose, throat, knees and groin were all described technically. Effects of well-placed strikes were catalogued in intimate detail. Jason couldn't help but squirm, especially when Belinda rewound the tape during the groin discussion and they both laughed.

"Suddenly, all our kicking practice during aerobics seems to make sense," chuckled Brenda. The tape continued with a series of demonstrations that all seemed to end with a vicious groin shot. Brenda and Belinda walked thru each demonstration and their aggressiveness in executing the techniques further unnerved Jason. He began to wonder if they weren't right - maybe he shouldn't be there.

As if reading his mind, Belinda stopped the tape and glanced in his direction. "Hey, nephew dearest, why don't you take a break and help us with our homework?"

"Gee I'd like to and all, but this geometry is really taking my time."

"Oh, come on, Jason, you've barely moved your pencil since we've been here and, if you help us, we'll let you watch us stretch again when we're done without having to sneak glances." Damn, she knows, he thought.

"Why don't you guys practice on each other?” he intoned.

"But, Jason, we don't have the right equipment!” Brenda laughed. I can't believe my mom said that. He was completely shocked at their tone. Belinda walked over to Jason and pulled on his arms.

"Come on, Big Guy, it's all for a good cause. Now stand here and spread your legs so we can warm up a little." Before he could resist Jason was standing in the middle of the room and his aunt was facing him but staring right at his nuts. He could almost feel her envisioning his package right through his running shorts. Belinda began with very slow motion kicks that targeted his groin. She demonstrated the front kick with her instep and the ball of her foot. Each time, her foot caressed his balls at the end of each kick. He couldn't help but get hard with the light physical contact she was giving him.

"Well, Jason, looks like your enjoying giving us this help!” his mom laughed.

"Come on, Brenda. Your turn to practice with our boy toy." Brenda concentrated on more advanced kicks. Rear kicks delivered with her calloused heel, round kicks with the ball of her foot and her instep and even kicks delivered from a ground fighting position.

Jason was almost shivering with Brenda kicking his balls in such slow motion from the ground. She would end with a playful nudge, which kept him hard during the whole experience. Her last kick was more than playful; she seemed to be trying to lift him off the ground. Fortunately the slow motion allowed his balls to escape rather easily.

"Oops, sorry dear. Didn’t mean to mash the equipment." Brenda and Belinda both laughed.

"OK, now we need you to attack us so we can practice real life scenarios." began Belinda.

"Don't you think that's a little dangerous?"

"Not for us!” Again their laughter unnerved Jason and his hardness melted.

"Oh, deary, did we make the monster go away?” his mom laughed. "Come on Jason. I mean we're barefoot and all; it's not like we can hurt you."

"OK, Jason, instead of just watching us stretch, we'll actually use you to help us stretch when we're done, that should definitely make you feel better about being our practice dummy," Belinda added. "Now attack me from behind, like you're going to choke me and pull me into a dark alley."

Jason cautiously approached his aunt from behind as she pretended to be distracted. As soon as his arm touched her neck, she bent forward and snapped her heel into his groin.

"Oohh," Jason crumpled to the ground holding his aching balls.

"Dammit, Jason, I didn't even get to the fun stuff. Certainly you can take more punishment than that. Don't be such a wimp; get up and let's try that again," Belinda chastised him from above as she twirled her foot above his face. Jason struggled to his feet, trying desperately to assert his manhood. He approached even more cautiously, but this time, Belinda grabbed his arm preventing a quick fall to the floor. Thus captured, she delivered three blasting rear kicks into his nads. Finally, Jason struggled free and collapsed in a pained heap.

His mom laughed at his predicament, "What kind of son have I raised that can't take a couple shots from an older woman? My turn, Belinda, while my son still has something to practice on."

"Let's go Jason, before I have to warm up again." Jason struggled to his feet and approached his mom with fear. As his arm circled her neck and he prepared to pull his arm free, she bent completely down and grabbed his leg from between hers. Sitting down on his leg, he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He was so shocked with this new technique; he almost had the wind knocked out of him. He recognized his predicament too late as his Mom raised her right foot and concentrated her attention on his balls, which were completely exposed, as his legs were splayed. She drove the bottom of her foot directly into his groin and captured his balls under her vicious attack. He could feel them compress against his pelvic area as she continued to keep up the pressure.

"Mom, let me go," he squeaked in desperation.

"Not calling me by my first name now are you?" she laughed. She released him from his torment and, just when he felt safer, she drove her foot back into his balls with a loud "Kiyaw!” Jason curled up on the floor in agony.

"Well, Brenda, I'm kinda disappointed in our little helper here," Belinda said. "It's gonna be hard to keep up an aerobic level when he needs to take so many breaks."

"Perhaps, we can solve that problem, sis. All we need is to desensitize the little bastard."

"How do we do that?"

"Well, the simplest way is to remove the ball problem." Jason couldn't believe the direction this conversation was headed, but he was in no condition to leave or even argue.

"How do we do that, Brenda?"

"Based on this experience, I think the easiest way is to use our well-toned legs that Jason seems to be fascinated with to help alleviate his ‘problem’ - simply stated, let's just see how much abuse these balls can take."

"I'm all up for that, but I don't think he'll cooperate."

"Who's asking him? His future is in our hands, little sis." As their conversation stopped, they focused on Jason. He took that opportunity to jump up and tackle Belinda. As he mounted her and began to regain confidence, he felt her legs wrap around his and begin to force his legs apart.

"OK, I've got him, sis! Start the fireworks!" Struggle as he might, Jason couldn't remove his legs from Belinda's hold. Wham! His body shuddered as his mom's first kick caught him right in the balls and he still couldn't get away! Wham, wham, wham! After five hard shots to the balls, his struggling stopped and Belinda released him from her grasp. Brenda brought out some duct tape and they strapped him into a large wooden chair with his legs firmly taped apart.

"Hey!" Just as he began to protest, Belinda crammed her gym socks into his gaping mouth.

"Let's get this over with, sis, so we can get back to our workout." Brenda and Belinda stepped up on the seat of the chair and each used their toes to capture a nut under their sweaty feet. As they positioned their targets, Jason's eyes went wide in fear.

"Let's bust these cherries, Brenda!" Again, their energy and excitement just added to Jason's fear. As they stepped down, Jason began to lose consciousness. They cheered as each ball flattened under their feet.

"Wow, that was fun, sis, too bad we can't do this everyday!"

"Hey, little nutless here has lots of friends that I'm sure we could get to!" Brenda laughed.

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