Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jay's Bad Bet

by unknown

Jay sat on the phone with his friend Kara. "I don't know how you got yourself into this mess Jay," Kara said to her close friend.

"You know how!" Jay replied.

"Yeah, but I can't believe you are that stupid."

It was pretty stupid when you think about it. It was just last week that Jay and his best friend Ken were standing in Ken’s back yard. They had just gotten down from climbing the tower that was down the trail in the woods behind Ken’s house. It was huge and metal but the two of them climbed it. They felt pretty good about themselves too. That was when Ken’s sister Jackie came outside with her friend Kim.

"What are you boys doing? You look out of breath," Jackie asked.

"We just got done climbing the tower," Jay proudly replied.

"And you’re that out of breath?"

"Yeah, I’d like to see you do it!" Jackie's brother retorted.

"Any day, anytime," Jackie said in mockery.

"I bet you couldn't do it if you tried," Jay said. Ken agreed.

"I bet we can!" said Kim.

"What do you want to bet then?" Jay said, trying to get the girls to back down.

"Anything you want!" Jackie said like the little brat she was.

"Blow jobs!" Jay exclaimed, as it was the first thing to came to his head.

"Yeah" Ken said. "If you can't climb the tower, Kim gives me a blowjob and Jackie, you have to do the same to Jay." Both of the boys were getting erections at thought of getting head for the first time.

"What's in it for us?" chimed in Kim.

"We'll give you oral sex if you climb it," Jay said.

"Ewwww," they both said simultaneously and then Jackie had an idea.

"OK boys, here's the deal and we'll only make it if your really serious and we both swear, REALLY SWEAR, to follow through. Both me and Kim have never kicked a guy in the balls before, so if we can't climb the tower by Friday, we will, you know, do what you said, but if we do, Ken you have to let Kim kick you in the balls and I get to kick Jay."


"That’s the only deal."

The boys were pretty sure they'd never climb it so they agreed. They did their swearing and that was it.

Now it was Friday and they climbed it on Wednesday! Jay had never gotten kicked in the nuts before and he wasn't really looking forward to it.

"What happened with Ken?"

"I told you. They walked up and they told him it was time for the kick. Ken begged them not to but he made the deal. So eventually after a lot of babying, he closed his eyes and Kim kicked him."

"Yeah but then what happened?"

"You act like you've never been kicked there before..."

"I haven't!"

"Oh. Well, he fell to the ground holding himself."

"Did the girls laugh?"

"Of course."

"Did you?"

"I didn't want to but when I saw his face I couldn't help myself."

"Do you think I’ll fall to the ground?"


“Should I try to stay standing?"

"It doesn't matter, you won't."

Just then, the door opened as Jay's little sister let her friends Kim and Jackie in.

"Oh my god, they're here."

"Is your mom home?"

"No, I hope she gets back soon."

Jay could here the girls upstairs. They must have told his sister Jill because he could hear her start to giggle. Then they called, "Oh Jay... we’ve got something for you."

"They're calling me Kara, what should I do?"

"Well you made the bet, idiot."

"But I don't want to get my balls kicked."

"Well, it’s a fact of life Jay. Deal with it. It’s got to happen for the first time sometime and do you really think this will be your last?"

"Well I was hoping it would never happen"

"Well it will. You just have to wonder every time you make a girl angry if she's gonna be the next to put you on the ground. I’ll tell you what I told Ken: take it like a man and they probably will go easy on you."

"You think?"

"I would."

The giggling was growing louder. "Oh Jay!" Jackie called. "If you come up now, I’ll let your sister do it!" At that they start laughing even louder.

'OK' thought Jay. 'If Jill does it, at least mom will punish her.'

"Alright, I’m coming up."

The girls became quiet, save for the occasional escaping snicker.

"I want Jill to do it, like you said."

"I’m not kicking your nuts, mom'll probably kill me. You made the deal with Jackie, she's gonna do it."

"Alright." Jay saw no point in prolonging the misery. "What do you want me to do?"

Jackie stood in front of him. "Part your legs… a little more… ok." Jackie lifted her foot slowly in a mock kick until it hit and slightly pushed in Jay’s pants. "Am I getting them?"

Jay could feel her toe inside his sac. "Yeah, you got them."

"OK then," Jackie said. "One… two…"

Just then the door opened and in walked Jay and Jill's mom with their Aunt Mary. "What's going on in here?" Jay’s mom demanded to know at the sight of her son standing straddled in front of three girls.

"Well… " Jill started, and she blurted out the whole story. Jay knew he would be in trouble but he was relieved that he wasn't going to get his balls kicked.

"So you were going to trick these girls into oral sex."

"Well, I…"

"Don't give me any crap. And you had those girls climb that rusty tower?"


"Well, I think you owe Miss Jacklyn something."

Jackie’s eyes lit up. "Mrs. Boro, what do you mean?"

"What do you think I mean?"

"I can…"

"I’m so mad, if you don't, I will. Jay, get back where you were."

"Mrs. Boro, can I line up my foot again?"

"You don't have to ask. You earned that when you climbed that tower."

Jackie once again brought her foot into Jay’s crotch. "Is this where they are?"

"Yes, now kick him," Jay's mom answered for him.

Jackie stepped back and said, "One…" Jay closed his eyes. "Two… " He tightened up his legs. "Three!"

Upon the calling of the number, Jay felt the foot hit him square in the nuts. It wasn't anything like what he thought it would be. His entire body tensed and, as soon as he started to react, which was so soon the foot was still coming out from between his legs, the girls started screaming laughing. He fell to the ground. He could here the giggles of the young girls and he looked up to see them. As soon as he did, they saw his face and all of them started laughing. There were the giggles of the girls and the refined chuckles of the older women. Jay staggered to get up but fell down again. The laughter began anew. Finally Jay got up. He sat at the table. The girls were already sitting there.

"So what did you think of your first time Jackie?" Jay’s mom asked.

"It was sooo funny. I’m sorry though Mrs. Boro."

"Don’t be. He owed it to you and remember Jay, you’re still getting one from me for all this shit, so don't start walking funny yet."

"Will he walk funny?"

"Oh, you've never seen that! Jay get up and walk around a little." Jay got up and did. As he walked, every time his balls hit his leg it hurt and it made him walk like he was horseback riding earlier.

"Oh, now that is the treat," Jackie said as they all had another girlish giggle.

"Come back tomorrow. Even if I don't kick him, and I WILL…” his mom added, looking at Jay. "He’ll still be walking funny, except he'll be used to it, so you can see him try to accommodate his ego but if you’re here he'll know you see the little swagger." The two older women chuckled.

"Wait till you do one in school," said Jay's aunt. "The walk the next day is probably the only thing as funny as the face."

"No way," Kim said. "When I saw Jay’s face it was just like Ken’s and it is the funniest look ever. I don't think I could make look that funny if I tried."

"Well Jay, that kick couldn't have been as bad as others. It didn't look as hard as I’m gonna give you."

"Well, that was the first time I was kicked there."

"Oh, well then Jackie, you should feel honored. You let him in on the secret no guy believes till he's felt it."

Jay silently agreed to that.

"Jill, why don't you ever kick him? I see him asking for it all the time."

"I didn't know I could…"

"Well, if Jason ever gets out of line, it’s for his own good and it’s good for him to just to get it now and then anyway. Now Jason, come upstairs..." Jason's mother said as the poor boy still sat there with one hand still massaging his hurt nuts. Jason was barely paying attention. He could hardly believe how badly his balls hurt. He replayed the incident in his mind. The feeling of relief when his mom showed up. The utter dejection when she allowed it to continue. The fear standing there and then the humiliation of gasping on the floor as everyone in the room was filled with laughter. By now Jason's mother was upstairs.

"Jason, I said get up here." Jason got up. The girls got quiet around the table and just looked at each other with half-assed grins. Jason left the kitchen and went up the stairs and the girls felt free to giggle louder. Jason entered his mother's room as she was changing out of her work clothes and into the clothes she was going to get in for a night on the town with her sister, who was still sitting at the kitchen table.

"Jason, I can't believe you made those girls climb that tower…" she said calmly. "Those girls could have gotten seriously hurt. And it's so rusty. How could you do that Jay?" Jason just sat there.

"And then you were going to make them give you oral sex? I am so ashamed. That is not only bad, it's wrong."

"Mom, I know..."

"And you bet your balls? That was pretty dumb even if it was comical. Lord knows you'll get your balls kicked enough even if you don't bet with them."

"Well, I didn't know. I had never been kicked there before. Besides we didn't think they'd do it."

"Well that's why you deserved what you got today. You underestimated girls and it nipped you in the bud."

"So you’re not going to kick me again?"

"Oh I am."

"Why?" Jason leaded.

"I have to. Think of it like this, remember the Christmas party at dad's work he took me to?"


"Well he got drunk and started acting like an asshole. So I pulled him aside and gave him a little knee. Not real hard but just enough to let him know I wasn't going to be embarrassed. He didn't fall like you did, but then again he's be kicked there a lot more than you. He shaped up real fast."


"And the reason why he did is because he knew I don't make exceptions."


"No ‘well’ Jason. Look, it was your first time tonight. It's not going to be as bad as that." By now she was dressed. She had on a black skirt, a nice top, a jacket and, much to Jason's dismay, little pointy three-inch heels.

"Ok, before I go, open 'em up."

"Wait, mom..."

"Do you want me to kick you really hard?"

"Alright… are you going to kick me easy like you did to dad?"

Jason's mother chuckled. "Jay, it don't matter how easy I kick you, after the way Jackie scrambled your eggs, you’re gonna be in some serious pain. But look, it's your first time. You’ll probably never get kicked this soon after the first one again unless your really acting like a jerk."

At that, both of them heard giggling outside the door. "Open that Jay," Jason's mother commanded as she fixed her eyeliner. Behind the door poured in Jill, Jackie, and Kate. They must have had their ear to the door.

"Oh, you guys came to watch?" Jason's mother asked.

"Well," Jill asked. "Do you mind?"

"Not at all"

"Well… do you mind if I kick him too?"

"No, please," Jason interjected.

Jason's mother sighed. "Three is a little rough. How about this? If Jason can stay on his feet after I kick him, he's free for the rest of the night but if he falls, he's all yours. Let’s take this back to this kitchen; my room is too crowded for all of this."

They all walked to the kitchen. As soon as Jay got down the stairs, his mother said, "Ok Jay spread 'em. I’m in a hurry."

Jay parted his legs. His mother looked carefully for a second and Wham! Jay grabbed himself and began to jump around the room, trying not to fall. The pain just wouldn't go away and the girls were laughing at him the whole time. Finally it calmed down to the point that he didn't have to jump, but oh did it still hurt. Jay waddled around the room holding himself to the laughter of the women and the girls.

Jay finally stopped in the middle of the living room and stood there with his legs spread so as not to have his tender nuts touching either leg. Without any notice Jill kicked him right in the balls. Jay fell to the floor, stuck his ass in the air and started moaning.

Jay’s mom laughed, and said with a giggle, "I thought I said if he fell?"

Jill replied, "But mom, he was standing there with his legs spread. I really wanted to do that a million times and I couldn't pass it up."

"I understand. But you could have waited for tomorrow. Oh well, got to go. Sis has got the car running. Oh yeah, have fun with him. Remember what I said… and he did fall!" With a wink she was out the door.

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