Thursday, August 9, 2007

Josie Has Fun In The Gym

by Josie

Okay, I was working out at the gym one morning and there weren't very many people there, just me and 3 guys and another woman. I was minding my own business doing my aerobics and my gymnastic workout. I use a lot of gymnastics in my routines handstands, cartwheels and leg splits, etc. I didn't notice that the other female had left, when I saw the 3 guys walking towards where I was and talking and laughing to each other. One guy started saying things to me that were quite rude. I told him to just leave me alone and let me do my exercises.

He started to make fun and say "OOO, my isn't she tough" and "Oh, I'm so scared, please don't hurt me". Well I just tried to ignore him. Then with his 2 buddies watching, he walked onto the mats where I was working and stroked my hair and said, "If you're so tough show me. Let's wrestle." I politely told him I wasn't interested, knowing exactly what he really had in mind.

As I started to turn to walk away, he grabbed my arm and twisted it very hard. He was really hurting me. He must have been about 6 ft tall and 175 lbs. His buddies were hooting and cheering him on as they saw the pain I was in. As he twisted my arm he leg-swept me down to my back.

But I surprised him when I back somersaulted back to my feet and untwisting my arm and slipping free at the same time. I could tell he was VERY surprised and very embarrassed that I had made him look stupid. So he charged at me and I grabbed his forearms, put my foot in his belly and dropped down and flipped him over with a monkey flip. Again I quickly snapped back to my feet as he slowly arose rubbing his back. By now he was furious and now he was about to start to fight dirty, a mistake he would later regret and pay dearly for starting.

He caught a hold of my arm and yanked me towards him and caught me across my breasts with a hard clothesline, I went down hard hurting badly. Now his friends were really laughing and he was smiling seeing me on my back holding my chest. He moved in and dropped to his knees side of me and rammed a clawhold into my stomach. I'll give him credit; he had very strong fingers.

Searing burning pain shot through my tummy muscles as he dug his fingers deep into my stomach muscles. My legs were pulled up in a ball from the pain, and I knew I had to do something fast.

I grabbed his hair with both of my hands and yanked as hard as I could upwards, he let out a scream and jumped up and away from me. I rolled to my feet not with as much spring as before, his dirty shot to my tits and the clawhold having taken a lot out of me. As I was just getting to my feet moving a bit slowly he got behind me and got me in a full nelson, he was applying quite a bit of pressure but was concentrating more on rubbing himself against my butt. I knew that I had to do something in desperation and retaliation with all my might I shot a hard back kick up into his groin. I heard a shriek yell and he released me and doubled over holding his crotch. I grabbed his head firmly by the hair pushed down hard as I brought my knee up full force and caught him in the face with a vicious knee lift. He flopped over onto his back. He was stunned and still hurting from the blow to his groin.

At this time I saw his two buddies showing signs of joining into the battle. This was something that I just couldn't deal with so I thought quickly and BRUTALLY. I dropped to my knees next to my fallen foe and with all the power that I had left I slammed a wicked clawhold into his balls. I was squeezing and grinding them together so hard in my hands that they felt like they were going to explode. HE screamed in agony barely conscious.

I said, "Tell your friends to leave or I'll crush your balls permanently." At this I would apply a little more pressure, then let up a bit so he could answer and having him pass out at this time wouldn't help me at all either. He was crying by now and he pleaded and screamed for his friends to leave and they reluctantly did. I would continue this pressure on and off while I waited for them to go, he was shaking in pain and crying and screaming begging me to let him go.

I leaned over in his face and yelled, "Maybe now you've learned that women aren't defenseless." As I said this I put on one last squeeze and the funniest thing, he screamed but he also ejaculated from the pressure I had been alternately putting on his balls. I finally let go and stood up and looked down at this pathetic jerk, grabbed my stuff and ran out to my car and went home. I called the manager of the gym and told him about what had happened and he immediately hired security people to be on-duty at all times.

I have gone back to the gym since and have never seen that jerk or his friends again. This happened a couple of years ago. Well I hope that you liked my story. I wouldn't have resorted to such tactics had he not started the dirty stuff first and had I not felt threatened by his friends as well. See you soon and have I got some good eating for you honey.

Bye now,


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Anonymous said...

Great job Josie! He sounds like a typical cocky chauvinistic guy, and I'm so glad you got him in the nuts like he deserved. You really showed him that having weak balls between his legs more than offsets his muscular advantage and taught him a lesson that us women are the superior sex!

That's pretty cool that he cummed while you were squeezing his jewels. I guess he enjoyed getting beaten up by a woman! :p

The only thing I wish you is that you could have gotten his other two friends in the nuts too. Seems like they were jerks also and deserved it too!