Friday, August 10, 2007


by quester1

The lighted restaurant was empty except for Ellen, a strikingly beautiful woman with raven black hair, a trim hard body, and long, long, wonderfully gorgeous legs. Wearing a short black dress with black high-heeled shoes, she sat on a chair with her sexy legs crossed. Ellen was waiting for Phil, the restaurant's owner, to arrive. Phil had called Ellen, who worked as a food critic for a local paper, to his restaurant so they could discuss her negative review of his place.

Walking into the room, Phil walked swiftly toward Ellen. "Bitch!" he said with an angry look on his face, "I didn't call you here to talk about your lousy review. I called you here to batter your pretty face to a fucking pulp!" Moving in on her, he grabbed her hair with his left as he cocked back his right fist to punch her in the face.

Still sitting with her legs crossed, Ellen quickly aimed a powerful kick between Phil's legs with her top leg. Her hard instep connected solidly with his balls before he could throw his punch. Moaning loudly in agony, Phil released Ellen's hair and doubled over. With pain shooting through his body from his groin, Phil was not sure he understood what had just happened.

Without moving from her chair or changing her position, a calm Ellen reached out with both hands and grabbed the doubled-over and moaning Phil by the hair. She pulled his head toward her and positioned his face directly above her lovely knee. Still holding him by the hair with both hands, Ellen lifted the head up as high as she could and brought it down hard against her knee. The power of the blow broke Phil's nose. Stunned and bloodied, Phil fell backward to the floor. As he struggled to stand up, Phil looked at Ellen, who was still calmly sitting in her chair. She seemed amused with the trouble Phil was having regaining his footing. He couldn't believe that she was beating him in a fight without even standing up!

Pushing her beautiful hair back with one hand, Ellen rubbed her knee with the other. "We'll see what gets battered to a ‘fucking pulp' when this is over, wimp." she said. With that, she finally stood up. Hands on hips, she walked slowly toward Phil. The slowness allowed him time to stand up, though he remained unsteady on his feet. Desperate, Phil took two or three wild swings at Ellen. She dodged or blocked his awkward attempts to strike her. Before he could swing at her again, Ellen gave Phil a hard, backhand slap across his face that sent him reeling backwards against a wall.

The stinging blow put an abrupt end to his pitiful attempts to fight back. Walking up to Phil, Ellen placed her hands on his shoulders and pinned them to the wall. "Now you'll see what the ‘weaker sex' can do!” she chided with a sly grin. She then began delivering a series of hard blows to his nuts with her knee. Each time her knee struck his midsection, Ellen counted out the strike, "One ... two ... three...” Each count was followed by a grunt of exertion by Ellen and a shrill cry of pain by Phil.

When she got to six, Ellen took her hands off Phil's shoulders and let him crumple to the floor in an agonizing heap. As a floored Phil rolled back and forth on his back, wailing loudly in pain, Ellen stood over him and savored his suffering. "Ooohh! Did I hurt you?" she said in a teasing voice. She then reached down, grabbed his legs and held them up and apart like a wishbone.

", please!” Phil begged. Ignoring his cries, Ellen started to raise her foot to stomp on his balls a few times and finish him off. Before she could stomp on Phil's nuts, however, someone grabbed her from behind. Two of Phil's male employees had being working late in the kitchen. Hearing the noise of the fight, they walked into the restaurant. Seeing their boss in trouble, they decided to help out. One of the guys, Ed, held Ellen while the other, Tom, helped Phil to a chair.

Ellen was at first startled, but soon started to assess the new situation. "Let's see what we've got here,” she thought to herself. She didn't have to wait long.

"You're a scrappy little honey." Tom said, "You're gorgeous, too. Are we ever going to have fun with you!” Ed twisted Ellen's arm behind her back while Tom moved in front of her. "You sure did a number on the boss, Tough-girl. It's your turn to get battered now!" he said as he held his fists up to her face. He cupped his left hand under her chin to steady her head. "It's going to be a shame to mess up that pretty face," he said in mock concern.

Tom spread his legs apart and reared back his right fist to punch Ellen. Before he could hit her, however, Ellen unleashed a powerful kick to his groin. Her savage kick smashed his testicles so badly that Tom fell to his knees and pitched forward toward Ellen, dazed and delirious with pain. As he fell toward her, Ellen caught him in the face with her knee, smashing his cheekbone. Tom curled up on the floor with his hands grasping his nuts. He was definitely done for now.

Shocked by the ease with which Ellen dispatched Tom while being held, Ed loosened his grip on her arm. Sensing this, Ellen pulled her arm free. She then threw a wicked elbow to Ed's stomach, knocking the air out of him. Without turning around or losing momentum, she followed up with a jarring fist-strike to his jaw that stunned Ed and made his knees buckle. Finally, she brought her hand down between his legs, smacking his balls hard and grasping them tightly. "You've grabbed a tiger by the tail, dudes!” she said to a pounded Tom and a choking Ed. "Now I've got you by the balls. When I get through with you, you're going to wish you'd been born without them!" Still holding Ed by the jewels, she started dragging him toward the wall.

"I wasn't going to hurt you! Honest!” a repentant Ed protested as Ellen mercilessly pulled him forward.

Arriving at the wall, Ellen shoved Ed up against it and proceeded to knee his groin several times. After her fifth knee-strike she pulled Ed away from the wall by his hair and got ready to punish him some more. However, Ellen noticed that Tom had begun to recover. She grabbed Ed by his now swollen testicles and ball-marched him over to where Tom was trying to get up. "You boys don't give up, do you?" she said. "If you knew what's good for you, you'd stay down."

While still holding a moaning and pleading Ed by the balls, Ellen landed a solid kick to Tom's face that not only kept him from getting up, but busted his jaw and laid him out. As Tom laid on the floor spread eagle, Ellen gave him a finishing stomp between the legs. His body convulsed for a few seconds and then went limp. "One down, two to go." she said.

She then turned her attention to Ed, who was now crying quietly and not resisting her grasp on his balls. She released the balls, turned to face him and landed a powerful kick to his groin. Ed let out a loud grunt as his eyes rolled back in his eyelids. The force of the kick lifted him off the floor and doubled him over. Ellen then grabbed him by the hair and brought her knee up to meet his face with a sickening thud. For good measure, she straighten Ed up by his hair, gave him a goodnight wink, cocked back her right fist and unleashed a vicious sock to his jaw. She grinned with satisfaction as she saw his eyes glass over and watched him stagger around a few seconds before sinking to the floor for the long count. "Two down, one to go." she declared.

Ellen stood still momentarily to admire her handiwork. Her two vanquished opponent's faces sported cuts and bruised. The swollen bulges between their legs indicated that their balls had fared far worse than their faces. Not resisting the temptation, Ellen pulled down their pants. After gazing in satisfaction at the two bruised, bloodied, unconscious males lying before her, with their severely swollen and crunched testicles, her attention turned back to Phil.

Where was that coward? Looking around the room, she saw that he had partially recovered and was cowering in a corner. Hands on hips, she sauntered toward him. She stopped in the center of the room and beckoned to him with her finger. "Come to mama, little man. I have something for you," she teased. He didn't move. "Don't make me have to come over there to get you!” she threatened.

A scared and softly sobbing Phil moved toward Ellen. Unable to walk upright because of the swelling between his legs, he had to practically crawl to her on all fours. Finally arriving at Ellen's sexy yet deadly legs, he began to pleadd for mercy. "You win, Ellen, please!" he begged, "You've beat us! Please don't hurt me any more! You're too much for us! Please!" He threw his arms around her shapely legs and began kissing her feet.

"Why Phil," she said sweetly, "you don't expect me to not finish a job, do you?” Then her voice turned cold and foreboding, "I want to make sure that you and your boys never raise your hand to a woman again. If you do and I find out about it, I will find you and destroy whatever is left of your manhood after tonight." Ellen kicked Phil in the face, knocking him away.

"I'll never touch a woman again! I promise! Please! No more fighting! No more!" Phil cried. Ignoring his promises and pleas for mercy, Ellen grabbed Phil's legs and spread them apart. She violently stomped his balls two or three times. Phil's pleas and screaming grew louder.

Ellen released Phil's legs. He continued screaming and rolling back and forth on his back on the floor, trying to grasp his swollen crotch. Before he could, Ellen delivered a final ferocious kick to his balls, causing him to momentarily sit upright. Walking up to him, Ellen grabbed his hair with one hand to steady him and leave him in the sitting position. She then hit Phil's face with a brutal right cross. The sudden silence following the sound of her punch indicated to Ellen that Phil had finally gone to oblivion. "Three down, none to go", a satisfied Ellen said.

Ellen now pulled Phil's pants down and checked on his swollen scrotum. She had outdone herself with Phil. Placing her high-heeled foot on his vanquished crotch, Ellen held her fists in the air in victory. She dusted her hands in ceremonious triumph as she surveyed the limp, ball-busted male bodies around her. Ellen then executed a slow, sexy strut back to her table to retrieve her purse. She looked at her watch. There was still time to meet her boyfriend at his place. A peek in her compact mirror showed that she had barely ruffled her hair, though she had worked up a bit of a sweat that caused her make-up to run some. Her fists, knees and feet ached a little from distributing so much punishment.

No matter. There would be no going out tonight. The evening's activities had made her hot and Ellen and her boyfriend would be staying in. Her boyfriend will agree with that, if he knows what's good for him. Tonight Ellen was not going to take shit from any man! With one last look around to make sure that no one was in need of further services, she turned to the door and was gone.

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