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Karate Inc.

By Belfour

This story contains extreme foot-fetish and sexually explicit material. Please do not read if you are offended by this type of Fiction. Also, please don't read if laws in your state or country prohibit this type of Sexually explicit material.

My story begins in a trendy Chicago nightspot. I was with my buddy Craig. He's a good friend I have known for some time. We played football together in High School and while I went on to play in college,

Craig began training in the martial arts and had become quite proficient

in several forms. We lifted together several times a week and when we didn't have dates we were always on the prowl, chasing tail and usually landing really nice pieces of ass.

While never seriously practicing any martial art, the beauty and strength of females who practiced these disciplines had always intrigued me. Whenever, I got an opportunity, I would always ask Craig coy questions which were designed to in the most unobvious manner, to get him to tell me about any hot females using their bare feet on him or other guys. While I thought I was discreet with my questioning, Craig had figured out that I had some kind of strange obsession.

"I almost forgot," Craig informed me. "You'll love this one ... but if you tell anyone, I'll kill you," he continued. "Last week there was this chick who came to our class to give a demonstration in some Israeli form of jujitsu called Krav Maga. I suddenly felt my cock start to come to attention. He went on, "This chick was fucking unbelievable ... she is about 5'9" - Swedish chick - and man was she a babe. She looked like something right out of a classy strip joint ... Long flowing blonde hair ... the DEEPEST Blue eyes you've ever seen. She looked like Pamela Anderson Lee but she was much taller and her face was way better."

"Better than Pamela Anderson Lee?" I questioned. By this time I was truly intrigued and needed to hear more about her.

"She's 19 and an exchange student from Stockholm. She lives in an apartment in Evanston and goes to Northwestern. She's actually attending school on a martial arts scholarship. She's a master of Hapkido, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do and exceptional with her feet."

Craig couldn't have hit and captured the essence of my fetish and better if he were Mark McGuire. My mouth dropped open and I hung on his every word as my cock engorged with blood in anticipation of what he was about to say.

He explained how Asa could have killed him. "She was introduced to the class by our senior instructor and with her strong Scandinavian accent asked me to volunteer for what she called a painful demonstration that I would enjoy. "She tossed me around twisted and manipulated my cock and

balls in so many ways - I actually came in my karate pants." He informed me. "She knew exactly what she was doing and that was the beauty of it. She was so incredibly skilled with her feet, that no one else had any idea she was actually pleasuring me while she delivered the barrage of crippling groin slaps, kicks, twists and punches. The other thing is, I know she enjoyed it even more than I did." He concluded. "This chick was the best but I think she was the psychotic masochistic type too.

"I want her number" I demanded.

"Are you fucking crazy, she would kill you. I'm a second-degree black belt and I couldn't do shit to her. She threw me around like a little kid - and you don't even know any martial arts." Craig reasoned.

"You and all of your Martial bullshit," I responded. "I'm so sick of hearing all of these magic techniques. Any boxer or wrestler would beat the piss out of you or any other pussy martial artist. I just want to hook up with this chick."

"Ok ... but it's your funeral." He laughed as he fumbled through his wallet to find her card. I could hardly control my excitement as I grabbed the card from his hands. It read "KARATE INC. Master in Hapkido, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Karate and Krav Maga, Private Sessions." And then the Name in bold red letters ASA LINDHOLM.

Chapter II

Our conversation was brief and extremely strange. I introduced myself and told her I was interested in Martial Arts instruction and heard she was the best. In a very business like manner she asked in her sultry Swedish accent, "Who referred you ... how old are you ... are you married ... how big are you ... are you heterosexual ... "

In rapid-fire succession I answered this barrage of inconsequential questions to the best of my ability. She instructed me she would be at my house at 9:00 p.m. and would leave precisely at 10:15 p.m. The fee would be $150.00 and she assured me I would be satisfied with the lesson. When I hung up the phone I sat for several moments and thought. I was excited, curious and most certainly aroused. "Was I getting myself into something I would regret," I asked myself over and over again. "No," was the answer I came to each time I pondered this query, but still ... I wondered.

At 8:56 p.m. I heard my doorbell ring. I sprang from my chair and with the anticipation of child rushing to open a birthday present. When I got to the door, I stopped and admired the hazy vision of the shapely-silhouetted goddess, which I could now see awaited me on the other side of the stained-glass door. I coolly opened the door and because of my extreme foot fetish I looked down at her feet before I looked at her face. Her feet were unparalleled. They were large, I later found out a women's size 10 ½. Her toes were long and powerful looking. Long nailbeds which were painted a light blue. Her lovely tan feet were loosely fit in high healed leather thongs which accentuated her high arches and gave a softer more feminine feel to feet which initially looked more intimidating. As my eyes traveled up from her feet I became more excited. Her ankles were so thin I could see the striations of her Achilles tendons which tapered to calves which looked like those belonging to a long distance runner, ballet dancer or female body builder. Her legs, which were covered by her traditional Aikido Skirt, were long and sinewy. The black belt wrapped twice around her small waist that connected to a lean tan six pack stomach. She was wearing a sleeveless tight ribbed which undershirt. By the look of her erect nipples, it was apparent she wasn't wearing a bra. "If these tits are not implants" ... I thought to myself, she is the perfect female of our species. As my head panned up I noticed her long neck and perfect, childlike skin. She smiled at me with a childlike innocence, which relaxed and soothed me. She was so beautiful. While young and innocent looking. She had strong facial features. Highly cut cheekbones a sharp angular jaw and deep set expressive eyes of the deepest blue imaginable. Her blonde hair was tightly pulled back in a ponytail at first glance looked like the way Sporty Spice would wear it. I've been to a number of gentlemen's clubs and have never seen a woman as sexually powerful as the young lady who stood before me.

"Are you going to invite me in?" she questioned, as I stood and stared dumfounded by her presence.

"Oh yes ... of course." I replied, embarrassed that I was caught in this trance. "I'm sorry," I continued, "It is just that ... you are so attractive ... "

"Isn't that why I'm here," she finished my sentence.

"Yes ... I mean no ... not exactly" I was tongue-tied. I was a pervert with a foot fetish and she knew it and exposed me for it.

"I would like to warm-up." She informed me. I directed her to center of my homes great room. It was a huge room with a lofted ceiling that faced the lake.

"This is very nice." She said as she slipped her long feet out of her thongs. "If you don't mind me asking, how does a young man like you afford such a dwelling?" she asked.

I was trying to answer but was hypnotized as she did her toe exercises. She spread her toes as if they were fingers getting ready to type a long report. The dexterity she possessed was amazing and my cock was pounding.

"I'm sorry," I answered. "I am a stock-broker and have had a great deal of success in futures trading." I told her.

"Futures can be very interesting," she said with a wry smile as she dropped into the splits. The flexibility she demonstrated told me she was for real. Worlds class athlete as good as any I've ever seen. From the splits she contorted her body in a break dancing kind of maneuver and from her knees shot her leg straight up with a knife edge foot and stopped one inch from my lips. She effortlessly held her soft fragrant foot up to my lips and asked me if I would be interested in sucking her toes. My cock answered for me as a feeling of lightheadedness set in. I opened my mouth to taste her long toes and she pulled them away and giggled.

"First I would like to answer any questions you may have about this session." I had quite a few but I started with a boring one. How did you get into the martial arts?" I asked her. She informed her mother was the European Jujitsu champion and ran a dojo in Stockholm. She went on to say she enjoyed dominating men and had incorporated her martial arts and love of this domination into a business to help her make money. She then explained the rules of her business.

"I will use a variety of techniques from 7 different forms of martial arts to subdue you. During this time I will masturbate you using my hands, feet, mouth and vagina." She continued, "Each time you cum, you will owe me $250.00."

"You certainly don't beat around the bush," I replied.

"On the contrary," she retorted, "if I do my job I will be beating a great deal around, on and through your bush."

She was clever and had a surprising command of the English language, which sounded so incredibly sexy through her thick Nordic accent.

"Before we begin I need you strip off all of your clothing," she continued, "I have found this to be the way I like it.”

I stood up and began to tell her that I didn't feel totally comfortable with this idea when WHAP from her seated position, she snapped her young bare toes into my balls. It stung as if I was snapped with a towel in junior high gym class and it was so quick, I never saw it.

I lay curled in a ball at her feet coughing and wheezing. I felt like I was going to throw-up yet all I could see were her large powerful feet before me. As they came into better focus I could see her squeezing her toes into the carpet as if she were practicing for what she was going to do my balls and cock. In spite of the pain I was experienced, I was turned on.

"Let's not let than happen again, when I tell you to do something ... you will do it. yes." I nodded my head and told her yes.

She leaned down to help me up and then stood away and got into a traditional Taekwondo stance. She obviously knew what she was doing and I was starting to wonder even if I was fortunate enough to have sex with this siren, if the pain I was going to experience would be worth it.

"Taekwondo is the first art I will use on you. I received my black belt at the age of 10 and I've always liked how it lets me incorporate my feet into the beating I give my subjects." She was so fluid and nonchalant She brought her knee up so that her left leg was perfectly parallel with the ground and then she taunted me with this foot as she nearly hypnotized me as she taunted me waving it back and forth in front of my face.

"Do you realize how easy it would be for me to kill you?" she queried. Then she slowly brought the outer edge of her foot against the bottom of my nose and stopped.

When I was 16 I had to kill a man in self defense and this is the exact technique I used." She informed me as pinched my nose between her big and second toe. She then removed her foot from my face and on the way down noticed my large cock sticking straight out in from of me. She spread her long toes and grabbed my cock like a warm, friendly hand while gracefully balancing on the other foot. Her grip was so strong and her toes so nimble I'm immediately felt a warm surge in my cock as my balls tightened in preparation for an orgasm. She looked me right in the eyes as she picked up the pace of her strong two-toed footjack technique.

"When I was younger, the older boys in my Dojo would marvel at my beauty, If I liked the boy, I would give him a private lesson after class ... this technique would always get them to cum quickly." She informed me as she slid this tight two-toe lock deep into the base of my erection and then back to the tip again. Her grip was so tight it almost hurt but her skin was soft and she used her feet like such a pro, it felt heavenly.

"I use to play this game, I'd time myself on how long it would take me to masturbate a boy using the ball of my one foot and toes ... my record was sixteen seconds," she added. While she was working my cock over with her toes and sole of her right foot, my legs started to weaken as my inevitable orgasm neared.

"I'll bet you've never had a sexy girl with feet like this masturbate you so well ... you love having my long toes wrapped around your cock and will soon make me $250.00 richer ... now!" exclaimed Asa.

With that, she moved in for the kill sliding her molten grip to the head of my throbbing penis in a three toed squeeze that felt like a vice grip on my tender, sensitive dick head. At that moment I came between her toes. Because her grip was so tight and her second toe was draped over the spout on my cock, cum streamed in a jet all over the room but mostly all over Asa. She seemed to like it and continued yanking the last bit of cum out of me with her lovely ped.

"This is the part I like best," she informed me. What was she talking about, I didn't care I orgasmed so hard that I was ready to fall to my knees. I was at the greatest peace I had known if months. A second later, I found out the part she liked best. She released my cock from her toe grip brought her knee up and gave my a vicious snap kick to the balls, when she did one last gush of cum dribbled out as I slowly agonized and fell to the ground at her feet. She didn't waste any time

she used a jujitsu joint lock and picked me back up to my feet and led me around in a circle around my living room. The pace at which I had to move increased until she quickly stopped and changed direction. When she stopped she yanked my arm back at which point I flew through the air doing a full back flip and landed flat on my back.

I was naked, hurt and totally disoriented. As the stars cleared I looked to see Asa standing in front of me between my legs with her feet together. She inched forward until all of her ten lovely toes were flattening my balls to the carpet.

"My mother used to use this in her private demonstrations to men who talked too much in the classes she taught, she showed my how to do it when I was old enough. One time she used it on one of my boyfriends.. It is quiet effective," she continued.

I was in excruciating pain as she dug all ten toes in to my annihilated ball sack so hard I could feel my nuts migrating and gyrating under her toes. Then she bent down so she was nearly in a ball, opened her mouth and began to suck my now flaccid cock slowly but surely bringing it back to life. As I hardened I felt such pleasure and pain I didn't know whether to moan with pleasure or scream. She was as talented with her tongue as she was with her toes. She moved her tongue in large circles around my purple head at the same time she rhythmically squeezed her toes into my sack. She had her timing down perfectly as I prepared to cum for the second time in 5 minutes. She bobbed her head deep and took all 7 inches down her throat. All I was able to see was her long blonde hair and her soft youthful face working slowing in sync up and down. I finally couldn't take it any more as I came as hard as I had done five minutes earlier. There was cum all over her lips as she looked up at me with those deep blue eyes. For good measure she gave me one last toe squeeze and once again, one last dribble of cum came out of my cock. She thoroughly cleaned and licked my cock clean while I faded back into Lala land.



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