Friday, August 31, 2007

Kid Fight

By boozook

It is a hot summer day, and a mixed-gender game of wiffle ball is being played. It’s an all boys team versus an all girls team. All of the boys are shirtless because of the heat. The girls are wearing blue jean shorts and bikini tops.

There is one boy in particular that all of the girls adore because of his good looks. His name is Neal. Neal is a 13-year-old boy that stands 6’1” tall. He has blue eyes and dark blonde hair with a dark tan. He is very muscular for his age. His biceps, triceps, pectorals, and abs are all well defined for a boy of his age. He is athletic, and he excels at all of the sports that he plays. The only problem with Neal is that he has a bad attitude. He tends to be rude to those near his age who are smaller than he is, which most of the kids are.

Then, there is a feisty girl named Meagan. Meagan is a beautiful blonde 12-year-old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. All of the boys are attracted to her. She stands 5’4” in height. She isn’t the most athletic of the girls, but she does decent in the sports that she participates. She isn’t very muscular, but she does have a lean physique about her that shows that she is in good shape.

Everything in the game is going fine until there is controversy about a call. This particular call could determine the winner of the game. The team of all girls claims that the runner is safe while the team of all boys claim that the runner is out. If Meagan is safe, then the girls break the tie and win the game in extra innings. If she is out, it is the third out of the inning and the boys turn to bat.

Neal had applied the tag to Meagan at a close play at the plate. Neal, who has a huge ego, got up in Meagan’s face to argue the call. Meagan, being the feisty one that she is, argues right back in Neal’s face. Of course, other boys and girls are arguing, but none as loud as Neal and Meagan. All of a sudden, Neal shoves Meagan and Meagan falls to the ground. Immediately, all of the other kids watch with wonder about what Meagan will do. Meagan gets up and approaches Neal with a gleam of determination in her eyes. Neal confidently awaits the girl’s advance towards him. As she nears him, Neal grabs Meagan around the shoulders and spins her around so that she faces away from him. Neal pulls Meagan close to him and begins to squeeze her tight. Meagan starts to feel intense pressure as she feels as though she is about to pass out. Meagan knows that she has to do something quick in order to break free of Neal’s grasp. Meagan manages to stomp down on Neal’s foot causing Neal to slightly loosen his grip momentarily because Neal is caught off guard by Meagan’s move. Before Neal can fully recover, Meagan drops to the ground on both of her knees, steadies herself, and delivers a back kick from the ground that catches Neal between the legs as his balls are hit by the bottom of Meagan’s foot. Her foot didn’t hit Neal with full force or perfect accuracy, but most of the force of the kick hit Neal in the right nut, which caused the force to focus all on a smaller surface area of the balls. Neal felt a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach, but he didn’t go down.

The other girls cheered loudly as the other boys cringed. One of the other girls yelled, “She racked him! Do it again, Meagan!”

Neal was determined not to let this little girl get the best of him. He hadn’t counted on her to fight back, but he was feeling the painful force of her kick. Neal was a tough guy though and the kick hadn’t hit full force. He charged after Meagan. Meagan backed away quickly and managed to move out of the way of Neal’s charge. Unfortunately for Meagan, she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The other boys began to laugh at Meagan. Neal had a big smirk on his face as he approached Meagan. Meagan knew she was trouble as she tried to think quickly to escape Neal’s advance. Neal flexed his muscles. Meagan was beginning to feel panicky so she threw a punch from the ground that was intended for Neal’s balls. Neal blocked the punch. Meagan was in trouble. Megan quickly reacted by removing her top to expose her large boobs. Her beautiful boobs momentarily stunned Neal. This gave Meagan enough time to get up and move away from Neal. Meagan saw that Neal was regaining his composure. She knew she was in for a fight. She bobbed on her feet as her boobs bounced. Neal had a hard erection, but he still had beating Meagan on his mind. While Neal was fixated on Meagan’s ample breasts, Meagan reacted quickly. She launched a punch aimed at Neal’s face. She struck Neal hard on the jaw. Neal stumbled backwards slightly. It had surprised Meagan that she had hit Neal so hard yet Neal had barely stumbled backwards and remained standing. Meagan’s hand hurt from the impact to Neal’s jaw.

It was obvious to Meagan that she could not defeat Neal in a fair fight. She had to fight dirty. The shot to Neal’s jaw awakened Neal from his daze of staring at Megan’s boobs. Neal was extremely angry with Meagan. Megan felt scared, but she didn’t dare show her fear to Neal. Neal’s large frame advanced towards Meagan. Neal hit Megan in the stomach. Meagan bent over and gasped for breath. Neal followed with a leg sweep that knocked Megan to the ground. Neal felt confident that the girl wouldn’t continue to fight him any longer.

So, Neal flexed his muscles as the crowd of other boys cheered. The other girls had sad looks on their faces. It looked like the boy had handily defeated the girl. Meagan however didn’t want to let the other girls or herself down. Meagan jumped to her feet and tried to ignore the pain she was feeling. Neal saw Meagan rise to her feet again. Neal was tired of dealing with this girl so he strolled over to her and punched her in the right boob. Meagan immediately grasped her injured boob as she felt the pain shoot through her body. Neal was about to deliver the finishing blow to Meagan’s face when Meagan, even through the pain, reached down and grabbed some dirt off of the ground and threw it in Neal’s eyes. This irritated Neal’s eyes enough to allow Megan time to recover some. When Neal recovered, he swung hard at Meagan’s face. Neal just knew that this punch would crush Meagan, but Neal only hit air. He hadn’t realized that Megan, while he was clearing the dirt from his eyes, had knelt down on the ground. Without warning, Neal felt an immense amount of pain. He then realized that Meagan had uppercut him in the balls! Neal’s hands reached down to cover his injured balls. Before he could do so, Meagan had punched him in the balls again! The pain was too much to bear. Neal fell to his knees from the pain.

Meagan said, “Ouch, I bet that hurts, doesn’t it, big guy?”

Another girl cheered, “bust his balls again!”

Meagan definitely wasn’t through with Neal. Another guy thought about helping Neal, but decided not to because the mean look in Meagan’s eyes frightened him. With Neal on his knees, Megan delivered a vicious kick to Neal’s throat with deadly accuracy. Neal gasped for air and fell on his side. He rolled frantically on the floor as he held his balls and tried to breathe properly.

“You are so pathetically weak, boy! Get up and fight like a man!” yelled Meagan. Meagan’s nipples were hard because she felt so turned on and alive from giving this stud a beating. The other boys looked on with obvious erections. Neal slowly got to his feet to face Meagan. He wanted to fight her, but he was in terrible pain. Meagan knew that Neal was in no condition to fight, but she wanted to finish him and shatter his ego completely. Meagan assumed a low crouch position, which proved to give her an advantage due to her being quite a big shorter than Neal. As Neal moved in to make one last ditch effort to fight, Meagan grabbed his shoulders and used her knee to deliver a crushing blow to his testicles. Once, twice, three times.

After the third knee to his privates, Meagan cupped her boobs in her hands and shouted, “Look at these, boy! You know you’d love to play with them but you can’t.” She was emphasizing the fact that it was a girl that was beating him badly. Neal staggered around a little and then fell with a thump to the ground.

He lay there moaning, “Oh, my balls! Oh, she broke my balls!” While the other boys looked on in dread, the other girls delivered surprise attacks to their nuts. Soon, the whole wiffle ball field was littered with guys clutching their balls and rolling on the ground in horrible pain.

Meagan proclaimed, “It must be hard to have balls!” It was obvious that the girls had won both games. The wiffle ball game, and the battle of the sexes.


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OMG, he flexed his strong muscles at her and the crowd, and smirk at her in male awesomeness! But dam, she owned his stronger body with a few hard knees and punches, to floor that hard male body to the dirt. That is hot!