Thursday, August 9, 2007

Learning Experiences

by justoneguy

During the next few weeks, Jimmy continued to play with his small organ as he had seen his older brother do while on the phone with Julie. He loved the feelings that is produced, but had still not experienced the climax that the books spoke of and that he had seen (and heard) Peter enjoy. Even so, he was beginning to love being a boy. He found the idea of having a girl like him and want him new and amazing. He was starting to feel very attracted to Kate, who was a grade above him. Because of the strict divide between fourth and fifth grade, he had little or no hope of “going with her”, as the six graders called it.

Still, he liked to be around her, and she seemed to tolerate his company. Unfortunately,

Jimmy began to suspect that his best friend Ben was also interesting in Kate. On the one hand, Jimmy knew that he should not be jealous and fight with a good friend over a girl, but on the other, he couldn’t help but worry that Ben posed a major threat to his future with Kate. Ben was the same age, but three inches taller. In fact, he was the tallest, strongest guy in the fourth grade. Jimmy had noticed when they changed for gym class, that Ben’s tighty-whities were filled out much more than his own, or any of the other boys in the class for that matter. He suspected that Ben was already on his way to becoming a man like the book described, and Peter had unknowingly illustrated. Jimmy feared that it would be impossible for him to overcome an opponent more masculine and mature than himself. Still, Kate seemed to like him enough to let him around her group, something that Ben was forbidden from doing.

Ben liked to be a tough guy. He had short brown hair, cut military fashion after his carrier army dad. He liked to swagger around, being the king of the fourth grade playground. Most of the other boys did not like him very much because of his attitude, but Jimmy had been friends with him since kindergarten and wanted to stand by his friend. But Ben did not like his smaller friend’s flirtation with a girl he wanted for his own, so he was determined to impress Kate. Being in the fourth grade, the best way he could think to do that was by being tough.

That day, Kate asked Jimmy to join her and four of her friends for tag on the playground.

Jimmy agreed right away, and being the only boy, felt sure that he would win. This would greatly raise him in the eyes of Kate, he was confident. He was chosen to be the first one “it.” Of course, Jimmy decided that Kate should be his first prey. He peeked when the girls ran off, and saw Kate run towards and old tree at the far corner of the sandy playground. At once, Jimmy headed for the tree. He felt a rush of adrenaline, like a great cave hunter after his female prey. He toyed with the fantasy of taking her back home with him after tagging her and making her his. She would rub his chest and admire his maleness. Jimmy smiled at his fantasy. He couldn’t wait to be as old as Peter.

Jimmy got to the tree, but there was no sign of Kate. She must be hiding behind, he decided. With a leap, he dashed behind the thick old tree and grabbed out. Sure enough, Kate was there, and the two rolled out into the sandy ground. Jimmy had grabbed her by the arm, and she rolled over him once before coming to rest beside him. When Jimmy hit the ground, he felt his hard little pipe bend in his jeans. He felt so alive and excited, but his second thought was to make sure Kate didn’t see. She laughed, not noticing his condition.

“You peeked you jerk,” she said.

“No I didn’t,” Jimmy reflexively responded. Just then Ben ran up. He had been watching from the other side of the playground. When he saw Jimmy rolling on the ground with a girl he considered his; that was too much. He might be a friend, Ben decided, but he had to be taught a lesson. Jimmy had just gotten off the ground and began to brush himself off when he felt a violent push against his back. He went down hard, hitting the fence of the playground before coming to rest at Ben’s feet. Kate, who had been on the ground, jumped up at this and looked shocked at Ben.

“Why did you do that, you jerk?” she said. Ben just stood over Jimmy with a smirk on his face.

“He knows why,” he said to her.

“You want to come over to where I’m hanging out?” he pointed to the other corner of the playground.

“No,” Kate said, looking down to see if Jimmy was all right.

“Come on,” Ben said, taking Kate’s arm.

Jimmy, who was still dazed, looked up from the dusty ground just in time to see Kate slam her knee into Ben’s crotch.

“Uhhgg,” Ben gasped, his face covered with a look of confused pain. Before he could do anything, Kate had struck again. Her knee pounded into his tight jeans again. Kate felt the soft contents of her boyish target compress under her hard knee. At the second impact, Ben bent sharply. His hands where now cupped between his legs. Jimmy stared into his eyes as his friend fell to his knees. Ben opened his mouth, but only a gasp escaped. Now on his knees, his hands cupped under his male body, Ben was face to face with the friend he had pushed down on the ground a moment before. Jimmy watched as tears streamed down Ben’s red face. The boy rocked back and forth as dirt blew into is short army-cut hair. Kate’s friends had by this time become aware that something had happened and run over to see.

Kate leaned down and pushed Ben over. He limply fell onto his side, his hands still gently holding his tender young balls.

“Oh, god, my sac,” he panted as the impact with the ground jostled his balls in his pants.

“Don’t ever touch one of my friends again,” Kate yelled in his face. “I know how to deal with you weak boys.” The other girls burst out into giggles. Then Kate pushed Ben again as he continued to cry.

“Yeah, go on and nurse your pathetic little parts. I’m out of here,” Kate said. With that they all left Ben rolling in the dirt, the pain from his injured boyhood only now starting to ease a bit.

Ben was stunned by what he had witnessed. He frankly did not understand it at all. Kate had only hit Ben twice, but he went down without any fight at all. As he walked back, Ben heard several other girls format he class talking in hushed voices.

“Yeah, and then Kate kneed him where it counts,” one said.

“No way,” came a giggling reply.

“And he fell down holding them, just like Julie said a boy would. He even started crying!”

Another girl chuckled and said, “I’ve got to try that out on Jason the next time he gets sassy.” Then, they walked on. Jimmy was still dazed, but he was starting to put the pieces together. It had been Ben’s nuts that had hurt him. If that was true, then all boys had a weakness that no girl had. He thought back to what he had seen in Peter’s closet, to his older brother’s big, darker colored, mature sac. He shook his head--no way, it can’t be true. “I’ll bet Peter would get hurt if he got hit there,” he whispered to himself.

Later that day, as the boys started to get dressed for gym class, Jimmy noticed that Ben came in a little late. Several of the other boys snickered as he walked by. He sat down on the bench and started to undress. When he was wearing only his white T-shirt and his tighty-whities, Lee, one of the boys that hated the swaggering Ben the most, walked up to him. As Jimmy, like all the other boys, turned to watch the exchange they all knew was coming, he noticed again how the front of Ben’s undies puffed out more than his own, or any of the other boys. Lee stood in front of Ben, who was trying to maintain his tough attitude.

“So, I heard you got beat up by a girl today Ben,” Lee said, to the snicker of the other boys. Lee smiled; he was starting to feel lucky.

“Yeah, I heard that they hurt your little balls.” Ben’s face turned red, and he started to get up to face his attacker. But as he did so, Lee swung his arm down and thumped Ben square in the white bulge between his legs. Lee felt his middle finger come into sudden brief contact with a dense orb in the white fabric and knew he had struck home. Ben literally squealed. He fell to the floor on his hands and knees, but within a second, his hands were over his youthful bulge, guarding the source of his future manhood from another hit. As he moaned, Ben thought about how Kate’s knee had hurt. But it was nothing compared to being thumped. Even though Lee had hit only one of his nuggets, the waves of nausea were overwhelming. He just wanted to die, or at least for his nuts to fall off--anything to stop the pain.

He was crying again, moaning softly, “Oh god my nuts... oh my fuckin’ nuts.” As he rolled over on his back, he stared up at the boys standing around, laughing at him. Jimmy was there, laughing with them.

As gym came to an end, Jimmy stayed behind to put away the basketballs for his teacher. He was in a hurry, not wanting to miss any of the action that might take place between Ben and Lee. Ben had been quite and standoffish from everyone during gym, but that would change as soon as his nuts felt better, Jimmy was sure. Jimmy was suddenly jerked out of his thoughts by an arm around his arms and chest.

“So, you think you can laugh at me and play around with the girl I want?” a voice said. It was unmistakably Ben’s.

“Hey Ben, I...” but Jimmy never got a chance to finish.

“I thought we were friends, I guess not,” Ben said. And with that, he swung his arm around the shoulder of the smaller boy and his clinched fist impacted hard on Jimmy’s soft eggs. Jimmy hacked a cough as a wave of pain and nausea rose up from between his legs. In only his loose gym shorts and underwear, there was no tight jeans to help cushion the blow. He squeezed his eyes tight; all he wanted was to slump down to the ground, his legs could not hold him up, but Ben’s arm held him in place for what seemed like an eternity. Then, the bigger boy released him. Jimmy fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. His hands cupped his precious little balls, but nothing seemed to stop the waves of pain.

“How do those family jewels feel, Jimmy?” Ben gloated. “I guess you won’t laugh at me anymore.” With that, he left. Jimmy just stayed down. His legs were too weak for him to try to stand. As the pain started to subside, all he could do was moan and try to breathe. Now he understood. He, just like Ben--and every other boy, could never stand up to this pain. The sex book he loved to read joked that men are ruled by their balls, well, when a guy’s balls say stay down and hold us, that is all a guy can do, he decided. Still, even as he came to the realization, he couldn’t envision Peter holding his crotch in pain, unable to move. The concept was just too much--not Peter.

Still, Jimmy had learned one thing that day. It is not always good to be a boy.


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