Thursday, August 2, 2007

Linda's Lesson

By BBguy80

This is a revised version of an old story written and posted by someone else. I hope you enjoy it.

I saw her heading up to her townhouse. I opened my car door and went to follow her. She was a sexy woman by anyone's standards. About 5'4", wavy blonde hair, a medium frame, pert breasts, nice legs and rounded in the appropriate spots. She had called on the phone early that day and said she wanted to talk to me about something personal and would I please come over to her townhouse around noon?

She hadn’t noticed me and started up the concrete steps in front of her house. Walking up from behind her I got a good view of her sensuous legs. As she was searching her purse for the door key I tapped her on the shoulder. I didn't even see her turn. Crack, and I was on my back looking up at her standing between my legs. She quickly raised her foot and stomped her heel down on my crotch smashing my nuts. That's when the pain hit. It felt as if my nuts had been totally crushed. I couldn't breath and felt like vomiting, but dry heaved instead. Linda bent over my crushed form.

"Brian, God, it's you! I thought you were a mugger. Don't ever do that again! Oh, geezus, are you gonna be OK?" She reached between my legs and her fingers began to probe for my battered nuts. I felt a new spasm of pain shoot through my throbbing nuts.

“Owwww!” I croaked rather pitifully.

“I’m so sorry Brian, lets get you inside.” I had to lean on her heavily on the way in, and each step had my throbbing nuts rubbing painfully against my legs. Linda had me lie down on her sofa as she went to get an ice pack. She came back with the ice pack and pushed it into my groin with a little too much force causing another spasm of pain in my nuts.

Linda sat down at the end of the couch next to my head, and noted I was still in considerable discomfort. She asked me if I needed to see a doctor. I told her I would be okay and tried to put a brave face on it. She rolled the ice pack over saying it wasn't in the right spot. Well, it was and the twisting around on my injured nuts just sent another spasm of pain through them. She took my head and held it in her lap then leaned over me slightly, looking me right in the eyes. Linda's pert breasts were resting on my forehead, and I felt like a little horny kid (in a lot of pain).

Linda smiled and said, “The reason I wanted to talk to is that I’ve noticed you …um… looking at my legs on several occasion, and I want to ask if you’re …ah… sexually attracted to me?” I confessed that I was very physically attracted to her.

Linda shifted the ice pack on my groin reviving the pain in my nuts and replied, “That's what I thought. Have you ever fantasized about …um… having sex with me?” I again confessed that I had frequently thought about having sex with her. Linda more forcibly pushed the ice pack into my groin causing me to cry out in pain.

Linda said, “It seems like you’re still in a lot of pain. I better take look at what I've done to your testicles but first I’ll need to lower your pants.” I told her that I didn't think it was a good idea.

Linda quickly said in a louder and more aggressive tone, “Why not? I just want to make sure you’re okay and you’ve obviously been thinking about getting into my pants.” I reluctantly complied. She unbuttoned, and unzipped my jeans, then pulled them and ice pack down to my ankles. That in and of itself caused some more pain. Linda then quickly pulled my underwear down before I could think about it any further.

She said, “Um … they're kinda reddish, is that the normal color for your testicles?” I looked at them myself, seeing the angry red color, and told her they were far from normal right now.

Linda grasped the base of my scrotum twisting and pulling it down. My body convulsed as the pain in my nuts was revived.

Linda quipped, “What’s wrong you? Sit still so I can examine your testicles more closely.”

I explained (in a rather smart ass tone) that by twisting and pulling my scrotum she was causing me more pain. After snapping at her, I realized that I was not in a good position to piss her off. Abruptly Linda grabbed my dangling nuts with both hands and pulled them down an away from my crotch. I thought she was going to tear them off. I tried to scream, but only a high-pitched mewling sound came out. She released my nuts and then cupped them in her left palm. Then, to my horror, she made her right hand into a fist and smashed it into my held nuts, bashing my tortured nuts three times in rapid fire.

The explosion of pain was terrible and the battering of my nuts had sapped all the strength out of my body. I convulsed on the couch gasping for breath. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Linda laughed and said, “You’re such a pussy. Men bandy that word about but they’re the ones that are so fucking frail. Now I’m going use that frailness to teach you a lesson for being such a pervert.”

Linda formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger around the base of my scrotum and squeezed my testicles to the bottom of the sack. My inflamed testicles were trapped and highly vulnerable. True fear set in as I began to think what she might do to them.

Linda leaned over covering my face with her breasts and whispered into my ear, “I’ll prove that you’re a pussy by whipping your ass with one finger.” I didn't see her do it but heard a telltale ‘thwack’ from my crotch. Linda had flicked her finger into my trapped left nut. It felt as if my nut was on fire! I dry heaved again, rolling my torso in place on her couch. I could see she was preparing to flick her finger into my right nut. The knowledge did me no good.

Thwack! My right nut erupted in pain! She proceeded to rapidly flick my nuts, alternating between the left and right. Thwack, thwack, thwack, with each flick of her finger a new bolt of pain would jump from my nuts and shoot through my abdomen.

Just when I was about to lose consciousness she stopped and smirked, “Don’t pass out just yet you pervert, I’m starting to really enjoy this.” Linda then stretched my scrotum straight up from my body. I could plainly see both swollen nuts tightly compacted into the base of my sack, but stretched maybe three inches above my dick. Linda started squeezing my left nut between her thumb and forefinger. She gradually increased the pressure and began digging her thumb into the flesh of my nut. The gut wrenching pain was spreading up from my groin like fire and getting worse with every passing second. Linda continued her relentless squeezing, taking pleasure in the excruciating pain she was causing me. After about ten minutes of agonizing torment she switch her grip to my right nut, and began crushing it. Again digging her thumb into the flesh of my nut. Once again the gut wrenching pain started to spread from my groin.

Just when I was about to slip into merciful unconsciousness, Linda released my nut and said, “Let’s see if you’ve leaned your lesson. Have you learned not to ogle my legs?” I quickly said yes.

“Good boy,” laughed Linda as she gave my nuts a hard slap sending a blinding bolt of pain through them.

“Have you learned not to fantasize about having sex with me?” asked Linda. Again I quickly said yes.

“Good boy” laughed Linda as she jabbed her thumb first into my left nut and then into the right nut. As I withered in pain Linda smirked.

“I think you’ve probably learned your lesson but I’m having so much fun I just have to try…one…more...thing…”

Linda gripped my scrotum tighter still, and said, “I hope you remember your lesson when you come around.” She then raised her free hand high above her head, waited until I looked up into her eyes, then with all her strength smashed the heel of her hand down onto my nuts. Both testicles were literally flattened and the pain was overwhelming. My body went into convulsions, and I passed out ...

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