Friday, August 10, 2007

Losing a Bet (Part 1)

By rocketeer

It was a lovely spring day in April, and Joe was at work. Joe was 18, average build with short hair. He was working with a group of younger people, 2 15-year-old boys and a 14-year-old girl. The boys were named Nate and Jerry, and the 14-year-old girl was named Erin. Erin had an athletic build, not the most attractive by any standards, but no dog. Joe, being a few years older, was more or less in charge. He got along with everyone, yet he had no girlfriend. No particular reason, but none to speak of. The other 2 boys were in 10th grade and had girlfriends but they just screwed around. Erin had a boyfriend off and on as well.

On this day at work, the 2 younger boys were bragging about how much smarter and stronger boys are than girls. Erin argued the point with them, but to no avail. Joe listened in the background, just thinking about his secret desire to be dominated by girls. The argument was concluded by Erin threatening to kick Nate and Jerry in the balls. Joe just smiled.

Later when he was alone with Erin, Joe asked if Erin really thought that she could take on a male. She asked him what he meant by that. Joe kind of blushed, as he asked if she wanted to make a wager regarding her kicking someone in the nuts. She confidently said she could take anyone out by kicking them in the balls.

Joe said, "I'll bet you that you can't take me to the floor with one kick." She said she would bet. Later they talked, and made arrangements to meet at Erin's house. Joe agreed to let Erin bring her friend Sarah to watch.

When Joe got to Erin's house, he was wearing boxers under a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Erin let him in and they started to make rules while Sarah was on her way. Joe asked what Erin wanted to wager.

She was unsure, so he said, "If you kick me and I hit ground or go to knees, I'll be your slave for two hours but if I can take your kick, you owe me $20.” Erin agreed then Joe said, "And of course you’re kicking barefoot."

Erin said, "No! I'll need shoes."

Joe said, "If you put on a short skirt and nude colored pantyhose, I'll let you use platform sandals."

"Okay," Erin replied. When Sarah arrived a short time later, Erin was changed and Joe was nervously awaiting his punishment. Sarah helped Erin move the coffee table where the kick would take place. Then they were ready. Sarah told Joe to remove his sweats for the kick. Joe nervously agreed and slid them off to reveal his boxers, allowing his sack to hang loosely inside. Then Sarah told Joe from the couch to help Erin find his nuts. Erin and Sarah laughed as Joe took Erin's hand and held it tight against his the outside of his boxers outlining the shape and location of his sack. Then he spread his legs, and put his hands behind his back.

Erin took a step back and then let her foot fly. Her white platform sandal (5-inch heel) hit Joe square in the nuts and a second later he was on the ground, sucking air and clutching his now swelling testes. Joe rolled over unto his stomach and Erin came from behind kicking her left foot up between his legs and into his cupped hands, saying "Now that you’re our slave for two hours, you better get used to aching balls."

Joe groaned. The feeling of a fourteen-year-old girl catching him directly in the balls wasn't quite what he was expecting. All he could do was roll on the ground and moan. Sarah, who was now sprawled out on the couch thought it was hilarious as she let out a roar of laughter.

"Hmmm, what should we have our slave do now?" Erin asked. "First I think we should see what kind of damage you’ve done up close! The girls waited a minute while Joe recovered a bit. Erin ordered him to stand up. Reluctantly he did get to his feet.

"You did agree to be our slave for a full two hours didn't you?" Erin asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Joe replied.

"And you're gonna follow through, right?"

"Fine," Joe replied.

Erin walked up to Sarah and, covering her mouth so Joe couldn't hear or make out what she was saying, whispered something to Sarah. Sarah smiled and ran off, only to return a minute later with something behind her back, something that Joe couldn't see. Erin then turned her attention to the bulge that she noticed in front of Joe's boxers.

"A little excited aren't you?" Erin asked. Joe just covered it with his hand and blushed.

"Since you are our slave, we want you to do something," Erin started. "See, neither Sarah or I have seen a naked man, well besides a young kid. We used to make Sarah's brother strip for us. Now that we have you, we want to see what you have."

Joe turned a new shade of red as he stammered, "But, but, I..."

"Must and Will!" Erin demanded. Joe gave up. How bad could it be? He did kind of fantasize about being under the influence of females anyway.

Erin walked up to him and placed her hands in the waistband of Joe's boxers. Joe kind of shivered, as he was not used to a girl's touch. Joe's erection grew even more and Sarah again let out a chuckle. Erin lowered the boxers real slow, letting her hand caress the side of Joe's penis as the cotton material pressed against the springy member Joe was displaying. As the waistband cleared the head of the dick, it sprang back at attention. Then Erin dropped the boxers and let them slide down to Joe's ankles.

Joe swallowed hard as he realized he was completely naked in front of two 14-year-old females, yet he had a raging erection. Erin then reached out and grabbed Joe's left testicle, rolling it in her hand. It was slightly swollen from her kick, but not terribly discolored. Sarah walked up, and, with one hand still behind her back, started playing with Joe's right testicle. Erin then told Joe to close his eyes. Without asking why, he did so. At this point, Sarah let go of his ball and backed away. Joe heard a click, and opened his eyes to see Sarah turning away to run with a camera in her hand.

"No!" Joe shouted as he stepped forward to run. Joe in the "excitement" of the moment forgot to step out of his boxers though, and came tumbling down. Erin took this opportunity to again step between Joe’s legs and started putting pressure on his balls.

"Oww-stop-get-off!" Joe squealed.

"Take it easy, before I ruin your little ballsies. Sarah and I just want insurance that you will comply. That's a digital camera and Sarah is downloading the pics that she will send to her e-mail and mine. No one else’s as long as you do what we tell you."

Joe just rested his head on the floor. He knew he had been scammed by two 14-year-old girls. His fantasy didn't involve blackmail or what was about to cum.

Sarah came back a few minutes later with a look of satisfaction on her face. Erin lifted her foot up releasing the pressure on Joe's nuts so he could get up. Joe knew there was no way out now.

"Alright," Erin said. "Follow me." Erin led Joe into a bathroom with Sarah following up the rear. Erin turned on the bathtub water, and then reached into a drawer under the sink and removed a women's razor and some shaving gel, probably belonging to her father.

"We want you smooth as a baby so we can play with you easier," she said. Joe looked down at his now limp member and stepped into the tub. He took the razor and lathered the gel. While both girls looked on, Joe carefully shaved his pubic area so that both his balls were smooth and visible. After rinsing in the hot water that was accumulating in the tub, he stepped out. Then the girls led him out into the living room and admired his work.

"Now we want you to do jumping jacks, until we tell you to stop!" Sarah ordered. Joe started to comply, his balls flopping painfully around and his dick bouncing up and down. Both girls laughed.

Then Sarah said, "Erin, since you already had a chance to rack him in the nuts, isn't it my turn?" Erin agreed, and Joe was told to stop and spread his legs. Sarah, who was the same age as Erin, was much more attractive. For being so young, she had a well-developed chest and more shapely legs than others her age. Her hair was brown and she was wearing a baby tee and a pair of short Umbro soccer shorts. From the looks of it, Joe thought she must have been tanning a lot, as her complexion was dark for the spring season. Sarah first fumbled with Joe’s balls to awaken his now swelling cock. Under any other circumstance, Joe would have loved to feel a girl's delicate touch on his favorite parts, but he knew the pleasure would be short lived.

Sarah took one step back and lifted her foot up, teasing Joe’s balls with her red painted toes. A little trickle was making its way down from Joe's urethra, and Sarah used her big toe to wipe it. Then she stepped back again and this time kicked up her foot catching Joe’s left nut against his crotch. She could feel the target as it pushed between her toes. She could feel herself getting wet in her cotton panties.

Joe dropped like a rock, wailing as he rolled around. At this point, Erin had an idea. She took off her pantyhose from under her skirt and used them to restrain Joe’s hands behind his back so he would stop covering his nuts. Although he didn't cooperate, he wasn't up to the task of putting up a fight.

"Wow! That felt great!" Sarah said. "If I would have known that kicking balls was sooo fun my brother wouldn't have any right now!"

"Remember what we used to do with spoons?" Erin inquired.

"Yeah, let’s try that for old time's sake" Sarah replied. Erin ran into the kitchen and grabbed two spoons, handing one to Sarah on the way back. Both girls grabbed an arm and together yanked Joe back to his feet. While Sarah held him steady, Erin walked in front of him and kicked his legs out to spread them wider. Then she squatted down in front of him and since she had removed her pantyhose to bind Joe's arms and she hadn't been wearing panties, Joe could see her bush as her short skirt hiked up. This caused his cock to rise that much more. Erin rubbed the spoon across it and then focused her attention on his balls. Using the back end of the spoon, Erin flicked her wrist and the spoon, causing it to strike the right testicle and causing Joe to jerk. She did this a few times, each time a little more aggressive then the last and each time causing Joe to jerk. Then she traded places with Sarah.

After Sarah had had her fill, Sarah asked Erin is she wanted to grab a bite to eat, as she was a little hungry and wanted to "cool down". Erin agreed and asked what they should do with Joe while they stepped out. Sarah told Erin to get a nylon cord. Erin walked out to the garage and then came back with about 25 feet of nylon cord. Sarah led Joe into the basement where one end of the cord Sarah used to tightly wrap his sack up and using the other end secured him to a beam so that any movement would mean a severe pull on his balls. With his hands still secured with (wet) pantyhose, the two vixens left, one still wearing no panties and a miniskirt.

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