Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lt. Shelby

by unknown

The good Lieutenant has ways to make men talk. (testicles, torture)

Lt. Virginia Shelby was the beautiful female Marine officer in charge of G2, counter intelligence. Her job was to extract information from the enemy prisoners. Her methods were slightly unorthodox, but they did work. There was much activity at the front that night and 3 soldiers were captured. After they had been man handled and dragged to the stockade, Lt Shelby prepared her private interrogation room - a small room with double walls, to muffle the sounds that would otherwise issue from within.

The prisoners were lined up in the duty room, and stripped naked by two big tough sergeants. They literally ripped the clothes off of their backs, shredding the fabric into a million bits of cloth. The prisoners were led into the room, one by one, and secured to the walls with heavy leather restraints, arms and legs spread wide. After the three were bound, Shelby slowly swayed into the room and shut the inner door, the two sergeants, shut the outer one.

"All right, you shit heads! Who wants to save us all a little pain and answer my questions?" Shelby ordered. The three prisoners remained silent. Shelby loosened her shirt and slowly removed it exposing a voluptuous chest and toned shoulders. She rubbed her right hand over her mountainous left breast and firmly squeezed her hard nipple and kneaded her chest. The men immediately responded, their eyes glued to Shelby’s form, and their penises stiffened slightly.

"Good," she mumbled to herself. They were ready for her now. "OK. If that's the way you want it, then that's the way you'll get it!" She shouted at the men. She moved to her left and swung her petite right fist in a wide arc and drove her bare knuckles deep into the first prisoner's untensed belly. Her fist nearly drove through the man's gut, and her knuckles almost hit his backbone. The prisoner retched and slumped in his restraints, the wind driven from his lungs.

Shelby moved to the next man, a bigger man than the first, with a large pair of low hanging nuts, kind of like a small bull. Shelby cupped her hand and brought it up hard underneath the man's swinging sac. Her finger nails penetrated deep into the man's balls, before Shelby clamped her hand shut and split his sac with her thumbnail. When she had the balls locked securely in her fist, she began to squeeze and twist the man's jewels, slowly grinding and grating his rocks against each other and against her thumb. The man cried out in agony as Shelby crushed his balls with her bare fist. Then Shelby shoved a used jock strap into the man's gaping mouth, shutting off the offending noise. With one vicious yank Shelby released her grip and moved to the third man.

He had been in the unique position of watching what had happened so far to his two friends. Shelby brought her hand up between the man's legs and started to slap his loose hanging balls then she reached down and picked up a ball press from her bag of torture goodies. Carefully she fitted the heavy chrome plated steel clamp around the man's balls. When she had them in position, she tightened the clamp and started to put the screws to his victim's nuts, she tightened the press until his man was sweating profusely, then she tightened it one-half more twist. Shelby had already gagged number three so that he couldn't scream out.

She returned to number one and slapped his face hard several times to arouse him. The man’s eyes followed Shelby’s body up to her naked breasts, and then he spat on them. . Shelby jerked her delicate knee up hard and nailed the prisoner's nuts, dead center. The prisoner's scream was cut short as she drove her open hand into his throat and cut off the agonized scream. Shelby had gracefully sexy, strong legs and often used them to great advantage during hand-to-hand combat with men. She liked to kick her victim between the legs and use the toe or heel of her boots to crush and pulverize his sex life. Again Shelby lifted her knee between the helpless man's spread legs and nailed his nuts, four, five, six rapid-fire knee lifts and all bull's-eyes, right dead center. Number 1 couldn't handle the nut busting pain and passed out again. She was going to play rough with him and work his large balls over a little bit at a time, slowly destroying him. Shelby liked slow castration scenes where her victim was made to suffer for protracted periods of time.

Number 2 was still breathing heavily from his earlier finger jab and nut claw as she turned to face him again. There was fear in the man's eyes as Shelby’s insidious stare penetrated his brain, fear for his balls. He knew that she wouldn't stop until she had destroyed all three of them, maybe if he gave Shelby the information that she wanted they would be freed? The man motioned that he was willing to talk. Shelby removed the gag and the man spoke rapidly, spilling his guts about the plans of his superiors. Shelby reached out and fondled the man's heavy testicles then she carefully slipped her thin fingers around the man's balls. Shelby listened intently and watched every movement of the man's face and eyes. She wasn't quite sure that the man was telling the truth; some of the facts didn't fit together. When the man had finished, Shelby jerked her hand and her penetrating nails sliced through the man's sac and his balls dropped to the floor with a splat. The prisoner screamed, but only for an instant. Shelby drove a spear hand into his throat and flattened his larynx.

Number 3 was too horrified to speak when Shelby asked him in a harsh but feminine voice if the information was correct. She grabbed the ball press and yanked down hard, pulling the man's trapped balls rapidly towards his ankles. Shelby released her grip and the man's stretched scrotum quickly shrunk, snapping his balls into his crotch. She bent down and picked up a 5 pound weight and attached it to the ball press, now the prisoner's balls were not only being slowly crushed, but stretched as well. Shelby twisted the screw 1/2 turn and the man's balls were forced out between the bars of the press. Then she attached another 5-pound weight. The man's eyes grew larger and larger as his balls were being stretched towards his knees.

Again Shelby turned to face number 1. His balls were starting to turn black and blue from her punishment. She started to jerk her knee again and the prisoner cringed in anticipation of the impact, but Shelby didn't knee his balls this time. The man had a look of relief on his face until she brought her hard bare knuckles up into his sac and ground his gonads into his groin, twisting and grating her knuckles. Shelby cupped her hand over the man's mouth and jabbed at him again, and again, each time a little harder, each time cutting into his balls a little more. Shelby stuffed another used jock into his mouth and turned to face number 3.

When she had her back to number 1, she snapped the heel of her boot straight up into his tenderized balls. Number 1 passed out again. Shelby added 15 more pounds to hang between Number three's legs, and again she tightened the screw, forcing the bars even closer together. Number 3 was in even greater agony when she reached down and slapped his trapped nuts. Shelby flicked her fingernails against the taught flesh and number 3 twisted in absolute agony. Another 1/2 twist and she returned to Number 1.

Shelby was beginning to tire and decided to speed things up. Number 1 was still unconscious as she again drove her open hand into the bruised and battered mass of flesh between the doomed man's legs. The man awoke very quickly and Shelby wasted no time. She was going to crush his balls, and castrate Number 1 with her bare hands. She was tiny, but she still was strong enough to do it. She seized the sac with her left fist and forced the twin orbs to the bottom of the sac. She dug into his nuts with her nails, feeling the moist flesh rip as her fingertips penetrated, then she cupped them. The knuckles of her right hand crushed and ground the trapped balls between her fist and her palm. Number 1 knew that his time was limited and that his precious balls were doomed. Without warning Shelby stopped punching the man's bag, and turned to number 3.

Another 15 pounds was attached to the ball press and the total was 40 pounds, combined with a full turn of the screw and number 3 also knew that salvation was hopeless. Shelby gently kissed his nuts, and slapped them between her open palms, batting them back and forth, while Number 3 could only wince in agony.

She pivoted and swung a vicious upper cut between Number one's legs, bingo, right on target. Number 1 passed out for a third time. But she wasn't going to let him rest or his aching balls recover. Shelby grabbed his hips and jammed her knee between his legs like a hammer. Four, five, six powerful knee lifts to the balls; Number 1 was rapidly approaching destruction. She again clenched his balls with the long nails of her left hand and began jabbing them with her right. Number one's balls were swelling from all the abuse that had received so far, and glowing blood red as the punishment continued unabated. Shelby pulled down with her nails, drew her right fist back and then sent it on its way. With one tremendous impact, Shelby’s palm and fist met, and Number one's balls were pulverized beyond repair. She grabbed and groped the pulverized scrotum and felt the soft mushy remains of the man's once proud balls. She had totally destroyed Number one’s manhood and sex life. She took great delight as she continued to maul and mangle the man's busted balls with a sick passion.

Number three knew that his demise wasn't far behind as Shelby turned to face him for the last time. She lifted the weights between his legs and then dropped them. The prisoner's scrotum stretched like a rubber band and took his trapped nuts with it. Then it tried to spring back, but the weight was too great and he could feel them being stretched and crushed. She tightened the screw another turn and the steel rods dug deeper into the man's balls, it wasn't going to take to many turns to complete the job. Shelby twisted the screw again. The man's balls were squishing out from between the rods as they were being crushed. She tightened the screw again, and suddenly it went slack. The man's left nut had exploded inside his sac. Shelby smiled as she tightened the screw some more and then felt the right nut as it was burst like a pea. Shelby quickly tightened the screw all the way until the steel rods were only separated by the remains of the man's skin. Shelby formed a knife hand, and with one quick swipe of her nails, severed the man's sac. The 40 pounds of weights plus the ball press hit the floor with a crash. She then pressed her soft lips to his, rubbing her nails against his hard penis as it shot pinkish sperm across the floor.

"Couldn’t control yourself, huh?" She giggled.

When the Captain asked what happened to the prisoners Gina replied, "Sir, they tried to overpower me and I had to defend myself. I successfully over came their attacks, and they are in the hospital recovering now. It may be some time before they will be able to talk, unfortunately." Shelby knew deep inside that they would never talk; she had made sure of it.

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