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Mandy Busts Mr. Martin (Tom Learns from Jennifer pt. 2)


Mandy did not know Tom very well, even though as a next door neighbor she had seen him occasionally coming and going over the two years they had lived there, although not much since she had witnessed by invitation Jennifer's brutal ball busting and beating of her husband for his insolence. Mandy was surprised he was still living there, but was glad that he was. Her excitement as she had watched with Ann, her girlfriend, as Jennifer had taught Tom the lesson of his life had been exquisite and she had kept an eye out for him since that beating a few weeks ago. She had been unable to get the thought out of her nearly sixteen-year-old mind that was rapidly developing in sexual maturity and curiosity.

Tom had seen her in the adjacent yard when she came out her back porch as he continued somewhat gingerly with his lawn work - he was still recovering from Jennifer's beating and ballbusting of him a few weeks back. Knowing what had happened to him and not seeing him much during that time, Mandy approached him with a smug smile.

"How are you feeling Mr. Martin?" Mandy asked smugly. "You're moving pretty slowly. Are you hurting anywhere still?" she giggled out at him. Tom ignored her, but felt his anger rising as she continued to drift over to him in her tightly cut off shorts and knotted shirt over her bare stomach. He suspected she was without a bra and noted without seeming to and realized that since he had moved here, the last two years she had experienced a dramatic change in her physical shape to where her barely budding breasts and gangly legs of a couple of years ago were rapidly maturing and that her legs were shapely and breasts were pushing against a blouse that was a little too tight now. Still her insolent manner and sly reference to his wife's beating were not something he had to take.

Mandy would not leave it alone and continued to make suggestive remarks to him regarding his slow movements and any pain he might still feel and if he had taken up any self defense courses because of the "neighborhood" and may other comments. She continued making them, not carefully watching his rising anger until she was just a few feet away from him.

Tom's anger over Mandy's mild taunting reached a point of action. He wasn't about to take any smart or leading remarks from this insolent young teenager. His memory of his humiliation in front of her by his wife welled up and he determined to take action and teach her a lesson. His aim wasn't to hurt the girl as much as scare her away. He shouted and made a short lunge at her leading with the garden rake he held in his hands.

Mandy was surprised at his attack with the rake and fell back landing on the ground in the freshly raked soil next to the limbs Tom had also been cutting. She was up in an instant however and brought herself into a defensive posture. Tom's anger had not dissipated and he made a lunge again, but Mandy was ready for him this time. As he closed in she stepped quickly aside and threw the dirt she had quickly grasped as she had risen from the ground into his eyes. Tom cried out in surprise and pain dropping the rake and clasping his hands to his eyes. Mandy knew from her attacks on her brother that even Tom's his well muscled twenty-three year old body would be no match for her as exposed as he had left himself. Maintaining his balance with a wide spread stance as he clasped his hands over his burning eyes left the bulge between his legs the perfect target for Mandy and she was not about to let the opportunity pass.

She felt a flicker of pleasure in her loins and throughout the rest of her body as she recognized the opportunity. With a smile of focused determination she stepped forward with her left foot while swinging her right leg back behind her and then forward with mighty force. The flash of her leg barely visible as it arced upwards towards the exposed bulge of Tom's groin. Her foot struck his balls squarely and she was able to feel with pleasure, as if in slow motion, the first touch of the top of her foot to his nuts as they came into contact and with force smashed them into his pelvis.

His reaction was that of any man, as his balls, which were still in the final stages of recovery from his beating by his wife a few weeks back, took on a life of their own sending that sickening gut wrenching pain instantaneously to the pit of his stomach and exploding throughout his entire frame. Mandy was quick and in the brief moment it took for the pain to register and his auto-reflexes to react, she quickly followed through by grasping his arms and driving her right knee again deeply into his tortured sack and then stepped back to enjoy the results of her brutal assault on Tom's groin.

With a cry of pain, Tom's legs came together as much as the pain would allow and he collapsed to his knees on the ground. His hands moved from his eyes and too late to his balls - the damage was done - but as far as Mandy was concerned it was far from over. Her eyes gleamed at Tom's cry and the shallow involuntary coughs that were caused by her foot and knee to his balls. The pain for Tom was incredible. His wife had crushed his balls wearing Mary Janes, which had to hurt worse, but they weren't recovering as they were now. Mandy's bare foot and knee crashing into his balls was agonizing to him.

Unknown to Mandy, two women were watching the action from concealed sidelines from separate locations. Tom's wife Jennifer who had humiliated and hurt him badly a few weeks back was watching from inside their home. The other woman watching was Mandy's mother, who had initially started to leave her home next to Tom and Jennifer's when she heard the commotion begin and saw Tom lunge at her daughter. When Mandy had quickly turned the table on Tom leaving him in agony, Tonya, Mandy's mother, decided to watch a while before she intervened.

Jennifer had been watching long enough to know what had precipitated the confrontation suspecting that Mandy had been wanting to do this for some time. Seeing that Mandy had so quickly achieved the upper hand, she determined she would let her have her fun with Tom for a while. Tom apparently still hadn't learned his lessons. An additional humiliation by this young girl would be just the thing. That kick to Tom's balls followed by Mandy's quick knee had sent an electric thrill through her depositing the condensed pleasure into her own groin. She vowed to have her pleasure with Tom later in one of her newly favorite dominating tricks she now used on him which gave her such great sexual relief - her strap on dildo. She had developed several techniques, which, while painful for Tom, extended her pleasure, and the techniques had almost grown addictive to her in their ability to create extreme pleasure for her.

"Good girl!" she said to herself as she watched Mandy strike twice with great effect. "Ohhhhhhh sweetie. You really nailed him good!" she moaned out as she watched Tom sink to the ground in obvious and tremendous pain. His expression of pain and surprise as this young woman had busted him dampened Jennifer's loins even further.

From the house next door, Mandy's mother also was now finding enjoyment in her daughter's domination of this neighborhood hunk. "Sink it in deep, baby. Hurt his balls good" her mother murmured pleasurably to herself when she saw her daughter's foot strike into Tom's groin. "Oh yes!" she ejaculated with gleaming eyes as her daughter had grabbed Tom's arms and drove her knee deeply into his still exposed manhood. Tonya had seen the bulge in between Tom's legs and she knew there would be a lot to hurt there.

She had busted a man or two herself and was proud of her daughter's attack. She wished it had been herself and if her daughter left enough of him, she vowed she would get to his balls in the near future and he would be doubly sorry for striking out at her daughter. For now however her daughter had the situation under control it appeared and she watched from her back bedroom with pleasure and anticipation. "Don't stop Mandy. Give it to him really good. I want to see your foot, fist and knee in his nuts several times more," she whispered to herself as her hand drifted to her own nether regions that were stimulated by her daughter's beating of her powerful neighbor.

As Tom moaned on his knees from the spreading testicular pain and retching coughs Mandy exulted in her prowess. "Hurts doesn't it?" Mandy asked in a voice that could not contain the smugness and enjoyment she felt as she stood over him watching his agony. "I really got them. Both times. I could feel them you know. I'll bet it hurt as bad as when Jennifer got you doesn't it?" she asked meanly.

"Spread your knees and let me kick you again," she demanded. His only response was another shallow cough. The pain was not abating. He hated the girl and what she had done to him, but all his strength had left him. His eyes were tightly closed and he didn't see her foot as it struck him forcefully in the side of his head, as she had quickly executed a spin kick that landed perfectly. He was knocked over with the violence of her kick and nearly stunned unconscious. She had hoped for him to remove his hands from his balls, but her brutal kick was not enough to overcome his natural reaction to protect his groin.

She knew she could have walked off and left him and he would have suffered enough, but the sense of pleasure in her own body and loins was something she wanted to prolong. It was a powerful feeling. She had beaten boys before and found them very stimulating, but to take this man and reduce him to a moaning heap was too great for her to stop now. She studied his groaning form for her next attack. She did not often have the pleasure of busting a boy's balls - and now a man's - but with each passing month, the thought of that domination to a boys and men's weakness thrilled her to think about it and left her loins with an indescribably delicious sensation. On the occasions when she did it and the win was pure heaven. And she made sure she always won.

It had almost happened too quick for her to anticipate the pleasure this time, but she vowed to extend her pleasure with him now. Watching him moaning from her work on his nuts was creating a hot fire between her legs which she planned to fuel even more. Tom lay on his side in a fetal ball and Mandy walked around to his back and drove two brutal kicks into his kidneys making him arch just to the point where she wanted him. Not recognizing the chance she was taking - he was a man with a man's strength and could turn on her and he was recovering from her last kick to his head - she quickly dropped to the ground and grabbed his luxurious hair tightly in her hands and pulled the back of his head towards her with force into the juncture between her thighs and quickly and tightly wrapped her attractive adolescent legs into a choke hold around his throat and began to squeeze.

Tom kept his hands on his balls a long while, but eventually uncovered them and grasped her legs as his windpipe was constricted and he struggled mightily against her constrictor force as her legs slowly but insistently squeezed tighter and tighter around his throat. The tremendous pain in his groin kept him occupied while Mandy's legs choked his throat, but as he lost air first one ineffectual hand and then the other began to relax its struggle from her powerful legs and he feebly attempted to remove her powerful legs from his throat, but the strength of her legs was more than he could handle in the condition which her kicks and sleeper holds had placed him. When he was unconscious she released her tightly constricting leg hold from his throat rather reluctantly. His frantic efforts to breathe had placed an enjoyable pressure against her young cunt and provided an intense thrill she had not expected. It felt great! It was much more pleasurable than her own hand which she had used to pleasure herself in the last few months.

His hands finally gripping in panic at her figure four leg hold around his throat had been added spice as that had encouraged her to squeeze tighter while she listened to his futile attempts to breathe through her choke hold. Next time, she thought as she moved into the next phase of her plan, she might slow down the choking of her opponent just to extend their distress and prolong her pleasure.

Moving quickly she went to the rake lying on the ground and stuck the head of the rake in a deep hole near the sidewalk she had noticed where a fence post had been removed and with a mighty pull snapped the head of the rake off leaving the handle remaining in her hands. She went back to Tom, who in his unconscious state lay with his legs loosely apart. His balls and cock were outlined neatly beneath his cotton shorts giving the appearance of plums and sausage covered tightly by cloth. She was tempted to step forward and give him another hard kick to his balls, but didn't want to waste it. Much of the pleasure is from the cry of pain, the facial expression which emitted so much emotion, and the coughing and retching she caused as she busted a males nuts. Her plan she knew was worth holding back for now. If he wasn't conscious when she was finished with her preparations, she thought she might give him a kick to see if it would be enough to wake him. Taking the stick she went to his feet and untied the laces of his shoes, but kept them tight enough to keep his feet encased within them. She kept his legs spread about three feet apart and tightly tied his shoe laces to the rake handle leaving his legs in a vulnerable and immovable vee. She had made her own spreader bar and she looked with satisfaction at her work. She would make him suffer now. Another thrill spread from her sexual core as she imagined what she would do to him.

He was coming around now and she went to his head and placed her bare foot onto his throat and pressed down tightly until he gagged. She then kicked the heel of her foot against his jaw enough to jar him. "Wake up Mr. Martin. The fun is just beginning. I'm going to hurt your nuts good now. I've really been wanting a turn at you since Jennifer taught you a lesson. I know she is a woman, but you'll learn that little teenagers can hurt you badly too. I bet they really heart right now, but your ball pain is just beginning. I'm going to make you cry from me busting your nuts," here eyes gleamed with anticipation and the signs of pain and fear and anger she saw in his eyes and expression.

Tom was angry at her insolence and wanted now to tear into her no matter the consequence to himself and he threw himself at her as much as his pain would allow in an attempt to rise quickly, but the improvised spreader bar she had placed between his legs left him flopping and she jumped back laughing at the predicament in which she had left him.

"Can't get up?" she asked. "Well let’s see if we can make you more comfortable while you are down." With those words she had moved towards her shoelace tied spreader bar and with a powerful lift for her size lifted and pushed his legs into a vertical position, the spreader bar holding them perfectly apart for what was to come next.

Tom knew as well and cried out in panic in a voice strained by extreme pain. "Oh no. You little bitch. Put my legs down." Tom tried a sit up, but his aching balls cramped his efforts. Mandy had more in mind for them. Stepping forward and planting her left foot firmly and quickly, she raised her right foot high over his exposed plum sized balls and with a sparkle of desire to create indescribable pain for Tom and thrills of ecstasy for her brought her foot crashing down into his nuts with tremendous force. She felt with pleasure the heel of her foot smash into his nuts that telegraphed so much pain for Tom.

His legs bucked involuntarily, but even before the pain could travel to his guts in that sickening feeling his mouth let out a howl of agony which died into a quavering groan as her foot struck again even more deeply. While the pain slid quickly into all parts of his body, he ejaculated a plea for her to stop which pleased her even more. Being experienced in busting the balls of boys in the neighborhood, she watched as the waves of agony washed over his face and convulsed his body.

When she felt it had penetrated him thoroughly she judged by his tormented moans and choking, retching gasps and twisting to avoid a pain which he cold not, she gave a second and final viscous stomp to his agonized balls with the heel of her attractive foot before releasing her hold on the spreader bar and letting his legs slam to the ground. Tom attempted to curl up into a fetal ball, but the spreader that Mandy had put on his legs prevented that and left him more exposed. Mandy moved to him and watched with indescribable pleasure as tears of pain and his cries of gut wrenching pain she had caused washed over him in waves.

"Oh my balls!" he cried out in gasping and choking sobs. "Oh, god, my balls." He choked out between his involuntary retching and coughing gasps of pain. His sobs, which she had torn from him from her brutal beating, were involuntary and his cries of his tortured nuts died into moans as he lay there in pain.

"Ohhhhhh, " Mandy said as she watched with pleasure, "I bet you really are hurting now," enjoying the tears and the involuntary choking gasps he emitted. Her energy was up and she wanted to do more, but had an indescribable desire to bring herself off sexually and had experienced that at her own hands in her relatively young life. She sensed a desire to sit of his face and to grind the burning sensual sensation between her legs into a satisfying explosion onto his face and mouth and lips, but did not have the experience and was confused by that desire which seemed so conflicting with her desire to kick him.

In both pleasure and a tiny bit of sexual frustration she placed her foot on his head and ground it down into the earth and then left moaning and retching while she went to her room to bring herself off and remember the pleasure of taking a man and putting his balls in their place. Her hard and stiffened nipples of her swelling breasts, almost painful in their excited state, and her heated pussy were all signs of her soon to be sixteen year old body maturing into a woman who would take her pleasure from men and boys as she wished.

Tonya Adams had watched her daughter from behind the blinds of her bedroom complete her last nut busting maneuver with a mixture of pride, pleasure and envy. She had watched with initial curiosity the maneuver of tying his shoes with laces to the rake handle, but as if by telepathy she understood what her daughter had intended well before the last lace had been knotted to the handle. It was with tingling pleasure in her sex that she had exclaimed involuntarily, "Oh yes baby, oh yes!" when she saw her daughters foot pound into the man's nuts.

The man's exclamations of pain were easily heard and provided a thrill to her nearly equal to that of her daughters. The heel of her right foot had stomped hard into the carpet to mimic her daughters busting of her neighbor's balls as she had watched the viscous stomping and as an exclamation point to her pleasure in watching. She imagined her foot scrambling his nuts and felt the thrill of orgasm approach. Her hand drifted to between her legs tightly covered by her cut off shorts and she massaged herself to full and long orgasm as with her eyes closed she re-enacted what her daughter had done to Tom Martin and began to anticipate when she would be doing the same to him, slowly developing a passionate and pleasurable anger towards him over his threat to her daughter. That her daughter had beaten him brutally was of no consequence. She wanted her own turn to bust his balls and before the summer was over she intended to do just that.

Tom's wife Jennifer watched with appreciation and envy as Mandy walked away swinging her pert bottom in a display of proud female sensual allure and control from her winning. She would have to keep an eye on Mandy. She couldn't help from the pleasurable sensation watching Mandy had left her, but also knew she would have to use her knowledge of this situation to have Mandy introduce her to her eighteen year old brother for a little ballbusting action of her own, now that Tom would be out of commission for a few days. She was envious, because she knew she would have to let Tom's nuts recover a bit, but watching his beating at the hands of the maturing adolescent made her want a fight with him again.

Watching Mandy brutalize her Tom had left her on the verge of orgasm and she allowed the images to continue to float in her mind as she went out to help Tom back inside and begin his oral pleasuring of her. She planned several hours of grinding her cunt against his face to bring her off. She would take care of his balls later after they had a few days to recover.

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Personally, Part 1 was my favorite, but this was also a very good story. Big strong cocky Tom obviously learned nothing from his prior defeat, so hopefully getting beaten up and having his nuts busted by his neighbor teenage girl will be a nice slice of humble pie for him and teach him a lesson. Sooner or later, Tom needs to learn that his muscles don't matter and having balls dangling between his legs makes him inferior to females. I would have loved to have seen Mandy strip him and milk him to embarrass Tom even more. I think a good part 3 of this series could be made about Mandy's mother busting Tom for revenge for threatening her daughter.