Friday, August 10, 2007

Manners Becum You

By nutcracker sweet

I notice the predatory look in your eyes above your crooked sneer as I enter the room. Do you like what you see? Of course you do. What you see is a woman who is standing a little taller than her usual 5'4" because of the high heels on the brown leather cowgirl boots she is wearing. The matching brown leather pants hug her athletic legs and tight ass. The unruly black mane falling about her bare, freckled shoulders and the electric blue of her eyes give her the look of a wild Celtic warrioress. I wink, lick my lips and sashay up to you, placing one red-lacquered nail against your lips as my small hands go to unbuttoning your shirt.

"Simone said to treat you special." Your eyes widen and you imperceptibly lick your own lips. "And I will." I press my lips to yours, my tongue pushing past your teeth to wrestle with your tongue in a long, wet kiss. Your shirt falls to the floor as we come up for air and I step back to appraise your body.

The high heels of my boots clack softly as I step around you, gently trailing my fingers across your shoulders, arms, chest, nipples, belly, back. I grab your ass through your jeans, pressing my bare breasts to your naked back as I whisper into your ear, "So, you like blow-jobs?" The breath catches in your throat and you dumbly nod your head in silence. Back in front of you my fingers grapple with the top buttons of your Levi’s as I press my lips to yours, sucking your tongue in another cock-hardening kiss. I nuzzle your neck, pant into your ear, kiss your chest, tease your nipples with butterfly flicks of my pink tongue, make my way down your torso, my tongue circling in your belly button.

Now I am on my knees, pulling down the zipper to your jeans with my teeth. "Oh my god!" I gasp as your erect cock springs free, oozing pre-cum. "You're ready to go, darling, ain't you?" I heft your cum-laden balls. "And your nuts are screwed up tight! But hang on handsome, the best is yet to come!" I run my tongue up the underside of your twitching dick and around your dribbling cockhead, my fingers and thumb of one hand encircling your meaty male-pods in a firm grip. I stand up, giving your nuts a painful little pull down that causes you to gasp. I adjust my grip on you so that just the thumb and forefinger are wrapped around the neck of your nuts.

"Simone tells me that you're an okay guy..." Your eyes narrow in apprehension as I stretch your nuts to the bottom of your ball-sac. "But I beg to differ with her..." In answer to your unasked question my knee pile-drives into your trapped balls! HARD! I'm fast too! Twice more my knee slams your balls before I let you collapse to the floor. A sobbing, groaning heap clutching your smashed testicles!

"Oh, knock it off!" I kick your bare ass. "I've only just begun!" I pull handcuffs from my waistband and try to get your arms behind you but you resist me. Not so much out of defiance as out of a pathetic attempt to protect your battered manhood from any further abuse. It takes some wrestling but I finally secure your hands behind you. The pain from your viciously kneed balls is overwhelming; you're curled up, knees to chest, crying and drooling. Just the way I like to see a man!

"I read some of those e-mails that you sent to Simone. Remember them? How about the one in which you threatened that you were going to bitch-slap her to the ground then hold her down while you cum on her face?" Another kick to your pimply ass.

"JUST WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TALKING TO HER LIKE THAT? SHE MIGHT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THAT SHIT BUT I SURE AS HELL WON'T!" I jerk your head up by your hair and stare my contempt into your eyes, pleased with the fear that I see in them and the tears of pain on your cheeks.

"I think that testosterone-driven cretins like you take way too many liberties with the nice girls like her!" I step behind you, jam my hands between your legs, forcibly pry your fingers loose from your precious jewels and then roughly yank your rapidly swelling testicles back past your ass out into the open, drawing my booted foot back to deliver a crushing kick to your balls! You howl like a bansheee! Like a little girl banshee!

I strut purposefully to the door, open it, step aside and jerk my head back towards your crumpled, crying form, "C'mon in. Let's teach this pig some manners!" Her own leather-clad hips undulating, Simone, my darling baby sister, saunters into the room carrying a tote bag, the contents of which she dumps out on the floor in front of you.

We laugh as we see the pain in your eyes turn to panic.

"I told you the best was yet to come!"


That's it for now. I've gotta go kick-start my vibrator 'cause I'm slicker than snot on a glass doorknob. Yum!


Nutcracker sweet

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