Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maria's Cooking Show (Part 1 & 2)

by tirsomalyzero

Maria was a cook, she had this guy she worked with that she hated.

One day Maria said, "Hey Joe, you're so sexy, can I suck your dick"?

"Okay" said Joe, He quickly pulled out his cock and balls in excitement. She got up real close to him and caressed his nuts.

"Mmmm, actually I feel like cooking." With that she squeezed his balls, her long pink nails breaking the skin and nearly puncturing his balls.

"Fuckin' shit, Oh my god, let go please," begged the miserable character of Joe.

"Fuck you, you pig." With that she spit in his face.

"I'm gonna make my self a sausage" Joe was scared shitless as he should be. Maria said, "First we have to peel the skin off." Joe was crying and in a constant state of new shocking pain. Maria began peeling the skin off his dick with a potato peeler. When she got to the head, she would have to tear the rest off, with her nails, and every time she did that she tore off a little meat.

"Now that it's peeled," she began, as she wrenched strong tongs down on Joes member, "We have to fry it, hee hee." With that she seared his poor dick onto a frying pan and Joe passed out, she held him up and continued frying it.

30 minutes later Joe woke up. She made sure he opened his eyes to see his genitals, he freaked out. "Don't worry I'll fix them." She chopped down with a butcher knife, lopping off his dick. "That's better," she said.

"Eat this sausage NOW unless you want me to eat it, of course, I have a big appetite, I'll probably want meatballs too." Joe couldn't take any more pain so he choked his penis down.

" Now I own you Joe."

Maria reached her fingers down into the cut where Joe's dick was and cauterized the wound with a hot knife. "Joe, you know you have to go home with me now, right?" she asked as she kicked him in the face.

"Right, Maria, I'll go home with you." Maria brought him to her house and brought him down to the basement.

"This will be your new home, until I decide to let you go." He was tied to a bed right near the septic tank. "You'll eat good here Joe, especially when I'm on my period like today" Maria sat on Joe's face and made him eat her out while she was bleeding. "Tomorrow we'll go to work like everything was normal, Joe."

Joe cried that night knowing he had nothing but a urethra hanging out of a scab, and his balls. Maria came ten times before falling into a deep slumber.

Maria woke up excited knowing she had Joe for a slave. She ran downstairs, to the basement. "Good Morning Joe," she sang as she ran towards him. Joe woke up in fear of Maria. "Joe, do you want some scrambled EGGS?" she kicked Joe with the point of her big toe denting his left ball and shocking the other one.

"UUNnnnggh," Joe moaned not only from his balls but that she had ripped off some of the end of his urethra with her toe.

Maria untied him. "Get up asshole, it's time for work." Joe couldn't get up so Maria helped out by pulling him up, by his nuts of course. "Now get dressed."

At work Joe was in constant pain not to mention fear of another cooking show afterwards. Maria sat around all day doing none of her paper work. She was going to let Joe do it after work.

The work day ends.

"Have a nice day at work Joe. You weren't planning on going home, were you?"

"No, I was just- just--"

"Just what, Joe? Fuck you," said Maria as she grabbed Joe's shoulder. "Your home is with me now." With that she kneed quickly three times in the balls, then grabbed his hair and threw him in her trunk.

They arrive home.

"I have some work for you to do around the house, oh, and from now on you're wearing this." She put a locking barbed chain leash tight around his balls, it cut through the skin. "I'll pull you around by this, and if I don't want to look at you I'll just lock you up."

"I was tired today at work and didn't get any work done, so you can do it for me I'll just lock you to this old rusty pipe in the basement, And I'll see you tomorrow morning. Sorry if you can't lie down, but you really can't blame me. Good night."

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