Monday, August 13, 2007

Married Without Children

by Caligula

Bud stood facing Kelly as she had placed herself between him and the front door. He was dangling the keys to his father's Dodge in front of her face. (Al had finally gotten up the nerve to leave the family.) Kelly was dressed in her shortest red mini-skirt dress with her black 4-inch pumps. Her long blonde hair cascaded down around her face. Peggy, their mother, watched from the sofa with an amused look on her face as the siblings argued.

"Look, eunuch boy," stated Kelly calmly, "I want the car keys and I want them NOW!"

"Why," retorted Bud, "so you can go out on that date with what's his name? Let me think... Neuter, was it?"

"That's right testoid, and unless you want to BE neutered, you'll give me those keys." Kelly planted her hands on her hips and thrust out her ample chest for emphasis.

"Hold on there, Kel, the car is mine. I'm going out on a date tonight myself."

"You don't need a car to take your right hand out, Bud. Now give me those keys!"

"Make me."

"Remember that you asked for it!" Kelly drew her leg back and with all the force she could muster thrust her knee upward into Bud's nutsack. Bud let out an “OOOFFF!” and doubled up slightly, still holding up the keys. Kelly smiled sweetly at him and snatched the keys from his trembling hand. She then turned and walked out the door. Bud slowly slumped to the ground and moaned softly, when he suddenly remembered his mother had just seen Kelly nail him in the groin. Surely his own mother would be sympathetic. He slowly crawled around to the front of the sofa. He could see his mother's feet dangling one of her open-toed pumps and crawled over to it.

"Mom," he croaked, "did you see where Kelly kneed me?"

"Yes, Bud, in your balls."

Bud couldn't understand why his mother was sounding out of breath. She was panting and breathing funny. He managed to twist his head up and saw that his mother had her hand in her spandex pants and was rubbing away. What the fuck was going on here?!?

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"Oh Bud, I can't help myself. I haven't been turned on like that since your father left."

"You mean by me getting kneed in the balls?"

"Yes, I used to bust your father's balls all the time. Why do you think he left?" Bud had managed to finally get back on his feet and stood in front of his mother, watching her hand rub away in her pants.

"Oh no! The feeling is wearing off! I'm not going to be able to orgasm unless I see some more ball-busting!" she thought for only a brief moment before deciding her orgasm was more important than her son's manhood. She took careful aim and swung her open-toed pump up into Bud's balls.

Bud watched, helpless to move as he saw too late his mother's intention. Her leg came up too quickly to stop and her shoe nailed him dead on. He could feel his mother's big toe wriggle up against his right nut as she held her foot planted in his groin. Peggy loved the way her leg looked as her son was suspended on the end of it momentarily, her foot nestled under his ballbag. She wiggled her toe to see if she could feel a ball beneath it, but then Bud's eyes rolled up into his head and he passed out. Peg orgasmed violently.

Bud awoke later that evening to the site of four shoes dangling above him. He instantly recognized his mother's open-toed pumps that had smashed his berries and Kelly's shiny black pumps. Damn his sister had gorgeous legs! Even through the pain in his groin he knew his sister was hot.

"Hey Mom, I think the testoid is awake," said Kelly with a hint of amusement in her voice. "How they hangin’, Bud?"

Bud only moaned in response.

"Now Kelly, your brother has done a wonderful thing. And he's about to do more wonderful things...for both of us." Bud realized what she was talking about and started to crawl away on all fours...big mistake. He heard someone get off the sofa and run at him from behind. He heard Kelly's voice behind him yell, "she goes for the punt!!!" Suddenly Bud's world erupted in pain as Kelly's pointy-toed shoe smashed into his testicles from behind.

"Wow Mom, you were right! Kicking the testoid in his testicles IS a turn-on!"

"That's my girl!" laughed Peggy.

"You know Bud, I've noticed you staring at my legs quite a bit. How would you like to get better acquainted with them?" She posed seductively in front of him, shaking her body to turn him on. It worked. He was getting an erection. "Hold the eunuch boy up Mom, so I can get in some good knees to his nuts with my curvy legs."

Peggy went and grabbed Bud under the arms, lifting him to his unsteady feet. "Go ahead Kelly."

Kelly walked around to stand in front of her brother. She grabbed him by the shoulders and swung her knee into his balls. Bud yelped and whimpered slightly.

"Mom, I'm getting wet!" yelled Kelly.

"Knee those puny suckers again, honey!!!" Kelly did...and did and did and did. Finally Peg interrupted, "My turn Kelly!"

Peg went around to the front as Kelly held the nearly unconscious Bud. Peggy tested the fit between her knee and Bud's crotch. Her legs were a little thicker than Kelly's, and made a nice snug fit in between his legs. There wouldn't be any room for his little eggs to slip out of the way with a perfect fit like that. "Mommy's gonna crush your nuts, honey!" With that, Peggy proceeded to knee Bud repeatedly in the balls, making her son green in the face. When she had broken out into a slight sweat, she backed up and lifted her a leg like a dancer into her son's groin, her shoe once again causing him to pass out.

Bud came around in front of the couch again and was immediately aware of Kelly's stiletto heel twisting painfully into his balls from her position on the sofa. He groaned with the pain. Her other foot had been slipped out of her heel and her stocking clad toes cupped his nose.

"Hey ballless brother, did the smell of my stinky foot wake you up. Better than smelling salts, huh?" She removed her foot from Bud's face and slipped it back into her shoe.

"Where's Mom?" mumbled Bud weakly.

"Right here son. I know; you want to smell my feet too. Here you go..." Peggy came around to sit next to Kelly and tossed off her shoe, placing her foot over Bud's face. Kelly meanwhile kept grinding her foot on her brother's nutsack, keeping him whimpering. Peg and Kel took turns having Bud sniff their feet and crushing his balls under their heels. After they both tired of this, Peggy walked up onto her son's chest in her heels, facing his groin. Bud groaned at her weight.

"Kelly, take my hands...I think you know what to do." Kelly grabbed her mother's hands and proceeded to step onto Bud's balls with the sole of one shoe, and balancing on that one leg. Bud howled in agony.

"Whoa! This is a bit wobbly!" laughed Kelly. "I bet I've really burst your bubble tonight, huh Bud?"

Peggy switched positions with Kelly but removed her shoes and balanced her nylon-covered heel onto his nuts.

"Oh this is what being a woman is all about!!!" shouted Peggy as her son screamed for mercy underneath her merciless heel. Peggy kept bouncing up and down on that one heel, her whole weight concentrated onto Bud's testicles. The three were screaming, two with ecstasy, one with agony, when suddenly Bud's eyes grew wide and his screaming stopped. Peggy's eyes also grew wide as she realized what she had just done, and this caused her to orgasm again. Kelly looked back to see her brother passed out and realized her mother had just cum.

"Just like a boy, one shot to the groin and they act like the world is coming to an end!" fumed Kelly.

"Do you know what I just did, Kelly?" gasped Peggy with delight. "I just popped one of your brother's tiny nuts with my feet!" Kelly reached inside her brother's pants to confirm this and did indeed discover only one testicle remained. Peggy got up with the excuse of going to shower and clean up, but Kelly suspected that she was off to masturbate in her room. Once her and Bud were alone, she decided it wasn't fair that she didn't get to orgasm, and she owed him for all the insults he had given her over the years about being stupid. She made sure Bud's legs were spread a little, backed up, and ran at him. As she swung her foot forward she gave a loud grunt and kicked him full force in his one remaining testicle with the closed toe of her shoe. She bent down and checked inside his shorts again. Damn, still there!!! She tried again and again, and finally with her most powerful kick yet, she heard a quiet 'POP' and she orgasmed.

"Now you really ARE a eunuch boy!"

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i'll remember this story the next time i watch a run of Married with Children .... :)