Thursday, August 9, 2007

Me and My Girlfriend

By kneemynuts

Everything thing below is true. However, I changed the names to protect the innocent and so my girlfriend doesn't rip my balls off (no more fun if they're gone, right?). This is kinda a long story, so if you have time, go right ahead. Enjoy!

It's my senior year of college, and I'm ready to finish my schooling (school is getting old, ya know?). I'm not really interested in a girlfriend but, according to my friends, some girls are interested in me. Being a 5'11", 165-pound African-American man with a shaved head attending a predominantly white college, I was surprised to hear this from my friends.

One night, I was bored as hell because it was one of those rare nights I didn't have any work to do. My roommates inform me that there is a girl they want me to meet in one of our friend's apartment. I go inside and there she was, a very cute Asian girl. Her name is Sharry (remember I changed the names), a tiny girl, very long black hair, kinda small breasts, but her legs and butt more than made up for that. That night, we had a blast. We were laughing the whole night and shooting the breeze like we knew each other for years. She seemed perfect for me but, at the time, I didn't want a girlfriend.

However, after I fought it long enough, I asked Sharry to be my girlfriend and she accepted. During the time I was trying not to have a girlfriend, I attempted to get her to kick me in the balls but she wouldn't do it. Since I didn't think I could trust her yet, I didn't even consider telling her I liked it. But I kept asking and she kept rejecting the idea.

A few days after I asked to make us official, the fun began. I finally got the balls (no pun intended) to tell her that it really turns me on when females kick me in the balls, especially with heels on. She told me it would take a while for her to do it because she was afraid to hurt me. (I found out later that night that she was on the Maryland state soccer championship team in high school... that was last year.) Much to my surprise, that very night, she experimented with a knee to the balls. And she didn't stop with just one, she kneed me several times and she had the dominant attitude. Holy shit, what a turn-on!

One specific night, she invited me over, telling me she had a surprise. I, being extremely busy with work and just not a huge thinker, didn't even think about what the surprise was. So I went over and she was waiting outside for me. Although it was cold out, she had on the sexiest tight miniskirt, her black heels and I couldn't see her top because she had on a coat. As we went to her dorm room, I had the biggest boner and all the residents in the all-girls dorm she lived in looked at me and chuckled a little. Anyway, we got to her room and she took off her coat to reveal a lacy see-thru top.

"Do you like what you see," Sharry asked.

"I love it!"

"What else do you want me to do?" she winked.

"Anything you want. I'm yours."

Then she walked up to me, shaking those sexy hips of hers, slowly placed her hands on my shoulders and drilled me in the balls with a thunderous knee. I groaned and hung my head a little but I refused to go down after one knee, as much as it hurt. She placed her knee between my legs and right under my balls gently but she nudged my chin up so that my eyes met hers and she gave me a "don't fuck with me" look. I was extremely turned on! Then she smacked me across the face harshly and kneed me again, harder this time, and it was a huge struggle just to stay standing.

She pushed my chin up again and whispered, "On your knees, little man." This was ironic since I'm about 8 or 9 inches taller than she is, but I didn't argue. I got down on my knees in front of her and she continued, "So you like these heels, huh? Are they sexy?" I responded with a nod, and she smacked me again, screaming, "ANSWER ME!"

All I could manage was, "Uh-huh." She then tapped the inside of my thighs to get me to spread my legs a little more and she rubbed the instep of her high-heeled foot on my package. She pulled my chin up again so she could look into my eyes and then, without warning, she snapped a kick into my balls. It wasn't even close to being as hard as she could kick, but it hurt like hell so I went to cover my battered balls.

Before my hands even got there, Sharry yelled, "MOVE YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS, DAVE!!" I immediately did as I was told, and she rewarded me with another kick, a little harder this time. I bent over into fetal position and felt like I was gonna puke. She just walked around me and I could hear her laughing at me and her heels clicking on the floor.

After a couple minutes that felt like seconds, she said, "Ok, that's enough rest. Spread 'em."

"Sharry, baby, I don't think I can. Thank you for--"

Before I could finish, she grabbed the front of my shirt, and said in a stern voice, "I'm not finished with you. Now spread your damn legs before I get angry." I nodded my head and did as I was commanded.

She again rubbed her foot on my cock and balls, and said, "Look at me, Dave." As soon as I looked up, she kicked me, harder than the previous kicks, with the toe of her heels, seemingly hitting both of my balls. I let out a huge groan, and then I fell silent because I didn't have the air to say anything further.

Sharry's attitude suddenly changed from dominance to fear. She said, "Oh my god, sweetie, are you ok?"

I looked up at her with a half smile, and whispered (that was all I could manage) "Never better, babe." After a while, I got up and Sharry and I "finished" the rest of that intense night.

THE END...??

Well, that's all I have now, but tell me how the story was, and if it didn't suck too much, I'll tell you more.


Anonymous said...

love it! you should definitely write more.

Anonymous said...

Wish it had a bit of fscesitting.... n maybe an accidental pop.....