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Middle School Paybacks (Ballbusting Principal)

by unknown

Warning: If you are under the age of 18 DO NOT READ!

In a small town back east there is a middle school for girls. A dress code is used to keep girls from pushing the acceptable level of dress. Medium length skirts with white dress shirts covered by a vee-neck sweater are seen all over the campus. Presiding over the student body is a strict principal and gym instructor, Mr. Waters. He is a prudish man in his late thirties that tolerates nothing. No loud talking, giggling, gossiping or laughing. Tardiness, absentee and bad attitudes are the top of his pet peeves. His disciplinary tactics are approved by the parents based upon what they are told.

"If a student behaves in a non-orderly fashion then correction is deserved!" principal Waters announces regularly at PTA meetings. What the parents do know is that spankings are the primary form of enforcement. Detention and suspension are last chance alternatives. What the girls know is that spankings are certainly most common but what happens at the spankings is the questionable point. Most girls know that the spankings occur in a room back behind the boiler room. It is an old room used to store coal back in the day of coal burning furnaces. Today it lies empty except for one chair in the middle and a paddle with holes hanging from the wall. The holes were used, as the rumor perpetuates, to allow for a faster paddle with less wind resistance. In actuality no girl remembers a case where it was ever used. Principal Waters instead opted to use his bare hand.

When the offending girl was brought to the “hot room”, as it was known, she was told to raise her skirt and drop her panties. She then was instructed to kneel and lean over the knee of Waters to await the punishment. The deceptive part of this formula is that Principal Waters’ hands often landed on exposed pussy lips. The sharp sting of his fingers left deep red marks on the smooth outer lips reminding the student for days of the incident. Often he would rest his hand while counting on the students butt as his fingers traced over the cavern area. Up to now no girl had the ambition to challenge the assault and expose the overeager principal to wrong doings. Until one day...

Stacey is a small petite girl with feminine features that include an hourglass body shape, large for her body firm breasts and a tight behind. She brushes her golden hair 100 times a day for body and shine. Her shoulder-length hair waves in the breeze as she walks which tempted principal Waters the first time he saw her. This was her first year at the middle school and she fell in with a group of girls that had plenty of experience with Waters and his disciplinary tactics. Stacey heard all of the tales of when the girls were led to the "hot room" and spanked. She heard when principal Waters fingered Teresa and slapped Dori's pussy raw. How Ramona got her clit pinched and tugged. That's when Stacey knew something had to be done. Ramona was Stacey's best friend. They bumped into one another in the lunchroom one day and hit it off. Ramona is two years older than Stacey so she has a collection of stories to tell.

Stacey knew from wrestling her older brother that the balls on boys are a very vulnerable spot to be hit. Every so often she would accidentally knee her brothers nuts while rolling around and he would curl up into a ball and go quiet. When he brought over his friends they would often pull and snap her bra straps, which ended up with her knee planted firmly in their crotch. The boys would take turns picking on her, well knowing the consequences. After Stacey would nail one of the boys’ balls, her nipples would get hard and point out obnoxiously through sweaters, pajamas and T-shirts. This was after all the point of picking on her.

After talking over a plan with Ramona, Stacey summarized that she would be late for class the next day, get a slip from her teacher, and visit Waters’ office. He would then walk her down to the "hot room" and administer the treatment. And so would she...

The next day Stacey was late to class as planned, took the slip down to Principal Waters’ office and was walked to the "hot room". Principal Waters had on his gym shorts and jock, which was clearly visible through the thin material. When she and Waters arrived he instructed her to lift her shirt and remover her panties, which she followed. She kneeled down and awaited the punishment. As she kneeled down onto his lap she couldn't help notice that he had a hard-on that was pointing to the moon. She smirked thinking that it will shrink soon.

After two or three impacts of his hand, Stacey hit his leg screaming, "Stop, please stop!" When he paused to admire the pleading he let his fingers ride down in between her legs to find her erect nub of a clit.

He pinched it and replied, "What was that, girl?"

Stacey winced in pain and said softly, "Please stop, Mr. Waters." With that he pulled down hard or her clit and watched her body tense in response.

"I will stop when I stop... you hear that?!!!" Waters barked angrily. His hand returned to the offensive position and smacked two more times until he stopped abruptly. Stacey had moved her arm under her stomach and between his legs when he was exploring her cunt. At the tempo of the second impact she made a fist and sent it hurling into his balls! That is when Waters felt the wave of pain in his gut that felt like a hammer swung into his nuts with crushing force. A small "aaahh" was all that was heard. Then his face filled with anger and he smacked her reddened bottom once more with all the might he could.

"S L A P!!!" the sound rang in the tiny room. Stacey admits that blow was painful and tears formed in her eyes. Now it was time for tears in his eyes. SLAM! Her fist rapped his tender nuts with more force than before.

"AAAAHHHHH" he yelled out and slumped in the chair. Stacey got off his lap and turned to leave when he grabbed her from behind in a reverse bear hug pinning the young girls arms at her side. "You little BITCH!" he barked. "You'll pay for that," he followed. Stacey thought she was in trouble when she realized that her legs were free to move. The expression on his face must have been precious, Stacey thought, as her heel rammed his balls, crushing them against his crotch. He squealed out in pain and lost grip on his captive client. His hands dropped to his groin as his face filled with horror.

Stacey told the principal that he was wrong for feeling up all of the girls he had punished and deserved the treatment he had received. When Stacey turned and bent down to pick up her panties she turned back around to find Waters upright. He reached out and grabbed her big tits in a claw that stunned the girl. He squeezed and twisted hard. She felt her chest explode with pain and couldn't think of a thing to do. Just then Waters’ face went pale-white and his grip loosened to find a set of fingers wrapped around his balls inside of his shorts!

Ramona thought Stacey would need help and watched the whole thing from the cracks in the door. She figured Stacey really needed help when she looked like she was going to faint from the grip he had on her firm titties. She snuck up behind them when he launched his last attack, reached up into his shorts, slid her fingers under the jock and grabbed his already swelling balls. Her grip was solid. Fingers all around the gonads with her thumb pressing them apart. He knew this and didn't make a move but winced in pain.

Ramona said in a stern tone "Paybacks are a bitch, huh, Mr. Scrotum?!!" She manipulated his balls around in her captive hand roughly taking time to sink her thumb in the right then the left ball.

"You sure must have nailed him hard," said Ramona. "His nuts are swelling up like plump tomatoes... Stacey, could you give me a hand?" she asked sweetly.

Stacey sat in the chair and told Ramona, "Bring him on over her for his SPANKING!” Yanking Waters nuts down hard got him to position himself over the awaiting girls knees while Ramona kept his family jewels for ransom. SLAP, SLAP rang out in the room as Stacey's hand smacked against the principals shorts.

"Ah, this isn't going to work," she told Ramona. "Take his stuff off so I can really do the deed". With that Ramona yanked down on his balls as hard as she could to subdue him so she could release his nuts to free his shorts. As she pulled down his shorts she couldn't help but notice his enlarged testes hanging outside his jock and marveled at the sight. With both garments removed Ramona pushed him to Stacey's lap. Waters was babbling like an idiot as he proclaimed he wouldn't tell any one if they stopped right now.

"Tell?" Stacey replied. "Please do... then we will have a heyday telling our stories of how it really is. The bad publicity alone will get you thrown out and we all will be better off! No, I think we will make you come to your senses about discipline around here right now". With that her palm whistled through the air and crashed into his hanging fruit.

"Uhhhhhhh," he bellowed out. The pain was intense now.

"Yea, well try this on for size," Ramona chortled as she brought her knee up and into his basket. She kept pumping her knee into his dangling male seeds pounding destruction into his manhood. Stars were floating around the room, Waters believed. After the brutal beating each of the girls grabs a right and left ball and stretches it to the widest point his sack will allow. Then without instruction each girl bears down on the respective nut crushing them in unison grinding his balls into pulp. His balls are finally flattened with a bit of force as he passes out silently. The girls grab the clothes lying on the floor and head back for class, each one describing the feeling of an adult male testicle being crushed in their grip.

Principal Water took an extended leave of absence then returned a new man.

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