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Mom and Aunt Jane- Ball-busters

By WimpHub

18-year-old Jimmy Anderson arrived home from his evening class. He called out to his mother as he entered the lounge. Inside, he saw his mother Lucy sitting next to his Aunt Jane on the sofa. Both were dressed in only short white toweling robes, and their jet-black hair appeared damp, as though they had recently had a shower.

Jimmy briefly studied the two women as they said hello. His mother was 38, her sister a couple of years younger. They looked fairly similar, both being nearly six feet tall, with attractive, if stern looking faces, a full, voluptuous figures. Not fat, you understand, but with plenty of meat on them. Jimmy noticed that the short robes showed off their long legs, with strong thighs and shapely calves. What Jimmy really liked looking at though was their bare feet. He had a fetish for female feet in general, but was particularly fascinated by theirs having been introduced to them at an early age, when they always kicked off their shoes at family gatherings. Both had rather large feet for women, but they were beautifully shaped and unblemished. The toenails as always were painted bright scarlet.

In contrast to the two women, Jimmy was short, and very slight. He lived alone with his mother, who dominated him completely, because of his submissive nature. He loved her and his Aunt dearly, but was a little frightened by both of them.

“Jimmy,” his mother said, shaking him out of the trance he was in staring at their feet. “Come and sit down. Aunt Jane and I want you to help us out.”

“What can I do?” Jimmy asked, as he found a seat.

“Well,” continued his mother. “As you know, Jane and I have been taking defense classes. Tonight we learnt that the best way to disable a man was to kick him hard in the balls. The thing is, although we got plenty of practice with the volunteers, they were wearing protection so we couldn’t judge how effective our kicks were. What we want to do is practice on you tonight.”

“But that will really hurt, won’t it Mom?” Jimmy replied, feeling worried.

“Of course it will,” Lucy said irritably. “But that is not the point. Jane and I need to know that we can bring a man down effectively.”

“Well OK then, if you think I can help.” Jimmy responded resignedly.

“Good,” said Lucy. “Now take off all your clothes, so that we can get a good look at what we are aiming at.”

Although acutely embarrassed at being naked in front of his mother and Aunt, Jimmy removed all his clothing and stood awkwardly, awaiting further instructions. Aunt Jane spoke for the first time.

“Jimmy, I noticed you looking at my pretty feet, why don’t you get down here and kiss them for me a little bit while I finish my glass of wine. Then we can get started.”

Jimmy was happy to do this. He knelt before his Aunt, and taking her right foot in his hand began to kiss and lick all over it before taking her toes into his mouth and sucking them. Finally, Jane was ready and stood up, pulling Jimmy to his feet.

“Time to start your agony,” Jane smiled. “You look a little worried Jimmy, and so you should. I am going to kick you so hard, you will be able to feel your balls in your throat. You will wonder how the Aunt you love could be so cruel to you. Before tonight is over, you will be screaming, and begging your Mom and I to leave your poor nuts alone. Now, stand over there with your hands on your head. That's it, now spread your legs as wide as possible, let me get a good look at those plums of yours."

“Don’t hold back,” urged Jimmy’s Mom. “Kick him as hard as you can, I want to hear him yell and squirm at your feet in agony.”

“Don’t worry,” Jane assured her. “He’s in for a real hard time. I bet you wish you were a girl right now don’t you? Believe me, you are going to sound like one soon!”

With that, Jane brought her leg back and smashed her impeccably pedicured foot into her nephew’s balls with all the force she could muster. It took a split second before the indescribable pain shot up through Jimmy’s stomach, and he screamed before dropping to the floor, grasping his balls. Both women laughed uproariously at his predicament.

“That was a beauty!” exclaimed Lucy. “He won’t forget that in a hurry.”

“Oh I really enjoyed that!” Jane gasped. “Wait until your turn Lucy, you will love it too!” Jimmy stayed down for a good two or three minutes, squirming and whimpering. Lucy became impatient and irritated with him, wanting her turn with her son’s balls.

“Don’t be such a wimp Jimmy,” she said. “Get up and let your mother punish you.”

“But it is so unfair,” whined Jimmy.

“Who said life was fair?” retorted Lucy. “You happen to be the only male in the house now your brother Bill has left, so you have to take it all. After all, I gave life to you, so I should have the right to abuse you and your nuts whenever I choose. Now get up and back into position, so I can drop you again.” Jimmy swallowed nervously as he took up his position once more.

“He knows how much it hurts now.” Jane explained. “So make him wait for it, it will increase the tension for him.” Lucy smiled, and turned to her son.

“You know how competitive your Aunt and I have always been,” she began. “So you can be sure I will be trying to kick you even harder than she did. Are you ready?”

Without waiting for an answer, she stepped forward and did indeed kick her young son harder than her sister. Jimmy screamed even louder this time, as he once again dropped to the floor.

“Oh nice one Sis,” Jane exclaimed, conceding defeat in that round to her elder sister.

The evening continued, with the two sisters taking turns to abuse the young man, all the time taunting him and laughing off his screams and pleas for mercy. Finally they decided to call it a night.

“You may go to bed now Jimmy,” his mother told him. “After you have hugged your Aunt and I and thanked us for your treatment. Jimmy went to Jane and hugged her.

“Thanks Aunt,” he said, his balls on fire.

“My pleasure,” she grinned. “There’s going to be a lot more where that came from, I promise.”

“Thanks Mom,” Jimmy said, hugging Lucy.

“That’ OK son,” she replied. “We will have another session on Saturday night. Now you get off to bed and nurse those sore nuts.”

The next evening, Jimmy picked up his fiancée Amy to take her to have dinner at his brother Bill’s house. Amy was a fiery redhead, just 5’2” with pleasingly large breasts and shapely legs. She also had pretty little feet, one of the first things that attracted Jimmy to her when he met her at the local swimming pool.

They arrived at Bill’s place, and Amy greeted him with a warm hug. Jimmy was pleased that Amy seemed so fond of Bill. He was the opposite of Jimmy, being tall like his mother, extremely muscular and very good-looking. The three of them had a good evening, with lots of laughs. At about ten, Jimmy said they should be going, and took Amy home.

When they got to Amy’s house, she noticed her mother had gone to bed, so asked Jimmy in for a while. They settled them selves on the sofa, and began necking. Unbeknown to Jimmy, his mother had told Amy of her plans for him, and she was well aware of what Lucy and Jane had put him through the previous evening. As she kissed him, Amy started to rub and squeeze his crotch much more aggressively than usual, in order to get a reaction from him. When she gave him an especially hard squeeze, he yelped.

“What is it honey?” she asked innocently.

“Nothing,” replied Jimmy.

“Oh come on,” she insisted. “You can tell me, what’s wrong?”

“Well,” he began. “Mom and Aunt Jane asked me to help with their self defense classes, and they made me stand naked while they kicked me in the balls.”

“God, that must have hurt,” Amy observed. “How many times?”

“I lost count,” responded Jimmy. “They just kept kicking me alternately. I spent a lot of the time on the ground, screaming and begging them to stop, but they just laughed and kept on torturing my balls.”

“Well, it must give a woman a great feeling of power, to have a man at her feet in agony, knowing she has caused it,” reasoned Amy.

“But you would not want that, would you?” Jimmy enquired.

“Now you mention it Jimmy, yes I would,” responded Amy. “Look, it is time you were going, let’s talk outside.”

They got outside the front door, and Amy turned to Jimmy.

“Look” she said. Your Mom and Aunt just kicked you, right?”

“Yes,” answered Jimmy.

“Well I would like to be the first women to knee you in the balls darling. Don’t look like that; you do love me don’t you? Surely you wouldn’t deny your future wife the pleasure of being the first to knee you in the nuts?”

“Oh all right,” Jimmy replied sullenly.

“Great,” squealed Amy. “Right, I want to make you scream, but I don’t want to wake mother. I know.” With that, she lifted her short skirt and slid her panties off. Rolling them into a ball, she instructed Jimmy to open his mouth and shoved the soiled panties in, effectively gagging him.

“Now spread your legs for me Jimmy,” she said excitedly, placing her hands on his shoulders. “I am going to enjoy this so much!”

Jimmy felt her push her hands down hard on his shoulders, just as her knee rammed viciously into his very sore balls. He screamed through the panties as he dropped to the ground, but no sound came out. Amy laughed out loud as he wriggled on the ground, holding his nuts.

“You can return the panties next time I see you,” she giggled, and slammed the door leaving him to recover.

Jimmy limped home, and found that his mother was still up. She looked as though she had had a few drinks. Noticing that he was walking with difficulty, she asked what the problem was. Jimmy explained that Amy had wanted to be the first to knee him.

“Good for her,” exclaimed his mother. “Well, I was going to leave you alone until our session on Saturday, but as you have already been punished today, I will just give you one more kick before I go to bed.

“Please Mom,” argued Jimmy. “I am really sore.”

“I don’t care,” snapped his mother. “Get in position!”

Jimmy spread his legs, and Lucy gleefully smashed her foot into her son’s crotch, giving him his second dose of pain for the evening. He fell on his back, his hands holding his crotch. Excited by what she had done, his mother shouted for him to take his hands away, and spread his legs. The authority in her voice made him obey automatically, and Lucy stamped her bare heel spitefully into his balls another four of five times. She then sent him to bed with unbearable pain in his groin, and tears in his eyes.

Saturday came around, and at two in the afternoon Jimmy was naked on his knees before his Mom and Aunt. They looked incredibly sexy, just wearing tiny black slips. Once again, Jimmy was sucking on his Aunt’s pretty toes.

The back door opened, and Amy called out.

“Hi, I haven’t missed anything have I?”

“No dear,” replied Lucy. “He is just worshipping the feet that are going to damage him.”

“What are you doing here? Asked Jimmy, embarrassed.

“Your Mom invited me,” responded Amy. “I would not miss this for the world!” She took Jimmy’s face in her hands.

“They are going to really hurt you darling, and I am going to see it all and enjoy every moment.” Jimmy was made to stand, and assume his usual position. Jane stood before him with a huge smile on her face. Jimmy noticed that Amy was in the armchair, her skirt around her waist and her hand inside her panties.

“Hurt him real bad for me Jane,” she pleaded. “I want to hear him scream, and I want to watch him writhing on the ground. I want him in complete agony!”

“Don’t worry,” smiled Jane. “Lucy and I have been busy doing leg strengthening exercises. With luck, we will hurt him even more than the other evening!”

Jane stepped forward, asking Jimmy if he was ready. Without waiting for an answer, she brought her foot up into his crotch. Her kick was even harder than earlier in the week, and Jimmy screamed louder than ever.

“This is wonderful!” yelled Amy, masturbating furiously. “I don’t want the two of you to stop. Lucy, You give him one for me now please, this whole scene is making me cum!”

Lucy stepped forward, and placed a bucket next to Jimmy. He did not understand what it was for. Jane asked Lucy if she felt that confident, and she just smiled in reply. Pulling Jimmy to his feet, she placed him just where she wanted him. Taking a short run up, she kicked Jimmy’s balls with all her might. He screamed again, but this time as he dropped to his knees, he vomited into the bucket. This sent Amy over the edge, and she had a loud orgasm.

“That was superb!” Jane congratulated her sister. “Well done!”

After that, Jimmy was allowed a break. He sat on the sofa, with Amy next to him. She massaged his balls roughly, knowing full well this was making the pain worse. She admonished him for crying out and wriggling, saying she was only trying to help.

“Are you sure this is OK with you Amy? Enquired Jane. “After all, it must be messing up your sex life with Jimmy.”

“It’s no problem,” Amy answered. “His brother Bill has been fucking me regularly for the past few months, so I will not be deprived.”

“What?” exclaimed Jimmy incredulously.

“Oh come on Jimmy,” Amy countered. “I have always told you that you are useless in bed. Besides, with the great job your Mom and Aunt are doing on you, your days of being able to have sex are definitely numbered. Don’t worry honey, we will still get married in two months, as arranged.”

Jimmy’s head was swimming at this revelation. No wonder Amy and his brother seemed to get on so well! At this point, Jane pulled Jimmy back to his feet.

“We are going to finish off by giving you half a dozen each in quick succession,” she explained. “So I will need you both to hold him up, and wrap one leg each around his to keep them spread.”

With the other women holding him, Jane delivered two vicious kicks one after the other. Jimmy found the pain unbearable, but was unable to fall.

“Please, Aunt Jane,” he whimpered. “I am begging you, I just can’t stand the pain!” Jane stroked his face.

“He’s begging girls; should I stop?” she asked.

“No!” chorused the others.

“Hit him harder!” yelled Amy. “Make the wimp suffer even more!” Jane obliged, giving him the last four in quick succession, causing his pleas to become louder. When she had finished she changed places with Lucy.

“I think I am going to pass out,” Jimmy complained.

“Not yet you are not,” insisted his mother. “You have another six ball crushing kicks to take from your mother yet!”

Lucy’s timing was immaculate. As she delivered the last of her kicks, Jimmy went limp, and was allowed to drop to the floor. When he came round, Amy helped him to his feet, put her arms round him and kissed him.

“As you are no use to me now, I am going to spend the rest of the weekend with Bill,” she announced. “He will give me the fucking I need. You know what I want to do before I go don’t you Jimmy?”

“Amy I really can’t take any more,” pleaded Jimmy.

“If you can let your Mom and Aunt have their fun, you can allow your future wife one hit,” she insisted. “Now spread your legs, and look into my eyes.”

Jimmy just had time to notice that there was no compassion in Amy’s eyes, only cruelty, before her kneecap struck his damaged balls once more. Again he finished up in a heap on the floor.

“Wow,” remarked Amy. “Every time I say goodbye to you lately, you are on the ground! See you.”

Over the next few weeks, Jimmy had to face twice-weekly sessions with his Mom and Aunt. In addition to this, because his mother had become so addicted to hurting him, he had to present himself to her for a kicking first thing in the morning before work. The same applied on his return home from work and last thing at night. This ensured that there was no chance of his having sex with his fiancée. He still got to see her a lot, because she loved to finish the evening with her knee pounding into his balls. She made no secret however, of where she was spending most of her nights.

Finally, the time for the wedding came around. For the week before, Jimmy’s balls were left untouched, and he was beginning to feel normal again. The ceremony was a simple one, with only close family present. After the reception, Jimmy and Amy returned to Mom’s house, where they were to spend the night before leaving for a short honeymoon.

With them on their return to the house, were Mom, Jane and Bill. Bill went straight upstairs, and the rest of them went into the lounge. Jimmy embraced and kissed his new bride.

“Does this mean I am actually going to have sex tonight?” he asked.

“Quite the opposite,” smiled Amy.

“That’s right,” Lucy interjected. “We have decided that tonight would be the ideal time to finally ruin you, and take away your ability to have sex. And who better to do that than your new wife.”

“I don’t understand,” Jimmy said.

“Oh you will,” responded his wife. “And soon!”

Amy went to take off her wedding dress and at the same time Lucy and Jane removed their skirts, revealing their nylon-clad legs. They kicked off their shoes.

“We will just warm you up before the main event,” smiled Jane. “Your Mom and I will just give you a couple of final kicks before your wife takes over.”

Jimmy took off his clothes, and stood before the two women. They both saved their very best kicks for tonight, and he was soon in his familiar position on the floor. When he had recovered a little, his wife returned, dressed in only white bra and panties and stockings. She kissed him gently.

“Time to say goodbye to your balls Jimmy,” she said simply. “Could you hold him for me ladies?”

The two women held his arms and legs tight as Amy knelt before him. She leaned forward, and took one ball between her teeth.

“Bite it hard!” encouraged Lucy.

“Yes, let’s hear it pop,” agreed Jane.

Amy bit as hard as she could as Lucy and Jane shouted encouragement. Jimmy just screamed louder than ever before. Suddenly there was a pop, and the ball was well and truly busted.

“Just one to go,” smiled Amy, as she took the other ball between her thumb and forefinger.

Slowly increasing the pressure as Jimmy begged and pleaded, she heard the pop just as Jimmy passed out.

When he came round, his mother and Aunt had gone, and Amy stood over him in a transparent black nightdress. She helped him to his feet.

“I have ruined you now Jimmy, no more sex for you. From now on, you will be my impotent slave husband. The first thing you will have to do is come to the bedroom and watch while your brother fucks me senseless. Then you will have to suck my pussy clean.”

Jimmy meekly followed his wife, as he began his new life as a eunuch.


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