Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom and Aunt Rose

by unknown

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and mom and Aunt Rose are laying in the lounge when mom calls me. "Come here you little shit.” So I get up and go to the living room.

“Jeff, Aunt Rose and I were wondering if we could learn self defense on you?”

“Why mom?” I ask.

“Well honey, we just want to know what to do if we get mugged one day. You wouldn’t want your mom getting hurt by a mugger, would you Jeff?”

“Well mom I dunno…”

“Oh Jeff, please! It wont hurt. You don’t even have to wear a cup to protect your eggs. We won’t scramble ‘em, we promise!”

“Okay mom,” I reluctantly say. So mom commands me over to the middle of the room where we moved the sofa and the rugs away so that the room was a huge open area.

”Okay Jeff, now you have to be the baddy and we will be the women.” I walked over to them as they had their backs turned and paused.

“Now you have to grab one of us and ‘rob’ us.” I grabbed my mother’s hand and she turned around and gave me a swift kick that thudded into my groin as I fell to the floor in agony. I could feel my balls ache

“Oh honey, I’m sorry! Maybe I wasn’t exactly truthful. You see, when somebody mugs you and he’s male you have to go for his nuts because that’s the best place to hit him. Isn’t it hon?” My hands were firmly clenched on my aching balls as I stood up and nodded my head.

“Yes mom, it’s okay. Just not much more please.” I stood up and felt agony as my balls exploded again. Aunt Rose had clenched my balls from behind and was squeezing for all she was worth.

“Oh this is so much fun. I never knew what a kick I could get from grabbing a man’s manhood!” She let go.

As she did I fell to the ground and mom yelled, “What do you think you are doing, young man? I didn’t say you could sit!” WHAM! She delivered a full on instep kick with her bare foot that made my twin orbs swing from side to side. I could feel them swelling and then everything grew dark.

When I awoke my legs had been spread and I was naked, while my hands were tied to a wooden banner. I couldn’t move and couldn’t do anything as my battered balls just hung out from my groin. I could see mom and Aunt Rose with their backs to me. My vision was blurred but it looked like they were topless! When they turned around I saw that I was right, they were!

Mom was looking at me with her 5’8” frame. She had great legs for her age and was still young. She was only 34 with 38d breasts. Aunt Rose was taller with smaller breasts. “

“Well Jeff how are we feeling?”

“My balls hurt…” was all I could get out. I looked at her face.

“What… you pervert! Are you staring at my breasts?”

“No mom, I wasn’t...” Mom delivered another killer kick into my swinging balls. The kick was so hard my balls almost went up my ass! My head fell forward. Aunt Rose approached me and commanded me to stand. I did.

“I never knew you were such a pervert Jeff! Staring at your mother’s breasts and now mine. Well we shall have to teach you a lesson.” With that she kneed me in the gonads. I felt my left testicle fly up and jam against my pelvic bone.

“Please… I can’t take this any longer,” I pleaded

“I’m sorry Jeff. You should have thought about that before you committed this crime.” With that my Aunt and my mother each grabbed a leg and tipped me upside down so I was lying on my back.

“You see Rose, when you have a male offender in front of you in this position you really should capitalize. Either you can stomp his balls to mush…” Mom stomped my aching balls as hard as she could and I started to cry. “…or you can simply drop your knee on his poor little balls.” With that mom dropped all her body weight onto one knee, crushing both my balls into the carpet. “Then you have to just grind your knee to squash his balls.” With that mom wriggled her knee around vigorously. The pain was beginning to become too much and I carried on crying while I watched as my balls grew larger and larger.

“Well now Mary (my mom), when you have the male standing there are also a number of things you can do. Jeff stand.”

“No, please. No more, pleas…”Aunt Rose grabbed my balls and squeezed.

“Stand Jeff or I will pull you up by you precious little nuts.” I rose and spread my legs. “There are a few moves you can do here. There is the kick, knee, grab and the punch. Let me show you. This is the instep kick.” With that Aunt Rose took one step forward with her left foot and brought her right foot right up into my groin. Her bare foot connected with my bare balls and they swung up and down as I hung my head in agony and pleaded for her to stop.

“SHUT UP JEFF!” she commanded. I did so in the hope it would all soon be over.

“Then the knee,” she said. “It’s a very nice technique to crack the little men’s nuts when they think they are to smart. Be sure to connect with the top of the knee.” My aunt then bent low to the ground and came up with ferocious force. I thought my balls would burst any second.

“Now this technique…” bellowed my aunt triumphantly. “…is meant to ruin the man for life. All you have to do is grab one of his orbs in your hand, between you thumb and forefinger and squeeze till it pops.”

My aunt could see the terror in my eyes and she uttered two words, “Say goodbye.” With that she grabbed my left testicle and squeezed. It didn’t take long before my ball burst and I screamed louder than ever before, maybe it was a dream. And all became dark again…

When I awoke I was in the same place and my mom was in front of me. I could feel the remains of what was once what I treasured most on my body.

“Hello Jeff. Mommy’s gonna make this short and not sweet. Okay, you see hon, Aunt Rose and I decided that if we ruin you that you couldn’t make more of you men to harass us women. So I’m gonna make it fair. I’m gonna flip a coin. Choose the right side and the little treasure stays. Choose the wrong side and well…

She flipped the coin.

“Heads,” I muttered. As the coin landed I stared in despair. It was tails.

Mom said, “Oh well Jeff, looks like I win!” With that came one hard grinding knee right into my ball and it popped. I screamed again in vain as my aunt shoved a sock in my mouth and all was growing dark again.

As my mom left me she said, “Jeff, for the record… it was a double-sided coin!”

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