Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom Knows Best

By Unknown

Jenna felt today was the special day for her daughter, Sarah. For her first hint, her first glimmer of the realization of her femaleness and what deeper meaning it implied, what advantages she needed to know of in her relationship with men. Sarah turned thirteen today and Heather next door had arranged the ceremony with loving care. Sarah and mom were in the low-lit room as she brought in the boy, ready for his first initiation with the women. Heather had decided her 14-year-old boy was ready for this moment, first for them and then himself, as he was told to stand in front of the women.

As he stood in front of her naked, in pretenseless openness Sarah was moved by him and the thought for the first time came into her heart, “Could this be the way they were really is meant to be?” She suddenly felt gratitude and yet a sort of pity for the boy for his offer to her. Heather told him he must kneel in front of Sarah and her mom; accept that his life was made as sacrifice to them. As tears of wonder and just fulfillment filled her eyes, he dutifully obeyed. Both Sarah and Jenna watched in gratitude as the boy told them they were female and so had certain rights he did not share. He was meant only for them; his testicles hung between his legs only for their purposes alone.

With her practiced hand Jenna pulled the young man’s testicles and shaved him, removing all hair that might obscure or be a hindrance to her purposes. With both his hands tied behind his back and a bandanna around his mouth, Jenna rubbed, applied hot oil to his scrotum, pulling his testicles and stretching them in the hot air stream of a blow dryer she used for this. As Sarah watched this first time transfixed, Jenna hung the boy’s testicles over a low wooden beam between them and Jenna’s hands pulled one testicle and felt it firmly between her thumb and forefinger then squeezed slightly.

“Sarah, this is so easy. Watch.” As her fingers squeezed, the boy gasped and struggled to maintain control. Heather told him he must stay straight, not to give in. She held his buttocks up as a help in holding him up, doing as he was commanded. Jenna pulled him again harder then, with her thumb, squeezed both his testicles against her hand, explicitly showing Sarah what she was doing. As Sarah watched in fascination, the boy gasped again and began to tremble, as if to fall, his belly shuddering with his straining to not displease them, to give the women whatever they wanted, had in mind for him, knowing that on some level their knowledge was superior to his. His was to strain to give exactly what she wanted.

Jenna admired how the boy’s testicles hung over and against the wooden beam in front of her. “Sarah, I want you to see this. You are a woman now. It is okay for you to exercise any of your rights with men or boys.” Sarah watched as Jenna positioned a thin eight-inch fiberglass pole under the boy’s testicles then attached the other end firmly to the wooden beam. Jenna pulled both the boy’s testicles. “Sarah, these are a boy’s testicles. It’s okay for you to decide what is supposed to happen to them.”

“It is up to you, not him, to decide this.” As the boy began to whimper again Jenna told Sarah to remove her blue blouse over her new and yet to become mature breasts. She had been admiring herself in the mirror for the last year, hoping each day to be more of the woman she felt her mother was. Her breasts were beautiful and becoming more so with each season. As Sarah stood in front of the boy his penis began to rise and become gorgeously erect in front of her

“Sarah, he is a boy. You have rights over him.” As the boy watched Sarah’s breasts and gave as much of himself for her Jenna grasped him again and placed his testicles in Sarah’s hand. Sarah needed no more coaching. With Jenna smiling, Sarah squeezed one of his testicles.

“ Sarah, think of them as if they are little plums; try to find a pit in the center of them.” As Sarah held his testicles in one hand she drove a crease in him with her other thumb, up, then back, ignoring the groans of the boy, searching for the imaginary pit and finding none. She smiled, satisfied as the boys struggles became frantic. Jenna grasped the little Fiberglas pole and bent it back and held it. Sarah smiled and held the boy’s testicles and stroked his erection and commanded him to gaze at her breasts. Jenna pulled the little fiberglass pole back another inch and let go. Sarah smiled in joy as she felt the impact of the pole firmly in his testicles. The boy gave in, was held up while his testicles still hung naked and vulnerable in front of Sarah. She felt the impact of the impact of the pole against his testicles again, then again...

Jenna smiled at her daughter and was happy to see Sarah’s joy.

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