Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom & Sis Pop

by unknown

It was early on Saturday morning and Eric was just waking up. He was about 5'8” and pretty well built. He was 18 and would soon be finishing his senior year of high school and would be able to move out on his own and go to college. As he got up he slipped on a pair of boxers and went downstairs. He came downstairs to find his sister Sarah eating breakfast. She was gorgeous and had one of the best sets of legs, which Eric couldn’t help but admire sometimes. She was 25 and was living at home for now because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. She had caught him cheating, so she was staying there till she could find another place. They were a very close family and it wasn’t unusual for them to be downstairs wearing nothing but their underwear.

Eric sat down and began eating some cereal, his sister hardly noticing him. This morning, for some reason, Eric had sat in a different chair then usual. While sitting there Sarah went to put her feet up as normal but accidentally landed a direct hit to Eric’s balls. She looked up wondering what her foot hit and saw Eric reaching down to hold his nuts and making strange noises. She instantly removed her foot and he fell out of the chair. She got down on the floor and asked if he was ok. He managed to nod yes. As she looked at her brother with concern she couldn’t help but think it was funny and imagine that it was her boyfriend’s balls she had just hit.

When he finally got up he forgave her because he knew it was an accident. As he slowly went back to eating his mother came downstairs also only wearing her underwear. By this time Sarah had began to joke about it since he was feeling better. His mother asked if he was all right. Since she was a nurse she said she should maybe take a look but Eric insisted he was fine. After Eric left and went to go get a shower Sarah and his Mother Lisa began talking.

“So how hard did you get him?”

Sarah replied, “I hit him really hard. I didn’t mean to but it was pretty fun.”

“Don’t feel bad. Men deserve that kind of thing more often. In fact he has been acting up as of late and maybe he needs a little punishment.” As they continued talking they decided that maybe they would ‘accidentally’ hit him a lot more. Naturally Sarah agreed because she was pissed at all men right now and they both really enjoyed it since they often caught sight of his balls and knew they were quite large.

The next day they were all out fixing up the garage and Lisa saw her chance. She called Eric over and when he was right behind her she swung back hard as she could while holding a hammer as she said, “Could you hold this?” The blunt end landed a direct hit to his left nut and he went down in a heap. She acted concerned and began saying she was sorry as she tried not to laugh.

Sarah came over and saw what happened and said, “I will go get the ice from the freezer and put some in a bag.” She ran off. His mother then told him to lay still and she removed his pants and boxers. She examined his balls then stood up to put the hammer up and sat it on a shelf but it ‘accidentally’ fell off and landed right on his nuts. She began saying ‘sorry’, mixed with laughter but Eric couldn’t tell; he was simply in a daze of pain now.

Sarah came back carrying one of those huge bags of ice you buy. On her way to get a small bag to put some in she saw an opening. She stepped over him, accidentally dropping the huge bag of ice straight onto his nuts. With that Eric simply passed out in pain. Both women were getting pretty wet and as soon as they dragged him to his room they went to separate rooms and fingered themselves till they came at least three times each.

When Eric finally awoke he felt around to make sure both of his balls were intact, which they were. He slowly got up and put a pair of boxers on and went downstairs. He found his sister and mother both watching TV. They turned around and both began to say how sorry they were about earlier, and that he should be more careful about where he stood when someone was using a hammer. They both sort of laughed and Eric was a pretty mellow person so he decided to get over it and laughed with them. Sarah and Lisa decided they might let him recover a little before they did anything else.

Later that night as Eric was getting out of the shower Sarah walked in on him not knowing he was in there. He didn’t try to cover up much but yelled for her to get out but it wasn’t that big of a deal cause they had seen each other naked a lot and it wasn’t like she was wearing much either; she had only her panties on.

She then said, “Why don’t you leave? It’s my turn to get in here.” He said he wasn’t finished yet and the disagreement slowly turned into a playful kind of wrestling match, which they often got into. But they had never wrestled naked before and she suddenly noticed he was getting hard.

She decided this was grounds for her to really knee him and said, “How dare you get hard over your own sister!” She rolled so she was on top of him and landed two hard knees to his balls then began pressing down and grinding his balls with her knee. As he passed out again she was thrown into an unbelievable orgasm and shook violently. After removing him from the bathroom she then took her shower.

She hadn’t hit him as hard as he was hit earlier that day and he woke much sooner. He decided she did sort of have the right to knee him since he had gotten hard over his own sister and went to his room.

The next day he had off school so he woke up a little later than normal. As he came downstairs his sister and mother were sitting watching a movie. He noticed them both laughing as a guy got a knee rammed into his nuts and wondered if maybe they were doing all this that had happened intentionally but decided it was a stupid thought. While eating his breakfast his mother came into the kitchen. She somehow got onto the topic of children and how much Sarah couldn’t wait to have some.

Eric replied, “Why would you want kids? The little brats will do nothing but take your money and waste your time.”

Sarah replied, “Oh you don’t want to have kids?”

“Nope, never, I hate them.”

After saying this Sarah and Lisa looked at each other and they were both thinking the same thing, “If he doesn’t want children why does he need nuts?!?” They both left right after he said that and went upstairs to figure out a plan.

Later that day Eric was lying on the couch asleep and woke to see his mother poking him with a needle and injecting something. He went to ask what she was doing but before he could, he passed out. He woke up to find himself tied spread eagle on the kitchen floor, completely naked.

Lisa and Sarah both came in and Lisa spoke first. “We have decided that since you don’t want to make me a grandmother that you don’t need your nuts and since its so much fun just thinking about squashing them we thought we should pop yours.” Eric’s eyes were now wide open and full of fear.

“Are you crazy?” Just as he ended his sentence he received a swift kick to the nuts from Sarah.

They talked between themselves and decided they wanted to pop them with their own feet because the mere thought got them wet. First they decided to torture him a little to pay for what men had done to them both before and placed both his nuts in a vice. They then proceeded to ever so slowly turn it until it looked like they could take no more, all the while Eric was moaning and gasping in unbearable pain. They left him there for two hours in complete agony. When they finally released his nuts from the vise they seemed to expand to double their size due to swelling.

His sister then spoke up and said she had a great idea that they just had to try. They lay between his legs and after a great deal of pulling and effort they both managed to push one nut into their pussies. They began to work their muscles watching him beg for mercy in pain that no man should have to experience. They both came at the same time causing him even more pain but then let his balls out of them. His balls were now huge and they decided it was time.

They both took a nut and began applying pressure with their feet until they had almost all their weight on his nuts but they wouldn’t pop, so they got another idea. They both stood on top of chairs and on the count of three jumped, landing only on one heel. Each landed directly on his nuts and they both exploded at the same time. Both Sarah and Lisa were thrown into the best orgasms of their lives.

Eric, of course, never did have kids.

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