Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom's Self Defense

by unknown

Jason walked into the building where his mother's self defense class was at.

For the past few months his mother had been coming her every night to learn how to defend herself. One of her friends had gotten her interested in it and she had really taken to it. She said she liked the confidence it gave her, knowing she could handle any man who messed with her. She had been trying to get him to drop by, telling him about all the girls his age that took the class. Jason had resisted until his mother literally twisted his arm, refusing to let him go until he agreed to come in when he came to pick her up. As he entered he could see the group of women standing in a circle around his mother and a blonde woman who was wearing all sorts of protective pads. His mother had apparently just disabled her opponent before he walked in. The women were clapping and congratulating his mother. Jason stood back for a minute, checking out the women. Their ages ranged from mid-teens to early forties. Most wore tight fitting spandex body suits or shorts and halter-tops. One of them, a black haired beauty who was apparently the instructor, wore a red bodysuit that left her ass exposed. Jason felt himself getting hard as he admired her tan muscular ass. One of the girls spotted him and pointed him out. The whole group turned to watch him. His mother whispered something to the instructor and smiled and waved him over. The instructor stepped forward and extended her hand to him.

"Hi Jason, I'm Mandy. Janie has told us a lot about you." she said smiling. Jason was surprised by the strength of her grip as she shook his hand. "We're just finishing up. Your mother was the last one to go through the attack routine. She did quite well, she took out our "mugger" quickly and effectively." she continued, indicating the padded woman on the ground.

Mandy turned and helped the padded woman to her feet. Jason noticed the oddness of the padding for the first time. Instead of the huge bulky suit usually employed by women's self defense classes this one was crafted to look like an actual person - a large, muscular man. Muscles had carved or drawn on the pads. Jason's eyes were drawn to the bulging crotch. Mandy noticed his gaze and smiled.

"I see you've noticed our 'man' suit,” she said, patting the padded woman on the arm.

"Yes, it's, err, rather unusual." he replied. Mandy laughed.

"Yeah, I guess it seems that way when you first see it, but it's very effective. In order for self-defense training like this to work you have to have realism. Usually big, padded suits that look rejects from an amusement park are used. Those are just too unrealistic, so I made this one up myself. This suit provides protection for the wearer and the ultimate in realism for the student." she squeezed one of the padded biceps.

"This suit is a completely accurate, especially in the most important details,” she said. She reached down and unzipped the shorts on the suit. A rubber dildo and a fake rubber sack flopped out. Some of the women giggled. "You see, the most likely attacker is going to be male, and the best defense against a male is to go for the groin. But to be able to defend yourself you need to be able to practice in a realistic manner. You have to know what effect your attacks are going to have, what it feels like, and big stuffed dummies just don't cut it." She pointed to the dildo. Jason noticed the pad it was connected to was ripped and torn.

"This is very realistic, especially when we practice rape defense. This puts the women into the right frame of mind. They know what moves will incapacitate a man, and how to do 'em. As you can see, this guys had his dick ripped off a few times." she said. His mother stepped forward, with a big grin on her face.

"Show him the balls Mandy!" she said. Mandy reached down and pulled something out of the fake scrotum. She held up a clear, egg shaped object.

"I made these to simulate testicles. Attacking a man's testicles is the best way for a woman to defend herself. They're and easy target, just hanging there between his legs, and even the slightest hit causes intense pain. These are filled with water. The girls know they've got their move down right when they can feel these beneath their feet or on their knees. They just love popping the damn things too; I usually go through a dozen or two each practice. Though in my experience, they're a lot tougher than the real thing." She clenched her fist hard, squeezing the fake nut. It popped, squirting water out from between her fingers. Jason swallowed hard as the whole group of women laughed.

"Well, um, if you're finished with your practice, I, um, guess we'll be going. Are you ready mom?" Jason asked. Mandy turned to look at Jason's mother. Their eyes met and for a moment they just stared at each other. Then Mandy gave a slight nod. Jason's mom turned to him with a big grin on her face.

"No son, I'm not ready to go just yet." she said. Her foot flashed out towards Jason's groin. Jason was too startled to do anything. He could only watch, as if in slow motion, his mother's foot slid up between his legs. The top of her foot thudded into his nuts audibly. Pain shot out from his injured jewels and he doubled over in agony. His mother stepped forward quickly, grabbing him by his shoulders and straightening him back up. She brought her knee up, smashing it into his balls. He let out a groan. His legs went week and he started to collapse. His mother quickly brought her knee up once more, catching him on the way down. Jason fell to the ground, barely conscious through the haze of pain. His stomach was tight and cramped and his balls were a throbbing mass of pain. The women gathered closely around him. They were laughing and smiling. His mother put her foot on his crotch and raised her hands in triumph. The women clapped and cheered. Jason could only lie there and moan. Mandy squatted down next him.

"I don't just teach women self defense. I teach them about their rightful place in society, and how to achieve it. I teach them what balls were really made for - our enjoyment. Your mother has been one of my best students. She's a ball-busting virgin - never once hit a man 'down there'. You're her first. She's wanted this for a long time. Poor Janie thought she was going to have to do you at home and she wanted to do it her so she could share the experience with everyone." Mandy threw back her head and laughed. She stood up and smiled at Janie.

"Well, let the fun begin!"

Mandy and Janie quickly set about stripping Jason of his clothes. Jason lay there in pain and confusion, to weak to resist. His mother stood over him. She had been a dancer, and was still in top condition. She placed her foot on his bare sack, teasing him by applying slight pressure to his already aching balls. She flexed the muscles in her leg, displaying to everyone her feminine grace and power.

"Mom, what're you doing?" croaked Jason. She laughed.

"I'm busting your balls son! God, I've wanted to do this for so long. Every night I've dreamed of crushing your nuts, and now I finally get to. This is payback for all the shit I've had to put up with from men like you!" She stepped down a little harder, making Jason wince.

"Now Janie, since this is your first time, you've got to take it slow - you've got to savor every bit of this experience." said Mandy. "Now, take his balls in your hand. Examine them, feel them, get to know them - they're yours now,” she said. Janie grabbed her son’s balls and began to feel them. She rolled them around in her hands, gently squeezing them. She giggled in excitement. She pulled his sack down stretching it out.

"Say Jason, how far do you think they'll stretch before they rip free? Wanna find out?" Janie asked. She began to pull hard on his nutsack, stretching it out.

"No, please, no" Jason whimpered. She released his balls, letting them flop to the ground.

"Whimper and cry Jason, it's not going to change anything. Mommy's gonna bust your little nuts no matter what!" With that she stomped on his nuts, grinding them beneath her foot like a bug. Jason's body jolted upright. He grabbed his mother's foot but he was too weak to move it. Jason started to scream as the pain became too intense. Some of the women started to squeal, holding their hands to their crotch, imitating him.

"I can feel them! I can feel them squishing under my feet!" she shouted. Janie stepped of his balls and pushed Jason back to the ground. She dropped her knee on his crotch. She only managed to graze his balls, but his dick was smashed completely under he knee. She twisted around, grinding his dick under her knee. She grabbed his dick and started to yank on it.

"You're not going to have much use for this after I crush your balls. I could cut it off, and then I'd have a little girl instead of a nasty boy. I'd be doing you a favor. What do you think of that?" she asked as she continued to yank and twist his cock. Jason just continued to moan.

"Well, I'll tell you what son. Remember all those nice young girls I told you about? I'll let them have you when I'm done with your nuts. These energetic young ladies are always in need of new toys." The younger women cheered and whistled at this. Janie let go his dick and grabbed his sack in both hands. She played with his balls for a minute before selecting his left nut.

"I'm going to pop this nut first. Mmmmm, the thought of making you sterile is making me wet! I want you to see how much I'm enjoying this,” she said. She moved over, keeping his left nut clenched tightly in her hand, and squatted over his face, facing his groin. Her crotch, a few centimeters above his face, was soaked with her juices.

"I can't wait to feel your ball squish in my hands. See how wet mommy is getting? I'm gonna take back the family jewels! I'll have more fun with them than you ever would've." She started to squeeze, using both hands to apply pressure. Jason started to scream as he felt his ball bbeing crushed in his mother’s cruel grip. Janie smiled down at her son between her legs. She continued to squeeze, bringing her hands together with all her might. She could feel his nut flatten and compress as it stretched to the bursting point. The women around her had worked up into a frenzy, screaming at her to crush it, to pop it, to rip it off. The excitement coursed through her like electricity. And then the testicle exploded in her hands. In an instant the solid little egg in her hand burst with and audible 'squish'. An intense wave of pleasure washed over her. Her hips bucked involuntarily, grinding her pussy on Jason's face, muffling his screams. She lay there for a while, idly playing with the pulped remains of her son's nut. After a minute, she got up. Jason had passed out from the pain. She smiled down at him and poked his swollen scrotum with her toe. Mandy walked over with a glass of cold water and threw it in Jason's face. Jason sputtered back to life.

"One more ball and you'll be mommy's little eunuch. One more 'pop' and you're no longer a man! Mommy's gonna scramble your eggs!" She stepped on his remaining nut, trapping it underneath the ball of her foot. She put all her weight on his remaining nut. She was moaning with pleasure and excitement. His nut burst under the pressure. She screamed in ecstasy as she felt his ball being pulped underneath her foot and her whole body spasmed with pleasure. She stood there for a minute, squishing the remains of her son’s manhood around with her toes, then she turned to the group of eager young women who had gathered around.

"He's all yours girls." she said...

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More torture should be done before crushing her son's BALLS .