Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mother Busts Best

by unknown

Joann was a 38-year-old mother of two children, an 18-year-old boy named Jack and a 16-year-old girl named Tiffany. Joann was very attractive for her age and kept in shape. She was 5'8" tall and was fairly thin. Tiffany was a bombshell. At 16, she was already 5'6" tall and was built like a model. Her legs were well toned from playing basketball and swimming. Jack, meanwhile, was a bit overweight at 180 pounds and was 5'9" tall and growing.

Joann was divorced at this time and the kids lived with her. It was an abusive relationship but Joann only became tougher from it. However Joann did have to receive counseling for a temper problem, which she was trying to put behind her.

One night Tiffany and her mom were going out to a club (since Tiffany looked older she was let in). Jack, who stayed at home most of the time anyway, was gong to stay home and relax. Jack had a secret fetish about ball busting but no one else knew. Tonight Jack was going to watch his new movie he received in the mail. It was a compilation of ball-busts from different movies, which he purchased over the Internet.

Jack first watched some sports and then a movie before popping this new tape in. He figured his mom and sister wouldn't be home for a while so he lay down on the floor and watched his video. However about an hour into the video Jack fell asleep.

One hour later Joann and Tiffany came home. They saw Jack laid out on the floor, sound asleep, with just a t-shirt and mesh shorts on. Tiffany wondered what Jack was watching since the screen was now blank. She rewound the video a little and hit play. She was astonished to see various scenes of women kicking men in the balls. She quietly called her mother over and Joann was just as astonished. Both girls giggled as they saw multiple guys being felled by women. They both looked at each other with a sly grin and looked down at Jack who was asleep.

Joann, who was wearing a white blouse, black mini skirt with black stockings and black 4" pumps, went to get some rope to tie up Jack's arms. Tiffany, who was wearing a red sundress with white stockings and black chunky heels, stood over her brother wondering what it would be like to kick him in the balls.

Joann returned with some rope and managed to tie Jack's hands lightly together, trying not to wake him up. Jack only flinched and mumbled something and fell back asleep. Tiffany knew that this was her time and she quickly stood between his legs. She spread them out a little and Joann sat down on Jack's chest. Jack awoke but as soon as he started to say something, Tiffany unleashed a vicious stomp onto his unprotected crotch. She kept her foot buried in his crotch, twisting in uncomfortably.

Joann grabbed her son by the neck and screamed, "So you like getting kicked in the balls, you little pervert." Jack was stunned by all this and remained silent. Tiffany released her foot and kicked her brother square in the nuts, causing his body to twitch and jump.

"God dammit!" yelled Jack in pain. Joann tightened the rope around his hands and stood up with her foot in his face.

"If you want to be kicked in the balls, then we are not only going to hurt you, we are going to destroy you!" screamed Joann as flashes of her temper were coming back.

Tiffany then switched places with her mother, placing her chunky black heel on his face. Joann placed her 4" heel on his crotch and twisted it like she was putting out a cigarette. Jack screamed in pain. Tiffany then sat on his face to muffle his yelps. Joann stepped back and kicked him square in the balls. Jack screams were less audible as his body shook. Joann kicked him again and a third time even harder causing more quivers from her son. She then removed her right heel and hammered it into his crotch like she was a possessed woman. After about fifteen good swipes she stopped and removed her son’s shorts. He was cut badly on his penis and his balls were definitely swollen. She grabbed his right ball as Tiffany stood up and went besides his brother.

"Well Jack,” said Joann. "Now that the cat's out of the bag, your next few weeks will be a living hell because every night me and your sister are going to beat the shit out of you!"

Jack only could answer with a grunt and a moan.

"I don't think you heard me!" exclaimed Joann as she gripped and twisted Jack's right nut. She took her shoe and hammered the heel of it into his left nut, causing Jack's body to sit straight up. Joann released his right nut and punched him right in his balls.

"Good night" said Tiffany as she kicked her brother in the side of the head with her shoe, causing him to fall back on his back. Joann then stood up and unleashed a vicious kick to his balls, causing his body to buck and then Jack passed out from the pain.

"Tomorrow night will be fun!" exclaimed Joann.

"I can't wait!" said Tiffany as both girls went off to bed.