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Mother's conspiracy (Chapter 1)

By Naive

A mother gets a taste of power over her son.

1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)

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This story is intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read this story. This story contains violence and ball busting. If this subject matter offends please DO NOT read. Thank you.


Mother's conspiracy - Chapter 1

It was late on Saturday night when Jason walked in the door. The thunder and lightning were making a racket outside and the lights flashed on and off a few times. Placing his coat and umbrella away, he could hear the faint sounds of the TV from the living room. The hall light upstairs was on, so he knew his mother hadn't gone to bed yet. She seemed to have a lot of problems sleeping since his father had passed on. Only a year had passed but the memory of his father was everywhere. The two-story home they lived in was built by him, it took him a couple years and a lot of work, but he made their dream house.

Tonight it was hard to think of his mother's problems he had enough of his own. His girlfriend had always been a little odd but tonight she threw him for a loop. She asked him to do the impossible for her, but he loved Sarah so much he had to at least consider it. Sarah was his girlfriend, now on five years, but of late she was getting stranger and stranger. She was always into playing power games and some rough sex, but now she wanted to take it a step further; Jason wasn't sure if he wanted too or even could. All he could think about was the conversation they had earlier in the day, as he walked into the living room. Just then, the old grandfather clock struck one. He heard his mother gasp as the clock went off. He had to laugh, she always seemed so jumpy - especially with out dad.

"Hi mom," he said in a humorously.

"Oh, Jason your home. I'm so glad to see your not staying out late and worrying your mother," she said drenched with sarcasm.

"Sorry, mom I was out late with Sarah. We were talking."

"Nothing wrong I hope."

"Not really," he said with a hinge of hesitation.

"Come on you can tell me, I'm your mother, that's what I do!"

"Actually, I can't tell you because you’re my mother."

"Ah, sex is it?"

"MOM!" he yelled as he changed three shades of red.

"Oh, please Jason. I know the word and what it means. In fact if I remember right I had you," she said with an evil smile. She could tell he was uncomfortable talking about these things with her, but she was his mother and knew much more then he. "Come here and sit with me." Patting the seat beside her. Jason wasn't sure if he should talk to her or make a run for his room. `Oh, well what could it hurt' he thought to himself. Jason sat down on the large plush couch, the TV was on mute and the screen was putting closed captions across the bottom. He didn't recognize the movie. Just as it started to catch his attention the big screen blinked off. With a sigh he readied himself for a grueling conversation. Lisa Farrow, Jason's mother, was a healthy woman in her late forties, but she looked like she was in her early thirties with bright blue eyes and long blond hair. As a rule she worked out twice a day and jogged a few miles when she got home. Jason looked her over and could tell by the sweats she was wearing, that she had just finished working out. Just then another blast of thunder roared through the house. Both of them jumped a little at the noise. It kind of broke the mood though, and Jason didn't feel so tense sitting there with his mom. Slowly the laughter died out and Lisa just sat there waiting for him to start.

"Come on, Jason. You can talk to me. I know that it use to be you and your father doing the man thing and talking about sex, but I can listen and talk as well as he could," she tried to put on her most reassuring smile. He was a little jumpy. It reminded her so of her husband. His dark brown hair and hazel eyes, with a strong athletic build.

"Sorry, mom. It's just hard. You know how guy's are." He tried to play it off, but she just sat there waiting - her eyes gnawing into his. "Ok, well I'm sure you figured that me and Sarah have been doing it for a while." Her response threw him she had this look of shock and horror on her face. Jason's started to worry; just then his mom just broke out laughing.

"You should have seen the look on your face!” she gasped between chuckles.

"That's how you thought I would react didn't you!"

"Well, yea," Jason admitted with a flush of color.

"I'm sorry, please go on. I just wanted you to know that you could tell me anything. Come on," she said with a hug. "Let's talk."

"Sarah's gotten a little strange of late she wants to try things and I don't know about the type of experimentation she wants to try."

"Hmm, well Sarah seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I couldn't see her doing anything too weird."

"Mom, you just don't know."

"Tell me then."

"It's kind of fetish-y." His face panned through the spectrum in embarrassment. His mother just patted him on the leg and urged him to go on. "Somehow she's gotten into S&M a little. She wants to try things on me until she thinks I'm ready; then she wants me to train her." Jason could only watch for a reaction. Surprisingly, she seemed to take it in stride.

"What kind of S&M?"

"Lots of different kinds."

"Just tying you up, or some real pain involved." She just watched amused as her son was dumbfounded. He never thought of her as a sexual creature. Much less as knowing about the less savory aspects of sex. "Are you just going to sit there?" she asked casually.

"Uh, both. She wants to give me some pain. She said not too much, just enough to get me into the mood."

"I never thought that Sarah would be into those kind of things. She seems so normal."

"She is normal." He growled.

"You really do love her don't you?" She couldn't help but smile. He was starting to act like his father did so many years ago. It was hard to believe that Jason was already twenty-five, and so handsome. "I didn't mean to sound like she was anything, but normal."

"Sorry. I just don't like anyone saying anything bad about her. I guess I love her a lot."

"Don't worry son. Your father was just like you."

"He was?"

"Oh yes, very much so." She grabbed his hand and held it tight. She missed her husband so much these days. It was lonely at home alone; all her friends were married, so she felt strange being around them. Being alone also had other more, carnal, side effects; she tried not to think about it. "So, tell me what does she have in mind. I still can't believe she would really do anything that would hurt you." Again he flushed red. She was starting to wonder how naive her son really was. Sarah was probably his only partner.

"She wants to kick me."

"Kick you?" she said confused

"Kick me down there," he said looking away.


"Yea. She says it won't be that bad."

"Don't you know?" She said truly surprised. She thought that all men had gotten hit once or twice in the jewels as they grew up. But, she could see him shaking his head no. "Didn't she want to try? So you'd know?"

"Yea, but I didn't trust her. I mean we're talking about my nuts. I don't want to be a eunuch. I'd just die if I couldn't have kids. And, who knows what could happen."

"You've gone with her for five years and you don't trust her?"

"I do, but I don't. I guess I'm just scared. She might like it and what happens if I don't? I'll feel guilted into it. I guess. I don't know," he looked down a little ashamed.

"Well couldn't you get some one else you trust to do it? Or, one of your friends like Brian: you've known him forever. You two still play baseball and do everything together."

"Nah, they'd just laugh at me even considering it. I can hear them taunting me now. `look it's nut job' `anybody need a good kick' `your girl join the NFL yet' and the like." Lisa had to try hard to hide her smile, but they were funny. "I just don't trust anyone enough."

"You mean you don't trust me." She asked a little hurt.

"Of course I trust you, but you’re my mom."

"And that means?"

"Well, you couldn't do something like that. I'm your son. It'd be incest like."

"It would?" She said with a smile. "So getting hit in your jewels is a sexual thing?"

"No. Well. I guess not. I don't think of it that way, at least."

"Me either, so I guess I could do it for you."

"Really. Well, I don't know.”

"Come on. Do you really want to know what it's like or not? Or, are you just going to tell Sarah no - without ever knowing?" She said with a quirky little smile. She couldn't believe this was happening. Was this right? Should she even be considering doing this, much less doing it to her son? Lisa had seen it done to many men, but never had a chance to do it herself. The closest she ever got was getting Jason Sr. while wrestling. He went down quick when that happened. She kind of liked the power trip it gave her when her husband was at her mercy. This would be new.

"Alright, but just a few times to see what it's like and when I say stop - we stop, ok?" Lisa nodded as they got up. Jason stood across from her and she could see her son was getting hard: for not being sexual they both seemed to be getting a little aroused by it. She could feel herself getting wet as her heart fluttered in her chest.

"Are you ready?" Jason nodded. The room went white as she reared back - streaks of lightning lit the sky outside as her foot came forward. Jason caught off guard by the lightning took it full force. Pain coursed through his body, white dots started floating in his eyes, and his lunch felt ready to burst from his stomach.

"Eno..." was all he had time to squeak out before the thunder rushed in to drowned out all sound. He planted his hands on his knees, too embarrassed to grab his aching sac. Just then a second foot landed catching him once again by surprise. His balls felt like they were about to burst trough his jeans seeming to swell to twice their size in seconds. He couldn't see anything. He wasn't sure if he was blinded by the lightning or if the pain made him blind. He ground his teeth to keep the bile down and tried hard to say stop but he was completely out of breath and he couldn't release his jaw. Never before had he ever felt such pain - not even the time he broke his collarbone in two. Lisa watched him straighten a little after the second, and figured she most of missed; he still looked ok. He didn't seem to move to say stop so she threw her last kick. `He was such a strong boy' she thought to herself. And, she could feel her juices flowing. This was the closest contact she had with a man since her husband passed on. She felt good. Letting the third go she caught him waving his hand to stop but it was already to late. Her foot impacted square on his balls. Jason let out a high squeak. The pain encased all his thoughts all he could do was grab his nuts, hoping to dear god they were all right. But, that was just a fleeting thought as he watched the floor slowly tumble towards him: luckily consciousness blinked out just before he hit the ground. The rumble died out and Lisa just watched him hit the ground. The squeak still weak in the air. A rush of pleasure rushed through her like none she had ever felt before. A wash of pure white tingle through her whole body, heart pounding. She could just barely hold back the small convulsions as she stood there dumbfounded by her own reaction and the power she felt. This was almost better then sex. As the pleasure slow ebbed away she noticed her son wasn't moving. That's when she started to worry.

Jason woke up in his bed. A rush of pain catapulted to his brain as he moved. He looked down to see he was lying nude on top of the sheets with an ice pack on his balls. `God' he thought to himself that was the worst pain he ever felt, but for some reason he still had a raging hard-on. Just then his mother walked in. He grabbed the ice pack to cover himself, but the grab was short lived - the pain jumped to the almost unbearable level. He could feel the bile gathering at the back of his throat.

"Nnt, stop that. You’re only going to hurt yourself like that." She said with a smile. She felt revived by the experience but her son was worse for ware. Next time she would have to be more careful. "It's not like I've never seen you in the nude. Remember, I use to put your diaper on."

"I'm a little old for diapers mom." He managed to say through the pain. Jason stretched out and just hoped the pain would take away the embarrassment. "Could you please cover me?"

"Not, until the swelling goes down a little. I want to make sure your ok." She said lifting the bag from his testicles. He had a good-sized dick slightly bigger then his father's - almost seven inches. She couldn't believe he was still up it had been over an hour and he still was standing at attention. "Why didn't you say stop if I was hurting you."

"I tried!!!" he said scathing her with his tone. She felt a little guilty but he had no right to talk to her that way.

"Now do get upset. I'm sorry. I didn't now that you wanted me to stop."

"I DID! But, it's not like you gave me time to say stop. And, that damn lightning!" He wanted to yell and cry so much, but he couldn't in front of his mom.

"Watch your mouth. Your not suppose to talk to me that way."

"Well your not suppose to be a sadistic bitch!" that was it she dropped the ice pack back down on his balls. Jason jerked forward in pain and lightly grabbed the bag. The jolt hit his brain, and at that moment he realized he wasn't the one in control here.

"That's enough young man. You will respect me in my house."

"Yes, mother." His response caught her by surprise. Then she noticed him clutching the bag she had off-handedly dropped. Suddenly she got a rush. She was in control again. Lisa could feel the power. "That's better. Now lie back." He did as commanded. "I'm going to have to make sure you’re alright down there so just lie still." Lisa lifted the pack and noticed he was even bigger then before.

"I'm sorry mom. I know it wasn't your fault. Just remind me never to do that again." Jason said in a defeated voice.

"Of, course." Lisa reached down and started to feel his testicles to make sure they were still intact. She could hear Jason pull in a breath of pain as she griped them. All, she could think of was him calling her a sadistic bitch. She griped down hard and watched he son go ridged and his eyes started to roll up. She squeezed a little harder and watched him fall unconscious again. Suddenly his dick started to convulse and cum started to squirt out. She unconsciously jumped back but never let go of her son's sac. He came all over himself and his bed. Finally the convulsions stopped and Lisa let her grip go. She would have to talk to Sarah. Her relationship with her son was going to change a little. She didn't want to hurt him, but this was the closest she could get to sex at the moment and she didn't even have to take her clothes off. With one finger she picked up some of his cum and rubbed it across her lips. She let a slight smile grow across her face as she thought `tastes like chicken'. She gave her sons balls a few more squeezes as she fingered herself. His body still responded with tears and minor convulsions. AS she cam she knew that she was now in control. The fun was just starting.

&#169 1999 copyright by SJTJ (aka Naive)


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