Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mother’s Obliging Feet

By unknown

Part I - The Discovery

Justin had just turned ten (or any age you prefer) years old and was in the beginning stage of discovering something about women, particularly older women, that drove him crazy. It was a hot day in early August and he was at the mall shopping with his mom, Julia. Julia was 45 years old and recently divorced. She looked very attractive for her age, 5'7”, 130lbs shoulder-length brown hair and penetrating blue eyes.

As they were walking through the air conditioned mall Julia noticed a store called Sandal Emporium: Let Your Feet Breathe. ‘That's just what I need,’ Julia thought to herself, the sneakers she was wearing made her feet sweat. She turned to her son and said, "Justin, honey, come with me, mommy needs to get something in this store."

Justin couldn't understand why there were so many middle-aged women in a mad rush throughout the store. There were signs all over the store announcing 50% off all the sandals. Julia took Justin by the hand and pulled him with her as she picked out several pairs. He followed his mother as she sat down at the only empty chair left. There was another middle-aged woman sitting in the chair next to her, trying on sandals. She noticed that Justin was standing and smiled at him. Except for her brown eyes, she could have been a twin for his mother. In front of the woman was a bench that the employees sit on to help people try on shoes. She smiled at Justin again and asked him if he would like to sit on it because she wasn't using it. Justin looked at his mom for approval.

"Go ahead sweetie," she said, smiling. Justin sat down on the bench and looked around at all the women. His eyes suddenly, and unexpectedly for him, became fixated on what his mother was doing. She had removed her sneakers and was now beginning to pull off the sock from her left foot. Things started to move in slow motion for Justin as he saw her sock slowly being moved down her ankle, revealing her smooth and pinkish heel and then across her foot to her instep with the little sexy wrinkles and finally to her well-crafted toes with hot pink nail polish.

Justin began to feel movement between his legs as he watched his mother take off her right sock; she was now completely barefoot. She began to wiggle her toes and move her foot around sexily and muttered, "My feet deserve better than this."

That was too much for Justin and his penis began to rise uncontrollably in his sweat pants. Even though he was also wearing his He-Man underwear, it didn't help to hide his large erection. Justin never had feelings like this before about his mothers feet and he was a little scared. He turned his head and noticed the woman across from him smiling wickedly at him. She made several quick glances from his crotch to his mother’s feet and back to his face, all with the same grin. Justin was petrified; she must have been watching the whole episode, he thought.

The woman turned to Julia and said, "Excuse me ma'am, do you think your son could help me try on some sandals? My back is not too good and I don't want to strain it."

Julia replied, "I'm sure my Justin would be delighted to help you. Wouldn't you Justin?"

Justin was in a daze but managed to cough out a, "yes mother."

"Thanks so much. By the way my name is Nancy," the woman said.

"I'm Julie," his mother said, smiling.

"Well Justin, help the nice lady," his mother said. Justin looked at Nancy and saw her smile wickedly again.

"C'mon Justin, my feet don't bite." With that, she giggled like a little girl. Justin moved around so that he straddled the bench in front of Nancy's feet. Nancy was already barefoot and had stretched her leg out so the sole of her left foot was on the incline of the bench. Nancy handed him a pair of sandals and told him to place one on her foot. As Justin reached down for her foot, Nancy began to put all her pressure onto her foot to hold it in place. Justin grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her foot up but was shocked to find that it wouldn't budge. He looked at Nancy who was giggling girlishly as if it was a game.

"Having trouble?" she said teasingly. Justin was determined to remove her foot and pulled really hard. Instead of removing her foot, Justin fell forward and slid down the incline. His balls crashed right into the toes of her foot. He could feel her big toe separating his two orbs. He lost his breath and had a blank look on his face; the pain was enormous. Suddenly, and to his further shock, he felt his penis begin to grow hard.

He looked at Nancy who was smiling sexy at him who said quietly, "Gotcha!" as she shoved her toe forward, pinching his ball sack with her nail. Justin screamed and fell on the floor by his mother’s feet.

Every woman in the store turned to look at Justin lying on the floor, cupping his injured balls. Some were concerned, while other’s had devilish grins on their faces and some even mocked him by holding their crotches.

Julia, concerned, turned to Nancy and asked what happened.

"He slipped off the bench and my foot broke his balls... I mean his fall." Nancy caught herself. "It was an accident."

A young pretty salesgirl came over with an ice pack and said, "Where is the bump?"

"It's his balls," Julia said excitedly, not knowing what to do. The salesgirl had to cover her mouth to hide her laughter, as she didn't realize what part of him was hurt.

The salesgirl said, "Here, put this ice pack on them to stop any swelling." Julia took the ice pack and proceeded to embarrass Justin by pulling his pants and underwear down in front of all the women in the store.

"I'm sorry Justin, mommy has to keep your… balls… from swelling." His mother placed the ice pack on his balls and let him lie there. Justin was relieved that no one mentioned his erection. After a while, he felt better and got dressed.

Everyone watched as they left the store but Julia and Justin did not see Nancy anywhere. Julia figured she must have been embarrassed about hurting her son’s balls. As they were leaving the mall, Justin looked to his side and saw Nancy standing there, staring at him. She licked her lips sexily and bit into an apple she had in her hand. Julia kept looking ahead and didn't see what had happened. Justin now had to sort out the new feelings that he felt.

Part 2 - Accidents

Justin woke up the next morning with a hard-on after seeing the events of the previous day played over and over again in his dreams. "I have to get mom to bust me," Justin thought to himself, but the only question was how. Justin thought about it for a while and he had an idea. He knew that it was Wednesday and every Wednesday morning his mother did her aerobics. And Justin knew she always did it barefoot.

He went down to get breakfast and found his mother wearing her tight leotard outfit. It was all rubbery-looking and accentuated her firm breasts and muscular thighs and legs. She was also barefoot. She turned to him with a concerned look on her face and stared at this crotch.

"How are your balls Justin?"

Justin was surprised at her openness and he just said, "Much better."

"That's wonderful!" she said gleefully. The both sat at the table to eat. Justin kept making quick glances at his mother’s foot as she bounced her crossed leg off her knee. She moved her toes up and down causing her soles to wrinkle and twisted her foot around in circles. Justin couldn't wait until that powerful looking foot crushed into his balls.

"Well, time for my exercise," she said and got up to go into the TV room so she could watch her aerobics tape. Justin waited about five minutes until he heard the tape playing. It was so loud he knew he could sneak up to her without her knowing. She usually had her eyes closed when she was during his favorite exercise, the leg kicks. He got up, snuck to the doorway and saw his mother on her back doing leg stretches, eyes closed.

The woman on the TV said, "Now ladies, let’s practice some leg kicks, really thrust this time. Let’s do it ladies." His mother started to throw powerful kicks into the air.

Justin could see her leg muscles flexing as she kicked. Justin carefully crept up to his mother, facing her kicking feet. He began to get hard as he thought about what was going to happen. Her eyes were still closed. He knew it was now or never. He stepped forward and waited for her leg to come up. A few seconds then, WHAM! her foot smashed into his balls, her toes were like a hook and captured his balls lifting him several inches off the floor. He blacked out from the pain.

When he awoke, he found himself lying on his bed with his mother sitting beside him. "You really have to stay away from mommy's feet honey," she giggled. "My feet can be very dangerous to a young boy like you.”

"I was going to tell you something mom and then you hit me.”

"I'm sorry Justin, but you have to let me know you're there or else I will hit you. Stop getting in the way of these (she pointed to her bare feet) and your little balls won't get hurt,” she smiled.

Just then, the phone rang and Julia got up to answer it. She left Justin alone. He closed the door to his room and jerked off while thinking of the events that took place during the day.

Days go by... Justin and his mother were sitting next to each other watching TV on the sofa. She was barefoot. The show they were watching showed a guy giving a woman a foot massage.

Justin said to his mother, "Mommy, can I do that for you?"

"You mean a foot massage Justin? Sure!” She turned herself around and placed her plump feet in his lap. Justin started to rub her right sole.

She shut her eyes and said, "Mmmm... that's wonderful Justin.” He had an idea. He began to tickle her sole. She began to laugh hysterically, kicking her foot about. Justin guided her foot so as he tickled eventually, Boom! her heel hammered down into his crotch twice first crushing down the head of his hard dick and then right square into his balls. He winced and moaned in pain.

"Awww... pooor baby... I told you mommy's feet are dangerous, they can hurt you honey. Don't play with mommy's feet.” Justin was in pain but also in ecstasy.

Later that night, Julia had to go to the bathroom and as she passed her son’s room, she heard strange sounds. She peeked through the door; Justin was asleep but was having some sort of a dream.

"Mommy, bust my balls, do it. Kick them hard with your sexy powerful feet. Do it mommy please! I'm begging you mommy, bust them with your feet. Owww. Thank you, mommy." Julia had subconsciously put her hand in her crotch and suddenly found herself nearing climax as she imagined obliterating her son’s balls. She covered her mouth to avoid waking her son as she orgasmed. When she was finished, she smiled devilishly and muttered, "You’re welcome son," and she went back to bed.

Part 3 - Destroyed!

Julia woke up after dreaming about kicking her son in the balls in various ways. She reached down to her crotch and found it sopping wet. She was thinking to herself of ways to satisfy her newfound lust her busting her son’s balls and for making it satisfying for his fantasies.

"I know," she said to herself. "I think that it's time that he learned not to step on women's toes when he dances." She smiled, as she was impressed with her own idea. She went to fix breakfast and she decided she would stay barefoot all day just to tease Justin. She normally had Cheerios with banana slices in it but today she decided to use grapes.

Justin came to the kitchen to eat breakfast with his mother. She glanced at the crotch of his pajamas and noticed a wet stain. She smiled inwardly knowing that it was he dreaming about her busting his nuts that caused him to cum. Justin sat down and began eating his breakfast. Julia made sure she put more effort into sexily moving her foot around in front of Justin's eyes. He was getting hard watching his mother’s juicy plump foot and she caught him staring. She just smiled at him.

‘Did she know?’ he thought. Justin was then drawn to her eating as she ate the grapes in her bowl.

"No banana's mommy?"

"Not anymore honey. Mommy found out that she likes to chew on these nice juicy round balls. I love the way they pop in my mouth." She smiled as she broke one in half with her teeth, showing Justin the resulting squish.

They finished eating breakfast and Julia sat down again and said, "Justin, I think that it's time that I taught you how dance properly with a woman. You’re becoming a big man now and you must know how to do it. Don't you agree?"

Justin thought nothing of it and said, "Yes mommy, I'm a big man now.”

She smiled. "There are certain rules that you have to follow when you dance with a woman Justin. The most important rule to always follow is to not step on the woman's toes.” With that, she moved her foot sexily, bending her toes up and down. Justin became rock hard instantly.

"You know what happens when you get in the way of a woman's foot, don't you Justin?"

Justin knew very well. "Yes mommy.”

"What happens Justin?" She wanted to hear him say it.

"They hurt my nuts mommy."

"That's absolutely right Justin. If you get in the way of a woman's foot she will POUND your nuts as hard she can with her feet. She might even break open one of your nuts.” Justin couldn't believe what he was hearing from his own mother’s mouth.

"Well, shall we get started Justin?"

"Yes mommy.” They got up and went into the room where she did her exercises. She noticed the way his penis was jutting out in front of his pajamas like a concealed gun.

"Makes them better targets," she thought. "Now Justin, put your arms around mommy's waist and hold tightly. I will lead you around; if you step on my toes I will have to hurt your nuts like a normal woman would if you get in the way of her feet, do you understand?" It was his dream come true.

"Yes mommy. You won’t break them, will you?”

She decided to tease him. "You won't know will you honey?" She laughed a throaty laugh. He grabbed a hold of her muscular thighs and held on. She began to move around and he was keeping away from her toes for now.

‘Should I do it?’ he thought to himself. He knew he would experience the ultimate ecstasy if she busted one or both of his balls. He decided to do it. He slowly inched closer to her toes with each turn as they danced. Finally, he stepped on her right foot.

"How dare you step on a woman's foot! I warned you never to get in the way of a woman's feet! And you stepped on your own mother’s foot! You are a bad, Bad boy!” She wanted to see his naked penis and balls as she busted them. She knew she was in charge.

"Take off your clothes!" she shouted. Justin was petrified and excited at the same time. Julia could feel a tingly sensation between her legs. He removed all of his clothes exposing his now fully erect penis and his tightly hanging balls. Julia stared at his privates with a gleam of lust in her eyes; they had a glassy look to them.

"Lay on the floor Justin.” He got on the floor, his penis standing up like a goal post. Julia decided to have a little fun before she busted his balls. She walked over and put her right sole in front of his face.

"Kiss my sole Justin.” He began to kiss it and, in the excitement, he started to lick it.

"Did I tell you to lick my foot? Just for that you will be punished twice!" She decided that it was time to destroy her son’s nuts.

"Spread your legs," she said angrily. She walked around and stood between his spread legs hands on her hips. She looked at his balls and licked her lips sexily.

"Mommy has to bust your balls now Justin." She laughed devilishly hard for about a minute and regained her composure. She had nice sharp toenails and she hoped they might scissor through. She extended her foot back and twisted it around teasingly. She noticed his penis throb when she did that. Then suddenly she slammed her pointed toes down right into his left testicle.

Justin thought he was going to throw up. She continued to poke in her nails, digging like a knife. Then she withdrew her foot and pretended like she was all done. Then she slammed her heel onto his left nut and brought it to the floor under her heel. She stood on one leg and she felt it pop under the weight of her heel. She felt the floor underneath now.

Justin had blacked out already. She immediately began rubbing her crotch and orgasmed several times before Justin woke up again.

"How are your balls, honey?" Julia teasingly asked. Justin couldn't believe that she would actually pop one of his nuts.

"Now it's time for your second punishment Justin." She waved her foot in front of his face but, instead of being barefoot, she was now wearing black high heels.

"I think that bare feet are too good for you. You need a real severe punishment with these.” With that, she kicked his legs apart with the pointed part of the toes.

"I'm not going to kick your right testicle Justin," she said sweetly. Justin breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm going to squish it like a grape!" she said with an evil laugh. With that, she began to probe his nutsack with her left shoe toe in order to find his remaining testicle. She found it and pressed in his sack next to it with her shoe in order to make it stand out. She moved her right shoe over it placed the sharp point of the heel just lightly touching it. She smiled evilly at Justin who was now wincing already at what was about to happen.

"Say goodbye to your last testicle Justin," she laughed evilly. With that, she slammed down the heel. She could hear it pop and the skin broke, which splattered some of the testicle remains on her best shoes. Justin blacked out immediately. Julia now experienced several hours of orgasms as she looked at her blacked out son laying there with no more balls. She felt bad however, that she had no more balls to bust.

"Maybe I should start adopting," she thought to herself.


To be continued??

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