Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ms. Cane

By tirsomaly

Jerry was a typical high school senior, trying to get laid every chance he could, getting drunk and fucked up every weekend and flirting with his sexy, brunette English teacher. Her name was Ms. Cane; she had long legs sheathed in silky hose, voluptuous breasts and a curvaceous ass. Jerry wanted to fuck her so bad. He would always walk up to her desk with an erection and ask her a question with his crotch right in her face. He fantasized about her mouth sucking his cock, with her warm moist tongue tickling the bottom of his penis and her fat pouty lips squeezing his cock. Ms. Cane was aware of Jerry's thoughts and his innuendos, but she did nothing because she was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

One day, after school, Jerry went to ask Ms. Cane a question. This time there were no other students in the room and no other people in the building. Jerry was hard as a rock because he was getting to meet up with Ms. Cane alone. He was as obvious about it as ever, practically shoving his cock in her face. This time instead of looking away Ms. Cane looked directly at his crotch with an irritated look on her face. Jerry thought she was making an advance on him so he put his hands on her shoulders. She decided to seduce him and undid his top button of his jeans. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down. She then pulled down his boxers and blew on his cock. She gently took a hold of his balls and then squeezed down with all her strength.

"You are such a fucking pervert. I notice when you shove your tiny cock in my face and it is not acceptable. I am very angry and I think I'm gonna take it out on you. Is that okay?" Jerry was in shock; the pain was so intense in his balls that he felt like he was going to pass out. Ms. Cane grabbed Jerry's ankles while still holding onto his balls and tripped him, yanking his nuts out of socket in the process. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed Jerry’s hands behind his back.

Rolling him over on his back, she said, “If you pleasure me orally, I might let you keep one of your testicles intact when you leave here but if you can't give head, then you lose it all." Ms. Cane undid her dress and pulled off her black panties and pantyhose.

She sat on Jerry’s face, straddling his head, with her asshole in his nose and her pussy in his mouth. Jerry started licking as fast as he could. "Slow down faggot," ordered Ms. Cane as she grabbed hold of his balls. Holding them so they were isolated out the top of her fist, she reached up in the air and slapped his nuts as hard as she could. Jerry felt a shockwave of unbearable pain jolting through his body, emanating from his damaged testicles. His body must have been going into shock, because he kept blacking out. He had stopped licking.

Ms. Cane said, “If you stop licking, then I start biting" and immediately started chewing violently on his penis. He forced himself to start licking slower than before. Ms. Cane spit his dick out and it was covered in bite marks that were bleeding.

"That's better, ohh, yeah, keep doing that…" She was starting to get into it now and she started to climax. "Ohh, GOD, FUCK, mmmmmm…"

"I always have to pee after I orgasm. Are you gonna drink it for me?" Ms. Cane innocently asked.

Jerry started to cry, "Please let me go," he begged.

"Oh, you’re crying. That’s so sad. Do you think if I peed in your mouth, you would feel better sweetie? Maybe if you don't drink it we could play a game with some balls, where we try to pop them with our bare feet. Would that be a fun game to play with your sexy teach? Jerry, wouldn't you like that? STOP CRYING! and open wide, cause I'm not waiting any longer; it’s either this or we play popball. I have to be stern, you understand? I am your teacher, aren't I?"

Jerry opened his mouth and closed his eyes. He felt her sopping wet pussy over his mouth again. The stream of urine began. It felt like ten gallons of piss by the time it was all out. Even though it was only about a minute, it felt like an eternity. When she was finished she said, "Now lick me clean, boy." He licked her urethra clean.

"I feel a little itchy around my asshole. Do you think you could scratch it with your teeth?” Jerry was repulsed and refused to do it. "Well, if you choose to disobey your teacher we have procedures for dealing with that. Jerry shrunk in fear. Ms. Cane spun around and slammed the ball of her foot into Jerry's already burning balls. Jerry was getting light headed and he passed out. Ms. Cane dragged his unconscious body up to her desk where she produced a metal contraption, designed to be attached to her desk and hold a set of male genitals in place. She screwed his cock and balls tightly into this contraption. Some time later, he awoke.

"Good morning sleepy head. It's time for your early morning lesson in obedience,” she chimed and immediately dug her thumbnail into his right testicle very agonizingly slowly. Jerry was beginning to pass out again. Her nail had now made it's way to the center of his testicle. And before he threw up and passed out, she turned her nail around completely tearing apart his right testicle. She unscrewed his genitals and let his body collapse to the floor.

A couple of hours later Jerry awoke. "Here's the deal, you tell anybody about this and I'll say you tried to rape me and the next time I get a hold of you you'll be a eunuch. So are you gonna tell anybody one-nut?"

"No ma'am," replied Jerry, who was still in extreme pain. She uncuffed him and dressed him.

"Now go on home and cry over your lost nut, okay sweetie?"

Jerry crawled out of the room and went to sleep on the bathroom floor down the hall.


Jerry woke up on the floor in a stall in the school bathroom. He felt completely nauseous and very weak. He lay on the ground for three hours while he regained his awareness. He looked at his watch - 3:30 am. He still felt weak and scared because he was alone and he didn’t know what to do. He went over the whole situation in his mind over and over again and he just couldn’t accept what had happened to him. He was in denial.

Jerry knew he had to get home because he didn’t want to be in the bathroom when school started. He lived three miles away; it was a long walk and it would be very challenging, if not impossible. He grabbed onto the bars on the sides of the bathroom stall and pulled himself to his feet. His groin felt like a pulsating orb of unbearable burning pain, particularly on his right side. He began walking one agonizing step at a time. He looked like a penguin walking through the school halls.

Another thought that kept eating away at him was how he was going to explain to his mother why he was out all night and moreover why he was walking around like a penguin and would need to stay in bed for a while until he felt better. Jerry approached a back door leading out of the school. He opened the door and a loud alarm started sounding, scaring the shit out of him. He immediately began to panic; he didn’t want the police to catch him because he would then have to choose between going to jail for breaking and entering or making up an explanation for everything, including his injury. He couldn’t tell the police the truth. He tried to run, frantically looking for a place to hide. He passed bushes and trees but none of them were decent hiding places. With every step he ran he felt more and more pain emanating from his groin. He knew he couldn’t run much farther without passing out. Luckily, he came upon a large bush just in time. He crawled underneath the bush, getting poked by prickly sticks and thistles. Curled up in a little ball, he lay in pain, yet again, about to vomit.

The police arrived shortly after and Jerry did vomit. The police searched the area and at one point even shined a light directly at the bush where Jerry was hiding, but gratefully, they didn’t find him. It was a warm night and Jerry fell into a deep sleep. Jerry woke up to the sunrise. The ever-present pain reminded him of his situation and the glowing warm sun made him wonder what time it was - 5:30 a.m. He had to get home before people started coming to school. He pulled himself out of the bush, brushed the dirt off his clothes and began his long journey home. He still looked like a penguin. Some girls drove by him, very slowly, clearly pointing and laughing, making fun of him. They did not know his situation or they may not have laughed, they probably just thought he was kicked in the nuts, which most girls think is funny. They were cute teenage girls that Jerry knew from school. He was embarrassed but the pain outweighed the embarrassment, so he continued home.

Jerry finally got home, tired and weak. When he opened the door, his mother ran up to him crying and hugging him.

“Where the hell were you all night?”

“I was attacked, mom,” Jerry told her, crying himself. “Some girl gang attacked me when I was walking home from school; they kicked me, down there, over and over again. I passed out and woke up under a bush this morning. I could barely walk home.”

“You need to go to the doctor, son.”

“NO, no mom, I’ll be okay. They’re starting to feel better now. I’m gonna be okay. I just don’t want to go to the doctor, it’s too embarrassing.”

“Well, okay, but if you don’t feel better by tomorrow, you’re going and that’s final.”

“I need to go to bed, mom. I’m tired.”

“You go get your rest. I’ll call the school and tell them you’re sick.”


“I love you, son.”

“I know.”

“Can you help me up the stairs, mom?”

“Of course.” Jerry’s mom helped him up the stairs. Jerry went into his bathroom to change his clothes. He took off his shirt, shoes and socks first. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans. As he began to pull them down, he realized they were stuck to the inside of his right thigh. He slowly peeled them off, ripping out the hairs in his leg. The sight of his underwear made him nauseous. The whole fronts of them were blood stained, along with the inside of the crotch of his jeans. There was dried blood running down the inside of his inner thigh. He was afraid to take off his underwear. He slowly tried to begin peeling his briefs off, but each time he tried to tug at them it felt like he was ripping his dick off. It took Jerry about forty-five minutes to finally peel his briefs all the way off. As he revealed more and more of his damaged genitals, he felt more and more afraid of infection. He looked at himself. His whole crotch was red with blood. His dick had open wounds on it from where Ms. Cane had chewed on it. It was shriveled up like a little stump. His left nut was swollen to almost twice its size, but it had taken on more of a lumpy shape. The scrotum was pulled tight around his left nut, black and blue, like bruised fruit. The right side of his scrotum was a gory sight. The skin was torn open on top and to him it looked like a dark red and black wound, with chunks of testicle, barely kept together by the few fibers that hadn’t been torn apart by Ms. Cane’s thumbnail. Jerry knew that he had to clean his wound, as much as it may hurt, even if he passed out from the pain, he had to get it clean.

He began by running it under some lukewarm water in the bathtub. He puked over the side of the tub. He couldn’t take it. Then he remembered something. He had bought some morphine from his friend, but had been too afraid to try it. He had four doses that were supposed to last about three hours each. He took a dose of the morphine. After about an hour, he was completely numb and barely conscious, but he took what consciousness he had and used it to clean himself up. He showered and thoroughly cleaned out the wounds on his penis and scrotum with rubbing alcohol. He wrapped the right side of his scrotum tightly with dressings that his mother got from working at a hospital. He hid his underwear and jeans under his bed to be disposed of at a later time. He finally felt no pain and thought that maybe he might not get an infection. He hoped he didn’t have to go to the doctor, because he didn’t want to have to explain the destroyed nut.

Jerry slept fitfully for twenty-four hours. He woke up the next day in the same unbearable pain that he was in before the morphine. He went to the bathroom to pee. His wrapping was soaked in blood and he knew he had to go to the doctor.

(For the sake of time, I will shorten the next part of the story due to the fact that it is boring.) Jerry admitted to his mom that the girls that attacked him did more than just kick him down there; he admitted that they actually destroyed one of his testicles with their thumbnail. His mom was horrified and rushed him to the hospital. The doctor gave him surgery and he also filed a police report against some girls that didn’t exist. He stayed home from school for a week and his mother said that from now on she was driving him to school and home every day.

Monday rolled around and it was time for Jerry to go back to school. His penis was scabbed, but healing, and the place where he used to have his right nut was healing as well. He still had pain, but the doctor prescribed Vicoden for that. He went to school and went about his day, dreading going to Ms. Cane’s English class. After his first period, he passed Ms. Cane in the crowded hallway.

“Glad to see you back in school, Jerry. I heard you were sick. Are you feeling better?” Ms. Cane giggled and kept walking. Jerry was furious at, yet terrified of, Ms. Cane. Finally the time rolled around for Jerry to go to Ms. Cane’s class. He couldn’t bring himself through the door, but he knew if he was late, he might be punished again. He sat down in her classroom. Ms. Cane was working on grading some papers waiting for the rest of the class to arrive.

She stood up and began teaching class. She was dressed as sexy as ever, wearing some tight brown corduroys and a tight black shirt with no shoulders. She wore her hair down. She taught her class with no incident. Jerry tried to pay attention, but he was so filled with terror that it was difficult. After class was over, Ms. Cane told Jerry she needed to talk to him after school.

Jerry was now experiencing waves of panic. He couldn’t think for the rest of the day. He wanted to run away, but knew she could find him and that would be much worse. After the final bell rang, he quickly walked towards Ms. Cane’s classroom, as he didn’t want to be late. She was there waiting for him.

“I want you to call your mother and tell her you’re staying the night at a friend’s house tonight.”

“My mother is waiting outside for me.”


“I told her I was attacked by a gang of girls and they did this to me. I had to tell her something. I needed to go to the doctor.”

“And what, are you such a little baby that you can’t take yourself to the doctor?”

“I guess I could have, but she knew something was up when she saw me limping and sleeping all day.”

“YOU were limping?” she laughed hysterically. “That’s so cute. Now be a good boy and go tell your mom that you’re going over to one of your friend’s house… You have friends right?”

“Yeah, I’ll go tell her. I’ll be right back.”

“You have ten minutes.”

He went down and told his mom that he was staying over at Joey’s house. His mother was glad to see that he was feeling better. She warned him not to go outside at night.

Jerry hurried back to the classroom, because it had taken him a few minutes to mind his mom.

“You’re almost late. Lucky you, that would have cost you your head…and I’m not talking about the one that has a brain,” she snickered. Jerry was somewhat relieved that he was back on time, but also very scared of what the night had in store for him.

“Do you like being my student, Jerry?”

“Yes, I like being your student.”

“So you like having your balls broken?” she giggles.

“No ma’am.”

“I was just giving you shit. I know I’m your favorite teacher…when I broke your ball; it was my way of teaching you. I was teaching you that you are not in control and that thrusting your cock towards my face is a very bad idea. Tonight we will reinforce that lesson so you remember it, by further tormenting that hole that used to be a teste. I will also teach you some new lessons. By tomorrow morning you will be a worthy student.”

Jerry was speechless. “First thing you need to know, you respond to everything with either; yes ma’am, or no ma’am. Understand?” she asked as she smacked his crotch with the back of her hand. A surge of pain rushed through his body, the pain was intense and he collapsed to the floor.

“Yes ma’am,” he coughed out.

“Let’s go, then,” she stood up and walked towards the door.

“What’s the matter, cutie? Don’t remember how to walk?” she mocked. “Here, let me help,” she cooed as she moved his hands, grabbed his crotch and pulled him to his feet. Luckily she only got a hold of his dick, but it still hurt the cuts. He followed her out.

“Don’t limp; we don’t want anyone to suspect anything.” He forced himself not to limp, following her round ass out the same back door that had set the alarm off earlier. Ms. Cane was silent as Jerry followed her out to her car. She opened the back door for him.

“Lay down on the floorboard.” He crawled down onto the floor and lay uncomfortably. She covered him up with a blanket and got into the driver’s seat. She backed the seat up as far as it would go, pinning Jerry’s legs into a tiny compact space.

To be continued………………

The drive felt like it took twenty minutes, although it was probably more like ten; it just felt longer to Jerry because he was so anxious. The car stopped and he heard Ms. Cane open her door and get out of the car. She opened the door next to Jerry’s head and pulled the blanket off him.

“Welcome to your home away from home Jerry.” Jerry watched the tender expression on Ms. Cane’s face as she welcomed him to a new life of subservience. Jerry lay there in the car.

“Get out of the car.” Jerry got out of the car as fast as he could, but had some trouble because his legs were still crammed into a small space. Jerry stood up out of the car. He was in a garage with Ms. Cane. The garage smelled of mold and was very cluttered. Jerry saw tons of boxes and other various items on the floor, there was barely enough room for Ms. Cane’s car. Jerry was terrified.

“Relax, Jerry, I think you’ll be happy here. You’ll be visiting me weekly so we can work together, to teach you what you need to know to be a man. And when you turn eighteen, you’ll be moving in with me. Does that sound good to you?” Jerry hemmed and hawed but didn’t know how to respond. Ms. Cane kicked him in the groin with her black high heels.

“When I ask you a question you will respond immediately. Hesitation indicates deception and you will not lie to me.” Jerry fell to the ground, grasping to protect his nut. His left testicle felt like it was on fire; he was afraid he would not have it for very much longer. The kick also hurt his left scrotum where his left nut used to be, there were still a lot of nerves down there and it wasn’t even finished healing yet.

“Get up.” Jerry got up out of fear. He stood there, his knees buckling beneath him. Standing was a challenge. Ms. Cane laughed at him as he struggled to stand. “The reason you are here is because you are an asshole. You sexually harass me and other girls at school. Sticking your dirty fucking worm in their faces. You may have pants on, but your little erection pokes its little way out of your jeans. I am aware of your sexual advances and I am going to teach you to control yourself, so you never hurt anyone. I am doing this for women everywhere, for their protection and dignity. You are still young, so your mind can be trained. If you were older I would have just castrated you, but I don’t believe that is necessary. You may prove me wrong though.” Jerry felt some relief knowing she probably wouldn’t castrate him completely, but it was only a small relief, he knew he was in for hell tonight.

“Follow me, Jerry. I’ll take you to your classroom.” Jerry followed Ms. Cane into her house. They walked through a short hallway to a door at the end. “Close your eyes.” Jerry closed his eyes; he heard the door open. Ms. Cane took his hand and led him in.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.” Ms. Cane closed the door. Jerry looked at Ms. Cane, then at the room around him. It was a square room, with no windows. There was one overhead light in the middle of the room, the kind of light you would see in a bedroom. The walls were painted white, along with the ceiling. The carpet was dark red. The room smelled like leather and wet wood. There was a large treasure chest in the back left hand corner of the room. In the middle of the room was a school desk, one of those chairs that are attached to a desk. In the front of the room was a rolling chair and one of those huge notebooks that people use for presentations on an art easel.

“Take a seat Jerry.” Ms. Cane locked the door behind them. Jerry walked towards the desk and sat down. “At the beginning of each of these lessons, you will take an endurance test. This test is designed so that you can not only build your endurance, but also understand the power that women have and understand your place in service of them. We will continue this test once a week for one year and at the end of that year, you will start all over. The endurance test has very simple rules. You stand up straight with your legs apart and I kick you in the ‘nut’ once. Your goal is to remain standing for five minutes after the kick. If you fail to remain standing for one minute after the kick then the next week the number of kicks will be doubled and you will have to stand up for five minutes after the doubled amount of kicks. If you remain standing, your number of kicks will remain at a low level, but if your endurance is not strong enough, then you know what happens. You can multiply, can’t you? Today you will receive one kick, but next week, maybe two? Four? Eight? Sixteen? But don’t worry; when, I mean if, we get to 64, we’ll stay there for the rest of the year. And at the beginning of next year, you get to start over at one, because I’m such a nice teacher. Of course, I won’t give you the option of blocking my kicks, so even if you do fall down, I will finish while you’re on the ground. To insure that you don’t block the kicks we will handcuff your hands behind your back.”

She then pulled out another set of cuffs, two cuffs attached to the ends of a three-foot metal bar. “These will hold your legs apart.” She proceeded to put the ankle cuffs on both of Jerry’s ankles. Jerry was scared and feeling lost and hopeless.

Ms. Cane drew back her leg and brought her knee up in front of Jerry’s groin, snapping out the ball of her foot and nailing him right in the nut. Jerry was already sore from the last kick earlier that day, so this kick made him very weak. He felt like he would surely vomit. His knees buckled beneath him. He was sweating profusely. His head was full of adrenalin, from all the pain. He knew he had to remain standing for five minutes.

“I’m going to puke,” Jerry told Ms. Cane.

“Here you go, sweetie, you can puke in this.” She held up a small garbage can with a plastic liner to his face. Jerry puked up everything in his stomach and even dry heaved a few times.

“Oh, dear, Jerry, I didn’t realize how much damage I could be doing to those vulnerable organs of yours,” she giggled. “You’ve only got four minutes left, sweetie.”

Jerry thought it had already been five minutes. That first minute felt like eternity. After he was done puking, the pain died down a little bit and by the fourth minute, it was a piece of cake standing up for the last minute.

“Ahh, I’m disappointed, you stood up the whole time. Well, maybe next time I’ll have to kick harder.” She smiled at him as she said this. “You may sit down now. Besides that game of ours, you will not receive any genital torture, unless you give me reason to. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jerry replied.

“It’s time for dinner. Do you know how to make spaghetti?”

“No ma’am.”

“Well, I guess you’ll have to try to figure it out. If you mess up, I may be disappointed. Oh, yeah, if you make a mess of any sort and don’t clean it up, you will have to be punished.” Ms. Cane unshackled Jerry and took his handcuffs off. She did not allow him to put his clothes back on. She led him to the kitchen.

“Get to work. You have one hour to prepare me spaghetti and remember, I’m watching you.” She stood near him the whole time, but did not help him in any way. At times, Jerry would ask her where something was and she just didn’t respond. She felt that eventually Jerry might try to poison her, so she knew if he were preparing her meals, she would have to watch him closely and not allow him to wear any clothes.

Jerry managed to make some decent noodles, but his spaghetti sauce was all fucked up and runny. “How much would you like ma’am?” Jerry asked Ms. Cane.

“Put the noodles on the plate and I’ll tell you when to stop.” Jerry began putting the noodles on her plate one scoopful at a time.

“Stop. Now put the sauce on until I say stop.” He did the same. “Now you may clean up your mess. I am going to go to the other room and eat. You do not get to eat any of this. Throw away all the food that I didn’t eat. And have this kitchen spotless by the time I get back.” Ms. Cane sexily walked out of the kitchen.

Jerry began frantically cleaning the dishes and wiping down the counters, trying not to miss anything. He loaded all the dishes in the dishwasher and again eyed the place up and down making sure there were no messes. Ms. Cane walked in just as he was finishing. Jerry noticed some spilled water on the floor by the sink and hoped she didn’t notice.

“Hmm, doesn’t look too bad. Oh, but what’s this? Water on the floor? You will have to be punished for that later, but for now, you can clean it up.” Jerry went for the paper towels.

“No, if you had cleaned it before I came in here you could have used the paper towels. Now that I’m here you have to lick it up.”

“Please, Ms. Cane, don’t make me lick it up.” Ms. Cane grabbed his nut in her fist and squeezed it pretty hard, while pulling it upwards. Jerry found it extremely painful and had trouble balancing.

“Listen, you little fuck, when I give you an order, you obey me without question, or else I’ll make your life a living hell.” She then squeezed her fist as hard as she could and punched her closed fist with her other fist sending a shockwave through to his compressed nut. Jerry collapsed to the floor immediately when she let go and he felt like he would puke if he had anything in his stomach. He lowered his head to start licking up the water, but smelling the floor made him start dry heaving.

“That’s good. Get it out of your system, then start licking and I want that part of the floor to be spotless.” After a few minutes of dry heaving, the pain subsided slightly and Jerry began licking the water up off the floor.

“Good doggie,” Ms. Cane teased. “Lick it all up.” After about ten minutes, Jerry had swallowed all the water off the floor and his nut still ached, but was more bearable.

“Oh you missed a spot.” Ms. Cane pointed at a black sticky spot on the floor that looked like it had been there for a while before that day.

“I didn’t…” Jerry began, but then stopped realizing, what may have happened if he questioned her. Jerry got down and started trying to lick that spot off the floor. It tasted like a sweet, salty kind of flavor with an after taste of mold. He couldn’t get it off by licking it, so he started using his teeth to scrape it up. It sickened him licking up this old food, but he knew he had no choice.

“I was just fucking with you; that spot had been there for about a month. That was your punishment for how shitty that spaghetti was. I expect you to learn to make some decent spaghetti before the next time I see you. Now we don’t want you getting poisoned from all those toxins you’ve probably just ingested, so puke them up in this garbage can.” Jerry tried to puke, but he couldn’t.

“If you can’t make yourself puke, then I’ll do it for you,” she said as she kicked him from behind with the top of her foot slapping up against the bottom of his scrotum. She kicked him twice. Jerry immediately began throwing up the contents of his stomach. Jerry finished puking.

“Aren’t you going to thank me for helping you get rid of those poisons?”

“Thank you ma’am,” Jerry replied. His ball was glowing with pain again, he felt like he was getting used to this pain, but it was still too intense for him to stand up.

“Get up; we have to clean you up now.”

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