Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Cousin Julia

by unknown

Julia sat on the bus smiling to herself about her first day at Oshowa Public High School. Even though she was 16 years old, today had been the first time that she had gone to school with boys… and what a day it had been. Julia stood about 5'6", with auburn hair, and was dressed in the typical Catholic Girl attire, (the reason for her unusual dress was that her old school, an all girls Catholic School, had just recently been shut down due to what were called "inhumane" teachings by the Head Mistress and these were all the clothes that she had). She casually crossed her left leg over her right and proceeded to bounce her left, leather booted foot up and down.

As Julia stared out the window at the passing countryside her mind wandered back to the days events…


In-between second and third period, there was a brief recess in which the kids of Oshowa high were permitted to eat and socialize in a central courtyard. When Julia had found her way to this central area she was immediately attracted to a large crowd that had gathered in the corner of the courtyard. As she neared the group, she discovered that there was a fairly attractive senior girl, (about 5'8", with blonde hair, and a VERY full t-shirt) and a younger boy, (probably a freshman), in a heated argument surrounded by a circle of people. The boy looked regretful, and a little worried, and Julia could tell that whatever he had done, he was probably regretting it now.

"You fuckin' little pervert!!!" the older girl yelled, "How dare you do that to me!!"

"Please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to touch your melons, it was an accident, I swear!!"

"Breasts you chauvinistic little bastard! NOT melons!! And I don't see how it could have possibly been an accident, you were hanging on for dear life when I turned around."

"No really, I swear… I didn't mean… ungh!!!!" The boy had been cut off in mid sentence as the girl slapped him across the face, sending him reeling to the ground.

"Didn't mean to… Well when I castrate you I swear it's not going to be by accident. I'll rip your useless little balls from your body and feed them to you on a silver platter!!"

All of a sudden all the girls in the circle cheered and began to chant rhythmically "Kick him in the balls!! Kick him in the balls!! Kick him in the balls!!" As Julia had never before seen a man get hit in the groin, she didn't have a clue why the crowd wanted the girl to kick this sniveling wretch in the balls, in fact, she didn't even know what balls were but she joined in with the bloodthirsty chanting nonetheless.

"Kick him in the balls!!!!!" Julia shouted at the top of her lungs.

All the color vanished from the boys face as he looked around the circle and saw all the girls thirsty to see him on the ground holding himself.

"Please… No… don't," he pleaded as he stood up. The girl raised her arms like a prizefighter and made a small circle around the ring.

"Oh, this is gonna feel good!" She hollered, "Prepare to lose your nuts pervert"

"No… please…" the boy whimpered quietly and started backing away. Every time he got close to the edge one of the girls would push him back towards the center.

"C'mere wuss!" the girl screamed, and grabbed onto the boys shirt. Then, to Julia's complete surprise, the girl let a kick fly towards the boy’s crotch.

“Why would you kick a guy there?” Julia wondered to herself, “Why not aim for the stomach or something?” It’s not like the girl stands a chance if he decides to fight back. She should try and do some damage at least.” The girl's kick had missed due to the fact that the boy had pulled his pelvis back just in time, but try as he might, the boy couldn't escape from the senior’s grasp and she kept issuing knees and kicks towards the boy’s groin. After about the eighth attempt the senior finally made contact with the top of her knee and the boy fell like a sack of dirt, at the same time all the girls around the circle let loose a resounding cheer. It seemed to Julia as the boy had just had all the wind knocked out of him, and his legs swept out from underneath him simultaneously.

But why did that happen? He was only kicked between the legs. That wasn't even a hard blow? Julia wondered, thinking that she could've taken a thousand blows like that before she even began to feel sore. Julia moved forward with the crowd to get a closer look. Surely this boy must just be faking it, and he was about to rise up to fight back any second. But as Julia looked at the expression on the boys face she could tell that he was definitely in pain, and lots of it. He had tears streaming down his face and was curled up in the fetal position with his hands cupped over his crotch. His face was all scrunched up, and he was moaning incessantly something about "ooh… My poor balls… You've broke my balls…"

The girl started turning in small circles again and was appreciating the cheers of the crowd. "You think that hurts you little bastard… try this on!" and the girl kicked him again and again in between his legs. Every time she made contact, the boys face contorted more, and he issued a horrendous scream. Finally, the girl decided that it was time to end what she was doing, and she grabbed both of the boys legs, spreading them apart, and, lifting her foot well over three feet into the air, stomped down onto the boys pelvis. Throughout the small courtyard, you could hear a loud *CRUNCH* as the girls foot came down. Julia looked once again at the boys face, and discovered that his eyes had rolled back into his head, and that he had passed out. "That'll teach him to touch my boobs," the girl said with a sadistic grin.

Now Julia was totally confused. All this girl did was hit the boy between the legs, and he had been in excruciating pain, and had eventually passed out. She had to know what had just happened. "Excuse me" Julia said as she grabbed a spectator's arms, "But can you tell me what just happened here?"

"Well," the girl answered, "Every month or so, the girls here get a little bored, so we nominate someone to kick a guy in the balls for entertainment. Today it was Jen's turn."

"No what I meant was…"

"Oh, how'd she do it you ask? Well, half the fun of this event is in the excuse for kicking the guy. Jen waited until some unsuspecting guy happened by, and then she shoved both of her tits in to his hands. After that she started the ruckus you just saw about him being some 'pervert' or something."

"Wait a sec, he didn't actually grope her?"

"No not at all. He did get a feel out of the deal, but that was entirely Jen's fault."

"Ok, well never mind that, what I meant when I asked you what happened was… all Jen did was kick that guy in the crotch! How is that supposed to hurt him? He must be fakin'!"

The girl stared at Julia in utter disbelief, "What do you mean how did it hurt him? She kicked him in the balls, the nuts, the testicles. She racked him good! Of course he's gonna be in some pain!" Well, one of Julia's problems had been cleared up; she now knew what balls were. She had read about testicles in her biology book at her old school, and knew that they were roughly equivalent to a woman's ovaries, and could be located in the scrotum which hangs below a mans pelvis. Now that that was out of the way, Julia asked her final question "But why did it hurt? I could have been hit there and it wouldn't have even made me flinch!"

"That's because you're a girl stupid. Girls don't have those silly things between our legs. Only guys do, that's what makes us better than them. Even though a good hard blow will cause a girl some pain, it'll cause triple the pain to a guy! Even a flick of your finger will cause a guy to wince in pain. Look, if you kick a guy in the nuts, he'll fall to the ground holding himself; he won't even be able to talk, just moan a bit and roll around. If you really want control, just grab his nuts in your hand and squeeze, he'll be under your complete control, and will listen to your every word. Haven't you ever kicked a guy in the nuts before?"

"No. I come from an all Girls School. I didn't even know about them until today"

"You poor girl! It's a woman's privilege to kick men in the nuts. Its up to us to keep them in line, and a good swift kick in the balls will do it every time. Every guy needs to be kicked in the balls at least once, if not once a week or daily. You should really try it sometime, it's a lot of fun… and just between you and me, it'll get you really hot too, if you know what I mean." The girl finished off her statement with a devious wink, and ran off to catch up with her friends.

Julia desperately wanted to try out this newfound knowledge, and for the rest of the day, she followed the other girls around trying to pick up pointers on the best way to kick a guy in the nuts.


Julia suddenly shook her head and realized that she had had her hand up her skirt and had been rubbing herself, she looked around self consciously trying to see if anyone had seen her, and was lucky to find that everyone had already gotten off of the bus. The only people left were Julia and her cousin Jeff. Julia knew that Jeff's parents were out of town this week, and so she decided that she would go to his house to practice her newfound ballbusting ability. As the bus stopped to let her cousin off, she called after him, "Jeff!! Wait up, I'm coming over!" 'That girl today had been right' Julia thought to herself, 'this really is making me all hot and bothered' Julia stroked herself a few more times to preserve the feeling, and ran off the bus after her cousin.

Part Two

Julia followed her cousin into the house and once inside immediately suggested that they watch a movie. "One second, let me just change first," Jeff said in response to his cousins request, "Its incredibly hot in this house, and I just can't stand it." Julia noticed that Jeff was right; it WAS incredibly hot in the house. For a brief second, Julia considered changing or maybe even taking some clothes off, (after all, it was only her cousin), but then she remembered that she didn't have a change of clothes, and only had her lucky underwear on. Even if it WAS only her cousin, Julia was not about to parade around the house in her black lace thong and bra. Besides, she could hardly leave her boots on while she was stripped down, and she wasn't about to take them off before trying a few new tricks out on Jeff first.

"You go change then, I'm just gonna phone home and tell mom where I am." Julia called after her disappearing cousin. Her cousins exit gave Julia enough time to call home and tell her mom that she wasn't going to be home for a while, she needed all the time she could get for her… studying. When Jeff returned, he found his cousin had already made herself comfortable on the couch and had started watching a movie, (one that the young girl had been reassured had several good ballbusting scenes in it). Julia looked up and noticed that her cousin had changed into some fairly tight shorts, and a tank top. "Perfect," Julia thought to herself, "The less he's wearing, the easier it will be to make contact with his balls."

About an hour into the movie there had still been no ballbusting scenes and Julia was beginning to get worried. Suddenly a fight broke out between the leading lady and some thug. "This is it!!" Julia muttered anxiously under her breath.

"What was that Jules?"

"Oh nothing… Just thinking about something." Julia responded, ashamed that she had almost given up her secret. As their attention turned back to the screen, Julia noticed that the poor actress was getting severely beaten by her attacker.

"Yeah!" shouted Jeff, "You show that bitch who's boss!!" yelled Jeff.

Suddenly the tides turned as the actress released a lightning fast kick into the thug's groin. The thug instantly fell to the ground holding his damaged manhood, and the actress pushed the toe of her pumps into the thugs groin and told him "A wuss like you shouldn't mess with a woman, you're liable to lose more than just the fight." And she emphasized her point by pressing down hard onto his aching testicles with the toe of her shoe, and grinding them into the pavement.

At this point, Julia broke out into hysterical laughter. "Yeah, he sure showed her alright… showed her how weak men REALLY are!! Bet his eggs are scrambled now…. No children for that man… or should I say Woman now!?" Julia looked over at her cousin to see his reaction, and was surprised to find that he had crossed his legs, and was looking at her with anger in his eyes.

"Awwwww… Is the poor liddle baby feeling sowwy fo the big bad man?? Can you feel the pain Jeff? You must feel so weak when you see things like this. Really must humble you eh? Knowing that a woman can take a man out with just one quick movement of her leg, and there' nothing that you can do about it? Must really suck to be that weak huh Jeff?" Now was the start of Julia plan, she hopped to egg her cousin on enough that he would challenge her, and maybe if she was lucky, she'd get to kick him once or twice.

"Aw shut-up you bitch!! Everyone knows that stuff like that is fake!! A little girl like you could never hurt a guy. Even if you kicked me in the balls."

"Oh really!” Julia prodded, "And how would you know? Ever been kicked by a girl?"

"For your information, no I haven't! But I have been hit with a soccer ball and I can assure you that it doesn't hurt nearly as much as these stupid movies make it out to." Jeff had stood up for his point, and had wandered over to where his cousin was sitting so that he might be able to scare her and prove to her that he really was big and tough. Now was her moment.

"I think you're lying." Julia said calmly, and kicked Jeff between the legs with the top of her foot. Jeff suddenly developed an amazed look on his face, and clutching his nuts with his left hand and steadying himself against the couch with his right, he bent over at the waist to catch his breath. Julia couldn't help but release a giggle as she watched her cousins eyes grow as big as shot glasses and his mouth drop open at this light kick. If that had been a soccer ball, it would have barely moved two inches, yet it had caused her cousin to double up in pain. What weak little creatures men truly were.

Not wanting to look weak, Jeff straightened up. "Now if that had been a real fight, I still could get up and kick your ass!! I told you that it's not nearly as bad as they say it is in movies," Jeff retorted. "Dumb whore…" he added as he turned to go back to his seat.

"Care to back that up, weakling?"

"How do you propose we do that you idiot? Where are we going to get a guy and a girl to fight so we can see how badly the girl would lose?"

"Well, as I'm sure even your little brain can comprehend by the pain between your legs… You're a guy. And in case you haven't noticed," Julia said as she pushed her breasts together for emphasis, "I'm a girl. Lets fight!! Your parents won't be home for a long time anywise, so it will give you time to recover."

Jeff didn't like the idea of this. That blow to his balls had hurt! He had never really been hit in the balls, and if it felt like that he wasn't sure he wanted to be hit there again. "I dunno…"

"Hah!! I knew it. Men really are wimps! See. Women rule the world, not you pathetic weaklings."

That was the last straw… "OK! Right here, right now! We fight it out. Here are the rules, not hitting below the belt, and the first person who gives up loses." Jeff crossed his fingers behind his back. 'Please let her accept that condition' he thought to himself.

Julia stood up and walked towards her cousin. "Ok, lets do it."

Part Three – It’s on!

Julia and Jeff moved all of the furniture aside, leaving a huge open arena for the two cousins to fight in. Jeff made a 'Bring it on' motion with his hands, and the fight was on!!

Jeff lunged towards Julia and, attempting to grab her arms, was promptly met with a slap in the face, and a punch to the gut. "C'mon… you have to be able to do better than that!!" Not wanting to look foolish, Jeff lunged at his cousin again, this time with all the force he could muster in the form of a left hook hurtling towards Julia's head. Again, Julia dodged this blow and slapped her cousin hard. "Look at this, I don't even need to try and I'm winning. Silly man, you simply can't beat a woman in a fight!"

One more time, Jeff thought furiously, and he threw himself at Julia, hoping to be able to make contact with her with at least SOME part of his body. Within half a second, Jeff had his wish. He had successfully struck his cousin, and it had been a fairly good blow too!! When he threw himself forward, Jeff found himself quite able to valiantly attack his cousin's knee with his balls. Julia looked down at the goofy look on her cousins face and merely said… "Good hit! I almost care!" Jeff started to fall towards the ground, and then realized that he couldn't give up this easily. Fighting the growing pain in his abdomen, Jeff stood up and went back for the attack. This time Julia kicked Jeff hard in his groin, and, still reeling from his first meeting with his cousin's leg, he fell to the ground with tears in his eyes.

Julia crouched down to where Jeff had landed and rolled him over onto his back. After all, how interesting could this be if she couldn't see his reaction? "Awwww…. Looks like the poor little boy got beat up by a girl. You fucking sissy." Julia stood up and walked into the other room. It looked as though her cousin was going to be out of commission for a while, and she was getting incredibly hot… and it wasn't just the temperature in the house…

Julia wandered her way down to the bathroom and closed the door behind her, (not that there was any risk of her cousin moving anywhere). She then moved her hand up the inside of her leg and underneath her schoolgirl skirt. Pushing her skimpy thong out of the way, Julia found what she had been looking for, and masturbated herself to one of the most intense orgasms of her young life. After the world steadied itself again, Julia suddenly realized that if kicking Jeff twice had done this too her, what would kicking him 4 or 5 or 6 times do?! She had to keep it up, and she didn't care what Jeff thought about it. "I might as well lose these then…" Julia muttered to herself as she pulled off her wet panties. After looking once in the mirror, and a quick reconsideration of her past decision, Julia also decided to remove her blouse. After all… it was getting really hot in this house, and the last thing that Jeff's mind would be on would be Julia's chest.

Now, adorned simply in her lace bra, plaid skirt, knee high stockings and boots, Julia opened the door to the bathroom and walked back into the living room where Jeff was trying to peel himself off of the floor.

"Ooh… I though we agreed on nothing below the belt…" Jeff groaned.

"Yeah... I guess we did, but in case you hadn't noticed, you're not wearing a belt. So the nuts are free targets." Julia answered back with a coy grin. "And besides, what good does that agreement do me? I can see if you make that agreement between men when you are fighting. But when you fight a woman, we really don't care. It's our right... no… our Duty to kick men in the balls. Keep them in line."

Jeff couldn't believe what he was hearing… Well, either way, he didn't care, "At least it's over now," Jeff said, attempting to pull himself over to the couch.

"Over! Hah! That was just round one! In any fighting sport there's more than one round, or at least they go for more than one knockdown. The way I see it, you've got at least two more coming. Now stand up you wimp. Its not like I kicked you that hard anyways. If you really want, I'll even let you start the next match off by kicking me THREE whole times between the legs to start off." While Julia knew full well that this would have no effect on her, she felt she should make the offer anyways. Besides, Jeff was younger than her, and didn't know that only men have this vulnerability.

This amazing offer, combined with the added allure that Julia was half-naked, finally convinced him to accept. "Ok… we go three rounds… and I get to kick you to start the second round. Three times remember!"

"Ok, ok… three times…" Julia faked being sorry that she had made this promise and stood before her cousin with her legs spread wide in order to allow him free access.

"Oh this is going to be fun now…" Jeff said aloud, and, in his feeble attempt at standing, Jeff wound up his left leg and kicked towards the girl's crotch.

Round two begins…

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